World Christmas Parade

Posted by Santa Claus on December 19th, 2010

Junkanoo elves

Junkanoo elves

Every weekend before Christmas a different group of elves puts on a big parade.  It is a lot of fun.  After all, everyone at the North Pole loves a parade!

Tonight, the elves from different countries put on their big parade.  It is one of the happiest of all the parades.

Every year we have different countries in the parade (the elves have to take turns after all!).  Would you like to hear more about the parade?

Of course, there has to be something along the parade route so everyone knows where to stand.  So, the elves put up strings with little flags from all the countries.

This year the elves from Australia were first.  Those silly elves wore bathing suits.   They pretended to be at a snow-white beach.  (OK, it actually was a snow-white beach — because it WAS snow!  :-)   ).  Clumsy the Elf even pretended to go surfing.  You can imagine how good he was at it!   He did some pretty crazy wipe-outs right into the snow!

It is too cold here for the six white boomers (kangaroos) I use to pull my sleigh in Australia.  So the elves dressed up like them.  They even had the baby elves in their pouches!  Finally, there was a float with elves doing “Carols by Candlelight“.

Then came the girl elves from Sweden.  They looked very pretty.  They were dressed all in white and they wore crowns of candles.  It is something they do for St. Lucia Day too.

The elves from Norway made lutefisk.   Then they ran around trying to find someone to eat it!  Everybody laughed!

The Caribbean elves do a Junkanoo carnival for us.  Can you see them in the photo?  They have lively music.  They have very fancy floats.  The dancers wear really fancy costumes too!  They get everyone up and dancing.   I always get up and dance too.   Yes, even old Santa Claus can “shake his booty”!  Ho! Ho! Ho!

Isn’t it fun what people do at Christmas around the world?  They sure do many different things!   Would you like to see more of the world at Christmas?  Then go to my “Christmas around the World” webcam page to see more!

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S.  What things do you like to do at Christmas?   Would it be fun to see all the different things people do at Christmas?  (You can leave a message for me here. Or, scroll down to see what others have written!)


94 Responses to “World Christmas Parade”

  1. 94
    My friend Georgia maguire said:

    we have christmas dinner and we sing christmas carols with are grandad and we go and see the christmnas parade and christmas trees with are grandad

  2. 93
    My friend bethany jones said:

    its christmas eve tomorrow

  3. 92
    My friend bethany jones said:

    it christmas eve tomorow i am really exited i want a bmx i am a tom boy.
    last year we were really lucky and are whole liven room was filled

  4. 91
    My friend ritche and taylor said:

    so me and all of my friends we relly lovew christmas parades i wonder if santas real reinders go to aney christmas parades in decemember

  5. 90
    My friend jessica said:

    i love christmas

  6. 89
    My friend darci said:

    i would like my elfs back there names are gibby and gabby i would vlike them to night please

  7. 88
    My friend Alexzandria said:

    Hi Santa, thanks for everthing,and that letter!

    <3 Love,Alexzandria Dauphin!<3

  8. 87
    My friend Alan said:

    Santa is a wonderful men thankyou for bringing us preasent’s for christmas thakyou for reading this.

    p.s enjoy this a lot and have a safe christmas

  9. 86
    My friend zachary said:

    I think you should work harder santa.

  10. 85
    My friend Sydney said:

    I think that santa needs to rest for the rest of the year.


  12. 84
    My friend rhys said:

    to santa I hope you had a good flay on chrostmas eve lots of love rhys

  13. 83
    My friend kaushik said:

    good blog

  14. 82
    My friend Ry'n said:

    can you make it snow in Vancouver Washington? please?????
    Ry’n <3

  15. 81
    My friend チン said:


  16. 80
    My friend Cadence said:

    I hope it’s not too tiring for you to get ready for this special day!!!

    LOVE YOU!,

  17. 79
    My friend Camy, Cory, Bobby said:

    Hi Santa,

    We’re sending you a HO! HO! HO! from the Bahamas…We’re getting ready for our Junkanoo Parade this year…Come and enjoy with us!

    Lots of Love and Merry Christmas!

  18. 78
    My friend grumpythe elf jake wiliams friend said:

    merry christmas everyone

  19. 77
    My friend saffron said:

    santa can you reply to me please i dont no muich people on here you are my best friend forever bff

  20. 76
    My friend saffron said:

    hi santa i have been writting to you on you told me to come to this blog so i did you are my bff (best friend forever).

  21. 75
    My friend dara said:

    Hi Santa its so close to christmas 4 more days and soon Jesus will be 2011 woh he is very very very very old. MERRY CHRISTMAS SANTA AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR…

  22. 74
    My friend Robert S. said:

    i know i can’t wait either, i’m so exited , but the displeasing part is that people all my friends at school think its their parents doing Santa’s job and i continue to ignore it i would like to say some things but thats not my job to criticize their belief even though i know its not true Santa i love you and always believe in you no matter what i hear or see. p.s i left a note on the mantle and it says to S.C and there are a couple other things i would like but plz write back

  23. 73
    My friend Kendall said:

    I have family come over and eat supper and OPEN PRESENTS!

  24. 72
    My friend Kendall said:

    Hey santa, good morning! :]

  25. 71
    My friend Ashlar said:

    man those are good costumes

  26. 70
    My friend nana said:

    hey santa im fernch

  27. 69
    My friend TY SMITH said:


  28. 68
    My friend MIKAELLA said:


  29. 67
    My friend Annabelle said:

    Merry Christmas Santa

  30. 66
    My friend Emma said:

    What fun I have been having navigating through this site. I so love Christmas. Although this is not a nature site, it is the Nature Site of the Week at Nature Center Magazine. It will first appear on December 21.

  31. 65
    My friend blair said:

    hey santa how are you i am so happy that it is christmas are you happy that it is christmas and will be looking foward to you coming to my house on friday night.

  32. 64
    My friend charlie said:

    thank you santa

  33. 63
    My friend Abbie said:

    i love you santa your amazing please give me presents and i will love you forever :)

  34. 62
    My friend Abbie said:

    sants give me some prezzies now please :)

  35. 61
    My friend charlie said:

    santa your so magic and funny so please give me some nice presents

  36. 60
    My friend charlie said:

    santa your so magic

  37. 59
    My friend Pauline said:

    Santa, you should get yourself a present yourself! You ARE a NICE guy EVERY year so you deserve a present too! You’re never NAUGHTY!

  38. 58
    My friend Emma said:

    Wow! Every Christmas, I make a red velvet cake. YUM!

  39. 57
    My friend ethan said:

    Ih santa how are you doing today if your doing nice that is good.

  40. 56
    My friend jessica kay still said:

    lol that is so funny santa claus i love your blog.

  41. 55
    My friend James said:

    i like the parade

  42. 54
    My friend Dylan said:

    I agree with Jacob AWESOME hey waz up santa rudolph elves mrs.clause 5 sleeps till christmas.

  43. 53
    My friend molly said:

    dear santa

    are there elves in Ireland
    love molly and grace

  44. 52
    My friend Abbie said:

    i really think your cool erm i really think you should give me somthin

    Love your child darling abbie

  45. 51


  46. 50
    My friend megan said:


  47. 49
    My friend trevor said:

    you have christmas parades

  48. 48
    My friend amy said:

    thank you for all the preasent u give me i love them all bye xoxox

  49. 47
    My friend casey said:

    santa can i ring u

  50. 46
    My friend amy said:

    hey santa how do the raindeers fly i always wanted to know that

  51. 45
    My friend Jacob said:

    That sounds like an AWESOME parade!Hi ELVES! Hey MRS. CLAUS! WHAT’S UP SANTA!

  52. 44
    My friend Ryan said:

    Dear Santa
    I blevn in you and teall me all about your reindeer and HI.

  53. 43
    My friend Emma said:

    That elve parade sounded pretty cool Santa Claus. Can I call you Santa? How many elves where there in the parade? Love you,
    P.S. There probaly was a billion elves there performing!

  54. 42
    My friend Hi said:

    Hi santa I love fancy rats, babies dolles play food stuffed animals rats a grey one and white one with pink ears and a light grey face and a white tummy and a pink nose a long thin pink tail and then a white and grey one with a dark grey face pink ears pink nose and a long thin pink tail

  55. 41
    My friend Jessika said:

    Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

  56. 40
    My friend Elizabeth said:

    What I like to do is… I like to site bye the fire and eat smores!

  57. 39
    My friend ashley said:

    sant the prad lookt liket it was fun :)

  58. 38
    My friend shelby said:

    hi i am your favorit girl shelby oliver

  59. 37
    My friend Chrissie said:

    santa here isa joke what is tarzans favorite christmas carol? jungle bells

  60. 36
    My friend Kylee said:

    i thought you couldnt take pictures of elf’s?can you post a picture of a baby reindeer?

  61. 35
    My friend taylor said:

    santa are you checking your list twice.merry christmas.

  62. 34
    My friend Andrew said:

    All I want for christmas is a psp and for my mom and dad to get back together. But miraculs. Rarly happen for me but oh well

  63. 33
    My friend crystal said:

    i would like to see all kinds of peopel that live around the world and try to like it at christmas

  64. 32
    My friend christiana said:

    Hi!Santa claus i will Be probly sleeping in my room could u wake me up please


  65. 31
    My friend Colton said:

    How is the North Pole is it cold there. Love,Colton

  66. 30
    My friend Colton said:

    Whats the Christmas Parade like is it fun

  67. 29
    My friend sarah said:

    what is it like in the world christmas parade?

  68. 28
    My friend Olivia said:

    Hi Santa :)

    I would like a blackberry curve for christmas, i have been a very good girl!
    Love Olivia xoxoxox

  69. 27
    My friend Monique said:

    We do it the American way, since we live in America. I would love to see how people celebrate Christmas around the world! I’ll research it right after I listen to JINGLE BELLS.

  70. 26
    My friend mariana said:

    dear santa for christmas i want apillow pet panda for my mom i want pants that are size three for women and for my dad i want pants to with size 36×30 okk meryy christmas

  71. 25


  72. 24


  73. 23


  74. 22
    My friend Charlotte said:

    By the way santa i think your “blog” should talk about what your doing now and what life feels like being santa so you should like talk to the elves and reindeer to what they think christmas is about and what thier job is like ask what their opinion is if that is already what you do sorry p.s ive read alot of your blog so thank yo for reading byee oxoxoxo

  75. 21
    My friend Charlotte said:

    hello santa,elves and reindeer its lovely to talk to you buy unforunatley i dont no anything about”world chrismas parade” sorry. but i just wanted to contact you that when i sent my message about what i wanted for christmas and i said a presant for a dog i meant a present for my dog i have not a real puppy thank you for reading this and good luck delivering the presants byee oxoxox

  76. 20
    My friend rhea said:


  77. 19
    My friend rhea said:

    we open gifts have fun say thnk you

  78. 18
    My friend Kayla said:

    Hi Santa! I have been a really good girl this year ( i think ) but your the one who REALLY KNOWS….. :) I love you Santa Claus.
    Love, Kayla<3

  79. 17
    My friend alejandr said:

    hi santa iwould want a dsi,laptop,digital camara and i want rudolphs bell please i am going to leave you a address is

  80. 16
    My friend courtney said:

    Your parades Look very Fun. I wish i was one of those paraders! by the Way i really enjoy all the wonderful christmas you send to me and my briothers and sisters and cosions and friends they all really enjoy it!

  81. 15
    My friend pasha said:

    santa it is amaseing u know all that about me!!, my mum and dad etc where amazed about the vidio, i love those pics they are so cool! how did u know all those things about me?!! santa u r just the best. xxxxx oooo love pasha P.S hope u are all good and your elfs are not being silly (be good!!)

  82. 14
    My friend Preston said:

    That sounds very exciting!! I wish I could se the Christmas parade with YOU!!!!!!!

  83. 13
    My friend taylor said:

    I love your blog. I love pearades!

  84. 12
    My friend Abby said:

    That is the coolest thing in the world!

  85. 11
    My friend Mac said:

    I hope you enjoy the Christmas Parade! I forgot to tell you in my letter that I am losing my second top tooth. It should fall out before Christmas. And all I want for Christmas is my 2 front teeth! Just kidding, i wouldn’t mind a toy ot two that I asked for in my letter.

  86. 10
    My friend caitlin said:

    u rock santa u should get presents for christmas well i will give u one love cvb

  87. 9
    My friend alexis said:

    being with family and having fun

  88. 8
    My friend ashton said:

    i liked it.

  89. 7
    My friend Thomas said:

    Hi Santa hope you enjoyed your parade. Bet the elves are tired, tell them to get moving people wan’t presents on christmas day so tell them to get moving. And anyway hope Rudolf’s OK,too.Well better get going enjoy the big journey.

    Love Thomas

  90. 6
    My friend Heny said:

    Thanks for this website. I really enjoyed helping my kids fill out their email to Santa. They were overjoyed to get the response so quick. Thank you again for helping spead the magic of Christmas to my family.

  91. 5
    My friend Lori said:

    Will they be on TV?

  92. 4
    My friend Cohen said:

    Wow a world wide Christmas Parade!

  93. 3
    My friend Bethany said:

    if i was in a different country, i would be facinaited about how they celibrate christmas :D

    Merry Christmas ONLY 6 DAYS :D

    -Bethany| :D |

  94. 2
    My friend Halle said:

    Dear Santa you are the best in the whole wide world!! this year do you think you could visit the poor children out there for me.

    Thank you

  95. 1
    My friend amelia said:

    hi santa i love you so much i cant want for you to come town

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