North Pole Newsflash 2011: Santa Fit To Fly!

Posted by Santa Claus on December 21st, 2011


North Pole — (Dec. 21, 2011) – Santa Claus’ personal doctor, Dr. Alf Doctor, today told the press that Santa Claus and the are fit to fly .

“It is true”, said Dr. Doctor.  “Santa Claus and the reindeer had their annual doctor visit today”.

When asked to tell everyone how Saint Nick looked, Dr. Doctor replied,

“His eyes — how they twinkled!
His dimples how merry!
His cheeks were like roses,
His nose like a cherry!

He had a broad face,
And a little round belly,
That shook, when he laughed,
Like a bowl full of jelly!

He was chubby and plump;
A right jolly old elf;
And I laughed when I saw him,
In spite of myself!”

One elf reporter asked where Santa Claus was today.  Dr. Alf Doctor replied that Santa was very busy.   He was getting his reindeer and sleigh ready for the big night.

Another elf reporter asked Dr. Alf Doctor if he had any worries about Santa’s health.  Dr. Doctor said, “He is feeling great, but Father Christmas does seem a little skinny this year.  I put him on a strict diet of milk, cookies and other yummy treats Christmas Eve.  That will give him the extra energy he needs to deliver all those presents.”

Dr. Doctor also said that Rudolph’s nose is glowing very bright.

“His nose it glows so bright,
It really is a sight!
So I say, here today,
With merry and delight,
Rudolph can guide the sleigh
For Santa’s famous flight! ”

Of course, the elves make sure Santa and the reindeer stay healthy and safe on their big journey.  They track him using on Christmas Eve.   As a bonus, people will be able to watch live texting between Santa and Elf Control as Santa makes his famous flight Christmas Eve.  There are always some fun surprises!

Dr. Doctor ended the meeting with, “I hereby certify Santa Claus and his reindeer fit to fly Christmas Eve!”

Merry Christmas!

Dr. Alf Doctor

P.S.  Do you think Santa is ready to deliver all those presents?
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105 Responses to “North Pole Newsflash 2011: Santa Fit To Fly!”

  1. Jason

    Dear santa I know you might be busy right now but I just wanted to ask you which reindeers will be guiding you on christmas eve night pleas can you send me an email pleas


  3. yasmin

    dear santa for chistmas I would like a dr who sofa;lots of sprisizes in my stocking ;dr who figers;a real puppy and a real tv.
    from yasmin cabak
    p.s Howare you at the north poll.

  4. Estefania

    I LOVE SANTA!!!!!!

  5. Mollie

    yayy i am sooo glad Santa is ready to fly!! I am so excited for Christmas! =)

  6. Agne

    hi Santa Claus i love you very much

  7. Artis

    Hi, Santa
    Looks like your flying aircrafts this year, cause we have elves taking over planes at Riga airport:

  8. Supram

    When 25th December I open my gifts and like
    the gifts of Santa Claus.

  9. Lornie, Charlie and Harry

    Dear santa,

    We’re really pleased you’re fit to fly!

    Love, Lornie, Charlie and Harry x

  10. Ankit


  11. Gracie

    I think that he is ready to fly

  12. isabella

    i love santa


  14. Sabina

    Santa is it fun in the north pole you are the best santa

  15. norvajha

    hiiiii .omg

  16. Mackenzie

    Dear Santa,
    I’m so glad you and the reigndeer are ready for Christmas Eve! I can’t imagine a Christ,as without you.

  17. Sierra

    It must be hard work delivering all those presents to every kid on earth.S

  18. Alex

    I think santa is ready to fligh the sleigh and to deliver the presents

    Love ya santa

  19. Abbie

    i hope santa and riendeer had arivvedmy house at christmas eve i made him a cookie

  20. bobmary lou who


  21. Elizabeth and Santy

    Wow it sure would be hard to do that!:)

  22. hayley

    i hope i get what i want for xmas lol xxx <3

  23. Icy

    I’ll be waiting for you Santa!!
    have a safe Fly!!

  24. KORBAN


  25. mackenzie

    go santa !you can rock cristmas . everyone knows you can do it!

  26. chrissie

    santa is so ready for the flight

  27. catherine

    can you come when people are awake?

  28. Brennan from Denver, CO

    I think he’s ready to deliver those presents to good boys and girls!

  29. Jesse

    I think that Santa is ready to fly!!!

  30. Seth

    Santa, you are my favorite Santa. You gave me Doctor Bones Color Lab last year and I loved it. Thank you Santa.

  31. Paige

    hello santa and his elfs,reeindeers and his wife

    iv been good and merry christmas
    how do you fly across the whole world in 1 night its in possible you would have 2 fly 2 times beacauze some countrys are daylight when were sleeping

  32. aubreanna

    hello im aubreanna wel short for aubrey my nick name loulou anyways WE HAVE NO SNOW IN FRIDLEY AND NO SNOW FOR THIS CHRISTMAS ITS GOING TO BE A BROWN CHRISTMAS SANTA ARE YOU COMING STILL!




  34. reginawashowitz


  35. jesse

    You are nice santa.My sister says Hi too

  36. Katie

    I think Santa is ready to fly because he has every feature he needs and things ready for Christmas Eve!

  37. maggie

    well im glad santa can make his flight

  38. Georgia

    im so happy now i will not be able to sleep on christmas eve because i get presents from santa and my mum and my dad and im going to leave coies and milk and nuts for santa and for the reindeer a carot and reindeer food for Rudolph and Dasher and Dancer and Prancer and Vixen and Comet and Cupid and Donner and Blitzenlove georgia Happy christmas love from georgia xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx merry christmas and a happy new year


    I think santa is ready to fly and rudulph too! :) it is that santa always has someone to tell him if he can fly :)

  40. Carla

    Dear Santa,
    I want for chrismas are baby clothes

  41. sabrina

    hi santa how are you this year? and hows mrs claus? i espet your both well and a very merry christmas to everyone atthe north pole!!

  42. Briana

    wow. seems like good news to mee (:

  43. mikayla

    I can’t wait for Christmas.
    I am so glad to here that Santa will be able to go on his journey around the world!!!

  44. Ella

    Santa we won’t be here for Christmas!

  45. Aubreeana Moore

    That is a very cool doctors name.I would love to see one of your elfs.

  46. maggie and molly

    hi santa we are so glad all the riendeer and you are healthy have a merry christmas and i hope you can come and see us

  47. Caroline and Naomi

    Hi Santa

    ( CAROLINE )
    We are very happy that you fit to fly to bring our presents on the 25th wow

    ( NAOMI )

    glad that you had your flu jab so you will be coming very soon to us we will have rice cakes and coconut milk or cows milk for you to have. And for Rudolph we will have a carrot for him!!

    we will be sad if you can not get our barbie dolls but we will be ok if you can not!

    Love Caroline and Naomi

  48. Nicole

    I’m so glad your going to come Santa!
    I will make sure to put out cookies and milk and some carrots and some celery!! :) :) :) :)

  49. Mercedes

    Dear Santa
    I always knew you were fit to fly


  50. riley

    ready for take off

  51. lauren

    dear Santa,
    I hope you willhave a nice day and enjoy your Chistmas dinner and have a safe journey. My brother loves you he wants ben 10 things he is 4.

  52. Brittany B.

    Santa, please don’t forget me this Christmas.I have been waiting patiently for my navy blue North Face.Merry Christmas to you, Mrs.Claus, and Rudolph.
    Brittany B.
    age 12

  53. Jonah

    Yay! Good luck christmas eve!

  54. hali

    have fun on christmas eve hope you get tons of cookies and milk so you can be very happy and no more drinking that eggnog that will make to full before christmas eve i will be watching you on tv on the news have fun and i wish you a very merry christmas and if you see me on christmas eve dont be afraid love your best bud hali

  55. Saranamir

    Do you live in Canada?

  56. jackson

    I think he is because santa can come
    early our house tonight.

  57. Saba

    Sooooooooooooooo glad that Santa is able t come. Christmas is my favorite holiday, not just for the presents, but to have Santa and my family!
    Wish everyone a Merry Christmas.
    wish Santa Clause good luck, wish Mrs. Clause a nice day, wish the elfs to have fun and enjoy christmas, and lastly wish the wonderful reindeers to have fun flying and make sure Santa and them can have a wonderful, fun, joyful ride.

  58. mckenzie

    santa is deffenitaly always readt for his flight because he is magical

  59. ethan

    man i hope i get what i wanted, Merry Christmas!

  60. Heather

    Good luck on Christmas eve, I’ll put some cookies and milk out!!



  62. Leah

    From a kid’s perception, I think Santa is ready to fly.

  63. meagan

    you are the best santa ever

  64. Kennedy

    I think your really cool ill be looking for rudolph on Christmas Eve!

  65. liam

    i cant wait till you come around world to give all the children that have been good and what the asked for.

  66. Aaron

    Good Luck Santa…this is the best time of year…right before the big day.

  67. keely

    Dear Santa,
    Merry Christmas! Please come to Florida in the middle of your trip. I really want to see Santa tweets before you come on christmas eve. Anyways see you in 2 days.
    keely and chris

  68. carrie of colo

    My wish is that we find a cure for cancer n god bless those who are fighting it now i did for now merry christmas n happy new year

  69. jamellia potts

    i love you santa clause you are the best

  70. Anna

    santa como to my house erly plese. im very good girl i give you some cookies and milk enjoy! I LOVE YOU SANTA!

  71. genevie

    hi santa good bless you i love you give home for my family

  72. page

    i love the north pole i love every santa movie too i love every one at the north pole

  73. daniel

    merry christmas
    and go to runcorn tonight
    but it my christmas party tonight
    but you are coming

  74. Brittany B.

    So glad you are fit to fly on Christmas Eve!
    Merry Christmas!
    Brittany B.
    age 12

  75. taliah

    look for my letter that i sent

  76. Ryan

    Merry Christmas,please visit Florida so I can get my presents,have a happy new year.

  77. Paisley

    hello santa
    do you have a ds
    and is there an elf named Bonnie
    And is there a raindeer named Raymand

  78. ALEXA


  79. Jay

    I hope Santa is fit to fly I really want that video game and I been very good.

  80. Josh

    it is great your able to fly santa it is great

  81. Cassanda

    I am very happy that you are fit to fly on Christmas eve because I asked for some mighty good gifts that I hope to get.

    Merry Christmas

  82. john


  83. Rim

    Yes is always be fit for Christmas!<3

  84. susan

    merry merry chrismas santa merry merry chrismas i love chrismas iloe chrismas

  85. Austin

    I have been a good boy all year, and keeping the christmas spirit alive for others to just like me. Thank you for the toys, the candy, and of course, santa, thank you for the letters you give me every year. I love hearing about the north pole, the adventures, the excitement about christmas, and all of the excitement that comes along with the spirit of christmas. Well I got to go for now, but I will be wathcing Santa take off from the North Pole tonight. Love your adoribele believer, Austin

  86. vishan

    have a great flight santa and dont forget me

  87. ella

    I hope you come to my house tonight and bring a Ipod touch for me.

  88. Dylove

    i want to let you that i don’t have a chimmary i live in a apartment you could live it outside my door and i live you a soda because i don’t have cookies and i don’t know how to bake cookies so i love you

  89. Emma

    right now it is all ready christmas so ill have to say yes.

  90. cera

    i think santa will diliver all the presents

  91. bailey

    you are

  92. Emily

    I love the fact that im the only one of my friends to belive in santa i may be going on fro 11 years old but santa is still true to me

  93. dan dan

    He is more than ready!

  94. bailey

    yes yes he is indeed

  95. bailey

    yes yes he is

  96. Kylie

    Ho ya he is so ready to fly

  97. Sharni

    I love u can u please send me a video of the north pol

  98. carson

    i think you are awsome because you make every one happy

  99. amy

    All children love chrismas cause they all have there dream toys but me chrismas is my first favrout thing joined with my parents,my favroute dinner to! but this year is going to be very special cause my mum has got someone new in her life so we are a HUGE family all together.The other thing is that i have asked for the thing i have always wanted since they have came out and that is furby,fliker and white IPad pink case.

  100. amy

    santa clause is coming to town santa clause is coming to toooooowwwwnnnnn

    alll i want for chrismas is yooouuuu yooouuuu baby!

    jingle bells jingle bells jingle all the way!

    just keepon thinking about they songs :-D

  101. Callum

    I think Santa is fit to fly.

    Santa Clause is coming to town

  102. lindsay

    can you please get me an ipod touch for christmas? thanks for everything you gave me last year

  103. erica

    yes yes you are so ready to fly and do you belive santa

  104. lacey

    dear St Nick,
    I want to tell you that ill write to you even though i have email’d you.Even though you cant bring me everything i will be grateful for what i get.

    From your friend Lacey xxxx

  105. samuel

    when will the advent calander open on email santa

  106. Hayley

    You can fly.

  107. jessie

    santa i just wrote you a letter you said the elvs wanted me to go to this site how do i send you a message


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