Scunner’s Sleigh Surprise

Posted by Santa Claus on December 15th, 2012

Oh Boy, I am very excited today.  Let me tell you why.

Scunner came to see me this morning.  He looks so funny in his white lab coat.  It is too long and all you can see below it are his big feet.

‘Santa, we have a surprise for you.’ He said with excitement.

I followed him down to ’s laboratory. I must admit I was quite curious.

I don’t know if you know this but there are more and more children each year.  Sometimes I struggle to make all my visits on time.  So, Scunner and the Professor have made me a new sleigh.  It is so fast looking.  It can hold the same amount of toys but is designed for speed.

‘With this you can go almost twice as fast as usual, Santa.’ Scunner said as he patted the side of the sleigh.

I heard the Professor speak but I couldn’t see him anywhere.

‘I’m sorry Professor, I can’t hear what you are saying?’ I said.

Suddenly the Professor’s head popped out from under Scunner’s coat.  He had been working under the new sleigh.

‘This has been designed the same way that Space Rockets are.’ He smiled, his hair, as always, standing on end.  ‘It will be so fast that you will have to hang onto your beard.’

I wanted to try it out but Scunner shook his head.

‘We haven’t put seatbelts in it yet Santa.’

Seatbelts?  In my Sleigh?  I must admit I am worried but excited.  I am going for a test flight as soon as they have finished.

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S.  What ideas do you have to make my journey faster?  You can click here to tell me about it or, scroll down to see what other people have written!



56 Responses to “Scunner’s Sleigh Surprise”

  1. sam

    :) you are cool:)


  3. ryleigh

    who is scunner? Is he one of your elves?

  4. beth

    that is cool

  5. Lorena Argueta

    santa is the best.

  6. Abby Butler

    A little bit of Christmas magic.

  7. Matthew

    Add A few rockets

  8. Hannah

    Hi Santa

  9. sarah

    buddy the blue nosed reindeer!

  10. Rheagan

    You should get super flying powers with your super sidekick Rudolph who holds the bag of toys

  11. Amelia

    santa can i ask who is scunner is he someone who works in a lab?????????

  12. tayloe

    its a cold night i am waiting for santa he is not here i no santa is only here win your in bed.


  14. anna dree

    hot cocomachine

  15. Luke

    What color is the sleigh?

  16. Ipson

    Santa you should add rocket boosters and more reindeers and one of those super fast jets carrying you

  17. meghan

    is he small?

  18. Olivia

    I think your new sleigh will be way faster! does that mean I’ll get presents earlier?

  19. Dawid

    Santa, please dont start flying until you have seat belts! We would not want you in hospital at christmas! :)

  20. nanshelly

    like my money

  21. Matthew

    Dang, I never knew there was a man named Scunner!

  22. deandra

    can you come to our house

  23. erika

    i hope you come very quick.So kids do not need to wait

  24. Hailey

    Get mrs.claus to do half of the world and you do the other half or have auditions for more under cover santas

  25. Abigail

    Is Cupid on the nice list or the naughty list

  26. Ella

    Your new sleigh sounds cool, I hope it works just fine. I really want to see a real reindeer and elf!

  27. Jonah

    Can you get us a picture of the sleigh, Santa?

  28. MaryJo

    Hi Santa I’m very excited for christmas
    thank you for my letter I got just yesterday.
    before that I was worried that you might not read my letter but you probably recieved both of the letters I sent to you.
    I wish it would snow in Pa.
    I wish that my family had more of the chrismtas spirit.
    I would like a application dulcimer outlet instrument
    I hope you and mrs.clause and the elf’s and the reindeer have a great christmas ans a happy new year.
    I wish that people would find the chrismtas spirit and to know what the real meaning of christams is
    Well for a chrismtas my family got it up in early dec.
    I love the lights in late nov I decorated my grandmother’s house with chrismtas things

  29. Sunni

    You can attach rocket boosters to your riendeer and slay to go super fast!

  30. Mckenna

    Truth: Wait a minute. You don’t have to fly if you have no seatbelts on your sleigh, or you’re going to go to the hospital at christmas

  31. Grant

    add a biilion zillion rockets and give me good presents with a giant trunk

  32. Zoe

    you could ask the reindeer that’s taking you over the world this year to try to go extra fast!!!!

  33. ryann

    i think how you can go faster is atach rocket boosters

  34. Alicia

    Dear santa i love you very much
    \have a great christmas and also tell everyone i said hi.

  35. fiona

    that’s wonderful Santa!!!

  36. sarah

    just tell your raindeer its going to be a busy big they will have to go fast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Misty

    I hope it works because if it doesn’t there may be a house with a big hole in the side by chrstmas morning! :)

  38. Natalie

    Enjoy the new sleigh

  39. Rachel

    Would you post a picture of you and Scunner by the sleigh?Or is it top secret?

  40. justin

    santa shoud use a nice traker and a nughty traker to speed things up. p.s am I on the nice list.

  41. Kieran

    You should surprise Scunner and tell the renideer/Elves not to tell him *wink* Ps im 9 yeas old :D

  42. justice.w

    it’s gong to be great hope you have a great trip….:)

  43. justice.w

    can you send a pic of you to me?

  44. jackson

    dear santa i hope that your sleigh works because i love and i can’t wait for you to come . tell our reindeers to keep up with the sleigh

  45. lily

    i love you santa i wish it would snow in mocksvill so my familycould haVE A GOOD CHRISTMISS

  46. lily


  47. Ashley

    Oh my gosh I can’t believe I am talking to sant say hi to mrs. Claus for me Ashley Anne kroll in Ohio river side

  48. Peyton

    Dear Santa,
    I think you should put some jets on the sleigh.

  49. Peyton

    Dear Santa,
    I think you should put rockets on the sleigh.

  50. Nadia.B

    I think you should add more raindeer to the sleigh to make it faster

  51. Ashley

    Wow that sounds fast but needs extra horse power and jet packs. Now that would be cool& a storage place for reindeer food cause that’s a lot flying.

    Your Welcome for the advice. Write to you tomorrow,Bye!

  52. Hayley

    Hello! It’s me again!Well I know fast stuff a car,a boat,a plain,a jet,a jet pack,reindeer,people(sometimes),me,a computer,skateboard,bike,scooter,rocket,
    ect!I Have a lot more but this whole box will be full!I would take up the whole page if I could.Well,Have a Merry Christmas!

  53. Hayley

    It’s me again.I know some fast things.A plain,a train,a boat,reindeer,rocket,people,me,computer,
    car,a truck,the police,an ambulance,fire people,Mom,Dad.ect!If I had more time this box would be full!Well,Merry Christmas!

  54. Brennan

    Is there any bad elfs????

  55. June

    You could use Radar(That reindeer who
    lives on an island near the north pole)
    on your sleigh when he grows up.

  56. Molly


  57. jonathan

    the new sleigh is powerful!

  58. paige

    I think you have my disneyland tickets santa


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