The Toy Tester

Posted by Santa Claus on December 8th, 2011

Today Clumsy the Elf had the best job in the North Pole.  He tested toys!  As you know, the elves make great toys.  The toys work very well – well most of the time they do!

Clumsy started by testing remote control helicopters.   One he tested seemed to have a mind of its own.  Clumsy steered it left.  It soared up.   He steered down.  It swooped to the right.   Uh-oh.!   It flew right out the workshop window!

Clumsy raced after it.   He chased the runaway toy as it went around the yard.  He jumped up and tried to grab it.   He missed and plopped belly-first into the snow.   The toy flew away from him again and again.

Clumsy got an idea.  He remembered there was a butterfly net in the shed!  He grabbed it and started swinging.

He collected 14 drummers drumming, 2 turtle doves, 6 candy canes and a string of Christmas lights in his net.  But no helicopter!

Blitzen stopped to watch.   Clumsy swung again and the net got tangled in the reindeer’s antlers.  Oops!

Clumsy got his net free just as the toy flew straight into MY house.   He chased after it and kept swinging!  One swing knocked over our Christmas tree.   Then another scooped up the sugar cookies Mrs. Claus was cooling by the window.  She was NOT happy!

Clumsy could not stop to explain.   He had to follow the helicopter back outside.

It finally slowed down by the barn.  Clumsy held his breath.  He swung his net.  Hooray!  He caught that crazy helicopter!  What a relief!

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S.  Between Peanut and toy helicopters, I think Clumsy has had a rough week.  Have you ever had a rough week?  Have you ever had to chase something?  You can click here to tell me about it or, scroll down to see what other people have written!


93 Responses to “The Toy Tester”

  1. 93
    My friend aubree said:

    i love u a bunch thanks for al the hard work

  2. 92
    My friend aubree said:

    i love uuuu uuuuu very much thank all of u for the hrd work

  3. 91
    My friend annabel said:

    santa when is it the 1st day of December ?

  4. 90
    My friend amy said:


  5. 89
    My friend katy perry said:

    (katy perry isnt my real name)
    in this year 2012 will you(santa) leave a card for my freind Mia Jhonson Of North Corilina? we havnt spoken in a while but i would be gladif you did

  6. 88
    My friend BAILEY said:


  7. 87
    My friend Ms. Claus said:

    I. Love. You.

  8. 86
    My friend Madison said:

    I. Hate. To. Ask. But. How. Old. Are. You

  9. 85
    My friend bailey said:

    yep i have had a rough week be4 not fun at all not at all

  10. 84
    My friend Anonymous said:

    I’d like to know the sillliest thing that happened in your work shop,thank you


  12. 83
    My friend tyler said:

    i love this website

  13. 82
    My friend Ty said:

    I would like to know the silliest thing that happened at your workshop, Santa. Thanks a lot.

  14. 81
    My friend dan dan said:

    please get me an ipod touch for Christmas 2012 PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!

  15. 80
    My friend georgia said:

    I love evryone

  16. 79
    My friend Sophie said:

    Santa I love you but just remember what I want for Christmas a puppy a laptop and a gobstopper

  17. 78
    My friend christy said:

    tangled! just like the film any way helicopters called henry harry and harold

  18. 77
    My friend ALISHA ANDREWS said:

    Love you santa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    you are a *


  19. 76
    My friend megan said:

    i had one bad week i keep banning in to stuff i kept falling and got a few bruises it was sore

    p.s i cant wait till sunday

  20. 75
    My friend Caylin said:

    That is so my sister kenslee yew

  21. 74
    My friend Peighton said:

    wow i bet he was out of breath and i have an elf named bobo and do you know if they are friends are not?

  22. 73
    My friend Ebony said:

    I bet its hard to test all the toys because they will have to do lots !! ooops about the helicpter going out of the window

  23. 72
    My friend Georgia said:

    my little bother

  24. 71
    My friend ALEXA said:

    Sounds fun being a toy tester! Toy testing elves must be busy bees during this time of year!

  25. 70
    My friend Tucker said:

    what amy said need a toy tester?

  26. 69
    My friend u6ne cbv56u76y said:

    gfjhl;fmnl;kjdrt o5ucb8u

  27. 68
    My friend Jack said:

    I had a really really rough week because of the meanest person in my hole neighborhood :(
    my parents give him the creeps i can tell.

  28. 67
    My friend Jordyn said:

    Being a toy tester? That would be awesome!! see you soon santa bye

  29. 66
    My friend RIDA said:

    do you have msn or face time

  30. 65
    My friend Amy said:

    id love to have the job as the toy tester santa do you need any toy testers i would be very good!!!!!!

  31. 64
    My friend shannon said:

    santa the toy tester sounds very intresting. I hope my presents diddent got stuck in it but if they did it’s ok with me but i’d rather that they diddent.speicaly that surprise i asked for. have you looked over me yet if you have you must see my christmas lights.
    Lots of love (wink)
    XOXO love ua

  32. 63
    My friend maggie said:

    my elves said they know funny!!!!!!!!:)

  33. 62
    My friend Jodie said:

    Dear Santa ever day i go on to email you because u always r lovely to talk to to u

    Many Thank you

  34. 61
    My friend Jesse said:

    I have had tested bouncy balls and I have kicked one of them in Walmart. it came down and my dad scolled me!!!!

  35. 60
    My friend qetsia said:

    i have rough weeks but i always try to be good please test all the toys for me please and check them twice

  36. 59
    My friend SophIsALegend;D said:


  37. 58
    My friend kaleb said:

    Santa be nice to Lynn ok LOL

  38. 57
    My friend Lynn said:

    will Rudolph pull the sleigh this year?

  39. 56
    My friend kaleb said:

    why do you have a toy tester?
    Love Kaleb

  40. 55
    My friend kaleb said:

    you are cool

  41. 54
    My friend Juliana said:

    I hope u test out my toys!

  42. 53
    My friend nicholas said:

    am i on the naughty

  43. 52
    My friend nicholas said:

    How do the elves make the toys

  44. 51
    My friend Angela said:

    that must have been terrible for him. he must have been super tired after that!

  45. 50
    My friend chloe said:

    i have had a rough week before it was the first week of school

  46. 49
    My friend jay said:

    hi santa haw are you doing

  47. 48
    My friend I said:


  48. 47
    My friend angel said:

    can i see your work shop please

  49. 46
    My friend Faith said:

    i dont really know what to say but the toy tester does it just test the toys that the kids are going to get well see you later santa and his elves love you elves!

  50. 45
    My friend Olivia said:

    It all started yesterday when we went to a wellcome back party it was for the sembers the only sember kid that came was alex his sisters calla and Autum they thought the party started at 5:00 it acholy started at 1:00 and endid at 5:00 and we had to leave erily so we dident get to see them at all and they live in Jermany so we wont get to see them at all

  51. 44
    My friend Amy said:

    What a great job i bet clumsy is enjoying it a lot! i guess it makes a change from falling off the sliegh while trying to put the presens on! Poor clumsy!!!!

  52. 43
    My friend George said:

    That must be the best job ever.

  53. 42
    My friend annabel said:

    that was awsome!!!!!!!!!

  54. 41
    My friend ANABELLA said:

    I had a rogh week I brused my heel cut two parts of my hand but, that all happend in one day!!!!!!!!!

  55. 40
    My friend christopher said:

    hello santa im sorry to bother you again but how do elfs work the toy tester and how do they build toys because it lok reeelly hard to build like screws,bolts and other stuff and tell rudouph and mrs claus i said hi and the elfs

  56. 39
    My friend Mariah said:

    Hi Santa how is everything going?

  57. 38
    My friend Stefanie said:

    Poor Clumsy! Every time I hear a story about Clumsy it makes me laugh. I really enjoy these stories!

  58. 37
    My friend aurora said:

    thats good what clumsey did well i gess well i love reading you blog santa

  59. 36
    My friend julie said:

    December 9, 2011
    Dear Santa,
    i enjoy reading your blog about the toy
    tester it was really funny ha ha.
    i enjoy emailing you on your website.

  60. 35
    My friend mackenzie said:

    well the clumsyist can be the bestist

  61. 34
    My friend Brendan said:

    Same as you, Jonathan! Our cat, Rocky, knocked the Christmas tree over at our house! And nearly broke all the ornaments!

  62. 33
    My friend mackenzie said:

    i am shore they are good

  63. 32
    My friend Cian said:


  64. 31
    My friend Cian said:

    The comment I just posted; “loe” should be “love”

  65. 30
    My friend Cian said:

    I would love to have my own Toy Tester and if I did I would loe to give them out. I would send my first to YOU, Santa!

  66. 29
    My friend cody said:

    thanks for the email. from cody

  67. 28
    My friend Katie said:


  68. 27
    My friend ella said:

    hi santa

    how are you today? I am fine. How is Mrs Claus? I am going to see her tomorrow in Kilkenny …yay !!!! Wish you were there Santa!!!

    Byeeeeeee xx

  69. 26
    My friend rachel said:

    i luv email santa . com

  70. 25
    My friend rachel said:

    well i all ways test toys so i dont need to read this

  71. 24
    My friend Pedro said:

    Con cualquiera que me puedas regalar, de cualquiera de los que dije, pero que sean con tiburón y Lyon y si quieres con lo que tu quieras de la lista.
    Te quiero Santa!

  72. 23
    My friend dejanae said:

    can icome to south pole with u

  73. 22
    My friend Morgen said:

    i Have had a rough week because my christmas lights wearnt working :o

  74. 21
    My friend Shelby said:

    Could you leave a note for me under my pillow and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do it! If you include your email I will email you

  75. 20
    My friend catherine said:

    i will have one next week 12-16th dec we have my mass im acting in it and the i break up then im doing my concert im soo busy im goin to put the xams tree up whooo hioooo

  76. 19
    My friend alfie baker said:


  77. 18
    My friend Jay said:

    I’m having a rough week this week. Last week I only did half of the work I was suppose to do for my job. So this week I’m making a big effort to do everything I’m suppose to do and be a good boy for a change. Althougth I do have a tendency to complain a little to much.

  78. 17
    My friend kaleb said:

    Hi santa why do you have a toy tester


  79. 16
    My friend Bennett said:

    Hi Santa I’m going to put cookies and milk for you and food for raindeer and put my elf on the shelf I like him alot so please email me. Back

  80. 15
    My friend aqoyas said:

    for christmas i want a bicke
    good day santa can i talk with elfs now

  81. 14
    My friend Nate said:

    Thats a very funny story but you shouldn’t be mean to clumsy it wasn’t his faught that the helicopter went all over the place. He was just trying to make Santa happy.

  82. 13
    My friend Ana said:

    Have you had a rough day like clumbsy the elf I had its a,long story

  83. 12
    My friend Kasey said:

    i want an Ipod

  84. 11
    My friend Atticus said:

    Hey, Rudolph, you are never going to beat Santa at video games so please don’t try.

  85. 10
    My friend Caitlin said:

    Well, i hurt my ankle and tripped alot.

  86. 9
    My friend mackenzie said:

    am I really on the nice list santa

  87. 8
    My friend kira lor said:

    i think that sound good and tasty!

  88. 7
    My friend Justin said:

    Yes I have. I was in school and I could not find anyone to hang out with. When it was time to pair up for partners no one wanted to pick me. When I got home I turned out being sick with a lot of homework to do. This was one of the worst days ever!!!!!

  89. 6
    My friend daniel said:

    it would be very fun my elf did not move
    i just got it today.

  90. 5
    My friend Evan said:

    I sometimes have toys break.But,i just move on,knowing ill get lots of cool stuff for Christmas!

  91. 4
    My friend Zach said:

    I would love to make toys but i think it would be difficult to tell and see which toy parts go where.

  92. 3
    My friend Adrian said:

    I have a helicopter toy and one day whenever I press the butten for it to go right it woud go straight and usually that day it would crash into the wall

  93. 2
    My friend rebecca said:

    i think it would be fun to be a toy tester but i would stay away from everything breakable and merry christmas

  94. 1
    My friend Jonathan said:

    I have had a rough week trying to keep friskie my kitten out of the christmas tree! She has already broke 4 ornaments.

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