The Elves Christmas Concert

Posted by Santa Claus on December 20th, 2012

Today was the big day!  It was Christmas Concert night at the North Pole.  All the young elves were so excited to perform.  Mrs. Claus and I had great seats right up front.

The play was about a present that the elves forgot to make. At the last minute, they discover the mistake.

In the play, the elves race around to get the doll made in time.  The actor elves bump into each other in their rush.  They do flips as they bounce toys back and forth.  I was afraid they were going to drop them.  But they always managed to catch them JUST in time!  Fantastic!

The little actor elves each play the role of one of my workshop elves.  They captured their silly habits perfectly.  Hilarious!

Then the set changed to a family room.  A little girl named Sarah lived there.  Mouse the Littlest Elf was Sarah.

Then everything was very quiet.

Suddenly, “Santa” came shooting down the pretend-chimney.  Soot flew everywhere.  No one could see anything!

Everyone was trying to see who was playing Santa.  He was all covered in dirt from the chimney.  Finally he said, “Och, what are you all gawking at anyway!”

Everyone cheered.  It was Scunner!  Scunner the Grumpy Elf was dressed up like me!  Fabulous!

Well Scunner, I mean “Santa”, started laying out presents.

That was when “Sarah” snuck on stage to see “Santa” filling her stocking.

She tapped him on the shoulder.

She scared him so badly he just about jumped out of his troosers!  Then “Santa” pretended to fall backward over the couch.

Well Santa could not finish his job now.  So “Sarah” decided to help.

She put out the rest of the presents.  She even ate one of the cookies.

Then “Sarah” noticed the paint was still wet on her pretty doll’s face.

That was when “Santa” popped up from behind the couch.  He promised to never forget Sarah’s present again.  They end the show by sharing the last cookie.  Bravo!

It was a wonderful show!  I am so proud of the young elves. What a great way to celebrate the Christmas season!

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S.  Have you ever been in a Christmas concert?  What did you like best about it?  You can click here to tell me about it or, scroll down to see what other people have written!


38 Responses to “The Elves Christmas Concert”

  1. 38
    My friend ebony said:

    when was the concert and can I see a video of it.

  2. 37
    My friend Beyoncé said:

    Emma again -.- apparently I have to send some cheesy comment about Christmas in order for it to be posted. Plus I like even numbers

  3. 36
    My friend Beyoncé said:

    Hey it’s Emma again. Almost forgot to say that I’m in 7th grade and posting comments for elves to read. Wow. I seriously need a life. Anyways I once had a dream where there were exactly 28 nuns in my room and 11,000 llamas in my house. It was educational, cause I learned to say hi in English. Bye again.

  4. 35
    My friend Emma said:

    I like even numbers, and I saw there were 35 comments (if my last one was posted -.-), so I decided to add anoooother. Thanks dude

  5. 34
    My friend elektra said:

    why do you have elves?

  6. 33
    My friend Kasha said:

    Hello Elves having a good Christmas Because It’s cold where I am right now guess how old I am now I m 10 years old now. Almost 11 years old now. I love you elves you are my great Friends for ever been in my whole life. talk soon Love Kasha Now you Elves have a great Merry Christmas.

  7. 32
    My friend jade said:

    hey santa I went to see the nutcracker a few years ago it was fun but very very very long .i cant wait to see it again. i have also saw disney on ice that was a lot of fun. i cant wait to see you in 21 days. love jade!

  8. 31
    My friend mariah said:

    Wow wow wow it was wonderful

  9. 30
    My friend Valerie said:

    I love you Santa I belive in you

  10. 29
    My friend Paige said:

    Hey Santa!!!


  12. 28
    My friend cole said:

    i love you santa

  13. 27
    My friend Hayden said:

    Santa please help children who need medicine and water. Oh and please make it snow in Antelope I have only seen snow when is the moutains wher i went dog sleding with “my” dog

  14. 26
    My friend Charles said:

    I want a clock like a small one if you get what I mean

  15. 25
    My friend nicole said:

    santa I love you sow much but my conet isn being mine all the time

  16. 24
    My friend FINLAY said:


  17. 23
    My friend Kareem said:

    I have been in a Christmas Concert before- and I was dressed up as a bauble! It was so much fun!

    If you are in a Christmas concert, do have fun!

  18. 22
    My friend Hayley said:

    HMMMMM OH! Cool.I wish I was there.Good job elves.

  19. 21
    My friend gwyneth said:


  20. 20
    My friend LilyAnn said:

    Dear Santa, I like you Santa. Because I wanted you to have a happy new year. And get some rest! :) :p.

  21. 19
    My friend dylan said:

    I love you you (: are good at want
    you do (:

  22. 18
    My friend Tyanna said:

    You guys should put up the video of the elves.

  23. 17
    My friend Bull said:

    I don’t remember being in a Christmas play, concert or anything. But it sounds like a lot of fun.

  24. 16
    My friend tebit said:

    great show.

  25. 15
    My friend elizabeth said:


  26. 14
    My friend david said:

    i didn’t like it because we had a sub and it had bad songs

  27. 13
    My friend abby said:

    I love to watch concerts to and i did not know that you play mario cart. you gave me that present 2 years ago

  28. 12
    My friend sinead said:


  29. 11
    My friend Greta said:

    Nice hope you enjoyed the concert.

  30. 10
    My friend larisa said:

    really good i like it when you {santa and mrs claus got a rally good seat from larisa xxx0xx … xx0xxx

  31. 9
    My friend celia said:

    i was in a christmas concert for my school the theme was pirates so i got to dress up like one and sing songs like them it was very fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. 8
    My friend chloe said:

    this year we did whole school play

  33. 7
    My friend Harley-Rose said:

    I have been in a consert!!! I sang and danced up on stage with you and some elfs!!!! It was in a very big place with a stage!!!

  34. 6
    My friend Cameron said:

    I bet it will be epic!!!

  35. 5
    My friend katherine said:

    good job santa!!!!! merry christmas

  36. 4
    My friend Gianna said:

    It was good. I played an angel, and my halo was gold

  37. 3
    My friend Madison said:

    I. Love. Christmas. But. Need. I Some. Chirstmas. Magic. I. Have. The. Flu. Till. Christmas

  38. 2
    My friend Audrey said:

    hi Santa
    in my school play we had a little skit and it was about santa has a new computer. i liked when she said sylvia speck (my princepal)this one dosent look to promising plays tricks on teachers and at the end of the skit santa(my friend)said sylvia speck no iphone for you this year

  39. 1
    My friend Ashleigh said:

    Wow I hope the elves had a fantastic time!

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