Scunner vs. the Teddy Bear

Posted by Santa Claus on December 20th, 2011

Do you remember our new Scottish elf, Scunner?

He is a very grumpy elf that does not like Christmas.

Today I saw him shaking his head.  I stopped and I asked him what was wrong?

‘Och, these new toys that children want are rubbish.  iPods!  Remote control toys!  Walking, talking dolls!  Harumph!  They are not as good as the toys my dad used to make.’  He grumbled and stomped away.

As he stomped away, he kicked a remote control Monster Truck.  What he did not know was he also turned it on!

I watched as the truck drove straight into a pile of teddy bears.  These were piled up so high that they began to fall.

The biggest teddy at the top of the pile fell straight onto Scunner.  It was so big it knocked him over!

Then the remote control truck drove straight into his head.

He yelped and said some words I have never heard in the workshop before.

Then to make matters worse the Teddy said ‘I love you.  Do you want a hug?’ and started chasing after him!

Scunner was so angry!  I had to look away before I laughed.  It is wrong to laugh, but when I saw his face, I could not help it.

It made me think though.

Toys have changed quite a lot over the years.  On Christmas morning, you will be playing with toys that your parents could never have imagined.  (Sometimes I think they are a little jealous!)

Anyway, Scunner has a big bandage on his head now and a face like thunder.  I do hope we can cheer him up in time for Christmas.

We do not have very long to do that!

Merry Christmas!

Father Christmas

P.S.  What toys do you think children will be playing with in the future?  You can click here to tell me or, scroll down to see what other people have written!


135 Responses to “Scunner vs. the Teddy Bear”

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  1. 135
    My friend joseph said:

    i love christmas i hope you will come this christmas on 2014 christmas eve because i was a good boy this year!! . i won’t mind if you do a little checking!. i will leave you two oreos and a glass of milk. some thing i want for christmas are a skylandres trap team the tablet version. a teenage munat ninga turtles video game. a teenage mutant ninga tulerts basket ball hoop game. also a mini basketball game i found in the toysareus magazine i got in the mail ago. so santa i love you!! gusse what ? i better see presents unde the tree because I’m a good boy .also i want to say merry christmas ho ho ho!.

  2. 134
    My friend jonathan said:

    for christmas i want a iphone!

  3. 133
    My friend jonathan said:


  4. 132
    My friend Destiny said:

    i think they will be playing with flying cars or remote control bird and other animals that look as real as they can get!

  5. 131
    My friend rhiannon said:

    that was funny. i just want a couple of dolls that are boys. i don’t have any and it isn’t fun to play with toys that are supposed to be girls! p.s mean walking talking teddy!

  6. 130
    My friend RubyAnn said:

    I hope Scunner gets over all of this

  7. 129
    My friend anna said:


  8. 128
    My friend Thom R. said:

    Futuristic electronics.

    Thom R.

  9. 127
    My friend Abbie said:

    scunner why don’t you like christmas it is a time of coming to gether as a family .

    love from Abbie

  10. 126
    My friend Isabella Granados said:

    Oh my you were right reading this blog was exiting

    Love you


  12. 125
    My friend max said:

    tablets iphones smartphones ipads ipad minis

  13. 124
    My friend angelica said:

    well i know what i want a DOG!!!! but i know what my friend wants a teddy besr hamster her name is samtha but she is somtimes men like at my halloween part when we did a hunt me morgan esther were in the tem but when i fell i dropped my small punkin then she took it then said hahahaha but i got the punkin back

  14. 123
    My friend amy said:


  15. 122
    My friend amy said:

    I have millions of CRISTMAS teddy bears

  16. 121
    My friend Brooke said:

    my mum has a teddy bear who is nearly 50 years old
    he is really cute and he dosent look a day over 1

  17. 120
    My friend katie said:

    hi hi hi

  18. 119
    My friend Anonymous said:

    hehehehe funny remember 4 mounths till christmas

  19. 118
    My friend katy :) said:

    Hi santa,you are a roll moddle,an apsulute hero!You make Christmas magical!Humm… what toys will we be playing with in the future? Thats a good quiestion! Oh mabey: flying cars and stuff like that!Well i just wanna say something you like to say…


  20. 117
    My friend ashley said:

    dear santa i hope u r ok

  21. 116
    My friend Grace said:

    Toys that people in2000′s invented

  22. 115
    My friend vaughn weber said:


  23. 114
    My friend BAILEY said:

    maybe they will be playing whith remote control toy i will allways like what you bring me thank you santa love you

  24. 113
    My friend dana said:

    dear santa i wish you a merry christmas and i will alwase love youwith allof my heartt

  25. 112
    My friend david hayes said:


  26. 111
    My friend helena said:

    i wish that santa gives lots of gifts

  27. 110
    My friend bailey said:

    the reson i like christmas becuse i get to spent time with my family and that all the new toys i get from santa and the elves i just love it

  28. 109
    My friend bailey said:

    why dont you tell him how wondefull chrismas is i love chrismas tell him why you like chrismas

  29. 108
    My friend chloe said:

    daer santa i love you can you plaes tell me about the elves LOVE CHLOE

  30. 107
    My friend Penpitcha said:

    I think in the future kids will be playing Ipads, Iphones and Ipods.

  31. 106
    My friend Pj said:

    Can I have an iPhone,Santa?

  32. 105
    My friend Robbie said:

    Scunner is very grumpy!I might know how to cheer him up!Figure bout what toys his father used to make and give them to Scunner

  33. 104
    My friend amelia said:

    Verry funny his grumpy face was the best part

  34. 103
    My friend Mackenzie said:

    Hey $anta,
    I think they will want like iPods and ipads or some rc helicopters and rc cars as well.Or maybe some of your wonderful elves.
    Well that’s all I hope u have a merry Christmas!


  35. 102
    My friend Emma said:

    I think that Scunner is just like Grumpy the elf!

  36. 101
    My friend michaela said:


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