Scunner’s Halloween Party

Posted by Santa Claus on November 1st, 2012

After Scunner scaring us all day yesterday we went to his party last night.  What a fun time we all had.  I went dressed as The Easter Bunny.

Scunner started off the party games.  The first one was ‘dooking for apples’.  Some of you will have played this.  You have to get an apple from a tub just by using your mouth.  My beard ended up soaking wet.

The next game was even messier.  Scunner had lots of scones that had been dripped in treacle.  Treacle is like honey.

These were tied in string and hung from the ceiling.  You have to catch these in your mouth.  Let me tell you it was so messy!  There was treacle all over everybody by the end of the game.  I had to use Mrs Claus’ special shampoo to get my beard clean and fluffy again.

Then Scunner sat down to tell us all a ghost story.  It was pretty scary and we were all getting a little nervous.  Then, just before the scariest part Clumsy fell off his chair and landed backside first in one of the tubs of water.  The noise he made was so loud and unexpected that Scunner nearly jumped out of his boots.

“Help ma Boab”, Scunner cried in shock.

For a second he looked very grumpy indeed.  Then he started laughing.  We all laughed and laughed too.

As we all started leaving for bed Scunner gave us all a bag of candy.  For a grumpy old elf he can be very, very nice.

Anyway, there is less than 55 sleeps to Christmas now.  So, it is going to be very busy indeed around here.

Did you have a good Halloween?  What did you do?  What did you dress up as?  Was it a good costume?

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S.  Did you have a good Halloween?  Did you dress up as Scunner?  You can click here to tell me or scroll down to see what other people have written!


56 Responses to “Scunner’s Halloween Party”

  1. caitlin

    I had a very good halloween thank you and i did not dress up as scunner insted i dressed up as a vampire (i looked very scary)


  3. Jonah

    I dressed up as a Ghostbuster this year! I’m glad that Scunner is happy!

  4. jackson

    my halloween was great i got a lot of chocolate.

  5. Emma

    Hi Santa did you have a good Halloween?i did .

  6. Luke

    Hi Santa,
    I worked at my high schools’ haunted mansion. it was lot of fun. We scared a lot of people. We had 232 guest come through in 3 days that we did the haunted mansion. I was a tour guide. My costume was pretty good. I wanted to go trick or treating but didn’t get to because I was at the haunted mansion giving tours. My costume was Sweeney Todd. It was a lot of fun being a tour guide and I hope i get to come back to be a tour guide at my6 high schools’ haunted mansion again next year.

  7. Elyse

    I heard that Santa Claus went to a scary halloween party.


  8. Alys

    Hi Santa I was on holiday on halloween but doing this cheered me up I hope you had a nice halloween

  9. natalie

    on halloween i was a cat and i got lots of candy i am hoping to share the candy with you santa !

  10. Issy

    I spoke to santa on the phone and got a letter in the post and apparently he went to a epic Halloween party!!!

  11. Crispin

    Hi Santa,
    The following things I really, really, want is:
    A Samsung tablet
    iPod touch 5th generation
    Blackberry bold SIM card you choose it
    And a Manchester United case for my iPod 5th generation
    If you do those things I will leave a 20 pound note, extra whiskey, and extra mince pies. Extra carrots for reminders.
    Good whishes
    Crispin Jackson
    P.P.S. I had a really enjoyable Halloween.

  12. ella

    I went as little red riding hood for Halloween and went to my godfathers Halloween party! Good craic!


  14. Jalyn

    That sounded like a fun party! For Halloween I was the queen of hearts. We also had a small party. We decorated cupcakes, played pass the pumpkin (hot potato,but with a pumpkin), Just Dance 4, and what am I (halloween version). It was awesome! And I can’t wait for Christmas too. Well thanks and bye!

  15. Mia

    Great idea to dress as the Easter Bunny!

  16. Isabelle

    my halloween was awesome! I dressed up like a spider witch and I was the coolest witch ever! Halloween and Christmas are my faorite holidays. Just not always in that order. (wink*)

  17. Nick

    For Halloween, I was a Pokemon Trainer! If only I had a cute Eevee plushie, my costume would have been complete…

  18. Payton

    i was the statue of liberty! Scunners halloween party sounded like so much fun

  19. jaiden

    for halloween i went as a white snow princess fairy and i am already watching christmas mvies and i hope i am on the nice list please write back <3 you

  20. Emily

    I was PURPLE for Halloween! That means I used a Morphsuit, which is a full bodysuit that covers you completely, from head to toe! You can see through it, drink through it, and breathe through it, too! It was very fun going around with everyone not knowing who I am, because I had the head part on, too! Although I didn’t go to any parties, I had a lot of fun collecting all of that candy, but my parents would never let me eat all of it! (*wink wink*)

  21. Olivia

    Wow,I’m posting this on November sixth less than 50 days away and my room still is not clean! I’m not that worried I almost always get it clean. Tips on cleaning rooms anyone…?

  22. chrissie

    i was a zombiepromqueen but hsaloween was cancled because of hurricane sandy… but we had halloween yesterday:)

  23. griffin

    do you make dirt bikes

  24. Emma

    i went dressed as glinda the good witch and got lots of candy i love halloween but i love christmas even more and the elves and you SANTA

  25. curtis

    I was a zombie i looked so dead

  26. MEGHAN


  27. Sarah

    I dressed up as a vampire bat for halloween.

  28. Kari

    i love candy

  29. Alex

    I didn’t dress up at all because I was in Majorca

  30. Sophie

    I went as a zebra! It was super cute and I got Reese’s Cups and I hope YOU put some in my stocking this year! *wink*

  31. hailey

    i was a skunk and i went with my friend!

  32. Courtney

    I was a goth witch i answerd the door cause i dont like trick or treating!

  33. ernest

    santa do you know where i live?

  34. Casey

    I had no Halloween because there was a hurricane so I didn’t get to go trick-or-treating. But I am glad you did!

  35. Katie

    Hi Santa Claus How are you doing
    I hope you get what i want for Christmas
    Have a nice evening see you Christmas
    Love Katie

  36. melody

    i love halloween, but not as much as christmas. i went trick or treating with friends. i went as a ninga, it was great.

  37. Ian

    I was at Hi-Vee and saw someone dressed up as santa!

  38. Katesia

    I am so glad Christmas is coming soon

  39. Graciana

    sounds fun

  40. Haleigh

    Hi Santa~
    You should write more often; how I sure do love reading your posts about the North Pole! :)

  41. Haleigh

    Santa~ My Halloween was great! I dressed up as Spider Girl. Do the elves go trick-or-treating at the North Pole? Maybe they should trick-or-treat me next year! *giggle*

  42. adam and gage


  43. APRIL




  44. josie

    comment if you belive in santa if not ignore but i do! im sure everyone does. Those elfs are so cute iv seen pictures i love them and sants i want to say a massive thankyou for all the presants over the years.

  45. summer

    Hi santa my name is summer starr i know you know me I just wanted to see if you were going o bring meany presents this year havei been a good or bad girl i just want to tell you that i am very thankful for all the presents from the past i still beleivein you santa hohoho hoho hoho hohoho thank u santa ps
    cant wait to see your note the 25th of dec.

  46. Julia

    hi Santa,
    i love when you come to my house very year. when it is around christmas time i start singing songs and stuff. i am never sad at christmas.i have been very sick lately. i had an asthma attack at soccer then i caught a cold and then i got strep throat. i still have strep throat and one of my tonsils is bulging big (it is touching my uviula) what i want as an early christmas present is for me to get better. i missed almost the whole weeek of school last week and i am going to miss school this week too. my sister brings home my homework for me though. love julia

  47. mia

    dear santa

    i love it when you come to my house because it is near my birthday

  48. Thomas

    Dear Santa!!
    Scunner is a very nice elf,but he can be grumpy sometimes!I was wondering can I have a Xbox 360?

  49. jane

    i dressed up as a angel from above.i had a fun time! i went to my friend’s party.let me tell you!it was messier than the story santa told!i had fun though!:)

  50. Ethan

    santa i was a scarecrow.i won most sariest costume at a halloween party.

  51. Molly

    I was a cowgirl for halloween. My friend had a party and it was so messy I had to take 4……5 showers after!! Even though it was messy I still liked it!¡!¡!¡!¡!¡!¡!¡!¡!¡!¡!¡!

  52. Molly

    Am I on the nice list??

  53. Augustu

    I didn’t do anything for Halloween. I just stayed home because it was on a school night, and it would take too much time to get ready.

  54. Aryn

    I was at school and I got sick. I had to go home and miss the Halloween party. By the time it was time to go trick or treating I felt much better. While I was trick or treating I ran into a friend of mine. Then I went with her. While I was with her I ate a few pieces of candy. Then I got sick again. I had to go home early.

  55. Natalia

    I dressed up as a fairy and i had a great Halloween thak you for asking1

    P.S. how was your Halloween?

  56. Csepke

    I dressed up as a Bumble Bee.I went Trick or Treating and I got lot’s of sweets.When I got home I eat them all.They were delicios, YUM!After that we cooked a hedghog cake it was Sooo Nice!And then the whole family played a game of Bialo.It was really fun!Then it was time to go to bed.But don’t wory, the fun hasn’t ended cause next day when my little sister slept, my Mummy my Daddy and I played a game of life.It was SOOOOOOOO SOOOOOOOO much FUN!It was a great Halloween :)

  57. hannah

    who like snata here i am going to laplland

  58. Samantha



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