Santa’s Sleigh Sparkles

Posted by Santa Claus on December 30th, 2011

After flying all over the world on Christmas Eve, my sleigh is very dirty.  So today, I took it to the North Pole Sleigh Wash.  The elves worked hard to get it nice and clean.

Would you like to hear more?

Well, there were lots of cookie crumbs on the floor and seats.  Eating cookies while driving the sleigh can be very messy!

As I travel, my sleigh picks up all kinds of treasures.  Some of them fall inside; some of them get stuck to the outside.

We flew through a field of tulips in Holland and one fell into the sleigh.  Rice from China spilled onto the floor.

A lei is a very pretty necklace from Hawaii made from flowers.  The elves found a lei on the back of the sleigh!  (Can you say “lei on sleigh” five times fast?)

A shamrock is a three-leaf clover that comes from Ireland.  Some shamrocks stuck to the bottom of the sleigh.  It must have been when we stopped in a field for the reindeer to have a snack.

Tinsel from Christmas trees always sticks to my bag.  It falls off onto the back seat.  Clumsy cleaned it up and he got tangled up in the tinsel!  (Can you say “tangled in tinsel” five times fast?)

Candy canes can be very sticky and some were stuck on the runners of the sleigh!  The elves had to scrub and scrub to get them off.

The elves did a great job getting my sleigh clean and shiny again.  Just like a red nose!  Now it is all ready for next year!

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S.  What other things do you think the elves have to do once Christmas is over?  What other things do you think end up in my sleigh during my Christmas Eve ride?  You can click here to tell me or scroll down to see what other people have written!



97 Responses to “Santa’s Sleigh Sparkles”

  1. 97
    My friend Anthony said:

    your awesome santa

  2. 96
    My friend Madeleine said:

    I think all the elves have to get ready for another year of making toys and probably a ton of other things! I think maybe grass, ornaments, and grain that people put in their yards for the reindeer! Thats all I could think of!

  3. 95
    My friend kylie said:

    ME!!!!! !LOL! ME!!!!!!!!

  4. 94
    My friend Josie said:

    I can’t put my christmas tree up today!

  5. 93
    My friend Aryn said:

    I think your elves also had to get things ready for next years Christmas. Do you have more than one coat?

  6. 92
    My friend Kaitlyn said:

    I would want to come in your sleigh too! I cant wait till christmas! And by the way…..DO you like the cookies called sprits?

  7. 91
    My friend Hailey said:

    Hey Santa!! I ask this every year, but last year you said i could ride you sleigh. You can wake me up when you come drop my presents off. I will help protect your sleigh and also I will help your elves!! please santa!! Btw I need your real email!!

  8. 90
    My friend Hayley said:

    Wow Santa! Can I come on your sleigh?That would be fun!

  9. 89
    My friend Shae said:

    I do believe in santa still and i am 13 years old

  10. 88
    My friend virginia said:

    hi santa its me virginia campbell i think that was a lot of stuff you got stuck to your sleigh


  12. 87
    My friend Sesi said:

    They need to rest.

  13. 86
    My friend amy said:

    well santa that will happen all the time because for a very long journy you will need lots of food,and your slay must be masive the elf must be ecsausted :-)

  14. 85
    My friend caitlin said:

    I think chocolate might get stuck to your sleigh

  15. 84
    My friend anne said:

    please sumit this I really want a puggle or beagle from harrison puppy gallery

  16. 83
    My friend rachel said:

    santa love you!

  17. 82
    My friend Bethany&Eoin said:

    Hey, my name is Bethany and my brothers name is Eoin we all love Christmas and that feeling on Christmas Eve night, we just get so happy it is unreal! We love Santa and we love Christmas and PRESENTS!

    Love from,
    Bethany and Eoin!

  18. 81
    My friend Brittney and Abby said:

    Maybe chocolate chip cookies.

  19. 80
    My friend cory said:

    i want a elf on the shelf

  20. 79
    My friend luke said:

    raindeer will loose track

  21. 78
    My friend laura said:

    maybe there was cookie crums

  22. 77
    My friend Hannah said:

    I think when christmas is over that the elves make toys and clean stuff.

  23. 76
    My friend Rosa said:

    Dear Santa I can’t wait till you come to my house on Christmas eve
    I will leave you yummy cookies and milk and carrots for the raindeer

    Love rosa

  24. 75
    My friend Madison said:

    hi santa that is cool that you have memories from the places you go to!!!

  25. 74
    My friend albert said:


  26. 73
    My friend evan said:


  27. 72
    My friend evan said:

    hi santa

  28. 71
    My friend evan said:

    i love you

  29. 70
    My friend evan said:

    do you love me

  30. 69
    My friend BAILEY said:


  31. 68
    My friend ria said:

    someone some thing mean abut you his name is Bob on pg.#6

  32. 67
    My friend ria said:

    ; ] hahahahah hahahahaha haha hehehe hehehe

  33. 66
    My friend ria said:

    seems like it got really dirty

  34. 65
    My friend josephine said:

    what is does the north pole look like right back soon

  35. 64
    My friend Lauren said:

    Only 118 more days until Christmas….don’t worry I’m counting. I love Christmas!

  36. 63
    My friend georgia said:

    santa how do you get a cross the whole wide world in 1 night is it so hard to

  37. 62
    My friend TEBIT said:


  38. 61
    My friend jared said:

    hay santa what are you doing

  39. 60
    My friend bob said:

    your fat and i hate u and lose weight

  40. 59
    My friend Dylan said:

    put it all over my house its going to be like my teeth

  41. 58
    My friend Dylan said:

    i want for christmas is dirtbike gear dc clothes clone shoes ps3 controller iphone ps3 games

  42. 57
    My friend Megan said:

    Hey,Santa Christmas is only 4 months away i want Chirstmas this year i want a gutar and art set and Santa your sleigh really does sparkles

  43. 56
    My friend Megan said:

    Hey,Santa Christmas is only 4 months away i will Chirstmas this year i want a gutar and art set and Santa your sleigh really does sparkles

  44. 55
    My friend Rosie said:

    Hi Santa I know its 4 months till Christmas but I’m very exsited about it but I want a new american girl doll a mini fridge a tea party set 3 american girl doll beds and I will send a list of what I want with my elf on the shelf LOVE YOU!

  45. 54
    My friend BAILEY said:

    i bet the sleigh is shieing biger than my teeth

  46. 53
    My friend Maggie said:

    Santa your sleigh really dose sparkle.but I wated to talk about something else.

  47. 52
    My friend Maggie said:

    I know that christmas is 5 months away but I’m just really exsited.hey Santa hear are some things I really want for Christmas.A Minnie refrigarater I pod touch pink diary with a lock a drum set a electric guitar a microphone a keriokimachine an art case And that’s all I love you Love Maggie

  48. 51
    My friend veronica said:

    thank you for being so genores

  49. 50
    My friend Hollie said:

    Santa, I feel ill. I wood of helpt you cleen your slay. I am the best at cleening. You shood of asked me. I dont wont much for crismoos but I do wont to go too legoland bifor I go back to scool. My mummy sed I can go too Creelee but I wont too go too legoland. On crismoos eev I will leav you cookys xxxx

  50. 49
    My friend Hannah said:

    I love Christmas. Sorry santa. I asked for soil and dirt- stuff for my fruits, veg and plants. I have greenfingers! I’m jolly glad that you gave me that soil because it’s amazing. Best I ever had. I’m so excited about christmas- it’s only 168 days away! I’ve made my christmas list already- A new spade, a packet of strawberry seeds, a mesh sculpture and a scarecrow making kit. It’s a tough life, living on a farm. Anyway, I’d better go now because I have to do my homework.

  51. 48
    My friend Harpreet said:

    Your the best

  52. 47
    My friend Savannnah said:

    Did you find snow in the back?

  53. 46
    My friend sarah said:

    i love the elves

  54. 45
    My friend Olivia said:

    Hi Santa!! I love you! I cant wait for Christmas!

  55. 44
    My friend Ernie said:

    Hi santa

  56. 43
    My friend Aubrey said:

    A snack and drink for all of you and the recipe for the snack. P.s. what’s theo

  57. 42
    My friend bailey said:

    i bet the elves did an awsome job

  58. 41
    My friend Nidhi said:

    hi Santa,its me again.i think that the reindeers got tired after washing and cleaning all that stuff.i think they should be given a treat. love ndhi

  59. 40
    My friend Avva said:

    Tommy if your reading this I really miss you

  60. 39
    My friend Avva said:

    are the elfs makeing presents for me now

  61. 38
    My friend jewel said:

    Hey Santa my little bros still beloved u hays

  62. 37
    My friend CELIA said:


  63. 36
    My friend jack said:

    dear santa you are my biggest hero so could send me a picture of you with your autograph on it through the post if you do i will really appriciate it.

  64. 35
    My friend kj said:

    i love you santa….even though I didn’t get that present I wanted last year….I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

  65. 34
    My friend bailey said:

    you did a good jog cleaning the slay i bet it looks osome and we are fixing 2 clean our play room

  66. 33
    My friend katie speerstra said:

    Santa will you come visit me at the high school sometime?

  67. 32
    My friend katie speerstra said:

    Merry Christmas Santa ruldoph Mrs.Claus have a merry Christmas happy New year I love you Best friends forever love you lots like jelly tots with lots of love Katie

  68. 31
    My friend katie speerstra said:

    Dear Santa i like the sparkles on your sleigh they are wonderful i love you i can’t wait until you land on my roof in 2013 i love you Santa i won’t be mad at you if you don’t get my ipod I love you too much to be mad at you i liked your email yesterday like you said bff best friends forever

  69. 30
    My friend Aarushi said:

    Hi santa Iloveyou

  70. 29
    My friend Aarushi said:

    Hi santa what s up.

  71. 28
    My friend macy said:

    Santa i loved all the Prestents you brought me in that lovey sleigh of yours me and my friends loved all of ther prestents to :) Smile

  72. 27
    My friend chloe said:

    i cant wait to get new stuff for Christmas well gtg love ha

  73. 26
    My friend madison said:

    i cant wait until next CHRITMAS

  74. 25
    My friend dan dan said:

    The elfs have to work on next years presents


    Christmas Eve is when i will be back! DAN DAN out!

  75. 24
    My friend Erin said:

    Can you tell me what a secret bully is. I learned it in social group.

  76. 23
    My friend Jake Sefanowicz said:

    hi santa, can I have a paintball gun for chistmas

  77. 22
    My friend Jake Sefanowicz said:

    hi santa

  78. 21
    My friend amber said:

    hi santa

  79. 20
    My friend Brittney said:

    I think that maybe some milk might of spilled in the sleigh when Santa was drinking it!

  80. 19
    My friend haylie said:

    hi santa i am 10 years old and i am in 4th grade and you are super nice to all of the kids and i wish that you your my papa and Ms claus was my grandma !!!!!!!!

  81. 18
    My friend haylie said:

    can you please send me a picture of your sleigh drity and clean

  82. 17
    My friend amber said:

    hey santa

  83. 16
    My friend Azlyn said:

    I bet oncce you got home on Christmas Day you were tired and so were the reindeer!

  84. 15
    My friend Nikita ryan said:

    Hi I love you Santa.

  85. 14
    My friend sofia said:

    ive always loved do you go all over the world on christmas????

  86. 13
    My friend hailee said:


  87. 12
    My friend Hannah said:

    Hi Santa Im 8 years old and Im in 2nd Grade. I love you Santa. You are so cool and awesome.But Santa I really hate school!You are awesome cool sweet kind helpful kindful and nice.I wish you were my grandpa.

  88. 11
    My friend abby sholl said:

    Your to funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  89. 10
    My friend keely said:

    thats like my house because my house is very messy. hahahahahahahah! when do you leave the northpole santa?

  90. 9
    My friend harry potter said:

    i think that you might get milk from sweedin

  91. 8
    My friend Amanda said:

    i luv 2 wash my mom’s car. :D

    ps: it’s fun. :) :) :)

  92. 7
    My friend tebit said:

    i love you

  93. 6
    My friend DOMINIK said:


  94. 5
    My friend Leah said:

    I think some pizzas might get stuck in there from Italy maybe!!! <3 xxx

  95. 4
    My friend xander said:

    hmmmm who would leave cookie curmbs on santas sleigh and didnt clean it up!

  96. 3
    My friend xander said:

    I love the north pole i heard about that !

  97. 2
    My friend kayleigh said:

    does your sleigh relly sparkl?

  98. 1
    My friend SZYMON said:


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