Santa Claus’ Naughty and Nice List

Wow!  Just a few more sleeps until !   Are you getting just a little bit excited yet?  I know we are!

We are really busy now.   The at the Nawdy N. Nice Elf detective agency have been working extra hard.   They have been watching all the girls and boys.   I have been checking my list too.   We all want to know who is being naughty or nice!

Do you want to know more about the world famous “Santa Claus Naughty or Nice List”?

Well, my Naughty or Nice List is top secret of course.   Not even WikiLeaks has it!  I do not decide who is on the List until just before Christmas.   That is right!   The List is always changing.   After all, even good kids are naughty sometime.   So, I want to give all the good boys and girls lots of time to get onto the Nice List.

My detective elves help me with the List.   They are very good at catching kids being naughty.   But they may not see all the nice things you do.   Are there any good deeds you have been doing this year?   Do you think we might have missed seeing you do them?   Did you know you could help us?

The first thing you can do is check which list you are on right now.   You can see if you have been naughty or nice by going to a special web page.   It is my “Incredible Elf-o-matic Naughty or Nice Determinator”!   If you have been good, you will even get a special certificate.    It will say you are “Santa Certified Nice”!   So make sure you leave your certificate out for me to see Christmas Eve.   Then I will know you are on the Nice List!

You can also leave a message for me right now.  You can tell me what nice things you have done.  (Or what naughty things you have done!).

Moms and Dads are also very good at helping me know who has been naughty or nice.  Do you think I should let them leave messages about you too?

Hope to see you on the Nice List!

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S.  Do you think you have been naughty or nice?  Leave a message to tell me the nice things you have done this year.   Or, scroll down to see if other kids have been naughty or nice!

701 messages to Santa about “Santa Claus’ Naughty and Nice List”

  1. and santa I want a snow machine that makes snow balls sorry we forgot to leave you some cookies but we brought some so we would not have to by the stuff for the coookies and my mom said that reindeer is in bad luck cause we forgot to leave him some carrots I thought we would leave him some carrots but nope we didn’t because we forgot to leave him some so I apologize because we forgot to leave him some carrots love santa I hope you have everything I want next year and I try to do good on my math test but I don’t and I make bad on it so I hope I do good on it when we go back to school on January the fifth

  2. Dear Santa,
    I’ve Been nice this year even my sister Rhea because I’m a really good friend to Christopher and I’m helping my parents to wash dishes. For Christmas this year me & my sister wants is a Hoverboard & a new Apple Ipad.

    Rhey & Rhea Reyes

  3. dear Santa please can I have a tablet for Christmas and don’t be naughty Santa.
    I helped someone when they had hurt them selves.
    lots of love Rhys.

  4. hi santa i would like to have a phone samsung with pink or red case the big samsung phone one please?

  5. and santa I wich it would snow on Christmas please can it snow I watched the weather channel but I don’t know if it would snow on Christmas ok I will stop begging you ok me and my mom post to be wrapping up presents today on the twenty third and I hope we have a lot of presents for Christmas I hope you have everything I want for Christmas on my Christmas list love santa you’ll see the list when you bring the presents to when its Christmas on the twenty fifth hope you have a great christmas

  6. sorry and I want a cleaning robot and I cant wait to Christmas on the 24th and I cant wait to Christmas on the 25th and I hope you have a good Christmas eve cause Christmas is gone be after Christmas eve and a good good Christmas I cant wait to Christmas cause we only have 3 most days to Christmas

  7. I want a fourwiller and a drum and a phone and a cleaning robot and a monster truck

  8. dear santa I want a lot of presents for Christmas I want the cool toys and Tramformer toys and even a dirt bike and clothes and shoes and Im gone leave you some cookies and milk and reindeer some carrots and have a merry merry Christmas love santa

  9. santa you are a good person could you bring me a walkie talkie good person and you have a good Christmas love santa

  10. dear santa I hope you have everything I want for Christmas when you read my list it is very long love santa

  11. Dear Santa,

    This year I have been good and bad about half and half accept I have did more good than bad. If I am on the nice list plz bring me a phone, Xbox 360, 2 ps3’s, 2 gta v’s

    Merry Christmas Everyone

    Your friend, Jacob Samson

  12. I should be on the nice list because ever since I had Christmas and the years catching up to me, I decided to turn things around to be on the nice list. To tell the truth, Recently, I had been bad and good. I have several naughty marks to be honest with you. I am helping around the house a little bit more then I used to. I am also respecting friends, listening to the teacher, and standing up to bullies past these two months. I am also working on being more nice to my sister. But there is always room for improvements you say!

    I will be tracking you with NORAD during Christmas eve! See you later! Juvy Nuestro Banks

  13. Have I been on the nohtey list or nice i know that no body is perfect. What elf makes my toys like whatis his name thank you

  14. dear santa ,

    I’m asking for a nice Christmas. There was a site and it said that my uncle Terry was on the nice list. All he has been is notty. But I’ve been very nice and I also want for Christmas is a Zoomer Kitty.

  15. To Santa,
    I think I might be on the nice list. I,’ve done naughty stuff but I think that I’ve been more nice than naughty. I LOVE YOU SANTA CLAUS AND MRS. CLAUS!!! From Noelle

  16. dear santa clause,
    thank you so much for helping people out on Christmas. I am glad that you are real a lot of people saying that you are not real but that is not true I know your real because I see you on your facebook page and I can tell your beard is real of your friends that they help you to get our preasends its by a fake santa every boddie loves you santaclaus from ava to santa

  17. Dear Santa, I have been cleaning up the sunroom where I made a miss and I clean away my dishes and when people hurt me it’s okay because I’m still friends I always say I’m sorry. And, when someone is hurt at recess I always see if they are okay, and if the teacher lets me I take them to the office.

  18. Hello santa I am nice because I do good stuff that my mom or dad does not tell me to do. (IN A GOOD WAY!!)

  19. Santa I checked to see if is was on the nice list and it said A+
    I just wanted to tell you so it will help you to get ready for Christmas

  20. Hey Santa!
    I wanted to tell you I love Christmas!
    No one deserves to be on the naughty list.
    Because everyone does a sin, but they don’t mean it!
    Give everyone a chance!

  21. Dear santa,i dont know if i was good or bad but i will always try to be nice every yearone of the good things i have done is that i have been helping my mom do the dishes and clean and vacume the houseone thing i know is that i never make fun of kids aspecially if they are special needsthis year i have learned something very inportant,smile like you dont care

  22. Hi Santa,for Christmas i wouid like craola supplies and lots of sports stuff i want a messi shirt because i like him .

  23. Dear santa,this year for Christmas i would really like monster high dolls and the crayola things also i want barbie cioset and a nice baby pink vanity that is all i want.

  24. santa please come to my house house for christmas because i have been looking forward to spending christmas you and the presents. merry christmas.

  25. Santa can you com to my house I love you Santa how is my elf on the shelf doing I love you all the elf

  26. am I on naughty list I want to see mrs claus n sent me a picture with my letterlove u santa n mrs claus

  27. santa your the best . can you get me that new barbie camper with the pool with real water . can you also get me some lego but you may need to watch me on my birthday because my mum is getting me some lego aswell

  28. santa claus i love having fun writing you and i beleive in you soooo…ooo much

  29. I have…
    1.Made Up With My Enemy

    2.Help Do Dishes


  30. can I have a real phone and a real computer for Christmas Santa?

  31. We would like to wish you a merry Christmas and we all would like a new Wii for Christmas

  32. Santa am I on the naughty list because I am saying things that I am not supost to be saying




  36. Dear Santa, I try to be good all the time, I love to draw pictures, I should draw you a picture for christmas and leave it for you and the elves to take with you back to the North Pole with you, I hope you enjoy my gift to you,

  37. I Share with my brother and friends, I like to read books to my friends, I love to help my mom and dad inside and outside the house. I like to keep my room clean but it gets messy really quick sometimes. I like to help my teacher and friends at school and help my brother with his homework.


  39. Hi! I’m 12 years old. I cleaned my room today. :) And I brushed my teeth 4 times yesterday before going to the dentist. I believe in Santa. I’m getting into the Christmas spirit by listening to Christmas songs. 😉

  40. i have been a good boy this yera i am a preacher for god i speack the truth and only the truth

  41. santa i will be sending you my cristmas list i hope you get cozy because i have alot of stuff in there. and if you ask if i am going to give you oreos o cristmas eve i hope you also get a lot of sleep because you have to go around the world for pepole who celabrates cristmas. love you santa and many wises more

  42. Dear Santa Claus,

    I hope you are having fun getting ready for Christmas( because I am ). I am talking to you because I wanted to wish you a great Christmas. Also am I on the naughty or nice list? This is grace. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

  43. played with my friend asheghly nicely i smile to her and she smiles back

  44. dear santa claus am i on your naughty or nice list yes is for nice and no is for naughty

  45. I do not know if I am good or bad. But I hope I am good. Will you please email back.


    P.S. I feel sick. I also want a American girl doll.

  46. Am I on the naughty or nice list please tell me i always say please and thank you so please please can I have what I want.

    love grace emily eve hall

  47. Dear Santa, these are the things I want. a electric scooter, password journal, teddy bear,and a I pad

  48. I’m so happy to see u I’m really scared cause I don’t want to be on the naughty list everything I’ve asked said I was nice but I’m still scared. Could u check for me?

  49. i eat helthy i share toys i love my grandmother my grandfather my mother my brother

  50. I have been a good boy in school,I have been doing alot of yard cleaning

  51. HI IM SHARLYNN AND IM NICE VERY, VERY, NICE! i love u santa Claus!!! u are SOO CUTE!

  52. Dear Santa,
    I’m ging to be very nice to my good friends and never talk back.I swear I will be nice to everyone I see.And most of all I will love you.

  53. i am very nice too people try to help them the best why i can i hope sant cluas will be very happy with me i hope he keeped his list what i ask for this christmas when peolep help me i say too them thank you for helping me and suporting me say big hi too averyone in the north pole i send my love too them all
    all the best wishes santa

  54. I love you noth pole you are wonderful elves!!!! !!!! lots of hugs and kiss, Shauna

  55. hi santa I’ve been doing good things this year I am looking ford for christmas

  56. I love u Santa all I want for Christmas is to have the best Christmas and to be Santa when I grow up

  57. I did do something nice this year. I gave $5 to a girl to buy a sugar stick.

  58. hi Santa I have been helping my mum with the shopping and I have been studying and doing well at school. Can`t wait till its christmas.

  59. Hi Santa I have been very helpful around the house this year and that I have been helpful to wrap the presents this year for all my family and friends love you

  60. am i on the nice list i know i ‘v done some bad things but am i on the nice list

  61. I put dishes away i fold towels hep my 18 year old brother hang washing and make life easy for my mum

  62. Santa I cleaned my room, the livingroom, my bathroom and i did the laundry, and i helped wrap my sisters present!!

  63. Santa this is what i’ve done good this year:well i asked my sister for a book to read to my cousin Yatzury. and i did all my homework , and when my mom asked me to go to the laundry i didnt wanted to but i thinked before me mom drove away so i went with my mom to the laundry and had a good time and at the laundry i’ve meet a girl named sofia and she asked me to play with her and i did we had lots of fun well i got to go Thank you Sincerly,Paulina

  64. dear santa,
    I have been very good this year,well,maybe.
    I’ve learned to share my things.I learned that it’s better to share than to keep things all to yourself.Sure my Halo is a little crooked but i have definitely been very good.

  65. i have to say at scool i have seen a cupple of children being bad that you might of not seen …
    Troy takes peoples scarfs hats and gloves
    Aaron pulling peoples hair
    people lieing
    people saying bad words
    and people getting sent to other classes
    even my class
    i have been looking for bad people at home to xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx
    love deane

  66. hi santa claus i just sent you a letter and when you sent me one you said go on your blog and i am on it now and i have to say it is great i love you and your freinds lots of love deane ali

  67. This year i have made a present handmade for my mum so that is nice

  68. Hi everyone at the north pole. Please can you tell me if I am on the nice list.thank you. I have sent a letter to the north pole for everyone. Please can you tell me how you get the letters from the post office because I always wanted to know. Thank you. Lots of love always. p.s hope you have a safe

  69. dear santer…
    have me and tanyae and evie and blessing
    been good or have we been bad.

  70. can i look on your list of good people and bad people. sorry for bothering you and your super elfs.

  71. i LOVE! Santa he the best in the world i love you asnd your elfes and the raindeer i wolud love to know the elves names thaks for your hard work

  72. I helped my dad with the cleaning, i did babysitting, helped my friend with her homework, nd cared for my grandma because she has a bad ilness :( xx

  73. I think I feel on the nice list because I was respectful and always smile.

  74. This year I have achieved my school work and finished nearly all my exams at tae Kwon do.

  75. Well santa I already sent you a letter this morning at 6 18 you said I was on the good list and this little girl who is just like me.Witch I think is so sweet that I know someone is just like me.

  76. Am i on the nice or naughty list are the reindeer ok is Mrs. Claus ok too oh also you are cool and awesome and the elves too well Santa.

  77. Dear Santa,Elfs,Riender and Mrs Claus,
    I love Christmas it’s my favorite time of the year.
    Only 15 more sleeps i’m so exited I can hardly sleep.
    Love from Isla

  78. sanat christmas wouldnt be the same without you i no its exititing to put up the christmas tree but without u it would be boring

  79. OMG SANTA IV BEEN SO VARY GOOD THIS YEAR! I want to see you! I miss you and i saw you when i was 7 and you only ate the cookies! CANT WAIT TO SEE YOU! I LOVE YOU!

  80. dear santa will tell the elves i said merry christmas and happy new year your friend franklin joe browning

  81. is santa really reading these letters or is one of the elves reading them your friend franklin joe browning

  82. dear santa iknow you are busy but i was hopeing you could write me back your friend franklin joe browning

  83. dear santa i wish it would snow here i would love to have a white christmas your friend franklin joe browning

  84. Hi Santa,i have been good this year but i did do some bad stuff my brother keep telling me to shut up and i’m saying to him back and i’m trying to be nice so i just ignore him when he says that so i hope i’m on the good list say hi to the Reindeers i don’t know how to spell it bye love you santa:)

  85. i helped animals
    took care of my dog
    took care of my baby cousins
    loved everyone

  86. I have been so good that i feel so good and this one time i yelled at my friend and i was meen but i sayed someting nice

  87. dear santa claus am i nauty or nice is caitlin nautyor nice is mike nauty or nice?


  89. HI SANTA!!! i am really exited for CHRISMAS MORNING so i hope evreyone will be on the NICE list or else they will miss out on all the GREAT presents you give us x

  90. Dear Santa,
    I know I already sent a letter to you not to long ago but I just could not wait to talk to you again
    I wanted to sau also in my letter but I did not get a chance too I hope all the boys and girls are on the NICE LIST!
    I LOVE You SANTA!!



  93. I have been nice so much since that anti bullying program started:):):):)






  99. dear santa i have been realy good this year.i hope you can come to my house.

  100. hi their santa.p.s can i see the naughty and nice list! pleas thank you

  101. Dear Santa me and mommy and Ken are trying to be good. I am 4 years old and I help feed the chickens and get the eggs. My mommy works to much but that is so she can give us a really good Christmas! Love you santa

  102. dear santa, ive always wanted to meet you. but i know i cant right now because im not old enough. thank you for being such a wonderful person to me :)
    P.S. on christmas, i hear you reading our letters because i wake up sometimes.

  103. santa forget the first message i sent you so i have been helping my grandma i and ive been trying my best at listening sants i heared about this blog when i was done making my santa card thanks for sending me a card

  104. dear elvs i wish i have a twilight poster and i think you are the hardest working elves i have ever herd of well bye merry cristmas

  105. I have been a really good boy this year. I share things with my little sister Leela. I watch out for her. I help Mommy and Daddy with the shopping and picking up of my toys. I can’t wait for you to come and visit me. Love Aiden who is 4 yrs old

  106. Hi Santa I think i should be on the nice list although i sometimes be naughty sorry if that upsets you
    this is why i should be on the nice list
    1.I lent my bff my ipod
    2.i sometimes help people with their work in school
    3.i try to feed my fish every other day
    there is lots more but they are the ones i can think of
    bye santa i belive in you

  107. Hii santa :DD! i am 12 and i will always believe u no matter what :) i have bbeen nice this year. but i know i can improve .. i always share with friends and always get out of my way to do things for others alot.i really hope im not on ur naughty list. o.o.. LOVE YA! 😀

  108. i cleaned my room, took my dogs for walks, cleaned the house with my mom, being nice to my friends and family,but i only talked back once

  109. helped my mum because she has bad knee,i have been scoring goals in football. i help with chores in the house, my mum says i am her little angel

  110. Hey Santa! Here’s a list of the nice things that I had done so far: I helped my mo fold up the laundry and sometime cook dinner. I gave an little girl an Halloween bucket to use to carry all of her Halloween candy on Halloween night.

  111. Hi Santa I have done what i was told.My mam asked me to praice my irish dancing so i did

  112. Dear Santa,

    I will be good the rest of this year and all of next year. I would like a new blue DS, a fish, fish tank, and some WII games.

    Thank you,

  113. dear santa i love love love love you and you are the best OMG i cant belive it is nealy christmas day plus what would you like to eat onchristmas eve night and also ask your raindeer and why dosnt anyone see you?

  114. Ive been responsible all year long Santa ( Well maybe sometimes )+ I helped my mom decorate the christmas tree! I gotta go and decorate the christmas tree some more! Ill see you on Christmas Eve Santa!

  115. I got a nice catificate it said A+ which is exciting. i hope i get some presents this year and remember don’t work to hard xoxox hehe

  116. it is only november 9 but i am exited for christmas!!!!!yay so happy

  117. dear santa claus i love christmas i have been a good girl and my brother riley have been a good boy to we love the elves from gracie and riley

  118. Its a good ider but it will tack a long long time to read it all.
    From Kai Tyson

  119. I have had a good time this year,I am looking foward to christmas and from now,I am going to keep on checking how many sleeps till christmas.I have been swimming and been doing P.E at school,I also went to do my ballet exam and I got about 95% out of 100,but it was on the last day of term 1,so I was missed 1 DVD,but wasn’t that bad,becase they still put me in on the Register.

  120. I should be on the nice list forever then I can become Santa claus and take care of mrs.claus

  121. hi santa, happy almost christmas! cant wait to see ya sorry about what happened at n.c. bye!

  122. Hi i am very good i am working on trying to keep my room clean. Merry Sniffmess

  123. i love when you give me presents and i hope u have a very merry CHRISTMAS

    BYE XXX :)

  124. santa here are all the nice things i have done all this year!!!!!!!!!!

    1.TIDIED MY ROOM.!!!!!!!
    2.SWEPT THE FLOOR.!!!!!!!!
    3.CLEANED THE STOVE.!!!!!!!
    5.HELPED DRY UP.!!!!!!!
    6.MADE MAM CUP OF TEA.!!!!!!!
    7.TIDIED OUT THE CAR !!!!!!! BYE!!!XXX

  125. Hi my name is adelene and my grandpa is in the hospital and he might die with open heart surgery if he dies I want to have the best christmas please

  126. i help nana with chores help mom and dad clean my room brush my teeth all that well got to go time for bed by santa

    hugs & kisses

  127. dear elf do you have a picture of my machine i wish i was you i love you please post a picture of yourself

  128. My auntie is in hospital and I have been helping her and Mum a lot this year.
    I have helped my grand aunt that is 88 years of age. My neighbour is 81 or 82 years of age and I have helping her as well. I think i did something else as well but i can’t remember.
    from Therese

  129. i have done many nice things. i have helped a lady cross the street, help my mom with the groceries, helped my little sister with her project, and helped make dinner! i have only did one bad thing! not cleaning up my room!

  130. do you really have a naughty and nice list
    i get told if im naughty i wont get my presents when im naughty i always
    get my presents when im naughty

  131. i hope im on the nice list please let me know if i am or not and you guys are alsome and you should come to winchester and i’ll be waiting in the mall and tell people your there for a specil someone you don’t have to and if you do please bring clumsey and justin beiber with you please i would so much and then hug you and him kiss kiss

  132. I hope I am on the Nice list so I can get most of the things I would like for Christmas!

  133. Hi Santa for christmas this year i would like
    touch sceen phone
    make up
    hair extensions

    i want to be on the good list xxxx

  134. I hope I get lots of presents because I never got much. My brother Shannon is always mean to me. *** ***** MERRY CHRISTMAS ps.please write back. I’ve been very nice.

  135. I’m from chicago,Illinois, And i know that i’ve been mostly nice this i know i’ve had. I’ve helped alot around the house.

  136. hi, I hope you are trying to build that shiny black teleoscope I really wanted.

    have a great vacation!,Gianna

  137. I have cleaned the house, nice to my mom, and I play well with others.

  138. i love you Santa

    ps. i want a apple mac air this year 2011 you know and dont disapoint me just kidding

    love ya

  139. Some nice things that I have done this years are…
    1 Help my friends and family.
    2 Respect others and others’ belonging
    3 Obey
    Those three are just to name a few.

  140. i give my mom hugs and kiss i wrok hard at school i play at school nice i clean my room only my sister bella dont hlep me .

  141. hi santa i have been very good this year but i have been a little naughty ill try my hardest not to be naughty heres the thing that im naughty with talking back,not doing what im supposed.But im going to try not to do those things im going to start being got to go

    hugs & kisses

  142. Dear Santa,
    Who was the one that figured out my computer’s IP address? Even I don’t know it! So whoever figured it out first I should give them a lot of credit. :)

  143. Hi Santa i should be on the top of the nice list because i helped mum and Dad do chores so when i go to see the nice i should be on there about second from Kirstie

  144. Dear Santa,
    I love you all and you guys make me excited and I start CHRISTMAS decorating early just love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  145. i should be at top of heaven oww!!! okay who put that cloud there huh who did it.

  146. well i have a really a big problemo my mom wants another kesshound puppers and it would be the best idea ever to get her one for cristmas and read this santa

  147. me and my sister fight but we try to make up and I still love her lots

  148. i go to the farm with my ma pa and help them pick there beans,cucumbers,corn,not okra my ma has gloves i do not, and many more things sometimes i help my ma bake stuff almost every year and i don’t know if i have this year or what but bye bye.


  150. is my sister and my brother on the nice list there names are jeffrey and janelle

  151. can me elf come to my hosue tomorroy for a few weeks please

  152. i have help my mom cleanded the house wash the dishes clean my room care about my sis.

  153. Hi Santa my name is Annie and I am 7 years old and I think that I should be on the naughty list today my friend Taylor fell over and I helped her up and told miss and took her to the toilet and cleaned her up

  154. I am really exited for chrismas.I can’t wait for you to come.I hope you can get on my list.But if you don’t its o.k. I love u santa love Lauren

  155. Can you check a friend of mine? her name is abbey zabala she also’s live in manila..

  156. Hi Santa hope I get lots of prezzies from you I live In melodeon 6 tan y meas

  157. I am a really healthy and nice girl.I share my toys with my sisters.I always help my mom and dad clean up the house.When my sisters make a mess,I clean up after them.

  158. hi santa,
    Aliya here, i just e-mailed you on e-mail santa .com and you told me to come to your new blog so here i am …

  159. hi my name is lauen how are you santa i miss you and love you.i will see you soon.i told you sant what i want for ya.well got to go my grandma and grandpa are comming so i have to go talk to you later

  160. I have been studying alot, helping my mom out,(just cleaned he bedroom yesterday) amd check on me for more :))

  161. Dear Santa,

    I want to know am I on the naughty and nice list merry christmas

  162. hi iv been really good and been getting along with Justin like u told me yeah so everything is going good

  163. I did another nice thing. I didn’t get mad when mom didn’t know who Tim and Moby are.

  164. I did a nice thing last night. I told the truth to my aunt, and I promised her no more computer until morning without breaking the promise!

  165. I did a naughty thing while at Mahvish’s house. I made a mess for Mahvish to clean up. I also was rude. Then I snuck home and got a coke and chocolate pudding. I”M SORRY!!!!!!!!!!!!

  166. hi its me again i just want to know if i am on the good list have a good time doing stuff see you next time i connect you

  167. dear santa i am really happy that all the good girls and boys get presant i would really love to meet the elves one day


  169. Santa um… can I do the naughty and nice cause I want to see If i am bad or nice.

    Thank you!!

    your good friend


  170. i love cristmas of course.the bad news is that theres 275 sleeps left. i hop im on the nice list but i feel relly bad for the people on the bad list.i love cristmas always and forever.its my favorite time of the year!:)

  171. dear santa hi are you for my birtday can you bring me $1,000 dollars in cash my birthday is may,06 1999 year 2011

  172. Howdy, Santa(:
    I would just like to say Hey and that I am very thankful this year for my friends, family, and most inportantly god:)
    Its kinda early to be sayin Merry Christman:)
    So…… Happy Easter(;

  173. I love you santa and I thank you that I get presents from you every year.

  174. how are you santa we and my family has been good and right now im at school with robert and christa

  175. Dear Santa

    I hope you remember to put Clumsy the elve in my christmas present and what does he like to eat.

    Love from Jenny


  176. hi santa can i come to the north pole and i will do as you say please

  177. Dear santa
    santa claus i love you so much you are the best santa in the whole wide would you are a great santa.

  178. Hi, Tell my elf Ginger that he is the best. I want my elf to talk to me. You are the best.

  179. hi santer you are the best man in the world you are magica and I bet it is fun having that big glbe

  180. hi i being a really good name is lauren nicole dupont i am 10 years old i am in 5yh grade.

  181. Hallow Santa I love your new blog it is cool. love from Savannah


  182. Hi S.Claus I am on the nice list but I still have hope for people on the bad list. I live in Spain but was born in England. All my friends get and like the three kings but I prefer getting you like I do.

  183. I am on the nice list i am very sorry if you are on the bad list:( maby do something to someone and you all might get on the nice list. any ways MERREY CHRISTMAS!!!! :):):):):):):):):)

  184. my hamster died on the 5th of december
    but i am getting one called watermellon
    on the 5th of january wich is tomorrow
    i am very sad that fudge died but happy that tomorrow i will get a new one

  185. i have cleaned the dishes for my grandma. said i believe in you everyday. helped my nice.get good gradea and be good! thanks for all the toys for christmas!

  186. santa i helped some friends and teachers in my school because i care about everyone

  187. hi santa how are u doing on your vacation. i love the presents u brote me thank you santa i love every each in every one. those presents where prefect thank you santa. you done a very good goob i all so love my tea cup pigy. and u got the right color i wanted to.THANK you So MUCH SANTA. i love you so much. have a merry christmas. and a happy new year.

  188. i helped my sister i bought my friend a toy
    i bought food for my sister and her friend

  189. Santa first i have a friend named julie and she dident have money to eat at lunch at school so i shared with her my fruit salad then i always take her to school when her dad couldent take her P.S: she is not my bestfriend my best friend is a girl named sophia guerrero

  190. I’ve cheard my friend up if she is sad. i’ve tidyed up my room and lot’s of good deeds.

  191. Hi Santa) This year was very challenging for me( But in every problem i had i always try to do not make mistakes anymore! So now iam trying to be more responsible) And i believe that it would be nice if iam in the nice list) But u know i thought that all of the children are needed a prize in Christmas because iam thinking that they would be veeery upset for it(((

  192. hi santa im very good i aways want to know how is the reald santa bye have a good night

  193. i am on the nice list but i really feel bad for the kids who are on the naughty list. i wish everyone a merry christmas:)

  194. Hi santa my friend codie said that rudolf isent feeling well sohe wouldnot be flying with you please come and visit my house

  195. i am so happy that i am on the nice list and i feel so sad for the kids that are on the naughty list:(

  196. I have helped my friends through hard times and i have givin thanks to everyone for everything they have done for me in 2010!

  197. Santa am I on the Naughty list or the Nice list? Merry Chirstmas Santa!

  198. i have been disrespectful and mouthing off and cursing all year long am i on your naughty list this year?

  199. sometimes i hit my brother im nice to my brothers i clean my room i put on his favorite channel

  200. Dear Santa,
    i love christmas so much I Wish You bring me everything i Would like!

  201. our familey got 2 kittens recently there names our amelie and gorge there both black but you probley knew that.

  202. i know that i cheked this it said that “you should be on top of the Christmas tree” tell mrs.CLaus i said hi
    Love,Hannah Quick

  203. Santa Claus, I have taken you Naughty Or Nice quiz and was declared “Santa Certified Nice,” but I do not have a working printer, so I cannot print it out. But I know you already know I was nice, don’t you?

  204. hi Santa I really love u and I can’t wait till u come because i really like wakeing up and seeing all the presents I know christmas is not all about presents its about family and i am really lucky to have my family this christmas.p.s.ilove you and i always will.


  206. Dear Santa Claus,
    I hope you love the cookies and milk i made for you. I can’t for you to come to my house tonight!! I love you!!

  207. Hi Santa and I am very excited to you to come to my house.I promise I will be asleep and my whole family :) Merry Christmas.

  208. I helped mum with the folding
    I cleaned up my room
    I helped mum take the washing off the line
    I did everything mum told me to do

  209. I am very helpful to my dad who has been redoing my moms kitchen.I also help my Mamaw do the dishes at night.I like to help my mom pick up the house when she’s cleaning.I also get things for my big sister when she’s busy with homework or something.

  210. Helped friends in family in need i helped my friend Dada because she does not know english

  211. all i really have to say is that i did more nice things then bad things.

  212. I watched out for my sister to make sure she is safe, I helped clean up the house too, I donated a toy to Toys for Tots, I hold open the door for people when they are walking through the door, when my brother got hurt I made sure he was ok, I also helped decorate for Christmas, and I use my manners.

  213. I have been pretty good this year. Not to much trouble. I know in my heart I could always do a little better and every day I try and work on it. I love you Santa and Mrs Claus And all the reindeer and Rodolph Is my favorite. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart! Love Megan

  214. wow! christmas in two days im so exided omg! i love christmas its the best holeday ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  215. hi santa i want a play station 3 for christmas please if you get me that you would be the best person in the world and wich you alread are i love you lots and dont forget you are the best man in the world

  216. dear santa i would like for christmas is an ipad,ipod,and a BIG trapoline most of all my faimly to be happy

  217. Hello santa my entire family has been very good every year!!!
    Thank You ,

  218. make tea,help with dinner, dy my room, tell the truth,look after sister

  219. all i can say is that i have been bully most of my life still am cause i am disabled and ever one thinks of me as weak i just losing my faith in people very few are my friends any more sick of it just wish the pain whould end for me then in high school as you know they hurt me very bad ly at lamar high viking arlington texas just so you know i wish they those who did it whould get coal for christmas or at least vist from the christmas ghost for once make them see what they did to me not much better on line for me any ways i am to point of giving up

  220. give me what i want(sry 4 the demanding… its in my blood)
    i want uggs
    miss me jeans
    a hamster
    desiner brand clothes(yes, more)


  221. I hope that everyone is on the nice list because if everyone is on the nice list then everyone will have a nice happy christmas.

  222. merry christmas hope you have a good x mas day and i really like your blog its very interesting REMEMBER to keep it up to date with all the things happening in the north pole because we would love to be there. So please keep updating us with your santa’s christmas blog. thankyou very merry much

  223. Hi santa. I cannot wait until christmas! I love to open the presents from you. they are always the best!

  224. I hope I’m not on the naughty list I’ve been very good!!!!!!!!!!! i have 2 christmas trees for me presants!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  225. hey Santa claus my name is Liban and i’m 7 years old GOOD LUCK ON YOUR TRIP AROUND THE WORLD!!! But don’t worry if you can’t keep up, when you come by my house you’ll see fresh baked cookies with milk!!! It will allway’s keep you going!!
    I give you all my LOVE!!!
    xoxoxoxoxoxoxo (hugs and kisses)

  226. hi santa I have been sooo good. at the minute I am in norther irland please diliver the gifts to

  227. i all so want doll and a magic pen and senta s picter and i am sad that i dont have a christmas tree for the presents and can i have game from the noth pole and i realy want the poeple that is there to be in the picter too merry christmas senta

  228. helping others with respect saying sorry if i did something wrong let people play my wii being a good sport when someone is being mean i ignore them

  229. I gave my grandma a presant without being asked, with my own money.

    Helped my mum when she was in hospital

  230. im allways on the nice list becouse im a
    elf and elves are every kind of
    called grumpy becouse im grumpy.pepple
    thinck im a dwarf but im not im a elf

  231. Santa i have got your letter in the post and and my dog has done a leter to roodolf the red nose randear dose she see you i dont no i sleep up sters by the way i am the girl who is doing letters to eran one of your elfS and she is doing letters back i love the stiker to put on my window you sent it to me in your letter in the post and i would also like to say a BIG BIG BIG BIG BIG BIG BIG THANK YOU and i love you and your job is it fun riding thew the sky.

  232. hi santa my mum is nickola thats the one that sent you a letter to the north pole you know the one that put machmakers on the list what she wants for christmas

  233. – I ussualy help my mother
    – I always take care of my baby chicken
    – I ussualy study hard and I got a good mark ! (:
    – I made a Christmas Tree by my self
    – I love all of my family (:
    – I have a big Christmas Sirit and I believe a Joy of Cristmas
    – Marry Christmas to Mr.Clause, Mrs.Clause, and all of Elf in North pole !

  234. we hope weget what we want for christmas and will love to see you! happy merry christmas

  235. i cleaned the dishes
    i talking to tiffany
    i talking to trisha
    i talking to jessica
    i gave a hobo a dollar
    i gave a little boy a dollar
    i didnt pick my nose
    i didnt not wear cloths
    i steal believe in you santa claus…

  236. Dear Santa,

    I have been pretty good this year. I live in a certain area on a certain continent in a certain state in a certain universe. Hopefully will be as good as the year before and so on and so forth. Merry Christmas!

    PS – When was your birthday? I really want to know how old you are, and if you tell me your birthday I will know when to send you a card.

    PSS – I hope we can be friends because I don’t have very many. It’s kind of sad really.

  237. hey santa i only want is clothes and something super speacial 4 my all my friends too!!!!well something else santa i want to c u SO Bad why can.t u just tell the whole world u are hear ..well i am 10 years old and i am in texas wake me up cristmas eve santa to say hi please



  238. I have been taking care of baby kittens and I been nice to my grandma and I took crare of my mom when she was sick and I’m going to try to clean my room more.

  239. I played nice with my friends. I helped my mamma put up the Christmas tree. I sit on the sofa with my mamma. I helped my mamma mop the floor. I helped put up the nativity set.

  240. Hello Elfs and Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus:

    I just sent you an email. You know Santa Claus, he said in the email back to me I know he knows what I want. By the way am I on the naughty or nice list? Just checkin.
    Rudolph tell your friends that I am going to put Reindeer food on the lawn. Look for it! It will probably be near where I put it last year. Love, Sam

  241. hi santa I wanted to tell you that i cant wait until christmas and have a safe trip on your way here.thank you for everything you do to make christmas a happy holiday!!!!!!!

  242. i cant wait ’till christmas eve b/c i can never go to sleep and i always wake up early early in the mornin’. And I hope Santa clause and his elves has a very merry christmas. :)

  243. hiyyah Santa i absolutely have been a brilliant girl i am 10 i live in wainfleet xx

  244. i have been get along w/ every body this year.thaks for the letter 2 day. bye!

  245. Hi santa

    I have been good all year and I want to see you but i have to go bed at 7 O CLOCK. i want for christmas is
    – your signiture
    -art and craft set
    -new DS games
    love u!

  246. Hi Santa,
    For christmas this year im going to my nannys.My Auntie Mary has got me a dressing gown but it’s not for after your shower ,it’s for laying in I really need one to have for when i get out of the shower, love you .emily

  247. Dear,Santa I done lots of good stuff this year, I helped people with grocery bags and accidents, open the door for them,and lots more! Check my attitude

    Hugs and kisses

  248. Dear santa And Mrs.Clause
    I would like to have a power weel
    Hummer (fake eletric car) and a fur real
    friend(a dog please).

  249. To:Santa,Mrs.Claus
    Would Mrs.Claus like me to leave pepermints? I always leave carrots for Rudolph. Douse he like them? Last year he only ate one bite. I have been good well except for fighting with my little brother. Am I good enough to be on the nice list? I’m ranked as my halo is just a little crooked.

  250. I want everyone to be on the “Nice list”
    …If they were good!
    Merry Christmas everyone! :)

  251. hello santa i love your beard it is so soft and i want to have a laptop fpr christmas pleaee..

  252. I am a boy and I am already 15 years old!! I live in the great city of Chicago. Of course, that’s in Illinois, United States, but I’ll bet you knew that!! This year I’ve been so good that I should be the angel on top of the tree!

    Santa Claus, some things I might like for Christmas this year are:
    – clothes;
    – earrings; and,
    – and to see you.

    Santa Claus, I almost forgot to say… I love u Santa I did the best i can this year

    Love, Bryant

  253. hiya santa chloe here ,
    for christmas i would like to have a christmas to remember and a nintendo wii game and a real puppy because my dog died this year and i am dipressed i am so happy he is safe though . it will be hard for you on christmas day coming to my house we have had dosens of snow . if my dog oscar was here he would have loved this christmas
    because of the snow .
    if you have a chance to can you wake my lil sis tahlia and say merry christmas because she loves you she is crying now because she havent seen you.
    her real name is tahlia lea morgan-rose ok she is so cute she is 9 years old and i am 11 years old and my hole family belive in you ithink i mean i hope .
    merry christmas to every body out there have good chrsitmas get what you want .

    merry christmas and a happy new year!

  254. santa ive really tryed to be nice i am certifide its somtimes i swear when im hurt or extremely angry and ive wachted my mouth this year and been nice so i hope i get what i asked for love always & never not beliving, willow LOVEEEEEEEEE YYOOOOUUUUU

  255. santa ive really tryed to be nice i am certifide its somtimes i swear when im hurt or extremely angry and ive wachted my mouth this year and been nice so i hope i get what i asked for love always & never not beliving, willow **

  256. i helped my family and i gone everything because its nearly christmas

  257. hello santa im writing all the way from ireland county cork coachford yes i have been very good im sure you have been watching me share my jellies and all my toys and lots of other things i love you santa and all the reindeer and mrs claus and all the elfs really i love you all in north pole best of luck on christmas eve delivering all the presents santa cani help you delive r them? xoxoxoxo

  258. When we did christmas child i donated £1 that i got on halloween money.I always hold the door for old people.I also spent my birthday money on the Guinea pigs cage and peoples christmas presents.

  259. I have been getting into trouble since my sisters have come.
    i have been chosen to be one of the members for student council.
    and i am sorry for being naughty

  260. dear annie,
    i have helped my little brother walk and do right things.

    have a safe and merry christmas

  261. HoHoHo Santa Clause I just want to tell you I am 12 and what do you want for christmas

  262. I usually fill up my dog’s water bowl, I am loving to my mum and dad. I love my sister but sometimes fight with her. I have a bath when I am asked. I help my mum around the house.

  263. i don’t know if i have been good? If i do tell nauty things in other words tell the truth will i be on the nice list?
    i don’t have any friends am i nauty?

  264. I have been making my bed and tidying my room. I do lots of sharing. I love my sister, mum, dad and Lola my dog.

  265. dear santa what i want for christmas is a blacberryphone,an ipod and a laptop if possible.

  266. I really hope I am on the nice list, I know I have done some REALLY bad things! But I have definitely tried my hardest, 99.9% of the time!!! Thanks Santa!

  267. Hi,

    I have become a school captain for 2011, ive helped a lot of people and teachers, i was puck in the musical a kidsummer nights dream, ive got a lot of certificates for being good,ive helped move houses and…

  268. i am 10 years old i no surprisenly. some 10 year olds dont beleave in you but i do for christmas i want a wii and the just dance games and my younger brothers want robots and motor cycles thats what we want.HAVE A MERRY CHRISTMAS

  269. hi santa for chrismas I want a DS zibitz beylade set big beyblade pegasus beyblade pegasus tron legacy toys tamagotchi v5 remote control helicopter ben 10 watch toy dragon ball z kai game for DS and rowdyruff boys stuffed boomer brick and butch codename kids next door toys and I will make you cookies for you

  270. hi santa all i wanted for christmas is a dsi xbox conect and some games i have a little brother

  271. Hi santa, i would like an ipod touch for christmas! nothing else reallly expensive, maybe a couple ds games!

  272. I have been very good this year and I am B+ on the “Incredible Elf-o-matic Naughty or Nice Determinator”! but i can’t leave out my certifficate for you to see because the laptop is not connected to a printer so it can’t print.

  273. Hello! Hello! Hello! Santa,
    I have been trying to stay on the nice list this year I think I have been doing a good job.
    This year on the first day of 2nd grade when my new class was standing outside in line I let my 2 good freinds Kali and Raina go in front of me.
    A lot of children fell at recess and Mrs. T told me to bring them up to the Nurse.

  274. hi santa in 10 and my big sister doesint in u but i do and for christmas i wanted a camera an ipod touc and a baby doll that has bottles. i also have a baby sister who wants a puppy dog that shakes is butt hahah

  275. Hi Santa! I’ve been a very good boy this year! By the way, do you have a hot chocolate maker in your sleigh?

  276. You are the best ever!! Kids should apprciate u!! Thank you for all my presents;0

  277. hi santa i love you .i tried being a very very good girl. i love all your presents that you bring me. i wish that i could meet you in real lift. your the best.

  278. Thank you for giving everybody presents that deserve them! You are soo cool!

    Love, Emily :)

  279. hi santa thank you for all of the gifts that you bring me each year. i am so exited for christmas to come . i love all the smiles i see when my family opens there presents from me and my sister. i love giving. i think i have been a good girl most of the time this year. have a merry christmas and a happy new year.

  280. I helped my mom do the dishes and fold the laundry. I let my sister have the pink cup that she really likes. She complains if she doesn’t get it. I have been trying to be really good!

  281. I have been very good. Helping my friends and going to school and working very hard. I have been helping clean my room and picking up my toys for my mom. I also helped decorate the Christmas Tree. I promise I will be a good boy until Christmas Day and will not cry wanting to open a present early. Look for your cookies and drink. Love You

  282. Hi Santa, You’re so nice to give people who are good presents!!!
    thanks. Love, Nate

  283. Dear Santa,
    Merry Christmas!
    I know that I’ve already sent you 2 emails but I just love talking to you.
    By the way can I send you a present?
    Youv’e been working so hard and I think that you deserve one!

  284. In 2008 i saw you in my living room and thanks for all the lovely presents

  285. i have been nice. I’m a good helper. I helped my grandma pick up nuts. I mind my mom and dad

  286. i have buy my family gifts with my own money 2 i have done avything for my sister 3 i have giving love for my family 4 I LOVE YOU AND MY FAMILY HAPPY HOLIDAYS KISSES AND HUGS AT THE NORTH POLE

  287. Hi Santa! I wanted to tell you about some good deeds I have been doing. Well, I know that your list is always changing, and at school when my friends are having problems, I always help them with it. I also do many good deeds and I know you know that, Thank you. Merry Christmas!

  288. I am Brent an i am a very good boy.i hope you pass by my house trinidad.My sister also says hiiii !buy buy MERRY CHRISTMAS

  289. One year I think it was 2008. you came when I went into the bathroom I think, Thank you! Everyone should admire you like I do. Thanks for all the presents.

  290. I always help out. I even got given an award because I am helpful.
    My only christmas wish is that all my family are well for christmas

  291. I am on my school’s recycling team because our class voted a boy and a girl that they thought would be responcible and trustworthy for the job and I have also been student of the month every year since I came to elementary school!!!!!!!!!!!

  292. hi santa im only 4 and i think you are great flying on your sleigh in the sky…!!!! please come and visit my house because this year i hav beein a VERY goog boy.. x bye !!! :-)

  293. i allwas tell the truth i help and i dont smak my dog i gust stroc it.

  294. I am 15 years old still believe Santa of course i will never forget him I have been good helping my mum and dad with some jobs around the house putting decorations up. I have been good at school and been learning all different subjects even though I can be a pain at sometimes I am a pain because I wind up the teachers and pupils but my new year rev is to be good at school and do as the teachers tell me. best wishes to you Santa from Lori xxx

  295. santa you can bring presents to everyone in one night wow you are the best


  297. Hi santa it would be awsome if you brought me Justin Bieber for christmas he is more amazing than you Thanks- Jess

  298. santa you are very nice to every one in the holl whid world you are the best

  299. i helped my brother isaac play basket ball i helped my brother run and i play nisely every day with my brother

  300. Santa your awesome,
    Santa your smart,
    You make me love you with all my heart!

  301. I love santa clouse sooooooooooooo much because he is so nice and i bet he is a hard worker

  302. I love you Santa Claus. I wish i could see you in my house. Can you wake my up so i can see you?

  303. I think i should be on the nice list because do lots of nice things.
    Santa you are the best

  304. some guys out there are not good but i think i’m good my friend is very good i hope i’m on the good list your the best.

  305. I have done plenty of nice thing like i help my grandma at the store i am taking care of mt aunt tomorrow and helping her learn to do things on the computer it will be kinda fun but shes kinda hard to teach but oh well!

  306. Also Santa..If I spit On Someone’s Juicy this year does that make me on the naughty list?? :(

  307. I hope all of the elves,raindeer,and mr. and mrs. claus have a very great chrismas

  308. hey Santa i think that im on the nice list maybe sorta but i think that iam so have you been really busy with email from kids all around the world and letters too, for those kids who don’t have a computer? well if you have been then i better let you get back to emailing back and writing back to those kids who are waiting and who have been waiting so MERRY CHRISTMAS SANTA CLAUSE hopefully i will see you sometime soon or at least here from you soon so see ya.

  309. I hoped i’m on your nice list please!! and merry christmas to mr.santa and mrs.santa

  310. I hope u have a good flight to my house this year santa!i will leave carrots on the table, and cookies, plus milk! i will also leave u a note! and please my mom is going to be so mad in the morning if she sees dirty tracks on the new carpet , so try not to get anything on the carpet plzz! and one more thing please leave my presents in front of the recliner! XOXOXO love sierra!:-)

  311. Merrry Christmas Santa!! Your the best!! And merry christmas to mrs.claus!! I’m a good girl

  312. Well Santa, sometime i help my dad and mom. I been nice to my best friend and all my friend wjo are nice to me!! Some are mean and rude to me!! I don’y know why!! I been alway saying hi to my last year teacher mrs.fortna. i’m really nice to people who are nice to me.and your the best santa!!

  313. I really hope im on the nice list.I think i think im on the nice list.I hope when I wake up I get to see presnt’s wrapped for my mom,dad,connor and me!!!

  314. What I won’t for christmas is a baby girl so I hope u can grant my wish come true am 32 years old and live in richmond hope to see you

  315. Hi my name is lamona I love working with kids and injoy teaching kids just because I love them

  316. Merry Christmas Santa..all I want for Christmas is xx hi converse!

  317. I cleaned the basement,trying not to be mean to my sisters,that’s really I call think of, hopefully the elves saw the rest.

  318. Hi Santa, I can not wait untill christmas and i am 6 years old. this year i have been a bit naughy but i try not to my sister Lauren tells me not to be naught other wise you wont come to me.This year i would love to have a dirt bike but i know that you most probaly wont bring it to me as i am most likley to be on the naught list.
    love you tones from ben
    PS. my sister wrote this for me

  319. saying sorry , being nice , helping people out , cleanig up my room, being nicce to jeuse, trying to listin in class.lots of other thing that i can not rember i better let you go now ho ho ho

  320. i have been very good this year and i hope it snows . i always clean up the washroom counter and sometimes make my own breakfast. i even visit you every year

  321. I want to know If Im on the nice list ps respond back please please.

  322. How are rudolph, dancer, prancer, comit cupid, vixin, dasher, donner? I hope you have a merry christmas and a good flight. I have been a good boy and I hope you think that to.

  323. dear santa,
    my name is zoe cultra and i wanted to ask if i was on the good or bad list?

  324. Hi santa, I believe I have been a good girl! I will leave you milk and cookies when you come to my house. I was wondering how are rudolph and the elves doing? Well I hope your doing good at the North Pole!!!!! :)

  325. Dear Santa,
    I have been very good this year but some times I have been talking back to my parents. I have also been talking in school so I need to work on that. Is there anything I can do to make it up to you? If there is, please tell me three days before Christmas. Anyways, lets get back to the things I did that were nice. I help clean the house with my mom and dad, help with my five month old sister, and do what I am told most of the time. I hope you can forgive me for what I have done wrong. I also hope I am still on the nice list.

    P.S. say hi to Mrs.Clause for me!



  326. I’m so excited that Christmas is only 4 days away! I hope Santa Clause enjoys the cookies I’m going to leave out for him.:)

  327. I try to make people feel better when they get mad, or cry. I also have been trying to go to sleep at bedtime, but sometimes I have trouble. I say my prayers before bedtime. I draw pictures for people who come to my house. I give everybody lots of hugs and kisses. I help PapPap with chores. I play cars and ball with my little brother Liam. Sometimes I don’t want to go to school, so I give my mommy problems, but I’m trying to be better about it. Sometimes I hit things, or I hit people, mostly my brother. Sometimes I get really angry at my brother Liam.

  328. dear santa when you come to my house please look under my bed you will see a letter that says if your real sign here please it would be great if you signed it only if your real thanks sant and i hope i get all the present’s i wanted

  329. Hi Santa,I hope that I’m on the nice list this year because I’ve never been on the naughty list before and I do not want to experience it. I very exited for Christmas and I hope that you have a merry Christmas and a happy new year!!!

  330. I hope I am on the good list I have been very good this year =] carnt wait till you come xx only 5 days left see you soon

  331. decorating the christmas tree with mom
    i get stars in school
    i brush my teeth at night

  332. took jingles to his cage without complaining
    i vacuum for mommy
    i get straight A’s in school.

  333. Dear Santa,
    We like the note on the computer that you send to us. Daddy wanted to leave you smelly socks but we are leaving you milk and cookies. We love you Santa! Santa who is the shortest elf? We were just curious. Bye Santa

  334. dear santa,
    i really what an english bull dog and yes a real one well it might be oky with my parents

  335. Do you remember my address when I was little? I just only need a wii system, controller with cover, and NHL 2k11. Hope you can find it those games.

  336. I am working really hard. I am helping my mom. And I only have a few more presents to wrap. I am giving 16 presents this year. I am also helping my sister because she had surgery.

  337. Hi Santa, i think im on the nice list i really wish u would bring me a elf on a shlef i realllly want one badly!~!!!!!! I LOVE YOU SANTA!

  338. HI Santa! IM Ethan Shedd age 10! If I be REALLY good can u get me a Kinnect,Xbox360? If I be just good enough can u get me An Xbox360? PLEAS!

  339. Hi santa i would really like a remote control spider black widdow . I don’t know why I want it , it’s just i saw it in a toys r us catalog

  340. I try REALLY hard to be nice but sometimes they are SO mean to me I acidently be mean back. I can’t wait until christmas!!!!!!!!

  341. ilove you santa. im so happy on friday we open presents.we allready have 52 presents under the tree.

  342. I am VERY exsited about Cristmas. I am going to give my mummy and daddy a big present and I will give my baby brother Ryan one to. from Rebecca.

  343. We hope you vist Ottoville. How are you and your wife and your reindeer and elves doing. We hope you guys have a merry,merry, jolly,jolly,happy,happy Christmas!!!

  344. i think i’ve been pretty ood but at times i got bad. i really want
    want a bunny

  345. I tried 2 do the best i could 2 b on the nice list but im not sure yet.

  346. Can you maybe please wake me up when you are at my house, as I have been a really good girl?

  347. i am called martyn sykes am i on the good list or the noughty i hope ime on the nice list because if ime not ill be good

  348. Hi Santa,

    I’ve been realy good this year so prety please can i have a shiny new car (even for my brother?) his broke and i told him to be good so i hope he has been :)

    ps. I even stopped daddy eating all the mince pies so you could have one :)

  349. Thankyou for all you have given me.
    To be honest I’m not bothered what I recieve

  350. ive been working my all in school i try not to hit my little siblings or bother them you should know since i done it more than 2 times ima make sure i bring cookiez and reindeer food for you and your reindeers hopefuly i end up in the nice list so yeah christmas is god’s holiday and encluding jesus’s these are my fav faces: :) :( :3 😛 :l B/ and this is my fav charator in super smash brother melee: <—Kirby

  351. I hope I am on your nice list. Have a
    Merry Christmas Santa. Please eat well and
    rest well. Please dont get too cold, stay warm and drink lots of hot milk. I will
    leave some nice cookies and milk for you and I will also leave some celery and carrots for the raindeer. By the way, what kind of cookies do u like?
    Love you santa. dec 2010

  352. my nana says she is good but you may want to check because i think she is naughty ps. i am good she lives in Troy NC

  353. Well Santa you have been so great to us for years and years you have helped the elfs get things ready chrindren including me love you bring presents all over the world!!!!!!!

    PS hope to see you this year and next year.

  354. i am in 7th grade i want a colorado hat please love ya your friend, teiarah

  355. i am a very good boy.
    i am nice all the time.
    i hope i am on the nice list.
    for christmas i would like animal crossing gamecube please.
    it does not matter if i dont get what i want.
    at least i get something
    i wish you a very merry christmas and a happy new year.

  356. and when i come back i see rudolph and the ather reindeer aswell as santa in the sky !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i promise ………,,it’s awesome

  357. dear santa, i’m on the nice list,i hope if it snow’s it’s not a bunch because i won’t get to go have christmas with my grma,aunt,coisins and the rest of my family on my mom’s side and if i get to have it this year it will be on christmas eve like alway’s. on christmas day i have it at my house i can’t wait till christmas!!!!!!!! the thing about christmas is it’s jesus’s birthday!!!. that’s why we should pray before we eat.

  358. I do not know if I am on the naughty or nice list, but I will try not to fight with my little brother anymore! It will be hard, but I think I can do it! P.s. Do you think you could leave my brother a piece of coal? :) Can’t wait until Christmas!!!

  359. 1)held the door for people
    2) ALlow to go first at things
    3) Help out with my handicapped brother
    4) Use good manners
    5)Defend people

  360. santa iv been good this year my halo is a little crooked but thats ok.i cant belive christmas is almost here i relly want to see you


  362. Hi Santa!! I believe im on the nice list althow iv been a little mean to my sisters from time to time, but im getting better!! Im making christmas cookies, some for you, and im going to get some carrots together!!

  363. to santa your the best please reply to me because i have to know if i am on the nice list. i would like zho zho pets for christmas. im sad to hear that zho and zho zho pets was runing around the north pole for 1 whole week. any way good that there not real. merry christmas and a happy new year. love from Ciara xxxx

  364. Santa I am very excited about Christmas. I am trying to be very nice.I hope you have a good fly. I will write you a thank you letter.I hope you have a good Christmas.

  365. Hello, Santa! I hope I am on your nice list. It is too bad that there ARE kids who are naughty, but I guess it’s only fair that naughty kids don’t deserve presents. But I hope everybody’s trying their hardest to be nice…I am!I REALLY want to go with my family on a cruise on Oasis of the Seas, and I REALLY want a cute kitty!

  366. am i on the nice list i really want a springer spaniell puppy new born please thank you

  367. you are verrrrrrrrry fat for christmas if i dont get any gifts i want to go on a diet

  368. the nice things i have done this year is take care of my mom and watch the kids while she slept for work thats why i really want a girl puppy(golden retriver)but i already know im not going to get it cause my mom will say no cause we already have 1 but i can follow the rules but i really want this for christmas is a mini laptop thats real it will be my best christmas ever until the next christmas you are the best person i ever heard of please may i get what i want well all yall at the northpole have a merry christmas!!!!!! p.s. may i please get what i want!!!

  369. well to start out I have 2 Brothers and a mom and a dad and I would like to know if they are on the nauty or nice list becuase I want to tell.

    PS.My 2 brothers names are Jacob and Colten they are 7 and 5 and turning 6on Dec 29

  370. Ireally love christmas its the best time of the year i would like tickets to see JLS lots of love from LAUREN.

  371. Dear Santa,
    I’m twelve and I still kinda believe in you. But I’m getting older and its hard to be good! Please let me be on the nice list. see ya Christmas Eve!

  372. i have been a nice boy that i really want a x box 360!! and am i on the nice list???? maybe yes but i will really want this for christmas to be a chance like you maybe to be magic or have fun with yall please lol i hope you have a wonderful christmas!!!!! HOHOHO merry christmas!!!!!

  373. The Naughty and nice list well… It’s excellent! All my friends are checking where they are. If not I check it for them!!!!

  374. i tryed my very hardest to stay on your nice list santa, but to tell you the truth, i do not know, but im VERY excited for christmas, tommorrow im buying prestents for my familie 😀

    -Bethany| 😀 |

  375. Hi Santa! I believe I’m on the nice list, because after-all, everyone does something naughty one in a while! Anyways, next year I’m going to be even better! (It’s my New Year’s goal!) 😀 Im so excited for Christmas, were all decorated and we even have TWO Christmas Trees! Merry Christmas!

  376. Hi santa i would inly want for christmas is to snow and please i will be good could i please have a x-box 360

  377. please could i have a laptop and some beads and thread i’ve been reallly really goood this year


  379. it me again you told me to send you a email you i would like to change one thing from my list i would like a i pod touch and dsi and a ds i rote you a letter last year you were busy so one of your elf sent a letter back and he name is bubbles well see you on christ mas maybe if i wake up

  380. hello i have sent you a christmas list email ,i hope you remember me cos i remember you of corse evry one remembers you and this is what i’ve been doing this year:

    i’ve been buying gifts for evry one it feels good and some thing is tinggling in my tummy


    p.s your one of my heros !

  381. I have been good this year. We have two cats. One will try to give you loves. Her name is Amber. The other one will hide, but if you see him, his name is Milo.



  382. Dear Santa,
    I promise you I will dump some reindeer food on my grass for your reindeer to eat since they have been travelng so far. and p.s. I hope you can get me the stuff I want for christmas so good luck! my favorite holiday is CHRISTMAS!!!!

  383. Santa, i want for christmas is a ipod touch, dsi nintendo, and a labtop, and other surprises. im in the nice list. hope u have a merry christmas and a happy new year.

  384. i would really like a i phone 4 please i would be very good and i would really like a pug puppy i love pugs and really like puppys so i would take really good care of it and be really good if i got one my said i am aloud one :)

  385. I really really really want to see the Naughty and Nice list please!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  386. Hi Santa i just emailed you what i want for X-Mas and i really want one!! i mean a puppy. Please i’ll do really good this year PROMISE!!

  387. I would ilke a ipodtouch ,dsi game’s,ipad am i on the nice list i am sabrina elizabeth meadus my mom is sarah meadus my dad is bill meadus my bruther is luke meadus and my dog is teddy meadus

  388. Yes i was wondering for Christmas if could please and thank you have a real, real puppie, rather from the northpole or rather from my House, from my dogs named Jack and Miley because i love pets ad i just wish i had baby pup for Christmas? But try your best at what you can do this year.
    Love always,

  389. Dear Santa,
    I think I’m in the middle of naughty and nice. I hope you can decide.

    Your Friend

    P.S I hope for a laptop for Christmas.

  390. I have made up a bunch of Christmas goodies and bringing them over to friends so they can share them with all their own families too. I have gone out and helped others with sharing the christmas sprit. I love this time of year and the magic all around. May God Bless everyone and Keep safe the ones that aren’t with the families at this time so that they can return safe and sound to their loved ones!

  391. i was wondering if i was on the nice list i have been good this year and i wanted to know???

  392. I like you rudolph. I like you santa too. How are you reindeer? I like your elves. I will be at my grandmas for christmas. How is Mrs clause cookies ro rudolph?

  393. i have been good and bad this year because i have hit and yelled and lost my temper at my brother but i have been nice by giving presents before christmas

  394. im REALLY excited and looking forward to waking up my parent early to see what present i’ve got!!!

  395. Hi santa my name is rebecca house i can,t wait till christmas is comeing 5 more days till chrismas are you happy this is what i want i phone moxie girl
    compter i love you:)


  397. hi santa I hope i’m on the nice list and my cat to hehe 😀 love you santa

  398. Hello Santa! I live in Solon, OH in the U.S.A. I think I have been nice this year. I help my mom when she’s in pain, I help my mom carry groceries, I am nice to my friends, and I would give myself an A+ in sharing. Hope you have a nice trip on your Big Day!

  399. The phone booth at Hudson Gardens light display had us listed mistakenly on the naughty list. We are wonderful boys and are just sick about the misunderstanding. We try hard to share, be nice to eachother and be good boys at school. I wonder why that elf said we were on the naughty list. My mom says that elf was trying to be funny, but we did not think it was so funny.

  400. i have helped people and given them things like silly bandz and i help my little sister whitney all the time and i scratch my little brothers back and i massage my mom’s shoulders and i bought gifts for my friends and family. Even though i kind of liked the gifts, it felt so good giving them. I gave my girlfriend a cool neckalace too.

  401. Dear Santa, i think i have been a prity good girl this year but i know i can inprove on my behaveure!also can you be my dad since my reall dad is NOT really my dad and beacause i think your part of my family!!!Do you think i am part of your family???

  402. Hello Santa! I like to make people feel happy and make them have the best holiday ever so this year on Christmas eve i am going to promise everyone that i will make it the best holiday ever and make people feel happy!

    PS: You all at the North Pole are my biggest fan.And Ooh REINDEERS I HOPE YOU HAVE A NICE TRIP I AM LEAVING YOU SOME CARROTS!

    FROM Antonella Mostaccio

    To:Santa, Mrs Claus, The Elves AND THE REINDEERS!

  403. ive been good all year have you been good santa i could send u gift then

  404. hi im in girl scots and ya so i try my best ive been nice if you ask my mom and dad but i want lots of toy to

  405. i ahev benn pretty good this year and i am nice certified as i have a nice certificate from the “Incredible Elf-o-matic Naughty or Nice Determinator i just need to keep it up until christmas eve!

  406. HI Santa. How are you. What you at. Are you comeing to termon chapel on christmass eve.

    from Roisin

  407. i hope i am on the nice list santa lol anyway i hope i will get everything i wanted hugsxxxxx bye

  408. Hi Santa !
    I’m really excited because its nearly Christmas, are you?
    My Christmas tree is up you will see it when you come to give me and my sister presents, well I think so of course.
    Love From

  409. hi santa you told me to go on to your bolg i have member you send me a letter on sunday did my letter com to the nort pole

  410. hi santa just to let you know that i know what your message machine does

  411. Well i made a contribution to haihiti and have been nice most of the year I think! Ruzenka.

  412. I have fed my baby nephew about 20 times,and I also play with all my nephews and my niece when they dont have anything to play.I try to be the best uncle ever.I hope I am on the good list and cant wait until u come.I will never stop believing.

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