Santa’s Sleigh Is Ready For Christmas!

Posted by Santa Claus on December 23rd, 2012

Santa Claus' sleigh is ready!

Santa Claus’ sleigh is ready!

Christmas is so close.  I can almost taste the cookies!  HoHoHo!

We are all ready for the big night.

There are just a few things to do.

Everyone else is sleeping.

So I thought I would share

A silly poem with you…

The sleigh is all packed,
The in bed,
Dreaming of pulling,
Santa’s red

The have been busy,
With paper and bows,
Ribbons and packages,
And polishing a nose!
Do you know which one?
It’s famous.  It

And I have been busy,
Checking out my new sleigh,
Making sure it’s perfect,
Making sure it’s okay.
Cuz Santa is coming,
I’m but one sleep away

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S. Do you have any special messages for me on my big trip?  (You can leave a message for me.  Or, scroll down to see what others have written!)


178 Responses to “Santa’s Sleigh Is Ready For Christmas!”

  1. CHLOE



  3. Leah

    Cant wait until you come to my house! Enjoy the mince pies:)

  4. Kaylen

    Christmas is so fun

  5. eric

    be safe get fat and have a merry christmas

  6. Erynn

    hi santa good luck on your trip around the world

  7. megan


  8. sophie

    xmas is new year already

  9. sophie

    hello Santa
    i like your poem and what would you like mince pies with milk or water and cookes
    from sophie

  10. sophie

    hello Santa i am going to make up a Christmas poem and i have got a new name for aliens it is quallons do you like it

  11. alie

    make sure you are safe!!!! i have been so good but my halo is a little bit off :)

  12. james

    hope you have a good night and rudolph i hope you have a good night


  14. audrey

    hi santa,
    i want you to be safe in the sky p.s i was so used to say be safe on the rods that i almost rit it instead of be safe in the sky lol

  15. smarties

    Wow you look so prepared for the long night trip santa! I hope that your rain deer are awesome and make sure they get loads of rest because if a rain deer fell asleep well flying then that would be bad :(
    So i hope you have a safe trip! You friend , smarties

  16. smarties

    The elves check all comments before they appear here. So, it might take a while before your comment appears.

  17. Tewoh-Joy

    I can’t wait for Christmas either Santa!!!I have been very good this year so I think that I deserve to have presents.Please give presents to all of thew poor kids other countries and even to the bad kids as well. Happy Christmas Santa Claus!

  18. Anonymous

    merry christmas

  19. alissa

    im leaving you smelly socks

  20. angelica

    merry christmas i hope rudoph is good at being up front love angelica mr chewy mr nibbels and sylvester

  21. Hailey

    What is the funny poem Santa and you are my hero

  22. Aleasha

    have a safe flight sata

  23. lauren

    dear santa
    be safe. check it twice. i got to tell you i have ben nice

  24. Estefania

    Hi Santa ! You are very poetic! I love you!

  25. angel

    merry x mas

  26. svannah

    Yep i csn’t wait till christmas! yayyy

  27. Maddi

    I’m exited! :)

  28. celena

    i want spongebob stuff anything spongebob

  29. celena

    i love santa clause

  30. cheyanne

    i dont like you

  31. cheyanne

    im sorry i did not mean to say that im not the one who said that so bring me presents not my sister ok

  32. marionna

    this is the most prettyest thing i had ever seen

  33. charlotte

    i hope you enjoy all the goodies we have for you did you write that poem its beutiful

  34. Suzette

    Have fun and Merry Christmas!

  35. Todd

    Ho ho very funny

  36. nathaniel

    im so glade that your coming to town tomorrow and i hope that you will have a safe ride here to vicksburg,ms and i will leave you some nice cookies and a nice glass of milk and me and my family are ready for your visit and i hope that rudolph is ready to lead your sleaigh tomorow night

  37. jodie

    heyyyyy ive bin very nauty this yr

  38. marcus

    i love when you say ho ho ho.please be sure to ride your sleighto 1267 west 900 south first.i will leave good things for you

  39. Morgan

    Hahaha i love it!!!!! Very funny!

  40. Cooper

    That was a nice poem.I hope you have a safe flight.That looks like a big sack of toys.Don’t worry we have really good cookies.Thanks!!!

  41. Tamyahsmiler

    dear santa claus i want a 3ds a bike some boots i really won’t a scooter because my little sister tanylah broke my scooter but it was ok i really wanted a new scooter any way so it was ok with me love, tamyahsmiler

  42. Jay

    Awww! I can’t wait to see if I get presents (Don’t tell anyone but last year I herd you on the roof) True story! Good luck santa! OH JUMPING COOKIES! I almost forgot I will be tracking you with norad santa. GOOD LUCK AND MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!

  43. finley

    dear santa
    how long is your sleigh ?
    can you measure it please

  44. caitlin

    santa i hope you enjoy all the mince
    pies i bet you will get told off by
    mrs clause for eating to much! see you later hope you do good with out side delivring presrents go safe lots of love caitlin adams

  45. Taylor

    Santa im so glad your sleigh is ready well done to you all. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH xxxxxxx

  46. Bull

    Yeah don’t go over the speed limit and buckle up we do not need you in a accident. Ho! Ho! Ho! (lol)

  47. Marie

    Merry Christmas!!!

  48. Angel

    stay staff and i hope you have a wonderful christmas with everyone in the north pole and speeding time with jesus christ

  49. Lydia

    Dear santa,
    I have just visited an orphanage and they said all they want for christmas is a present from santa. Don’t forget them please!

  50. Tiana

    Hope you have fun! Great poem!

  51. Reagan

    I really really love you Santa!

  52. Allison

    that is a well wrote pome if I were to pick my favourite Christmas pome it would be this one

  53. Kolton

    Santa I hope you have a safe trip around the world and I like your poem also are your reindeer ready to keep you safe as you go around the world if they not then I would be scared if I were you and tell Mrs.Claus I said Merry Christmas and also tell your reindeer that I said Merry Christmas but if you don’t tell them I said Merry Christmas and if you don’t then I will be upset with you.

  54. dylan ouellet

    is santa in the sky right now

  55. jasmine

    hohoho I persanlly loved it… i will leave you some cookies and milk or if you are lucky you might get some energy drink(beer) and a mince pie. have your self a merry little christmas santa

  56. Joshua

    What does Rudolph look like?

  57. Emily

    I’ve been really very good this year!

  58. Angel

    I have been really good this year tomorrow is Christmas it is nearly there P.S like please

  59. raven

    today my friend she is really nice too.

  60. Madi

    Hi can you send me a Pic of a elf

  61. keagen

    santa tell rudoulph i love you xxxxxxxxx.

  62. Charlie

    This is a nice sight! But i have one suggestion. May you please update the letter selections? I am a adult. Thank you! Other wise, good job! =)

  63. TREVOR


  64. alyssa

    sant i agree with you your slilaey is small but you can fit your toy bag in there.

  65. Holly Caitlin Jones


  66. Cathyrialiss

    Hi santa i love u

  67. niamh

    santa i am so exsitded for xmas i am going to my grannys house toght to get my present tell all the elves a very merry christmas and a happy new and the same to you BEST WISHES FOR 2013 to all the elves MRS CLAUS AND ALL THE REENDEIRS OH I NEARLY FORGOT AND TO YOU TOO HOPE YOU GET HERE SAFLY AND ALL THE OTHER HOUSES XOXOXOX FROM NIAMH

  68. Aoife

    Santa may I please have a kindle fire hd. And also some surprises.
    That all more less.

    From Aoife
    P.s. i will leave out stuff for you and the reindeers
    Bye Santa

  69. Siro

    No treballis massa!
    Al meu país passen els Reis…
    Què hi farem!
    feliç Nadal

  70. charlie

    Hello Santa my mummy said that i have to have a bath tonight or else i wont get any presents.

  71. Gabby

    I love you Santa Claus!!!!!! I will leave you out a lot of good goodies for you and the reindeer!!!’. I love you Santa!!!! Have a safe journey!!!

  72. Nicholas

    Santa, I don’t really care what you get me because it is the thought that counts. You and your elves are wonderful people and deserve the best prise in the world.

  73. Morgan

    Hope you get around the world carefully and come home to Mrs.Claus and all of the rest of your village all in one piece do take any of your elves on your all around the world trip

  74. Ella

    HI SANTA!!!!!! I LOVE CHRISTMAS TIME AND U!!!! <3 :D say hi to the rudolph and all the other reindeer. say hi to the elves too! oh and say hi to mrs. clause!

  75. Ella

    i tried posting a comment but it wouldent show. well i’ll just say it again. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL IN THE NORTH POLE!

  76. Ella

    i guess it did work! lol

  77. Ella

    oh its all good

  78. ALYSSA


  79. ALYSSA


  80. Lydia

    Santa Claus you are the best you deliver billions of presents in just 1 night.i hope U can get to my house tonight it looks a bit like santa’s grotto.
    Merry Christmas.
    Have a great time delivering presents

  81. angeleah

    have a great fly ok =)

  82. Haley

    I wish every girl and each boy a Christmas of peace and a year full of joy! MERRY CHRISTMAS!

  83. mya

    hi Santa can I get a new pet bird that is a girl

  84. Michael

    I love you and tell Mrs. Claus hi along with the elves and make sure to feed all of the reindeer so they don’t get hungry, but at my house we will also have a treat for the reindeer! Tell the Grinch that even though he doesn’t like Christmas, I still like him

  85. eimear

    Dear santa I love you with all my heart mostly everyone is saying they love rudolf but I love comet please please please say to him that eimear said I love you thanks btw I set out cookies and milk

  86. Emma

    Merry Christmas,Santa!

  87. destiny

    Hey santa can you tell me how fast u can do all this in one nite and i am hopeing for a make up ket………

  88. Ashley

    I so glad that you are coming. i love christmas the most because i can just make cookies and just say how much i enjoy christmas i love christmas thanks the lord for chirstmas and happy birthday to him. :)

  89. pauleanna

    Merry christmas i would like to have a tablet and a basket especally a volley ball but i really want a tablet merry christmas !

  90. pauleanna

    Merry christmas!

  91. rebecca

    i love u and hope u have a great christmas.tell all your reindeer hello and i love them by the way i saw you at tuttle mall.i sat on your lap and took a picture with u.

  92. Melissa

    I hope you have a great Christmas!

  93. Elizabeth

    Dear Santa,

    How are you? I know that it has been a bad year but I promise to be better, listen more, and be nicer. I hope you will love your cookies. Can you take me off the bad list? Please

  94. Brooklyn

    Merry Christmas Santa soooooo excited for tonight

  95. Jacob

    I will be sleeping on the floor, so try not to wake me up! Your sleigh will be cool. I bet it looks cool at least.

  96. Isabella

    I left some coockies. And a.

  97. Audrey or Drey or Vail

    I must say your poem is quite good:) I will posobly e-mail you but I mite just blog.I’v ben nice but my halo is not strate.I’m twelv and stil bealiev
    Love Audrey

  98. Dragon

    May the Lord Jesus Christ bless your trip in the air.
    it is Jesus’s birth day tomorow you now.
    did you see his birth I wonder?
    I’ll ask at the blog:)(:

  99. Dragon

    Love the poem but it needs DRAGONS in it f.y.i.

  100. Dragon

    Oh merry Xmas and happy Christ’s birth day to.
    Fact:I’v den as good as humen nature will alow:}

  101. Anonymous

    Dear the clauses
    what time does santa have to be back at the north pole,is he on time on the right time? What time does he leave? does he sometimes have to go a day early for his flight? Love saylor

  102. christina

    its me again i saw you on christmas i was shocked thx for presents SANTA :) hugs kisses

  103. savannah

    man im so glad that your coming TONIGHT. I’ve been so good that if roudalph spent the night at my house and was around me his nose will glow so bright that clearice his girlfriend will see it and think he’s in trouble but he’s just REALLY REALLY REALLY impressed!!!!!!

  104. kaitlin

    to santa can i have a doll for chrismas from kaitlin xx

  105. kaitlin

    to santa clause i would like some fake nalis

  106. amelia

    that was a good poem and I have a joke for you: what do reindeer get if it’s raining?
    an umbrella.

  107. Shay

    hello Santa you are awesome i ope you have a good day,year,month i wish you a merry Christmas and happy new year i wish you a merry Christmas and happy new year good tidings to you and your kin. i love you Santa ,i love all the reindeer and Mrs clause please wish all the elves a merry Cristmas happy holidays!

  108. Sarah

    Wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.I have a joke for you:What do reindeer do when It rains ?
    A rein brella.

  109. ryleigh

    Dear santa, i want a phone please

  110. Emily

    i meed a new phone PLEASE

  111. Emily


  112. Emily

    MARRRYYYY CHRISTMAS well not yet but anyways lov the poam PLEASE bring me a PONY

  113. Emily

    PS give me a phone charger the phone i want is a iphone PLEASE

  114. awesome

    What’s green and sings???!

    Elvis Parsley! ( * hee hee * )

    Get it!! :) :) : ) !!!! WEEEEE!!!!

  115. awesome

    Ha ha ha!!! Did you like it!!!!???? Sooo any ether GOOD GOOD jokes. I will think of more!!!! I want a Ipod touch 5th generation.!!! Please? :}

  116. TIM MILLS

    santa claus sleigh is redy

  117. nna

    santa i have got

  118. Csepke

    Santa, thank You so, much for being so nice to us.

  119. Elf

    Hi Santa I like what you got me for christmas.!!!!

  120. Aryana


  121. Madison

    Love it

  122. Katelyn

    nice poem

  123. Sonia

    Hi it is nice too meet you I have someone that dose not believe Santa
    That is my brother and I believe in Santa anyway this is the first time that I’ev talked too you

  124. donnna

    isee you yourslegh ready for chistmas
    how mary gifts can fit in you magic bag of yours have you sneck
    any my gifts in you r sligh this yaar

  125. Landon

    I’love you

  126. Matt gomez

    I hate elves

  127. Matt

    I will never forget you.

  128. Matt

    I am sorry

  129. Noah

    I Love that Poem Too Santa

  130. charlotte

    hi im on the nic list right yah iknow i am just kidding thats your choice i hang with my buddies alot is that a method of how to get on the nice list just guessing. heres my friend saffron she wants to talk. hi im saffron thanks for the presents you gave me there super duper trouper awswowsome mega cool hope they stay the same oh almost forgot how are you im good. its charlotte again connect with u later. peace

  131. megan

    Please don’t say that u make me think that Christmas is getting ready to come but its still a long way away till its Christmas. It will come fast though. That’s all that matters though. I wonder what ur new sleigh looks like? Do u get a new sleigh every year? Well tell the elfs to have fun making presents and by the way u too!!!!!!!!

  132. breanna

    hi santa its breanna me

  133. breanna


  134. Hunter

    Santa , Thank you for all over the presents on Christmas . I bet you all the kids in the world Thank you too:).

  135. Emily

    I love you Santa caus you bring me toys

  136. Gabbi

    That was the best Christmas Poem I have ever read

  137. Lauren Hagen

    Hi santa, i cannot wait til xmas only 4 months!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  138. donnna

    hope rudolph glude your slegh under
    slegh mice will play under the hey
    christmas it on the way

  139. Pamela

    Can’t wait!!!!

  140. ROBERT


  141. ROBERT


  142. ROBERT


  143. AALIYAH


  144. AALIYAH

    i love christmas santa

  145. eve

    im bringin you milk and cookies for your your big night

  146. alice

    O.m.g I finally get to speak to the real Santa. I have been waiting for this for years, how are your little helpers? Hope you like what y o u r present is!
    Lots of love alice xx

  147. alice

    I’ve been good to! Only 79 days till Christmas! I am hoping for a ipad 4! please Santa,
    From alice x

  148. brogan

    santa hi all my frends ould be on the naught poem because they dont belive in u and thanks for that letter

  149. Happy & River

    Santa That Was The Best Poem Ever!! Thankyou! My Friend Aniya Said You Are Not Real. But I Beleive In You!!

  150. Happy & River

    Hi Santa!!! XOXOXOXOXOXO

  151. victoria

    good luck this year my dogs bark p.s. sorry if they do

  152. donnna

    hope rudolph does not get sick on thebig night of the year or santa

    you need to well tofly for the bignight of the year so try to fit as fiddle santa not to get sick

  153. AnnaClaire

    hi santa! last year my sister ate the left over cookies! it was funny! thank you for my gifts! theres only one thing i want and thats furreal friend butterscotch! love you!

  154. georgie

    slushy maker i pod secret safe diary from vtec

  155. laney

    hi santa im laney … I want to know who will guide your sleigh this year please send me a letter in the mail love laney <3

  156. Teachers Pet

    Wow!! 75 more days until Chritmas!This is just amazing! This is gong to be ASWOME!!!!!!!!!!!!

  157. kelsey

    I want a ipod and a ipad I hope its in the sleigh

  158. makaylah

    Are you still standing the elf on the self?

  159. amelia

    I want a real puppy a yellow lab please!

  160. danielle

    My birthday is christmas eve
    I love santa

  161. Gracie

    I dearly would like a Kindle fire HD and a Furby Boom I have all sorts more on my wish list cant wait till Christmas eve guys only 75 sleeps in bed till the big day! woo ya

  162. kira

    have a great trip make sure that u don’t wake my dog because I will be at Fortmcmurray too see my dad I cant wait 38 more sleeps

  163. kira

    watch out for my crazy goat he took down 2 fances and tore the wall up 2 times he is like 8 my age.

  164. sofia

    only about 38 days yay well i want a wii are a phone either one

  165. annabelle

    i love you santa i want a sofia the first amulet so bad

  166. Meredith

    I love you so much santa

  167. Meredith

    I love you santa I wish for a ponae so bad

  168. Lauren

    Hi Santa. Thank you. I’ve never gotten the chance to say it.
    This year i would like a blue electric scooter and a cotton candy maker. I have more on my list but thanks. :) Love you…<3

  169. Lance

    Can you take me on your sleigh Santa!? PLEASE

  170. grace

    you are the best and please get my sister a hores because i want to give hjer one because so is nice to me thank you and i love you so much xoxoxoxo

  171. elf on the shelf

    Hi boss i have been watching the nice kids and they are all excited for your big arrival. I will keep you posted. Luv ya!

  172. Kendall

    Santa good luck on your sleigh.oh i want a mini ipad a american girl with light brown black hair brown eyes with a small charm neckles. Thank you

  173. Person(Hehe)

    Hi!!!!!!!!! I just watched someone accept a proposal OMG it was a commercial okay I’m done now. It would be awesome if you could bring me a phone or a bow and arrows or something like that(POTACHOES!!!!!!) they are the love of my life o.k. BYE NOW!!!!!!

  174. Person(Hehe)

    Pere Noel=Father Christmas in FRENCH!!!!

  175. love the game34

    I was watching TV,then BAM Aubourn was
    tied with the #1 team,Alabama,I was so suprised then Alabama attempted a 56 yard
    field goal and missed it.Then #11 on Aubourn returned it for a touchdown.That
    reminded me that I want tickets to a
    football game.

  176. Georgia

    Hi Santa, Elfs and reindeers I love chistmas I think chistmas is not always about the presents I still love them I think the most enportent part about Chistmas is spending time with friends and family

  177. kahleah

    DEAR SANTA you are the most awsomest person in the whole entire world besides god I don’t know what ill do whith out u becareful on your sligh tonight luv kahleah

  178. Megan

    AHHHHHHHH! Cant wait until this all happens again! AHHHH! SOO EXICTED!!!

  179. the elf that sat on a tree

    dear santa i would like for xmas i would like an xbox 360 and an ipad mini

  180. austin

    wow!ausome poem santa.


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