Christmas Eve 2011!

Posted by Santa Claus on December 24th, 2011


Hello boys and girls around the world!  There is only 1 more sleep until Christmas morning!  That’s right, only 1 MORE SLEEP until the best day of the year is here!  (Can you hear the elves cheer!?)

I am putting on my warm clothes.  Mrs. Claus made sure I have my special Santa Claus suit.  I have my boots.  I have my nice warm hat.  I have my mittens.  I am all ready!  The elves even put the nose warmers on the reindeer.

As soon as I finish writing this I will hop in my sleigh!  The sleigh is all packed.  And the reindeer are ready to go!  I just wanted to send you a special message.

Make sure you leave out,
A stocking or shoe,
And leave some room,
For a present or two!
Remember some goodies,
For Santa to chew,
And go to bed,
When the adults ask you!

Oh yes, I have a special treat for you this year!  Make sure you visit tonight.  You can help “Elf Control” track me on my trip.  There will even be live messaging!  You can see what the elves and I are saying to each other!  It is going to be a lot of fun!

Remember to leave out your Naughty or Nice certificate too!

Well, the Head Elf is telling me it is Jingle Time!  Everything is ready!  It is time for me to go! I just have to give Mrs. Claus a big kiss goodbye!  <<SMOOCH!>>

And now I am on my way!
With reindeer guiding my sleigh.
With presents and toys,
For good girls and boys,
To open Christmas Day!

Merry Christmas To All And To All A Good Night!

Santa Claus

P.S.  Tonight you can leave your message for me beside the treats you leave out for me!  Sleep tight!


132 Responses to “Christmas Eve 2011!”

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  1. 132
    My friend Erynn said:

    i love Christmas eve and Christmas morning

  2. 131
    My friend lauren, said:

    :D :) ;)

  3. 130
    My friend lauren, said:

    if your from ireland or live in ireland dont forget to watch the late late toy show tonight!24 sleeps,5 hours and 45 mins until chrstmas 2012!
    just slip a sable under the tree
    for me
    been an awful good girl
    santa baby
    so hurry down the chimney tonight!
    cant finish the song cos my comment verrrry long…so BYE!

  4. 129
    My friend rachel said:

    merry christmas have a safe flight love rachel

  5. 128
    My friend Kaitlyn said:

    Yeah. Thanks even though its Christmas 2012!!! Cant believe its only 33-34 sleeps till Christmas!!!

  6. 127
    My friend aisling said:

    hi santa i just send a letter to you

  7. 126
    My friend amy said:

    well its 2012 chrismas but i cant wait :-D

  8. 125
    My friend Kylie said:

    Thanks you to you Santa, and all that live at north pole and to everyone else that makes Christmas day a very special and memorable day. Thank you!

  9. 124
    My friend ellie said:

    hello santa,I am Ellie Mae Mirgaux.I’m 12 years old and I live in lowestoft suffolk.For christmas My three pain presents which I really would like are a pandora bracelet,pandora beads, crystal balled bracelet.I hope to see you on christmas eve.P.s:were I left the letter and cookies on christmas eve,Would you leave a thorntons chocolate bar aswell please?thanks.ellie xxxxx

  10. 123
    My friend Carmen said:

    My 2011 Christmas was great! I love getting presents from my mom and dad and especially Santa Claus. I hope he brings me even more this year! Santa,you are the best! I love Christmas alot! Write me a letter Santa or the elves!


  12. 122
    My friend BAILEY said:

    merry christmas santa have a safe flight love bailey

  13. 121
    My friend Brooke said:

    Not long to go intil christmas 2012.
    I Can’t wait even though we have loads of fun things like halloween and fireworks night first

  14. 120
    My friend BAILEY said:

    i will sleep tight have a good flight love bailey

  15. 119
    My friend poppy said:

    2011 was amazing for me I LOVE CHRISMAS EVE!

  16. 118
    My friend poppy said:

    iv loved chrismas eve 2011!

  17. 117
    My friend morgan said:

    i love chrismas eve 2011!

  18. 116
    My friend elli said:

    i’m so excited, i’m already starting on christmas decorations, even though it’s only august, i got bored, have a safe trip this christmas eve santa, only 129 more days until christmas, and 128 more days until christmas eve. i can’t wait!

  19. 115
    My friend lauren said:

    That was last Christmas eve!!!
    2011 Christmas eve!!!
    Now it is only 138 day until Christmas day 2012 and 137 days until Christmas eve!! i’m so excited!!! ;p

  20. 114
    My friend jordan said:

    Hi santa im really excited for christmas,i come and read your blog everyday over and over i still belive in you snd i always will im 13 years old and i will leave out milk and cookies and maybe mince pies aswell lol anyway i hope chrsitmas comes in a flash im counting the days and its my fav holiday your proberbly asleep now with mrs claus and the elves and reindeer i watch and listen to christmas music and watch christmas films every single day ho ho ho santa love you:D:* hhhol like you say (ho ho ho out loud):)

  21. 113
    My friend Joe said:

    It’s July now, as you proabibly know and I really just hope it starts to snow! Counting down the days till’ christmas eve gives me a buzz and a cheer so I shout out: Yipee! On december the 24th I hang up my hat, my coat, my shoes and all of that! We watch a nice long film then snuggle up for bed but we just sit up exited, waiting instead!

    Joe, London. Hope you liked my poem.

  22. 112
    My friend Nina said:

    I can’t wait for christmas to come santa!, i just can’t! the lights, the weather, you, and oh! i am just so excited even though it’s july, it’s never to early to get excited/celebrate! i love you santa! have a great christmas 2012! :) xoxo xoxooxo :)

  23. 111
    My friend BAILEY said:

    have a savef trip love you have agood flight

  24. 110
    My friend Avery said:

    I want it to be christmas RIGHT NOW!!!
    I cried when it was over last year

  25. 109
    My friend Gracie said:

    hi santa i can’t wait till christmas after all its the most wonderful time of the year! every things going good here in prince edward island love you! oxoxox

  26. 108
    My friend Payton said:

    I love you Santa you are so awesome. You are the best. Have a good rest of the year and tell the elves to have fun making toys. Don’t forget to say hi to Mrs. Claus for me.

    Love you,

  27. 107
    My friend katie speerstra said:

    My cousin just put something on your blog you will like him he’s been a GOOD boy so far love you santa

  28. 106
    My friend katie speerstra said:

    Santa you know how to do it all you have a merry CHRISTMAS i LOVE you Santa have a great day best friends forever lots of love katie

  29. 105
    My friend christopher said:

    I love you santa so i know i can trust you!

  30. 104
    My friend nico said:

    i love you santa your the best xo xo xo xo xo xo xo xo xo xo xo xo xo xo see those hugs and kisses i gave to you have a nice day

  31. 103
    My friend CARRIE said:

    The elves check all comments before they appear here. So, it might take a while before your comment appears.
    P.S. The elves use spam- and naughty comment blockers that automatically delete those comments.

  32. 102
    My friend taylor baxter said:

    i love snata claus i was awake unitel twelve but then i went to sleap buecous if your not sleping sanmta can not cum to my house

  33. 101
    My friend bobby said:


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