Santa’s New Baby Christmas Elf!

Posted by Santa Claus on December 16th, 2009

Do you remember last Christmas?  Rudolph and Clarice had newborn twin reindeer.   Well we have great news this year too!  Would you like to hear it?

We are having a new baby elf!

The Mommy and Daddy elf are very, VERY happy.  It is not very often that there is a new baby Christmas elf after all.

The Mommy and Daddy elf know when the baby Christmas elf is coming.  We ALL know when the baby Christmas elf is coming.   You see, all Christmas elves are born on the same day.  Can you guess when?

There is something else the same about all Christmas elves.  Christmas elves are never born by themselves.  Can you guess how many elves are born at a time?

Ho! Ho! Ho!  But wait!  There is still more fun!

Everyone had lots of fun last year picking the names of the new reindeer.   So, the Mommy and Daddy elf want YOU to help pick the name of the baby elves!

That is right.  They want everyone to think of names for their new Christmas babies!  You can give us names for boys and for girls if you like.

So, leave the Mommy and Daddy elf a message! We really want to hear what you think the baby elves’ names should be!

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

(You can leave a message for Santa Claus or the Mommy and Daddy elf.  Or, scroll down to see what others have written!)


1,441 Responses to “Santa’s New Baby Christmas Elf!”

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  1. 1441
    My friend callie said:

    i hope she is the best baby ever.have a merry chirstmas

  2. 1440
    My friend Devan said:

    You should name it Sarah or Megan boy names should be luke or Harry

  3. 1439
    My friend zoeyray said:

    girl names joy,olive ,or zoey boys buddy,conner ‘zac

  4. 1438
    My friend zoeyray said:

    boy elf buddy girl elf olive

  5. 1437
    My friend LAUREN MAE said:


  6. 1436
    My friend Sadie said:

    i think it should be joy

  7. 1435
    My friend Lucy said:

    Why don’t you call it if a girls Lilly and a boy Ben

  8. 1434
    My friend Leah said:

    I think if its a girl maybe Maisie and a boy Jacob

  9. 1433
    My friend madelyn said:

    how about conner?

  10. 1432
    My friend tracie said:

    dear elves congratulations on the baby hope u have fun love tracie


  12. 1431
    My friend Hannah said:

    Is you baby a girl or boy?
    I want a elf and a baby! so cute

  13. 1430
    My friend Keely said:

    Well i love babies but i bet baby elves are cuter and smaller!!!! xxx I have a few names for girls and boys and they are unique !! xx The girls names are :Keely, Crystal, Scarlotte, Sky, Hope, Ailsa, Albreda, Alfreda, Alva, Alvar, Alvara, Alverdine, Alvina, Arwen, Aubrey, Avery, Elfrida, Elvina and Nissa.

    The boys names are : Alfred, Alger, Alston, Alvar, Alvin, Aubrey, Avery, Elger, Elvin, Elwin, REGAN, and Aiden. xxxxxx

    I *Hope* you like them very much and i hope you choose two or a couple of my names! I said a couple because I don’t know how many elf babies you are having ! xxxx

    I thought I would answer the questions above so here goes, Q: “Do you remember last christmas?” A: Yes i do it was amazing !!! xxx” , Q: “Do you remember when Rudolph and Clarice had newborn twin reindeer?” A: “No because I didnt know about this sight last year so I didn’t hear about it.” , Q: “All Christmas elves are born on the same day.Can you guess when? , A: Well I think I do it is either on *Christmas Eve* or *Christmas day*” , Q: “Christmas elves are never born by themselves,can you guess how many elves are born atthe same time?” , A: ” I think it is either twins or triplets!” xxxx

    Thankyou! For reading my
    comment ! xxxx

    P.S: I will be sure to keep writing my comments so that you can all see what i think . xxx

    P.P.S: Christmas is only in 40 days, 41 sleeps, 977 hours, 58596 minutes and 3515756 seconds. I cant wait !!! I already have the christmas cheer! xxxxxx

    Read again soon xxxxxx

  14. 1429
    My friend valeria said:

    i think if its a girl the name should be snowflake and if its a boy it should be ummmmm jingel

  15. 1428
    My friend Catherine said:

    i think you should name one of them Sniffles it sounds cute!!

  16. 1427
    My friend katie said:

    melody or zack

  17. 1426
    My friend lexi,tanner,ty said:

    simon please name him simon or sydney simon after our own elf he vistes us every Christmas and sydney after my sister in heaven

  18. 1425
    My friend chloe said:


  19. 1424
    My friend maddy said:


  20. 1423
    My friend tam said:

    that great news, i hope you name the baby somthing that suit him or her. and wish the new baby merry christmas and great job to the parents.

  21. 1422
    My friend Issy said:


    I have just looked round your website and I have seen that you have new baby elves I was wondering if i could have a picture please

    Lots of love



  22. 1421
    My friend piper said:


  23. 1420
    My friend Lucy kneeshaw said:

    well i think that babys are super cute ?????

  24. 1419
    My friend Lucy kneeshaw said:

    well i think you should name the baby girl elf dasiy and the boy Luke

  25. 1418
    My friend lynzi said:

    i would think these names should come in handy with the babies.Girls Mura lle. Boy Gurrale.Boy Hosses. I hope you like them . that is the best i can do

  26. 1417
    My friend mealody cant say my real name said:

    holly jingle (girl) and giggly (pesonalaty) are cool names

  27. 1416
    My friend Louis said:

    congats! I think you should call them all somthing realated to christmas because of when they were born
    lots of love,

  28. 1415
    My friend Em said:

    I think you should name one if them Mistletoe Winterjolly. I hope you like the name!

  29. 1414
    My friend kaci said:

    hi mommy and daddy elf i think u should call it …boy: snoopy … girl: lady

  30. 1413
    My friend skylar said:

    you should name 5 of the new elfs skylar, aryana, danielle, chiara, and jordan. THANKS!

  31. 1412
    My friend maddy said:

    you should name it claire if it is a girl .if it is a boy its name should be cowboy

  32. 1411
    My friend Elle said:

    I think they should call it if it is a boy jack and a girl katie!

  33. 1410
    My friend carly said:

    If you have a girl I think think you should call her Jolly Jingle.

  34. 1409
    My friend alishia said:

    heya umm i think that you sould call the girl ummm let me think kiee kiee short for kiera and the boys name ohhh thats a tuffen ummm ??? i think you should call the boy victor and vic for short yeh oh i have another girls name called dorothy and call her dotty or dot for short but i recon you already o some one called dorothy dont you santa tell her i said h please when you get to see her !!! thanks sant and the mommy and daddy seya on christmas santa love you x x x

  35. 1408
    My friend jiordyn and lauren said:

    what is there names

  36. 1407
    My friend kirra said:

    dear santa, i hope you get this messege can i have heps of pressents and i wish you a VERY VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS from kirra p.s i want prressens ill give you stuf too

  37. 1406
    My friend lauren said:

    hi congrats i think you should name one of them blue moon nd another charley oh how i love that name well i wish you good luck:)

  38. 1405
    My friend nick said:


  39. 1404
    My friend mackenzie said:

    please call the baby elf silly lilly

  40. 1403
    My friend Peneeta said:

    So if it is a girl Crystal may be good. Just name her or him by its traits. Nicholas is a good name for a boy. Congrats on your new baby!

    Luv Peneeta

  41. 1402
    My friend kira said:

    Girl: Holly Boy: James

  42. 1401
    My friend kira said:

    Elizabeth for a girl and for a boy jolly

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