Santa’s Sleigh Is Ready For Christmas!

Posted by Santa Claus on December 23rd, 2013

Santa Claus' sleigh is ready!

Santa Claus’ sleigh is ready!

Christmas is so close.  I can almost taste the cookies!  HoHoHo!

We are all ready for the big night.

There are just a few things to do.

Everyone else is sleeping.

So I thought I would share

A silly poem with you…

The sleigh is all packed,
The reindeer in bed,
Dreaming of pulling,
Santa’s red

The elves have been busy,
With paper and bows,
Ribbons and packages,
And polishing a nose!
Do you know which one?
It’s famous.  It

And I have been busy,
Checking out my new sleigh,
Making sure it’s perfect,
Making sure it’s okay.
Cuz Santa is coming,
I’m but one sleep away

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S. Do you have any special messages for me on my big trip?  (You can leave a message for me.  Or, scroll down to see what others have written!)


118 Responses to “Santa’s Sleigh Is Ready For Christmas!”

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  1. 118
    My friend Rebecca said:

    Do you have a granddaughter called Lexi?

  2. 117
    My friend Taciyah said:

    Can I get a iPhone 6 please

  3. 116
    My friend brianna said:

    santa thank you so much that you have done for my family and friends WELOVE YOU

  4. 115
    My friend chloe said:

    Can i ha e a iPhone 5c and staling doll and 2 one direction tikets and some make-up and shoes and clofes please

  5. 114
    My friend Sammy said:

    I want allthe presents that you have for me

  6. 113
    My friend пп said:


  7. 112
    My friend tene said:

    you are funny

  8. 111
    My friend tene said:

    how many toys are in there

  9. 110
    My friend bobbie said:

    hope you have a nice night father Christmas ho ho ho to you

  10. 109
    My friend Scarlett said:

    Happy Xmas


  12. 108
    My friend cate said:

    i cant wait for chirstmas i have not seen my elf on the self

  13. 107
    My friend Indie said:

    Hello santa I hope you are ready for christmas and hope the elf’s are
    Packing all of the packages and I hope the reindeers are asleep for when it is christmas I am so excited bye don’t forget to look out for
    People xxxxxx

  14. 106
    My friend Zachary said:

    Presents or dancing in my head because the dig day and those cookies or coming to me.

  15. 105
    My friend emma said:

    santa your are nice and cool and good luck on your big trip.

  16. 104
    My friend Miley said:

    My elf just came this morning and my elf’s name is Sparkle

  17. 103
    My friend ashley said:

    hi Santa how is it up at the north pole

  18. 102
    My friend Eve said:

    To Santa cant wait till you come because you are the best toy maker and your elves too and I love you and your family.

  19. 101
    My friend ryon said:

    thats good because you don’t want to miss a preasent for us kids

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