Santa’s Christmas Wish for the World – 2013

Posted by Santa Claus on December 22nd, 2013

Santa Claus

Santa Claus

I know many of you have wonderful Christmas traditions.  You have told me about them in my blog!  (Yes, I do read everything that you write in my blog :-) !)

Well, I have a special Christmas tradition of my own too.  It is my annual Christmas Wish for the World!

Would you like to learn more about my special Christmas tradition – my Christmas Wish?

Well, I am very lucky.   I get to see the whole world.  I get to see many wonderful things.  People have done such great things.

But, I see a lot of things that make me a little sad too.  After all, bad things do happen to good people even though it is not their fault.

I see people who are hungry.  I see people who are hurting.  I see people who are afraid they will not have somewhere to live.

This year I have received many emails from Moms and Dads needing help.

Yes, I see many things that make me thankful for all that I have.

And I see many things that give me hope.

What gives me the most hope is the young people of the world.  The children that Mrs. Claus, the elves, reindeer and I love so much.  The children like you reading this.  The children who can make the world a better place for all.

You see, the elves and I are really good at making toys and other Christmas presents.  But, we just are not very good when it comes to other things.  Like making the world a better place.  That takes a lot more than Santa’s magic.

I think that is why we like making toys.   It is the one thing we can do to make people happy.  Even if it is not as important as finding a cure for disease.  Or stopping world hunger or war.  Or making sure people have a safe place to live.  Those are things that people have to do!

So here are some things we cannot do at the North Pole that we are wishing for this Christmas.  We have been asking for these things for a long time.  We hope maybe this is the year some of them will come true:

Frosty the Snowman wishes an end to global warming.  I do too. (It is very hard to be a snowman when it is so warm after all!)

The elves wish they could make every child in the world safe and happy.  I do too.

The reindeer wish people would stop hurting other people and animals.  I do too.

Mrs. Claus wishes that all people could live together in peace and harmony.  I do too.

And my Christmas Wish for the world this year will be the same as every year:  “Merry Christmas to All and to all a Good Night!”

Now it is your turn.  What is your Christmas wish for the world?  People all over the world will read your wish right here on my blog!  That is pretty amazing and special.

Just remember, if you want to make a wish for a present from me, then go to my “Email Santa Claus” page.

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S.   What is your Christmas wish for the world?  What do you do to make the world a better place?  You can leave your wish for the world here.   Or, scroll down to see others’ Christmas wishes!


146 Responses to “Santa’s Christmas Wish for the World – 2013”

  1. libby

    my wish for the world is that people could have houses to live in.


  3. Bella

    My wish is that there is peace everywhere in the world and that Jesus will come down to earth just like he promised.

  4. rachel

    um hi Santa merry christmas

  5. jessica

    wow I always read ur blog 1st thing in mourning. 1st comment AGAIN.

  6. Sparki

    I hope you make it a better place

  7. Felix


  8. morgan

    I wish you a merry Christmas Santa, but a pudding attack? What happened their?

  9. hattie

    hey elvs I love your work keep it up and make the good stuff toys

  10. Charly

    I want the World to Live In peace to

  11. Fiona

    I want the world to stop The fights

  12. kimberley

    i wish that the world changed into a kinder world bad things should be stopped forevever imean look at those homeless people they should have homes eat food drink juice and water and tea i dont like a nauty world i wish this world was alot kinder than before.


  14. keyesha

    I wish to have a ipod touch with a pink case and a pink earphones

  15. Megan & Liam

    I’m not to sure. Maybe go over & help them? My wish is to stop murdering

  16. Grace

    My wish is Put an end to war. Its not right If people have a problem talk about it in a meeting don’t kill innocent people. (Plus I’m also with Frosty Let it snow, let it snow let it snow!!!!!)

  17. Ritvik

    I wish that there was a cure for cancer

  18. Ritvik

    My wish is that people had no deadly diseases

  19. Beverly

    I want all the kids to have a good Christmas, and the kids that are starving and are cold this winter, I want them to have WARM clothes and FOOD!

  20. Carolyn

    Dear Santa ,
    My Christmas wish for the world
    is for everyone to live in peace
    and harmony.

  21. Lyndon

    All I want is for everybody around the world to have a Merry Christmas

  22. natalie

    i love christmas so much it is the most wonderful time of the year i believe in santa so much

  23. Chrissie

    my wish for the world is for world peace and for every kid in the world to have the best Christmas in the world!!! Merry Christmas everyone….. :)

  24. angel

    hay santa, i can’t wait for christmas eve and i also can’t wait for when christ comes back and we can see him. i actually know what he really looks like, brown hair, ovil skin, wearing a white robe, i hope you will help this family because we don’t have a lot of money and i hope that grinch brings coacco back.

    love angel storm sims

  25. kelli

    i want tto stop being bullied :( (*caugh*bobby *caugh*nate *caugh*travis)*wink*

  26. Brooke, Logan, Jake

    We wish for everyone to learn about the true meaning of Christmas, Jesus’s birth! we know not everyone gets to know about Him but we do and we don’t or shouldn’t take it for granted so spread the true meaning of Christmas and tell everyone about Jesus!

  27. Aleli

    santa my wish is for all the poor kids/babies/teens get adoped and for the kids that dont have much money to have at least 1 little toy for them to love and i wish there was peace and harmney in the world

    from aleli age 10 mimai

  28. TARYN


  29. Brookelyn

    I want the children to be safe and worm


    What I want for Christ mas is a kindle laptop and ipad thank you for everything guys

  31. madisyn

    I hope a can have a ipad kindle or laptop thank you!

  32. cierra

    the world to be a better place and every kid a very good and safe christmas.
    and a home and not a card bord box to live in

  33. addison

    i wish for world peace and no child or parent will be hungery

  34. Daniel

    Dear Santa You are a wonderful man thank you for last years presents for Christmas this year please may I have an xbox surprises and an xbox game.

  35. Avery

    hi did u got your dog coco back

  36. Horse diamond

    I whish for everybody to have a good Christmas
    And have a very very very good New Year’s Eve and a good
    New Year’s Day as well

  37. Cassandra

    Happy holidays everybody

  38. Jacob

    What is your address?

  39. Eddie

    I want all children to be safe and have food and a place to live. I want people to be nice to each other. Merry Christmas

  40. Amelia

    Hmm my Christmas Tradition is we go to the pub and spend time with family! and i want all the people this Christmas who are cold,wet and hungry to have a safer place to stay and Christmas isn’t about presents its about peace on earth! and Jesus’s birth! <3

  41. natalie

    i love Christmas,who’s with me???????

  42. Gianna

    Christmas is not about taking and getting presents it’s about giving to others and touching people’s hearts when they need it most.So this year my wish for the world is that to all those people in the world who are suffering in hunger,who are suffering in pain,people who don’t have a roof over their head, and even parents who wake up every morning worrying about what happens next I pray for them that this christmas will lift their spirits and that they know that everthing will be okay. My wish is that they get everything they need.

  43. Tanner

    My favorite part of christmas is seeing family and spending time with them. it makes me feel warm and happy. my christmas wish is before everyone goes to bed on chrismas eve, i want them to look up at the sky and thank god for eveything he has given us. thank him for jesus especially.
    merry christmas. p.s: remember, every time a bell rings, an an angel gets his wings.

  44. Nick

    My Wish Is That Everyone Has A Very Merry Christmas!!!

  45. Chloe

    I wish people would be treated equally and that all war ends because war is really just wasting lives and that people would donate money to homeless people so they can use it to buy food for their family and that people take care of each other think to yourself about those things because if we had no war, or hungry people, or homeless people the world would be a better place and you would be a better person.

    ps please do this to because it helps the world

  46. Avery

    i wish there would be no murders no crazy people or robbries i wish there would be no wars no homeless people in the hospital no people having cancer or sickness no poor people that’s my wish.


    P.S im helping a girl from Africa her names Elysee Tonakon i bet she’s says MEERY CHRISTMAS SANTA!!!!

  47. Janey

    My wish is for all of your kind wishes to come true, Santa: an end to global warming and pollution; the end of hunger, homelessness, and illness; the end of war and the end of hurting people and animals; a lasting justice and equality and kindness for all of earth’s creatures. xoxo and thank you for all the hope and joy you spread sround ghe world.

  48. emma

    I love you with all my heart and you make my say ao much better. I wish could,call u every say and if you cant make it to my house thats okay love Emma

  49. Suzanne

    My wish is that the whole world war problems are banned and everyone live in peace and harmony… no more violence, blood shed etc.
    Also, I would like to create awareness about global warming, deforestation etc… I want to see a happy world!!! So whos with me???

  50. Suzanne

    and another wish(es) of mine:

  51. patti

    I wish that everyone would be kind to others, not be selfish, and think how they would like others to treat them.

  52. Lani

    My Christmas wish is for all the Mean Bullies to stop bullying and think why am I doing this? And what did they do to me? YOU HAVE TO STOP AND THINK! anyway some people try to kill themselves because they have been bullied. And sometimes you may not notice it’s your falt. That’s my Christmas wish for the world Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year :-) .

  53. Randi

    I am going to give people presents that dont have none. Because they are sad!!

  54. Adrian

    I want to give presents to those kids who dont have any on Christmas morning. I want to share the joy of Christmas and the true reason for the season.. Peace love and joy! Oh and I want my sister to have her front tooth back becuase people make fun of her..

  55. maddie

    I wish for the world to stop world hunger and peace and hope the world! n




  56. victoria

    dear santa when will you be in the united kingdom were are you now love victoriaxxxxxxxxxxx

  57. Heather

    If you could make everyone even the adults all around the world get preasents that would be the a great chirstmas gift to everyone.Remeber the reason for the season and merry chirstmas bye

  58. Davis

    my familys christmas tradition is that we all go to my grandmas house for christmas eve!

  59. Joshua.

    Hey. Stanta. Claus. It’s. Joshua. Scott.

    I. Want. a. New. Friend. For. Me.

  60. abi

    my christmas wish is that people reconize the real meaning of christmas… jesus’s birth… don’t get me wrong santa is great just don’t forget jesus has a part in it too.

  61. Genesis

    Santa your my best friend and your funny.

  62. Clovis

    I want Mario bros 2 and a 3ds recharged for Christmas

  63. Genesis

    I wish my family had enough money for a I phone 5

  64. Mia

    I wish people will not curse at other people, or on national television.

  65. Mia

    I wish that every one could have a home. I also wish for world peace. Merry Christmas to all.

  66. Tiana

    do you like eggnog or milk

  67. bailey

    I love you santa and the elves love bailey

  68. bailey

    Do you like me

  69. Jessica

    I know your wish its to( give every child in the world a toy

  70. collin

    i know your vrey tired after all flying i just want to say hi

  71. laura


  72. Alivia

    My wish is for world peace

  73. Baylee

    Dear Santa I would like a real rainbow parrot and a purple scooter and lots of presents Love Baylee

  74. Baylee

    I just hope that people don’t say bad words

  75. Alivia

    I wish my family wasn’t poor:‘(

  76. Stephanie

    My wish for the world is stop rubbish stop hurting people and try to be a better person every single day.

  77. Michael

    I wish that the world will have another world war. This will be the Third World War.

  78. Taylor

    I would like all the kids in the world those who have a home this holiday season to join together to make a music video to help feed and find homes for homeless kids. I understand if you can’t do this but that is what I wish for I hope it comes true.

  79. Juha

    I wish that every people can live in peace.

  80. Karolina

    I really wish people would stop hurting and kids would stop bullying. I also wish that homeless people find a good home. Luckily, my mom helps those types of people. She has a foundation: Aid for Orphans Relief Foundation. Also, I wish I could get a puppy for Christmas 2014.

  81. bradley tucker

    i cant wait for christmas

  82. millie

    My wish for world would be for no one to get bullied!

  83. Lily

    It’s July. It’s “Christmas in July!” ;) But, my Christmas Wish for the world is that every child would finally have someone to love them. Whether it’s only their parents giving them a hug, or it’s their parents buying them the puppy they have always wanted. Making sure that children without toys get a toy to love. But most of all, everyone will make peace. No problems at Christmas. Enemies will text eachother “Merry Christmas!” and friends will say Merry Christmas too!

    Merry Christmas
    Feliz Navidad

  84. Rachael

    I will live you get food on the table like chips milk candy and other stuff I can’t wait until you get this and I want a grand theft auto and ps3 remote please give me one I been good a whole day and I will for you let’s make a deal you give me what I want and I will give what you want deal I will see you on Christmas tracking you down bye

  85. Rachael

    please let the hunger away just have peace like which n

  86. Kirsty

    Hey santa my wish would be to stop hunger and wars and dirty water to stop

  87. Kirsty

    I love you

  88. mia

    i wish everybody will stop fighting for things so anyway i love this holiday! i love presents and it not all about presents just about love spending time with family and be awesome but most of all do the best things on earth! love it cant wait

  89. pilar

    omg i just want it to xmas.
    love you,

  90. Iris

    Dear Santa, I am so proud so many people write comments, and in these comments everybody said so special and beautiful wishes. I think the people who live in not so good conditions are very sad and I think the kids must to live in good conditions. Are more then 1000 children can’t eat, can’t sleap in a bed, can’t play with real toys. They live like animals, they don’t have clothes, they are not children. They don’t live like some children. My wish for world is this. All children must to live like some children.

  91. sierra

    i sierra hodgman wish that the SPCAs will one day not have to be ther because no other animals will need help finding homes and thar will be no more breeders in the world.

  92. chloe

    i wish all hunger pepol will get food-and gifts and pepol that dont have homes will get a house

  93. chloe

    i wish hunger will get feed and pepol that dont have homes will get houses reminder-if they do thankyou so much!

  94. MIKAYA


  95. Harley

    I wish people would not hurt other people

  96. Harley






  97. Kaitlyn

    Hi everyone hows is it going. Did u know its only 74 sleeps until the December 2014 Christmas comes. Well everyone get a pencil and paper cuz Santa is come very soon. :-D :-D yayayayaya. Oh before i go Santa even though im 11 years old Will u get me a puppy for Christmas one that will be good with my other dogs and there nice to him/her. I’m sure my mom and dad is okay with it as long as i take care of it. Plz and thank you

  98. Kaitlyn

    ~_~ Christmas will not come fast it’s taking forever to come.

  99. Kaitlyn

    Morgan & Liam do u know me my brother has a baseball team and Liam u r on his team there the Boston red socks team. I’m regans sister and if u r on regans team I bet the number on ur shirt is 12 if not I have the ronge Liam srry and goodnight. And p.s. Liam if u r the one I’m talking about then I bet the head coaches name is Brian. BTW santa I love ur work

  100. Cailie

    I would love a puppy mom said ok as long as I take care of it .

  101. Abby

    Some people at my school say they don’t believein you but I can’t believe that is there mom and dad realy going to get all those gifts and I have three kids in my fmail

  102. Kaitlyn

    I guys haven’t been on here in a long time but hey santa I love u lots and can u get me a boyfriend for chrismas plz I need one oh and I rote this for u
    C curious
    H hopefull
    R right
    I important
    S super
    T to
    M marry
    A awesome
    S smart
    Love kaitlyn I love u santa ho ho ho

  103. amy

    i hope i get a boy friend please so my other one can fight over me love you always amy

  104. Marta

    I whish to the world that the poor people could be no poor anymore please.I whish to the world that they would not be fight or being cross at the people .I whish for the world that there would not be some people to kill the animals for mony or something like that.I whish that the world be a very kind place that every body would be helping each other even the enamies bye

  105. Emily Lockyer

    Santa,this year I would like a reborn doll

  106. Sophie

    please get me a iPad and a Pad cover for christmas

  107. Landon and Carson

    I want for Christmas a Motovox dirt bike cause they look fun. I would also like my mom to get a Motovox go cart. I also would like a Kindle Fire. santa this is carson,I realy want a strong telescope so I can see the planets in space because I want to study space. I would also like a bike. I realy miss randy. I realy want him to come soon like this week or next week better tonight!

  108. Kim

    Dear Santa,
    I heard that not everybody has a home and that if they do have a home they don’t have food and that me really sad ;(. Maybe Mrs.C’s cooking could just help!

  109. alyssa

    get the xmas spirit

  110. Billy


  111. Emma


  112. Kaitlyn

    I can not wait until christmas because i can not wait to see my presents.(It is not like i like opening)I do.

  113. Kaitlyn

    I would like a Kindle fire and a phone you can also bring me what ever you think is best maybe a laptop.

  114. Brianna

    Hi Santa you are a nice person can you bring me a laptop and what ever you think is best for me

  115. Brianna

    Santa did you knock my sisters comment off

  116. Carina

    I wish for every person in the world to believe in SANTA!!!!!

  117. jana

    santa helo fy enw i yw Jana ond mae pobl yn fy ngalw Ionawr bydd i wneud yn siŵr eich bod yn cael eich cwcis a llaeth .

  118. saul

    My family have a big dinner and my favourite thing in it is sausages with bacon rolled around the sausage

  119. Sydney

    Dear Santa I would like a gint bare. If you can’t find one that is ok.My favret raindear is pranser.

  120. Nadia

    Dear Santa
    My wish is that everyone gets a present and some food. My school collected food for the family’s that didn’t get food for thanksgiving. I can’t wait till you come
    Love Nadia

  121. Jean Mae and Anna

    Jean Mae wishes that people could not be allergic to cats.
    Anna wishes for justice and peace.

  122. Julia

    What are you doing this year for 2014, Santa?

  123. kellese

    I want a bmx bike for christmas

  124. abby

    hi i want a real dog

  125. abby

    hi i want a laptop

  126. abby

    hi i want a house

  127. Lil' and Ginger

    Lil’ wants superpowers to do good for the world.
    Ginger wants more hugs from his wonderful owner Lil’!

  128. vicky

    My wish is to get a boyfriend

  129. abbie

    Hey Santa please can I get 100 pound for Christmas please fulfil my dreams I would really appreciate this
    Thanx a bunch yours sincerely abbie

  130. Millicent

    I wish everyone would have a fantastic and enjoyable Christmas

  131. tiffany

    hey santa how ya doing ?

  132. tiffany

    santa its only a few days till christmas

  133. Hugh Oakonu

    I want my mommy to get me a new dad so we can all be happy and my mom does not have to work anymore. Please give us the happy ever after my mom is always talking about because I’m kinda sad. We love you, Santa!

  134. sara

    all i want is for me and for all the kids out there not to get bulled.

  135. sara

    i want to is a happy family and a dad that does not say bad words at everyone am always sad when he does that

  136. BRYCE

    its the one time of the year you eat a loot of cookies and drink millk can you gusses santa

  137. Alyssa

    I want a cat and a password journal

  138. tiffany

    its is only 23 more sleeps till christmas. :) :):):):):):):):):)

  139. Ashlee

    I wish to get some things like fake nail from justice but not clothes

  140. Kayla

    I can’y wait until Christmas.

  141. jessie

    santa iwant evry one safe and sound and also some blue pink and purple hair chalk

  142. HANNAH

    i wish that no one gets shot and people in Fergason, Masory we have self control

  143. Rinoa

    I wish is mountain bike, rubber shoes nike size 9 or 8 color blue and chocolate and my baby brother lego, car with remote control and money i want christmas!!!

  144. vaughnweder

    wiiu amazon .com

  145. Haley

    Hi Santa only 18 more days until you know who. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

  146. Elsa

    +Brianna the elves use spam and naughty stuff that erases messages. So it is not Santa’s fault your comment is not on here.
    My wish for the world is that in middle school and high school people would not have “popularity levels”. It drives people away from you.
    When I went into the 4th grade most of my friends were cool and in fashion except for me. I was very left out. One time a girl was bullying me because I wasn’t cool. She told me my family must be poor because I wear old clothes that still fit me! I wished ever since then people wouldn’t be judged by their clothes and hair. What is underneath is more important.

  147. Jennifer

    I really hope for a laptop so i can have some privisy

  148. bri-lei

    hi santa i really want a lap top pls pls pls pls pls i love you santa


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