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How Many Days Until Christmas 2017?

Weeks? Days? Hours? Minutes?
Check Santa's Official Christmas Countdown Clock!

How Many Days Until Christmas?

Right now, there are
245 days
until Christmas 2017!

But keep reading for more from Santa's Grumpy Elf!
(He's grumpy because there are 21,086,771 seconds until Christmas!)

Santa ChecksThe Time To Christmas 2017!

When is Christmas Day?

Christmas Day 2017 is on
Monday, December 25th, 2017!

How long To Christmas right now?

8 Months**

34 Weeks**
How many days until Christmas?  How many sleeps to Christmas?  Tick! Tock! Just Watch Santa's Christmas clock!
246 Days**

5,858 Hours**
351,447 Minutes**
21,086,771  Seconds**

Countdown to Christmas 2017

Santa's Countdown to Christmas 2017 clock says there are 245 days left to Christmas!
(But watch those seconds go by fast as reindeer fly on his special live countdown clock!)

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34 weeks to #Christmas! 245 sleeps to #Christmas! 244 sleeps to #SantasBigFlight #ChristmasEve! 5,858 hours to #Christmas! 351,447 minutes to #Christmas! 21,086,771 seconds to #Christmas! 245 sleeps, 11 hours, 26 minutes and 11 seconds to #Christmas!

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Answers to "When is Christmas" questions

A Grumpy Elf answers your questions about "How long until Christmas 2017?"

  • How many days until Christmas 2017?
    There are 245 more days to Christmas Day (but I'm not counting -- I'm just a grumpy elf - and I really don't want to count the 21,086,771 seconds too!)
  • Is there a Christmas Countdown of how many days till Christmas 2017?
    The Santa Claus Christmas Countdown clockWell, if you really must know, YES! The elves (even the grumpy ones!) have fun counting down the 245 sleeps left till Christmas Day with Santa's ★Official★ Countdown Clock right here, on this page. See? Look up! (On the page silly!) It shows you exactly how long to Christmas!
  • Are there still a lot of days till Christmas 2017?
    It ALWAYS seems like there are a lot of days to Christmas! Well, there are 245 days to be exact or 21,086,771 seconds! OK, now that DOES seem like a long time! Now I'm a REALLY grumpy elf!
  • How many days until Christmas Eve?
    Santa will be making his famous Christmas Eve flight in 244 sleeps. You can see exactly when he will arrive at your house on Santa's homepage. (But will he bring me back some nice haggis from Scotland? No, he forgets every year!)
  • How many days until Christmas 2018?
    OK, you have serious Christmas issues if you need to know how many days until Christmas 2018 already! Christmas Eve 2018 is in 610 sleeps. There! Are you happy now? (I'm not!) I'll bet you finished all your holiday baking too? (yeah, I thought so!)
  • How many shopping days until Christmas?
    There are 245 shopping days before Christmas 2017. (And I haven't even started my list yet! Everyone is getting haggis fruitcake again this year!)
  • How many weeks till Christmas 2017?
    Weeks are good! I can count how many weeks until Christmas! The answer to how many weeks to Christmas 2017 is: Too many! There are you happy? Ok, ok, I was just being a grumpy elf. There are 34 more weeks to December 25th, 2017!
  • How do elves countdown to Christmas?
    Well, I tried counting down to Christmas using my fingers and toes, but I don't have 245 of them -- then I'd be REALLY grumpy! (But if YOU want to countdown to Christmas, there are 245 days to go. Remember? That big Countdown clock up there? The one that says 351,447 minutes left?)
  • How many sleeps till Christmas?
    If you don't include all of Santa's naps, there are 245 more sleeps before Christmas! (It's a LOT more if you DO include his naps!)
  • And how many Saturdays till Christmas?
    Saturdays? Why does everyone want to know how many Saturdays till Christmas? Why doesn't anybody want to know how many Fridays till Christmas? What's wrong with Fridays? Ok, Ok, there's 34 Saturdays until Christmas (But I still like Fridays better, so there!)
  • What day is 100 days before Christmas?
    Oh, sure, give me a tough question! Let's see, 100 days before Christmas is (subtract 100 from December, carry the 2...) September 16th! Ha! I'll bet you didn't think I could figure that one out did you! Oh great, now someone will want to know 99 days until Christmas is September...!
  • What about a Christmas Calendar?
    A Christmas Calendar? You mean one of those Advent Calendars? Of course there's a Christmas Calendar right here. But don't blame me if someone ate all the chocolates!
  • When is Christmas Eve 2017?
    Oh that's easy! Christmas Eve 2017 is December 24th, 2017 (What? I'm a grumpy elf! Did you really think I was going to tell you it was 244 days away?)
  • How many more days til Santa comes? When does Santa Claus come? When will Santa Claus be here?
    Oh, that's Top Secret! I have to check to see if you're on the Nice List first. Then I can tell you the answer to when Santa Claus comes to your home is 245 days (Oops! I wasn't supposed to say that! You better stay on the Nice List or I'm in BIG trouble!)
  • How many minutes to Merry Christmas?
    Well, I always thought you could say "Merry Christmas" any time you wanted (although I prefer to say Grumpy Christmas!). But, officially, I guess it's 351,447 minutes to when you can say "Merry Christmas", officially. (Is that official enough for you?)
  • What day of the week will Christmas be on in 2017?
    What? Don't you want it to feel like Christmas EVERY day of the week?  I'm a grumpy elf but I'd still like that!  Ok, ok, you want to know what day will Christmas fall on this year. Well, Christmas 2017 falls on a Monday.

    Now I'll bet you're going to ask what day does Christmas fall on in 2018!  If I wasn't such a grumpy elf I'd tell you Christmas 2018 is on a Tuesday and Christmas 2019 is on a Wednesday and...
  • How many hours and minutes until Christmas 2017?
    You want to know how many hours and minutes until Christmas 2017?  That's easy!  Too many!  I don't know if I want to tell you it's 5,858 hours until Christmas because then you'd be a grumpy elf like me!  (You don't even want to know it's 351,447 minutes until Christmas 2017!  If you did, I think you'd just want to cry in your eggnog!).
  • What are some other questions kids ask elves?
    Oh great! Now you are asking me questions about questions! Well, you asked so here they are. I get asked about:
    - t minus Christmas kids countdown clocks!
    - Can I leave Santa Claus smelly old socks?
    - I want an Xmas count down ticker!
    - Is Rudolph or Dasher faster and quicker?
    - How many days till Xmas day?
    - Do puppies have accidents in the Santa Claus sleigh?
    - Can I have a free Countdown to Christmas Kids Clock?
    - Does Santa REALLY leave coal in naughty kids' socks?
    (What? You didn't think I was going to answer them all too, did you? Now leave me alone. I'm still grumpy because it's 21,086,771 seconds to The Big Day!)

Notes about Santa's Clock

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**Note:  Fixed times are calculated from Santa Claus's computer, which is on Santa Central Time (on the International Date Line, which runs through Christmas Island btw!), so it may differ from your timer.  The fixed times shown aren't necessarily for Christmas' arrival where you live (the ticker timer clock shows that) but rather how long until the first time zone on the planet reaches December 25th. 

If the time in the countdown ticker seems off, please check your computer's date and time and see the Note above.