Santa’s Little Reindeer and Reindeer Names!

Posted by Santa Claus on December 4th, 2008

We have exciting news!  It is about the little !  (You did know a little reindeer was coming, right?)  Would you like to hear the news?

Well, I should start by saying something.  We are still waiting for the little reindeer to be born.  But, it is coming soon!  I promise!

We have more good news!  Mommy reindeer is doing very well. 

I put my hand on Mommy reindeer’s tummy.  I felt the little reindeer kick!  I felt the little reindeer kick some more!  It felt like the little reindeer was running.  Ho! Ho! Ho!  It felt like the little reindeer wanted to fly!  It felt like the little reindeer was saying “I want to pull Santa Claus’ sleigh!”.  What a rascal!  The little reindeer is full of surprises!

And, we have a special surprise for you!  Click on the link “little reindeer sounds” to hear the surprise.

Little Reindeer Sounds

How many sounds do you hear?  Can you guess what the sounds are?  You can leave a message for me with your guess.  Or, scroll down to see what other kids have said.

Mommy and Daddy reindeer say they have a few more surprises.  I can not wait to hear about the other surprises.  This is like waiting to open presents Christmas morning!  

I will write about the other surprises as soon as the Mommy and Daddy reindeer let me.

By the way, the reindeer LOVE all the names you have given us!  There are so many great names to choose from.  They have not seen a single name they did not like! 

Well, they were not too sure about ’s idea.  After all, there are better names than “Clumsy the Reindeer!” :)

Do you have more names for the little reindeer?  You can still leave the Mommy and Daddy reindeer a message!  We want to hear all the great reindeer names you can think of!

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S.  Can you guess what the little reindeer sounds are?  You can leave a message for me with your guess.  Or, scroll down to see what other kids have said.


290 Responses to “Santa’s Little Reindeer and Reindeer Names!”

  1. thois and alexis

    thengs for telling as a lot about you. Bat I have a ?. Where do you live. Answer me please. bey.


  3. zali

    what are all of the elves names i would like to no please. love from zali merry christmas HO HO HO!!

  4. courtney

    i think that is the baby reinder.maby you could call him/her twinkle or toodles

  5. Jaylee

    I Think Dixie for A Girl santa i think its cute!

  6. Katie

    May be tthe new parents should call him/her rudolph jr.
    or maybe frosty

  7. Alyssa

    i think you should name it after you!!!!!

  8. Emilia

    I think it should be called Mimi because thats my nickname

  9. Emilia

    mimi from emilia

  10. connor b

    i think that u shoul come to mi house and chill with me

  11. savannah

    i think you should have your new reinder teddy

  12. Abigail

    You should call it Noddy.


  14. Muireann

    Why don’t you call it Lightning!

  15. Megan

    What a momentoes occasion!If it is a baby Girl you should call her Lillie but if it is a baby Boy you should call him Jamie!

  16. Clara

    How about Snowflake?

  17. Jordan

    How about Kringle?

  18. Eryn

    How about Coal?

  19. Mary

    I think smasher would be good for a boy.

  20. Rachel

    I think sparky would be cute for a boy.

  21. Alex

    I think the baby’s name should be

  22. Drew

    I think you should name the baby Peace.

  23. Reece

    What’s the baby’s name?How big is he?

  24. Anonymous

    it sounds like a train!
    carly i mean from carly

  25. Madison McCormick your favorite

    I heard 5 sound i think! I am so excited about the little reindeer!

  26. emily

    For a boy it should be Max

  27. Andrew

    I think the baby reindeer was trying to fly

  28. Alex

    I think you should call the reideer Plto. Oh! I forgot my manners. So how is the mother reindeer going.
    Love Alex

  29. DAMIEN

    If the baby is a boy name him Joshie

    If the baby is a girl name her Eve

  30. Kristen

    I think it sounds like santas sleigh

  31. Emily

    I like Dixxie!

  32. emily

    well done hope you see her/or him on christmas

  33. tamara medal

    i think its the reindeer galloping and santa is going ho ho ho

  34. Tyrus

    I think it might sound like it pulling your sleigh.

  35. maren

    hgdluywtdwyet … gekqhjwg ekjqwhgekyqwte3 maren

  36. Tylar

    I think some good names for a girl would be Jem or Hope. And some good names for a boy are…George or Snowbloom. I don’t know but Jem is very good, do you think so?

  37. Angela

    I think the sound sounds like its crying.Merry Christmas also

  38. Caitlin

    I think Sweety for a girl or Dipstick for a boy
    Please write a letter back.

  39. megan

    i think there are 5 reindeer sounds

  40. fajes

    i think you should name it David or Steve

  41. Hannah

    You should really name the reindeer. . . umm. . . maybe you should call it Holly if it’s a girl or Jolly if it’s a boy! I don’t know actually a name for a boy! but I really hope it’s a girl!!!

  42. Nicholas

    I think it’s the baby reindeer’s heart, and I think I heard sleigh bells too.

  43. shannon

    muffled sleigh bells in water.

  44. sean

    i hope you name it skamper

  45. Sophie

    I think you should name your Reindeer Sophie or Shaun

  46. Hannah

    ultrasound of baby reindeer.

  47. Callum

    i think i heard the baby reindeer was trying to eat something

  48. Katie

    I think the new reinder should be named Jamey or James!!!!!!!!!!

  49. Crystal

    Dear Santa
    Hi how are you I ama been good this year i have been a angel
    I will leave you a big bowl of cookies

  50. Crystal

    I think you need your name the reindeer San and Santra.

  51. Ally

    Dear Santa Claus,
    My sisters are sometimes mean to me and they make messes after I clean! Help me change to be nice all the time!


  52. shane

    sleigh bells

  53. Ryan

    Twinkle For A Girl

  54. yonathan

    the baby raindeer

  55. Cody

    I think you should name him Cudels

  56. megan

    i like mistletoe

    anything really

  57. megan g!

    peace!u rock dude

  58. kayla

    You know a kid named kayla cox does not believe in you and so i have been helping her believe. So that way she would get a present this year.

  59. Darren

    The sounds hear like reindeer flying.

  60. Darren

    I think it is reindeer flying.

  61. Sam

    I know what to name the reindeer. “Bama”!!! or if that doesn’t work “Sam” so you can remember me in Alabama. My sister says to name it “Stella: which means star in Latin!

  62. Morgan

    Name the reindeer Noelle, because it’s a name full of joy and Christmas spirit, just like you, Santa! ;-)

  63. Chasity

    A toilet flushing, a train running, and a baby sheep baaaing

  64. Amber

    congratulations on getting a baby reindeer.

  65. jason

    the baby reindeers heart beat

  66. Allison

    I think it is a dog barking!!

  67. Sasha

    I think you should call the baby reindeer after one of these names:

    -Name him/her after one of the other reindeer




    -Nevaeh (heaven spelled backwards)

  68. Brayden

    Merry Christmas Santa. I want lots of toys this year. Happy New Year too.

  69. Juliana

    If it is a girl Candy
    If it is a boy Marshmallow

  70. Orienne

    It’s saying,”dashing through snow,running through the air,i wanna pull santas sleigh.”

  71. ty

    it could be noodles

  72. Grace

    you should name it miley

  73. katlin

    1.sleigh bells

  74. Taylor

    i hear 5 sounds.They were dog sounds.By the way you should name it Wuggles my old hamers name.

  75. Anonymous

    i think the name should be marth or samus or link i think is a cool one =)

  76. Allie

    You should name the Reindeer Joe Jonas, Joe is fine too. The noise sounded like HO HO HO and jingle bells!

  77. dale

    i think that you should name him geronimo or geronimo dude.

  78. dale

    i think you should name him dude or space buster.

  79. lauren

    bells,reindeer sounds, Roudolph’s nose.

  80. Imogen

    I love Raindeer! I am sooo exited but i cant wait til it goes on my house! Good Luck!

  81. Harry

    I think there is 3 sounds santa

  82. Natalie.Crump

    Who are the mother and farther of this baby reindeer? i bet he will be so cute and look like his parents .

  83. Francie

    Love the name Snugs.

  84. Angelica


  85. Madison & Makayla

    WE think they should name the baby Paige the Baby reindeer. That is soooo cute.

  86. CAMARI


  87. CAMARI


  88. Logan

    girls name

    1 Eva Paige
    2 Brook-Lynn

    boy names

    1 Trison
    2 Jaxson

  89. RebeccaJones

    Hay Santa,
    i just wanted to say congratulations to the mummy and daddy reindeer and that you should propaly use a name like jinggles of twinkle, so it has a catchy name like the others.

  90. Trey, Parker and Alyssa

    It sounds like a baby reindeer with bells jingling.

  91. mikayla

    I think U should name the baby reindeer Coco or Tinker Bell if it is a girl if it is a boy U should name him Coco or Santa

  92. kaitlyn

    i think there were 4 sounds.


    sssaaaannnttttaaaa! is coming to town


    He is probably so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  95. emilie

    I think the name should be Cosetta

  96. Carmen lazo

    Dear Santa I wish i could go see you at the American grocery store can you please come. Your Friend Carmen Lazo

  97. raymond

    What is your house address? Merry Christmas I love you! Rock on!

  98. brittney


  99. daniel

    a kid playing with racecar

  100. tyler

    i think its you

  101. mikayla

    ohh how cute a babby reindeer if its a girl a cute name would be 1.lillie 2.cupcake 3.marshmallow 4. princess a cute names for a boy would be 1.santa jr.2. mr. prance 3.browny congragulations to you about the babby reindeer!!!

  102. molly

    I hope you and your baby are doing graet

  103. sophie

    hope mummy reindeer is going good she could call he or she playfull hope it does go well

  104. jade

    hiya santa and reinders i carnt belive mommy reindeer had a baby

  105. fluff

    because it is a cute name.

  106. James

    I think it should be Joe if it is a boy or if its a girl Il name it fasty

  107. Pauline

    It sounded like a reindeer running and panting. I guess but maybe just maybe it is the baby.

  108. Andrew

    You should name your reindeer Snowberry

  109. tara

    i think the sounds were bells and reinders flying in the sky with there kicking legs

  110. Savannah

    I think you should name the baby reindeer Gumdrop.

  111. Jessica

    I think you should name the baby reindeer Sarah, if it is a girl, because that is my favorite girl name. If it is a boy, you should name him Jumpy. And I love you very much!

  112. kaitlyn

    i think it sounds like ho ho ho!!!

  113. Makenna

    The baby reindeer’s heartbeat.

    Reply From Santa:

    Makenna, you are half right!


  114. Emma

    ow!cute you luckliy thing i wish i had one i bet they are cute

  115. natasha

    that is fun can u make more
    sant can u say to the raindeers hi howa u

  116. Dara

    Hi santa,
    If it’s a boy reindeer I thought of snowdrop and if it’s a girl I came up with snowcrystal

  117. Josie

    Santa send a note to me plz inmy real mailbox! My address is ……………………..well you should know ! Thank you and have a merry christmas!

  118. emily cotgrave 10

    i think it is really good i think you need to put pictures on to show all the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  119. Jill

    Dear Santa, I think the baby reindeer sounds like your sleigh bells and you saying or laughing ”Ho Ho Ho”.

  120. Naomi

    I do hope the baby reindeer will come out healthy as a horse ( or should i say reinder hehe).


  121. kathryn

    hi ho ho ho ho. l am 7

  122. Annie

    well i stil belive in Santa Claus and when i am like 20 or somthing but i am 9 now til 2009 i will be 10

  123. Joseph

    Ithink one of the baby raindeer should be called Ben love Joseph

  124. Mrs Jones and Y1J

    The baby reindeer should be called Sky.

  125. ciara

    thank you for all your hard work on ower
    toys my friend sarah is very happy your visiting her house and cus she has a b+

  126. jacob

    you could name him/her shreck for the boy or fiona for the girl.

  127. Jodie

    your sleigh

  128. Jodie

    i like bubba jukes

  129. karina

    i want a bike!
    Reply from the Elves:

    The best way to make sure your wishes get into Santa’s book is to email Santa. They go straight in that way! If you put them on this blog then someone might forget to add them :(

    Merry Christmas!

    The Elves

    P.S. What’s the magic word? :)

  130. karina

    name him rodlf the red nose riendeer!

  131. karina

    i bet he is going to be cute!

  132. nicholas

    It sounds like Jingel Bells are ringging in her tummy.

  133. Karly

    You are great and the raindeers to is the baby born yet

  134. Joseph

    Baby reindeer heartbeat

  135. Mary

    I think that you should name the Reindeer Atnas

  136. Emily

    How about Eve! Like from wall-e! Or Christmas Eve!

  137. Carlee & Elaina

    We heard bells and ho ho hos!

  138. kendahl

    whos house do you to first?

  139. Mercedes Allison

    Santa what do you like to eat. for chrismas i like a D.s, Bratz, a Porcelain doll,Daffney Bunny and a good year

    Reply from the Elves:

    The best way to make sure your wishes get into Santa’s book is to email Santa. They go straight in that way! If you put them on this blog then someone might forget to add them :(

    Merry Christmas!

    The Elves

    P.S. What’s the magic word? :)

  140. Mary

    Santa I’m Really glad I read YOUR blog I hope the baby is definitly safe. You could call the reindeer Chocolate

  141. charley

    for a boy rudolph junior for a girl clarice junior

  142. teanna

    I think the baby should be named sane

  143. justyne

    if its a girl:Stardust if its a boy:Gregor

  144. amber


  145. Hailey and Carson

    Can you put more imformation on your internant

  146. Ellie

    I think the new reindeer should be called Cottenwhiskers if it is a girl .If it is a boy then mackenzie.

  147. Alex

    baby reindeers heartbeat

  148. Charlotte

    what shall i call my pig

  149. ARIEL

    i hope it will be born on chistmas!!!!!i think we should name it something jolly! jolly would work

  150. Blake Thirion

    “BUDDY” or “TOBY” or “marti” or “~JACLYN~” or “KYLE” or “BLAKE ” OR “GARRETT” OR “ASHTON”

  151. Maricela

    how about chris

  152. jasmine

    what do you look like

  153. jasmine

    nehh nehh jengle jengle

  154. Rachel

    I think it is a baby reindeer ultra-sound and you going ho ho ho.

  155. tyler


  156. tyler


  157. Ailie

    Are the new baby reindeer cute and who are thier mothers?

  158. mercedes

    have i been good what are the elves named

  159. hannah

    sounds, like i can’t here it though

  160. hannah

    for a girl……
    for a boy……..jingle

    P.S when do baby reindeer fly and hey rodolf i am going to give you and your frinds carots.

    love hannah xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoooooxxxxx

  161. Tyrus

    if it is a boy dorito and if it is a girl princess

  162. tamara

    vvvvvvvvvvvv … hhhhhhhhhhh

  163. Ally

    The name should either be speed or snow flake

  164. Jesse

    Is it five sounds?

  165. felecia

    i think you should name it snowflake

  166. gianna

    hi santa i want to go to the north pole

  167. Jaclyn Thirion

    I think you should name him or\her ethir mackenzie or dillon

  168. Maddie from LA


  169. katieee

    i love yu santa u rock!!!!!!! xxxx

  170. soophie

    how old are you

  171. alyssa

    hey can you tell rudolph i love his name and it must be kinda hard to grow up with that name wish him hope love alyssa

  172. Corey

    Heartbeats and jingle bells.

  173. elen

    i didnt get to hear anything

  174. ellie

    hi santa i am really glad you are having a new reinder it must be very excited

  175. alex fredrick

    girl….. ivory
    boy….. stricker

  176. mollyyybell--end

    ilvoe you sanat
    miss you
    want you
    need you

  177. Daniellaa Battrickk

    I Love You Santa Claus
    Missss You

  178. taylor

    you have aome good names

  179. molly mae

    i would really love to see the baby reindeer i would personally call it bouncer anyway MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!

  180. Cheylor

    Girl- Panze
    Boy- Zipper

  181. megan

    HI, Santa i think there are 6 sounds

  182. Nolan

    I think you should name him or her Present.

  183. Nolan

    Name him or her Jolly.

  184. Rory

    Dear Santa, I think Christopher is a swell name for a boy reindeer. Christy would be good for a girl .x

  185. HOLLY


  186. Jessica

    hey i am 11 and i know that it is a baby reindeer in a altrasound and yes i know that i am a little old to be on this site but hey i love this site…it is sooooooo cool!!

  187. jesse

    you should name him flyer

  188. taylor

    hy how old about are the raindear my sisters keep asking how cute zre they

  189. maddy

    I think chet or jet are awsome names

  190. kristen


  191. Chelsea

    I think for the girl it should be Pixie and for the boy it should be Ethan. Those would be the bestest names ever!!!!

  192. azriel

    Call it teddy

  193. azriel

    call it jonurey

  194. kelly

    you should name it Frosty.

  195. Abbey

    i think you should name the girl Trixie and name the boy Scott.

  196. SARA


  197. kayci reneau

    i love christmas

  198. kayci reneau

    i love you

  199. marina trissville

    mabe call the boy danner and the girl roser

  200. andrew

    andrew holly jolly toeyy zaack, m,ac attack

  201. Harriet

    I hope you have good luck

  202. Mallory

    About the name Lucy, Saint Lucy is also known as Saint Lucia!

  203. grace

    i think baby reindeers are very cute animals. i think they are very nice

  204. baylee

    i heard 3 sounds

  205. cyna

    the sound was a ultra sound mashein

  206. sara

    It is a nice name

  207. winston

    balley it is a great name

  208. Luke M.

    YOu should name the reindeer Sam if its a boy. Or, if it’s a girl, please name her carly!

  209. sophie

    i think it should be called snowy.

  210. Anonymous

    All names are sooo cute!! Santa you guys are going to have a hard time picking only one name… also who is the mommy and daddy of the baby? Anyway Good LUCK! ♥♥♥♥

    Merry Christmas♥♥

  211. olivia

    is it a boy or girl if boy blake if girl sereana

  212. Princess

    why do you live in the north pole santa?????

  213. Delaney

    You should name it Symorine.

  214. taleyah

    i like red.

  215. Anonymous

    boy HO HO HO girl Cocca

  216. Rosie

    dear Santa i think that you should call the twins Sophie and Sophia! because the names sound the same merry christmas and a happy new year!

  217. riley mejias

    hi santa im ma 12years old i love to right poems about how real yuo r….

    p.s. i still bealive

  218. lauren

    it sounds like 5 ho,ho,ho,ho,ho

  219. Liscia

    I heard you saying ho ho ho.
    I also heard your bells on your sleigh.
    Merry Christmas,

  220. Marriah

    Girl: Evelyn

    Boy: Tyler

  221. leon

    if it is a boy i think…..bambe if girl i think…..rachel.

  222. megan

    i think i know the reindeeers names

  223. mariah

    i love santa

  224. Mackenzie

    I think there was 4 sound’s. I think you should name your new raindeers name Dixie.

  225. Daniela

    I think you should name the girl Lover and the boy Polo! (PS. GOOD LUCK!)

  226. dylan

    i think the name frosty for a girl and dazzerler for a boy.They cant be real names because reindeers dont have real names if its calld dazzzerler it can lead santas sleigh

  227. dylan

    frosty and sparky

  228. yvonne

    thomas for the boy and angela for the girl.happy new year to you all including the baby reindeer.

  229. Jacob

    If the two new reindeer have red noses i think you should name them Blinky and Glower

  230. Daryna

    sound of sleigh

  231. tyrus

    I bet the reindeer is cute.

  232. marie

    i think you should name it snowflake!

  233. tyrus

    I think it’s name should be greda if it is a girl.michael if it is a boy.

  234. norita

    oh congratulation!:}
    you have a new reindeer to be on the sleigh with you!
    im so happy for you!;}
    so watchu gonna name it:}

  235. Sarah

    I have thaught of two new names.Boy=Jingel and the girl=Bell.
    Like the names?
    Tell rudolph and clarice i say hi and i hope the babys are perfectly healthy when they are born.

  236. Ashley

    i was thinking we should call the reindeer ocean since santa goes over the ocean to viet all the other places

  237. Georgia

    how old is the north pole

  238. georgia

    do u like me

  239. Georgia

    Can u see what every single child in the world is doing and saying?

  240. Georgia

    how are the baby reindeer? o u know what ur going to name them yet?

  241. gracie

    I think you sould name he/her. boy’s name jeff the girl’s name dixie chick!!!

  242. kylie

    i think the new baby reindeer name should be wynter the reindeer

  243. Caleb

    Boy = Derek Jeter
    Girl = Sandi

  244. ARSHLEY



  245. charlotte

    mearrr mearrrr mearrrr

  246. charlotte

    if they are twins you should call them Gemma and Geasell

  247. Sian Butcher

    Santa what would you like for your christmas treat? by the way good lucke on your trip around the world everyone belives in you

  248. Lauren

    I think the sound was the reindeer.I think you should name the girl snowflake and the boy snowball!

  249. Brittne

    I really hope the babys are here soon.Their proabaly going to be so cute

  250. jessica

    hohohoho santa

  251. jessica

    you should name them aidan and madeline

  252. brianna

    you should name the boy Sebastain

  253. rhodes

    bambi or snowina or dixie

  254. alysann karhi

    it looks like a ultrasound

  255. megan

    riahanna or olive or olivia

  256. BRIAN


  257. Fiona

    I think you should name him/her Twinkle Tose or Eva

  258. justin

    how many reindeer are there now and what are there names.

  259. Peyton

    I think it was the babies heart beat.

  260. Elizabeth

    i heard a jingling sound it could of been rudolghs bell!!!!!!!!!!!!

  261. destini

    it was the reindeer heartbeat

  262. Eva

    I think the first one is your sleigh bells.

  263. Eva

    I think we should name it Alex bryll

  264. Eva

    One girl tried to name it after me….
    Santa one day will you bring me a dog please
    Thank you



    p.s your the best santa cluse

    pps i like you to rodeolfe

  265. tara

    hi it is tara it is only 51 sleeps till tara

  266. Matthew

    I think baby reendears are realy cute
    and loving

  267. erin

    your reindeer baby should be could chet i love that name it gust makes me have a feeling when i think of the name ps.tell me your name

  268. kirsten

    i love rudolph l kirsten

  269. haley

    maybe the baby reindeer name should be christe or snowflake.

  270. taylor

    ha santa i think your the coolest guy i now.

  271. Vanessa Legge

    wow i told you santa I would write on your blog i love you like i say always to you when i wrote you like a million times,

  272. presley

    i heard bells and a hohoho

  273. pjnnn

    Or name the baby Crystal or Snowflake

  274. Tiarni

    It Sounded like “Let Me Pull The slay”

  275. ryan

    i think the sounds were a baby raindeer in her mommys stomatch

  276. Whitney

    What are all of the names?

  277. RENEE


  278. taylor

    hi i think you should name the newest raindeer misletoe

  279. latifah drayton

    Reply from the Elves:

    The best way to make sure your wishes get into Santa’s book is to email Santa. They go straight in that way! If you put them on this blog then someone might forget to add them :(

    Merry Christmas!

    The Elves

    P.S. What’s the magic word? :)

  280. mia

    hi ummmmmmm do you like pineapple

  281. morgan

    if it is a boy i think:dixson

    if it is a girl i think:bambi


  282. morgan

    i would like a mini laptop for christmas

    Reply from the Elves:

    The best way to make sure your wishes get into Santa’s book is to email Santa. They go straight in that

    way! If you put them on this blog then someone might forget to add them :(

    Merry Christmas!

    The Elves

    P.S. What’s the magic word? :)

  283. BRIANNA


  284. Alivia

    Santa what i would like for Christmas is a America girl doll named Julie and if so can you also do 1 out fite with here if you can thanks and have a good day BYE!! ~Alivia~
    Reply from the Elves:

    The best way to make sure your wishes get into Santa’s book is to email Santa. They go straight in that way! If you put them on this blog then someone might forget to add them :(

    Merry Christmas!

    The Elves

  285. Van

    I think it is the baby raindeer’s kicking sound and some bell jinglings. Hope I’m right. HO<HO<HO! Have a jing-a-ling Christmas!!!

  286. Tamara

    Hi Santa,

    I really like your reindeer’s. I have never seen the new baby reindeer.
    For a girl you can name it Tinsel and for a boy name it page!!!:D

    From Tamara!!!:D OXOX

  287. Paris

    It sounds like reindeer pulling your sligh.That is a cool sound.

  288. ben

    i think his name should be rocket

  289. charley

    if a girl holly if boy jolly

  290. Nicole

    I think you should call the reindeer buddy
    If it’s a boy and if it’s a girl you should
    Call it mistletoe

  291. Troy leblanc

    I would like some new Jordan shoes

  292. Jolene

    Dear Santa Clause,

    I need help naming my reindeer on the roof. We don’t have a lot of time, but with your help we can do it. We only have in till ether Saturday witch is tomorrow, or in till Tuesday witch is in two days. so lets think of names.


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