Special Helper Scunner

Posted by Santa Claus on November 25th, 2012

You might remember Scunner did not do so well with the reindeer.  I am still trying to find a new job for him here at the North Pole.  Your ideas have been a great help.

I thought that maybe I could use my own special little helper.  After all, I am very busy this time of the year.  An extra pair of hands would be very helpful.  Scunner liked the idea too.

I told Scunner one of his jobs would be taking notes from one department to another.

‘Aye Santa that will be fine.’  He smiled and so we set off for our day.

To be honest the morning went really well.  He was very helpful and polite.  I was very impressed.

A bit later, Scunner had a note for the doll department.  I was walking down the hall when he zipped by me in terror.

‘Santa, help me,’ he wailed as he hid behind my leg.  ‘They all want to give me a cuddle.’

I did not know what he meant.  Then I peeked around the corner.  There were thirty or forty dolls all walking towards us.  ‘I’ll hug you better’ they were all saying.

Light bulb! I understood what had happened.

We have been trying out a new doll that hugs you when you are not feeling well.  Scunner said he had sneezed in the doll department.  Then all the dolls jumped out of their boxes and chased him.  They wanted to hug him to make him feel better!

The only problem is that Scunner is not a “hug-a-bug”.  He does NOT like toys hugging him!

I don’t think he likes being my special little helper any more.  He is always afraid cuddly toys will attack him again!  (There are many cuddly toys at the North Pole after all).

I will have to think of a new job for Scunner.  But first, I have to tell the research department that the Hug-U-Better dolls are not a good idea.

They scared me a bit too.

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S.  Did you ever have a toy that made you scared?  You can click here to tell me about it or, scroll down to see what other people have written!

P.P.S.  Christmas Day is but ONE month away!



38 Responses to “Special Helper Scunner”

  1. tia

    poor scunner I bet that was frightning! I was thinking that maybe scunner could be someone who is in charge of feeding the rest of the elves and the reindeers or maybe he could be in charge of the naughty and nice list.


  3. callum

    Hi santa how is rudulph and the elves expesily clumsy. I bet he falling over alot. I bet miss claus making some tasty cookies.have the elves made enough presents for realy good people like me. Also were are you now.I your sleigh nice and cleanand i bet your sack is all full ready for chrismas.oh can’t forget to ask how old your do you mind not telling me.

  4. Csepke

    Well,I didn’t have the toy, but lot’s of poeple did in my class and they kept bringing it in.And they even went in the televion all the time.The dolls were High Monster Dolls.I wasn’t scared of them but I saw them so so much that an absolutly terifieing dream came up.In my dream I was outside all by my self walking down the streets in complete night time.Then the High Monster dolls came and started chasing me and and throwing me part to part.It was seriously a Horrifing Dream and it was very long.From that day I don’t even look or say the word High Monster Dolls!

  5. Bull

    I will repeat he should be in charge of putting on musicand have a speaker in each department maybe even in the stable.

  6. Anon

    Maybe scunner wants a new job ask him what HE wants to do instead of YOU giving him a job to do. Does he like cooking if so what about a cooking job? He would apreciate a job he wants to do not one he is scared of or bored of.


  7. sophia

    scuuner sounds awesome

  8. sophia


  9. Abigail

    That stinks,poor Scunner. :(

  10. Emma

    lol this is funny

  11. Cerys

    Hi my name is cerys scunner is helpfull and he allways

  12. Olivia

    Maybe he could mop and all that kind of stuff.


  14. Olivia

    I always get my flu shot..

  15. Olivia

    I not scared to get my flu shot

  16. Kaya

    one time, i got a make-your-own-cardboard-playhouse for my birthday. after i made it, i went inside to check it out, then all of a sudden, it collapsed on me! i didn’t get hurt, but i am still scared of playhouses.

  17. madison

    maybe you can take the batteries out of the doll when scunners around that area then when he leaves put the batteries back in. p.s if thats to much do not take my advice!

  18. ella

    Oh no!!!!!! not again !!! Scunner this message is for you : help Mrs claus in the kitchen I think that would be a great idea for you! please don’t tell me your allergic to flour!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Isaiah

    Maybe scunner should wrap the presents

  20. Angel

    Hay santa, maybe you should let scunner in the kitchen with mrs. claus. I hope you have a good week and a good month in dec.,

  21. jordan

    i am scared santa because i accidently put a naughty word and they can track my ip address but i can’t wait until christmas we just got the decorations from the attic and set up the decorations make sure to stop and look at my decorations i hope you like them my elves kind of scare me one time my friend and my sister and i were having a sleepover with our elves and my elf crawled on me and i saw and felt it it was scary her name is lily she has blonde hair and has a bow in her hair and is really nice lolz i can’t wait until you take a visit thanks for the gifts each year hope you have a perfect christmas

  22. hunter

    i bet scunner could work in the kitchen and clean or cook or something

  23. gareth

    i think you sheid give scunner a job at the wood benesh.

  24. Chloe

    You should give Scunner the job giving your reindeer a bath so they can be ready on Christmas Eve! :)

  25. Meg

    i think Scunner should help you with cleaning… maybe the dishes after dinner, that’s what i do.

  26. cali

    hi Santa its Cali nice to talk to u again maybe Scunner could help paint the toys xxxxxxxx love u

  27. mckenna

    scunner should polish the sled the day before christmas eve

  28. cynthia

    hi this is so nice of you to get use toys and tell your elfs thanks for macking use toys.

  29. madison

    i think that he should just help you with what ever you need

  30. Vienna

    Hey Santa,

    I think scunner should help wrap and paint the toys

  31. Christopher

    A stuft animal wolf

  32. Kaitlin

    I said it once, so I’ll say it again. LET HIM WORK AT THE MAIL DEPARTMENT!

  33. emily

    a headless reindeer toy know that is scary


    can you bring one of your elves to Montpelier Virginia

  35. Hayley

    Have Scunner work as Mrs.Claus’s helper.

  36. Amanda

    i would NOT like all those dolls when i am sick! I think u should make regular dolls instead of hugging dolls!

  37. Thomas

    I do not like peg dolls,you khow the ones of doctor who!I hate then in that dolls house.Anyway,Scunner could help Mrs.Claus!With the biscuits and candy!I think he would like it!hope it helps

    Merry christmas

  38. laavanya

    i had a toy bear it was a black i t always made me think it looked like a real bear so aways got scared.

  39. iyahna

    Dear Santa, you are the best person ever. I really want to see you,your reindeer(expecially Rudolph). Also,i want an elf,doll doctor set,helicopter,and a baby alive

  40. Samantha

    i want an elf on the shelf.plese santa claus baby huggie bear love of my life cutie patooti suger plum blanket as a pillow booga bye baby.


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