Red nose reindeer cats! Read a silly North Pole story now! :-)

Posted by Santa Claus on December 15th, 2013

Pudding the Christmas cat went to visit the reindeer today.  The reindeer were having fun playing reindeer games.  Pudding joined in with a snowball game!  Prancer threw an extra big snowball.  SMACK!  It landed right on top of Pudding.  Only her whiskers could be seen poking out!

Pudding decided to go and visit the young reindeer. They were too little to play reindeer games. The youngest reindeer were having a flying lesson. It takes a lot of practice to be able to pull my sleigh you know! Today was take-off and landing practice. It is not easy to land on a roof and then take off again. One of my young reindeer got stuck on a roof just the other week!

Pudding watched as the reindeer took off one by one. They all did very well. Then he watched as they came in to land. SWOOSH! The first one landed a bit too fast. A big wave of snow covered Pudding. SPLAT! The second one came in to land. Another wave of snow hit Pudding. FLUMP! The last reindeer landed on his butt! Another big shower of snow fell on Pudding.

“Brrrrrrr! I’m out of here,” said Pudding. She shook off the snow with a shiver. She decided to visit her reindeer friends in the barn. “ACHOO!” she sneezed. “ACHOO! ACHOO! ACHOO! Oh no! I’m catching a cold,” she said. “I need to get warm.”

Rudolph the red nose reindeer was lying in a cosy bed of straw. Pudding snuggled up beside him to get warm. “ACHOO!” she sneezed. Ho! Ho! Ho! Pudding’s nose had gone as red as Rudolph’s.

“Look!” said the other reindeer. “It’s Pudding the red nose Christmas cat!”

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S.  Have you ever caught a cold?  What do you think Pudding should do to get well again?  You can click here to tell me about it or, scroll down to see what other people have written!


67 Responses to “Red nose reindeer cats! Read a silly North Pole story now! :-)”

  1. 67
    My friend brianna said:

    lets make sure no buh humbugs this chrismas

  2. 66
    My friend Sydney said:

    I think pudding should take a nap and eat warm soup.i hope pudding feels better!

  3. 65
    My friend Halle said:

    When i have a cold i eat soup because it keeps me warm.

  4. 64
    My friend mya said:

    Who is pudding?

  5. 63
    My friend Rory said:

    Hi santa you are very busy I am 10 years old I drew a picture of you winking I scetched it and I couple red it in and then I wrote a letter for you saying that can you show it to your raindears and of course Mrs Claus and you and your elfs and don’t forget rudolph the red nose raindear

  6. 62
    My friend natalie said:

    that cat should be by the fire to be nice and warm

  7. 61
    My friend John said:

    A pudding pie will get your cold better :-)

  8. 60
    My friend Ashley said:

    Well, give her warm milk and care for her. Give her a nice bed by the fire. That will help her warm up. Don’t let her go outside cause she will get even sicker and give her a blaket to cover up with. Make sure u bring her food to her cause she will feel to sick to get up. It will go away in about three days if u listen to me. love, Ashley be safe P.S care for her and mrs.claus needs to stay with her to make sure she does not get to hot or to cold just remember care for her

  9. 59
    My friend Melissa said:

    Santa when I lived in Louisana u would come in a boat cause i lived near the bayou

  10. 58
    My friend sunni bono said:

    I HAVE THE COLD RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  12. 57
    My friend sunni bono said:

    I Love Christmas I Am Already In The spirit

  13. 56
    My friend austin said:

    hi what are you doing and can i have a xbox 360 please and a combine and a trator and a 4wheeler please and thankyou and have a merry chrimst.

  14. 55
    My friend 09prinssesb3 said:

    i like it that the cat is called pudding. are you writing a new story for this year?
    hope so. if you do that would be so

  15. 54
    My friend Holly said:

    I think Pudding should rest and drink warm lemonade. I also think she should go under some warm blankets on and stay in until she gets better. Otherwise, she will get more of a cold

  16. 53
    My friend sigourney said:

    Dear santa,
    its me sigourney i cant wait in till christmas because i love opening prezents

  17. 52
    My friend Arianna said:

    Also, just come by my Mammaw’s and Grandaddy’s place for Xmas. ;) (y)

  18. 51
    My friend Arianna said:

    I really don’t like it when I have to wait for a electrician has to go to my new home. I haven’t even moved in yet! It’s kinda like having to wait till you get better from being sick.

  19. 50
    My friend Elizabeth said:

    She should be in bed, Have some chicken noodle soup, And be comfy and warm!:-)

  20. 49
    My friend miangel said:

    I love you

  21. 48
    My friend Rebekah said:

    I had a cold before. She should take some medicine. And she should be in bed.

  22. 47
    My friend paige said:

    i think she should be in bed

  23. 46
    My friend Caroline said:

    I have had a cold before. She should have some saltines and drink sprite

  24. 45
    My friend Emma said:

    Stop deleting my comments :C

  25. 44
    My friend Beyoncé said:

    Emma here, and I have a cold right now :c turquoise llamas are my inspiration. I’m in 7th grade and I said that for no reason. Byeee :D

  26. 43
    My friend mia souter said:

    hi I <3 you and wish all luck to you

  27. 42
    My friend Alexandra said:

    That is both a funny and weird story; I never really get colds though.

  28. 41
    My friend lily and chloe(both twin sisters)(both 9 years old in 3rd grade)said: said:

    merry christmas!!!!! … !!!!

  29. 40
    My friend lily and chloe(both twin sisters)(both 9 years old in 3rd grade) said:

    me and chloe’s favorite time of year is christmas because we get to see our family and we love our family

  30. 39
    My friend Saruul said:

    Yum Pudding!

  31. 38
    My friend Alessandra said:

    I love Santa and elves :D

  32. 37
    My friend emily said:

    i love you

  33. 36
    My friend MIA said:



  34. 35
    My friend allyson said:

    give her chicken soup

  35. 34
    My friend Lola said:

    drink milk and water and eat num nums

  36. 33
    My friend Elvira said:

    My friend elizabeth said: i ilke christmas because santa claus giter all The boys and grli.

  37. 32
    My friend Viviana and Bryan said:

    My favorite time of year is Christmas.My brother and I love it so much
    We made a new Christmas song . We will see you at email.santa.
    Love Viviana and Bryan

  38. 31
    My friend Jack said:

    Hey Santa can you tell Prancer ONLY that I have a treat for her in the fridge cause she’s my favourite reindeer can you also give me a ring when your leaving to come to Australia so I can go to bed. Mrs clause has a treat to.

  39. 30
    My friend jayden said:

    you should go to the docter or give her medicn

  40. 29
    My friend samantha said:



  41. 28
    My friend samantha said:

    hahaha c=

  42. 27
    My friend samantha said:

    and do u like cake

  43. 26
    My friend samantha said:

    hi hope your well for xmas

  44. 25
    My friend louiza said:

    she shod go to bed

  45. 24
    My friend LIZZY said:


  46. 23
    My friend Avery said:

    Pudding should drink hot chocolet and sit by the fire untill she feels better

  47. 22
    My friend nick said:

    nazel spray for cats

  48. 21
    My friend anna lauren said:

    lol! it was funny! hahaha! pudding the red nosed raincat!!!! had a very sneezy nose! and if you ever say him would say it doesnt glow!

  49. 20
    My friend elyse said:

    well when my sister has a cold my mom gives her fruit tea

  50. 19
    My friend Tommie said:

    Get warm in front of the fire

  51. 18
    My friend Madison said:

    Take a nap and feel better soon and could you give me some advice about bloging and “Merry Cristmas.” I love you Santa!!!!! Can you say “HI HI HI HI HI HI HI HI HI HI HI to everyone even the reindeer also the elves and Mrs.Clause “Please??”!!!!!

  52. 17
    My friend Vanessa said:

    Just give her some warm snuggles and wrap her in a blanket and I’m sure she’ll be fine.

    Hope she feels better,


  53. 16
    My friend hannah said:

    I hope pudding is okay after the snow fell on her head. Make sure she doesn’t get sick.

  54. 15
    My friend nela said:

    dear santa i love you xoxoxo

  55. 14
    My friend jessica said:

    aww cute 1st

  56. 13
    My friend Austin and Braiden said:

    Rest and take medicine. If you are really sick, lay in bed with a blanket and a good stuffed animal! Hope you feel better soon.
    p.s-also, eat lots of chicken noodle soup!!

  57. 12
    My friend cassidy said:

    you make up the best stores santa

  58. 11
    My friend Matalie said:

    So funny

  59. 10
    My friend shayla said:

    LOL santa you and roulph are funny

  60. 9
    My friend skye said:

    funny pudding

  61. 8
    My friend Jazmine said:

    I think if he ever gets sick again he should take some medicine and rest to get well next time. Have a merry Christmas everyone I will always believe and be good your the best, Jazmine

  62. 7
    My friend Ella said:

    Wow Santa that is soooooo Rad I love it and you too
    Don’t worry

  63. 6
    My friend Attiya said:

    Santa it was my birthday today and I was nine and I didn’t get presents for my birthday or last christmas please can you come to my house and give me the presents I want this christmas.

  64. 5
    My friend braeden said:

    thank you for that silly story santa

  65. 4
    My friend braeden said:

    so silly

  66. 3
    My friend Alex and Joe said:

    Funny!!!!!!!!! :)

  67. 2
    My friend sophie said:

    if youget colds you should have any warm drink before bed and buy soothers

  68. 1
    My friend sophie said:

    lol snow pudding anyone?!

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