Play the elves'
"Merry Christmas"
Word Finder Game!

Mele Kalikimaka!  Feliz Navidad!
God Jul!  Froeliche Weihnachten!
Buon Natale!  Sung Tan Chuk Ha!
That's Merry Christmas in many languages!

...and Merry Christmas to you too!
How many ways can you say "Merry Christmas"?  The elves know a lot of ways.  They thought it would be fun to make a game out of them.  Click on a "Merry Christmas" Word Find game below.  Then print it!  Cross out the letters in your Word Finder puzzle when you find the words.  When you've found all the letters, can you solve Santa's secret message?
Bon Natali!

Merry Christmas Word Hunt puzzle!

Click an image or link below to download a special "Merry Christmas" Word Finder puzzle. Then print it!

Word List for Merry Christmas Word Search game

People say "Merry Christmas" in many ways around the World!  Here's a list of all of them used in these Word Hunt puzzles!  (How do YOU say "Merry Christmas"?)

  • Boas Festas (Portuguese)
  • Bon Nadal (Catalan)
  • Bon Nadal (Galician)
  • Bon Natale (Corsican)
  • Bon Natali (Sicilian)
  • Bonu Nadale (Sardinian)
  • Buon Natale (Italian)
  • Chuc Mung Giang Sinh (Vietnamese)
  • Craciun Fericit (Romanian)
  • Feliz Navidad (Spanish)
  • Froehliche Weihnachten (German)
  • Geseende Kerfees (Afrikaans)
  • God Jul (Swedish)
  • Gozhqq Keshmish (Apache)
  • Gute Vaynakhtn (Yiddish)
  • Hauskaa Joulua (Finnish)
  • Idah Saidan (Iraqi)
  • Joyeux Noel (French)
  • Kala Christougenna Kieftihismenos (Greek)
  • Linksmu Kaledu (Lithuanian)
  • Mele Kalikimaka (Hawaiian)
  • Merry Christmas (English)
  • Mo'adim Lesimkha (Hebrew)
  • Nadolig Llawen (Welsh)
  • Nollaig Chridheil (Scot Gaelic)
  • Nollaig Shona Dhuit (Gaelic)
  • Selamat Hari Natal (Indonesian)
  • Selamat Hari Natal (Malay)
  • Seng Dan Fai Lok (Cantonese)
  • Shubh Naya Baras (Hindi)
  • Sretam Bozic (Serbian)
  • Sretan Bozic (Croatian)
  • Streken Bozhik (Macedonian)
  • Suksan Wan Christmas (Thai)
  • Sung Tan Chuk_Ha (Korean)
  • Vasel Koleda (Bulgarian)
  • Vesele Vianoce (Slovak)
  • Veseloho Vam Rizdva (Ukrainian)
  • Vrolijk Kerstfeest (Dutch)
  • Wesolych Swiat (Polish)
  • Zalig Kerstfeest (Flemish)

Word Finder Secret Message clues for you!

Find all the words in your puzzle.  The "Merry Christmas" words are listed above and on the printed puzzles.  Cross off the letters in your puzzle as you find the words!  After you find all the words, some letters will be left.  Write the letters in the blank spaces at the bottom.  Then you will know Santa's Secret "Merry Christmas" Message!
Happy Merry Christmas Word Hunting!

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