Can Santa Cure Diseases and Stop Wars?

Posted by Santa Claus on November 29th, 2010

Christmas Truce

Christmas Truce

Quite a few people, young and old, make very special requests of the elves and me.  They will ask us to cure someone they love of a disease like cancer.  Some people will ask us if we can bring peace on Earth.

It makes us sad that people have to ask for help.  It makes us even sadder that we cannot help them.

You see, there is nothing that the elves and I would love to do more than to find a cure for all the diseases there are.  It’s just that, well, while us elves are really good at making toys and other Christmas presents, we just aren’t very good when it comes to medicine and laboratories.  I think that’s why we like making toys — because it’s the one thing we can do to make people happy, even if it’s not as important as finding a cure for diseases.

We do know there are lots of people working hard to cure diseases and make people feel better and that gives us lots of hope.

If you feel sad because someone you know has a terrible disease or if you are sad for any other reason, remember that you can always call the great people on our Help Line page.

There are many other things people ask us for that we cannot bring either, like peace on Earth and for wars to stop.

I did actually stop the Great War (or as it is known now, World War I) in 1914 for a very short while on and Christmas Day.  The soldiers of the two sides even played a friendly game of football (soccer) for a while!  Sadly the Christmas Truce did not last and the war started again.

Everyone at the North Pole really wishes there was a lot more that we could do for people.  In the end however, I think that there are some things that people have to do for themselves.

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S.  Are you upset with the elves and me that we cannot cure diseases and stop wars?  (You can tell me here.  Or, scroll down to see what others have written!)


65 Responses to “Can Santa Cure Diseases and Stop Wars?”

  1. caitlin

    hi santa i think it is really sad :( not because they ask for these things or that you cant help what i find sad :( is that these people actually have the diseases well xx bye xx see you on xmas eve (well i wont its just an expresion) :) :) ps: :) hope you enjoy the cookies you are left . :) !!!!!!!!


  3. emma

    hi santa how do we talk to each other and you reply i cant wait to christmas

  4. Brittany

    Santa I really wish you could you see my uncle just died from cancer and if you could have cured him but he is in a better place thanks for listening

  5. Kelsie

    That was really sad.

  6. Kelsie

    I am really sad that you can’t cure diseases because my friend has 2.

  7. Sonya

    Nobody can stop wars. It’s a pity? but it’s life.

  8. laura

    hi santa it very sad that war happens my grandad died in the war

  9. Diarmaid

    Dear Santa my Grandad has a stroke. It’s really sad tht you can’t stop wars or cure diseases and i’m really sad that my Grandad can’t be cured . I think when they were playing football the that won won the war and be no deats or fights.

  10. Emily

    I want war to stop to and i do really really want a cure for diseases. I hope one day it will happen.

  11. Jim

    The Christmas Truce was indeed a miracle where over 110,000 soldiers on both sides decided to not fight, plain and simple. Some interesting facts: a great many of the truces lasted for several days, even weeks. One even lasted until Easter 1915! The soldiers in this section warned the soldiers opposite them whenever officers visited and ordered them to actually fight. Check out your school or public library for books on the TRUCE. If it happened once, it can happen again. Happy reading.

  12. tabatha

    it is so sad =( =(


  14. Greg

    Santa you rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Jonah

    there is only one way for wars and diseases to stop jesus christ can stop them. Jesus Christ is the reason for the season. Merry CHRISTmas everybody.

  16. emily

    santa,ifeel very bad about what kids have to have in there life.i wish you and i could help the kids.hope you and the elfs have a merry chirstmas!p.s and all the kids love,emily

  17. Katie

    My brother has a disease and he always gets upset and my brothers dad is in the war

  18. katy

    thats so sad

  19. Juliana

    I used to have one but I wasn’t sick I was 97 ad I was throwing up and I could not go to schoo because that stinking deisese!

  20. kroea

    dear santa even though you cant cure diseases or stop wars its ok because you and the elves do everything you can to make people happy because you always make me and my family and friends happy at christmas time so thankyou for everything you do for people in the world.lots of love kroea

  21. Anonymous

    It is a shame thst you can’t cure diseases and stop wars. I wish that wars did not happen. People with diseases can live if they are positive and happy.

  22. Laurie

    Its very sad. It such a shame that things like that happen. :-(

  23. paige

    Hi santa I really like your blog I think
    it is amizing how you put lot’s of thing’s on your blog do you think i could make a blog too i like you santa
    i think your great i think your the best santa ever

  24. Bethany

    I think its imposible for someone who spends his whole life in a freezing cold place, to cure dideases, stop wars and bring world peace (though it would be pretty amazing) all you can do for now is give them all your best and wish them a merry christmas :) i hope everyone has a WONDERFULL christmas and let go of ALL there worries :)


  25. Natalie

    Hey I like my gifts

  26. Ellie

    *Sigh* I Wish All Wars Could Stop too.
    Im Glad you try to spread joy in a way you can,Santa. Thanks a bunch! :D

  27. Taylormarie

    Dear Santa Claus, It isn’t your fault, we can’t cure diseases or stop wars either! Love Taylormarie

  28. Emay

    I think your right!!!

  29. livy

    i love the story about the people in world war 1 it is pretty touching.

  30. sara

    santa you are the best you bring joy to all the boys and girls and if there bad you do not give them any. that is good work well mary soon to come chrismas and a happy new year

  31. Emily

    hi santa i’ve got a joke there was a slide it was a magic slide and anything you said while going down it you would land in at the bottom so there’s 3 people the 1st said diamonds 2nd person said pearls and the last person said weeeeeeeee and he landed in weee hehe

  32. CatSnads

    That’s okay Santa. You do an amazing job of making toys for everyone all over the world.

  33. Cassidy Leone Hallaway

    dear santa how do you have the time to write this awesome blog when you have to watch so many naughty kids (like me?)

  34. kealan

    well i think that we should try more and more to stop this.

  35. lily

    how do you cure worts?

  36. Anonymous

    hey santa i really hate people hate it.i hate people dieing in wwars to it’s bad.can you stop it.i hope you can.i don’t like seeing people with’s bad they got to live with it

  37. kennedy

    Santa, you can stop this horrible thing if we all work together and even the elfs are not even too small! WE CAN DO THIS!(WINK*)

  38. kennedy

    You can do it,i know you can!

  39. maddie

    hi santa my freinds dada in the war i feel sorry for her to bad sigh

  40. d-r Ljubenova

    Stop the war! Children have the right to a happy childhood, but it is true, when their fathers were with them at home rather than war.

  41. jake williams

    i really thinck that poor pepple must go somewere safe

  42. Junie

    Why would we be mad? Nobody can stop wars, unless the leaders choose to make up or somebody wins. It IS pretty sad to think that people are killing each other, but you gotta do what ya gotta do. I hope you have a good Christmas! Say hi to the elves, Mrs. Claus and the reindeer for me!

  43. mahoganie

    I’m not upset mad or sad.

  44. Daisy

    My dad has lung diease.

  45. Christine

    this is just sad wars are going on!*sob**sniff*

  46. Samantha

    I hope you can do that.

  47. ryan

    my brother is going into the war soon. i hope that he changes his mind. i will miss him to much!:(

  48. Leslie Ann Adams 18

    i like cherstmas i wont A new Flate screen Tv in my Bedroom in A new Ridio
    in a new Cell phone Lap top cheger
    i like Rap music CD plaer in mike jones
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  49. Leslie Ann Adams 18


  50. Leslie Ann Adams 18

    Dear Santa Clotes is my Bestfriend in
    i wote for cherstmas is coming up i can not want for you to come

  51. ally


  52. noah

    i am not mad at you for not curing diseases.The elves and you cant cure cancer, that is a pretty difficult task.iam in 5th grade and we dont really realize what cancer is so we try to make the best of it and figure out what it means.In outher contries little girls and boys are all treated diffrent and taught diffrent,and hear more stuff then they should.I think you are really awosome. idont think you should ever stop what your doing because your the best.and my best friend caleb their family doesnt have alot of money so can you maybe get him a little gift that says to caleb from noah and santa he believes so dont worry love noah

  53. Addison

    santa i love your christmas blog

  54. Addison

    i love your christmas blog santa
    and merry Cristmas:)

  55. Stephanie

    Dear Santa,

    For Christmas what would you like?

    I hope you have been very good to Mrs Claus by: Cooking, Cleaning and give the Elfs a day off work.

    I writing a Good and Bad list as well so I will see if your good.

    Bye Santa

    Form Stephanie

  56. aurora

    my dads b day is on christmas day and he is dead pls try to tell him that i love him and ask him why he had to go without telling me that i love and good-bye

    love ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥,

    P.S.i love you so much i am leaving you milk and cookies and reindeer food and my nickname is (Rora), and (Rorie)

  57. jakayla

    yes if he talked with the goverment first becfause i belive he can stip wars and stuff like that

  58. sydney

    hi there Santa i love you so much and i hope you got my letter i am getting so so so so BIG and i am leaving you a snack love you bye

  59. grumpythe elf jake wiliams friend

    stop the wars.poor pepple

  60. Pauline

    Santa, I know it’s late. But my family stays up late some days. Sorry! :(
    I bet you’re dead tired from Christmas Eve! And Santa, you can do anything. If you believe you can do anything, it’s possible that you CAN do whatever.

  61. Alejandra

    I wished you could stop Cancer for my grandparents TT.TT

  62. stephanie

    i wish you could heal the papa died cancer.from stephanie manley.

  63. stephanie

    i hate wars & sickness but i love chirstmas!!! xoxoxo!!!!from stephanie manley

  64. stephanie

    i am glad i survied knomoanuia.from stephanie manley

  65. Leah

    your right you can’t stop wars and what not. I think they’ll have to take some time off of fighting even though they are trying to save us. I would rather die than see them having to suffer.

  66. Sara

    Santa, I know that you can’t cure diseases and stop wars but I know actually we all know that you can TRY! Can’t you?

    Sara xx

  67. Elise

    I wish can stop war Santa but you can’t but it is nice to give them presents:)


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