Santa’s Other Reindeer

Posted by Santa Claus on November 22nd, 2008

Did you know I have lots of reindeer that do not pull the sleigh?

Today we had the first reindeer games.  There were many reindeer.  But, I can only use 9 special reindeer to pull my sleigh. I am sure you know the names of my most famous reindeer:

Now, Dasher! Now, Dancer! Now, Prancer and Vixen!
On, Comet! On Cupid! On, Donner and Blitzen!
To the top of the porch! To the top of the wall!
Now dash away! Dash away! Dash away all!

And of course, there’s Rudolph too!

It takes a very special reindeer to pull Santa’s sleigh.  To begin, very few reindeer can fly!

They also have to be fast.  We only have one night to deliver all the presents.

They have to be strong too.  The sleigh is very heavy.

The first reindeer practice is always a little funny to watch.  All the reindeer try very hard.  But, well, like I said, it takes a very special reindeer to pull Santa’s sleigh.

These are just some of my other reindeer.  They were all at practice today.  But, they did not make the team.

- Chub-Chub could barely get off the ground;
- Bruno, the brown-nosed reindeer liked to be right behind Rudolph but couldn’t stop very well;
- Tipsy kept falling off the roof;
- Blinker would fly for hours with his turn signal on;
- Tinkle had to stop for lots of potty breaks;
- Olive the other reindeer used to laugh and call Rudolph names;
- Pokey was too slow;
- Achoo had a red nose too, but she kept sneezing;
- Daisy and Rosie wanted to pick flowers at every stop;
- Krasher kept flying into buildings;
- Thumper kept waking people up when she was on the roof; and,
- Toots just putt-putted along;

I hope they will all try again next year.  After all, the more you practice the better you get!

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S.  Do you think it would be fun to watch the reindeer practice?  Can you guess the names of my other reindeer that don’t pull the sleigh, and why?  (Scroll down to leave your message for me or to see what others have written!)


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  1. 124
    My friend Lucy said:

    Dear Mr.Claus’
    I love the toys you send me its always what i want you are the best toy giver ever!!!! I hope I can meet you someday it will be awesome working with you flying in your sleigh and meeting all the elves and reindeer. Well I just wanted to say thank you for all your hard work you do to make Christmas the best day ever for everyone around the globe.

  2. 123
    My friend Zachary said:

    did you send a letter to charlie goldner

  3. 122
    My friend FRANKLIN BROWNING said:

    dear santa merry christmas to you mrs claus reigndeers and elves i wish i could visit you at the north pole your friend franklin joe browning

  4. 121
    My friend FRANKLIN BROWNING said:

    dear santa can you please give your reigndeers a hug for me pease and merry christmas to kids everywhere your friend franklin joe browning

  5. 120
    My friend FRANKLIN BROWNING said:

    dear santa i know you are going to be busy going around the world delivering presents but could you please come to my house your friend franklin joe browning

  6. 119
    My friend Sahib Tumber said:

    dear santa,
    please bring me a safety tip and bring me a reindeer,but it should not take a while.can u bring it fast.make sure you call e when u send it.

  7. 118
    My friend Paris said:

    Wasent Fireball one?

  8. 117
    My friend gtutu said:


  9. 116
    My friend Lana said:

    I think 2 of your OTHER Reindeer is called…
    Peepers and Sneakers
    Peepers Peeped in all the Windows and Sneakers kept trying to sneak away from the rest!!!

  10. 115
    My friend Lucille said:

    I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!!!!!! My favorite part of christmas is puting the christmas tree up and puting the oraments on the tree.


  12. 114
    My friend Seneca said:

    Santa I belive that you and Rudolph are real. Love, seneca

  13. 113
    My friend Ali said:

    I love the reindeer!
    By the way, which Christmas film is your favourite? I like Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. The 1998 version. Personally I think it’s too under-rated and I think it’s actually better than the 1964 one. You should see it. I just think it’s better and needs more publicity.


  14. 112
    My friend Olivia said:

    I think Carissa is one. She can’t pull the sleigh cause she is a new born baby with her brother.

  15. 111
    My friend Nausicaa (My nickname, lol it's Ali really) said:

    Lol Achoo sounds cute. :)
    Tell Vixen she’s my favourite. :)

  16. 110
    My friend hailey said:

    hi elfs how was your summer this year!!!!!! and if their is aney boy elfs my age 15teen than can you send a photo of them to my email pleas

  17. 109
    My friend taylor baxter said:

    i think that my dad agries with me to

  18. 108
    My friend taylor baxter said:

    thay have benn in zoos and other playcis to so i must go but reindeers are so spcial to me

    love elf

  19. 107
    My friend taylor baxter said:

    i love reindeeers everywhre

  20. 106
    My friend taylor baxter said:

    all i can say is liston up reindeers arownd the world is that thay are relly famous and speecial for farmors and santa clouse to so know i have been lerning about reinddeers a ;lot and a lot

  21. 105
    My friend taylor baxter said:

    yet i year abnd i se people seing reindeers in movies prades and other funchins arownd the world

  22. 104
    My friend katie said:

    i can guess one of your reindeer names one that does not fly clairice!

  23. 103
    My friend Taylor said:


  24. 102
    My friend Arianna said:

    wow tinkle has a potty break lots of times what funny i think santa if you choose him[her]will left a “present” in my roof.

    OH NO!!!!

  25. 101
    My friend taylor baxter said:


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