The North Pole Christmas Music Parade

Posted by Santa Claus on December 5th, 2010

Clumsy & his tuba

Clumsy & his tuba

Every weekend before Christmas a different group of elves puts on a big parade.  It is a lot of fun.  After all, everyone at the North Pole loves a parade!

Tonight, the musical elves put on their big parade.  There is lots of Christmas songs and singing.  Their parade really puts everyone in the Christmas spirit!  Would you like to “hear” more about the musical elves parade?

Of course, there has to be something along the parade route.  That way everyone knows where to stand.  The musical elves put up all the words to all the Christmas songs in the parade.  Then everyone can sing along.  (Not that the elves do not already know all the words!)

The parade always starts with the All Elf Kazoo Band.  You should hear those little fellows play the kazoo!  Yes, there is only ONE kazoo but they all play it!  (It used to be called the All Elf and One Kazoo Band!  Ho! Ho! Ho!)

The elves in the parade sing all kinds of Christmas songs.  They stop along the parade route and start singing for everyone.  It is a bit like carolling for elves!  When they get a figgy pudding then the singing elves move on.

Of course, you cannot have North Pole Christmas music without Elfis!  All the elves scream when he starts to sing his hit Christmas songs like “Blue Elf Shoes”, “Sleigh Sleigh Rider” and “Elfhouse Rock”.  The air guitar elves are awesome too (they had lots of practice making Guitar Hero a few years ago :-) .

Can you guess what instruments the elves use to play “Jingle Bells” in the parade?  Can you guess who pulls the sleigh?

I think the Christmas Music Parade has the best bands.  They are really good!  But, I must admit, I still do not know why Clumsy the Elf always wants to play a great big tuba.  He can barely even lift it up it is so big!  So he wobbles from one side of the parade to the other.  Then he wobbles back again!  All the other elves in the band started to do it too.  It looked really cool (until the tuba ended up on Clumsy’s head!).

And that is how marching bands started!  (You should see some of the other fancy moves Clumsy has come up with by accident!)

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S.  Do you like to sing Christmas songs?  Do you think Clumsy looks silly in a tuba?  (You can leave a message here.  Or, scroll down to see what others have written!)


75 Responses to “The North Pole Christmas Music Parade”

  1. 75
    My friend Alicia said:

    Cool parades are awesome.

  2. 74
    My friend Alicia said:

    It is a real pleasher to have some of your elves visit us. I want it to snow so bad. For Christmas I want eletric scooter .

    See u soon, Santa

  3. 73
    My friend Elise said:

    I like love parades soooooooooooooo much:)

  4. 72
    My friend zora said:

    hi sannta i love the way you give me so much presants from zora xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx

  5. 71
    My friend Amelia said:

    Can I come for the elf music parade? Just pick me up at my house!

  6. 70
    My friend annette said:

    wich do you like more cooks or cakes

  7. 69
    My friend annette said:

    hi santa whats up

  8. 68
    My friend maura said:

    i srue do.

  9. 67
    My friend leah said:

    hi it is leah i love email to santa

  10. 66
    My friend morgan said:

    elvs u r CRAZY PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)


  12. 65
    My friend grumpythe elf jake wiliams friend said:

    i hope you have a happy birthday and christmas

  13. 64
    My friend ?????????? said:

    who is your favorite child?

  14. 63
    My friend ma ysabelle said:

    i want this!!!!

  15. 62
    My friend Beth Koele said:


  16. 61
    My friend liliana said:

    I think that even clumsy is disturbing he should still be loved espeshialy from me .)

  17. 60
    My friend liliana said:

    I think clumsy wannted to play the tuba because elfs talk softly and thety want to talk loud!

  18. 59
    My friend madison said:

    why did you let your elfevs do such werid things?????
    are your elfves on the nice or naughty list?

  19. 58
    My friend Ria said:

    i think i did sorry Santa one day i will be a good girl and i wish i could see you and say hi in real life to bad i can’t well good night Santa sweet dream’s i love you

  20. 57
    My friend Ria said:

    wait am i interrupting you in your sleep you told me you had 13 nights to sleep if i am i am sorry

  21. 56
    My friend Ria said:

    Hi santa I think of you as a good person

  22. 55
    My friend chase clear said:

    i hope you have a good time at the parade

  23. 54
    My friend jessey said:

    santa i sent you my wish list

  24. 53
    My friend jessey said:

    hi santa

  25. 52
    My friend shyanne gay said:

    :) i like your blog sofar

  26. 51
    My friend hayden said:

    you rock santa smile i wish i could see you right now

  27. 50
    My friend maria said:

    yhhhhhhhhhh nealy christmas

  28. 49
    My friend Marcos said:

    im exited for christmas

  29. 48
    My friend bailey said:

    hi santa this is bailey again i sent you a letter of what i want for christmas and i just wanted to check out your blog and about clumsy look silly in that tubu

  30. 47
    My friend Holly said:

    Hi, Santa this is holly that emailed you my email adress is edward041 i live in florence love u soooooooooooooo much

  31. 46
    My friend alexis said:

    i really love all the music when i get home it christmas music that really like all i love to do is that sing a long stuff

  32. 45
    My friend lily said:

    I do think he does

  33. 44
    My friend brigitte said:

    what do you eat?

  34. 43
    My friend mikayla said:

    hi silly eles gs pps ih advstg

  35. 42
    My friend makenna said:

    i can not belive that santa is bloging!

    mabye he sould try facebook.
    i would be his friend on there!!

    hope you all have a merry xmas!!

  36. 41
    My friend jessica said:

    i hope you can get down the chimney santa!here’s a joke: what is santa’s wife called? mary christmas!

  37. 40
    My friend chris said:

    hi again im wondering if the elfs

  38. 39
    My friend chris said:

    i bet the elfs play a mean tuba i mean its probebly funny to see them rocken out blowen that huge thing!!!!

  39. 38
    My friend christa said:

    Hi santa i love you alot!I’m in my christmas play at church.I’m an angel.I have to wear a halo a dress and some wings.I am also in my christmas program at school.I have to sing christmas don’t be late.Well thats all i have to say bye.

  40. 37
    My friend Annjala said:

    merry christmas

  41. 36
    My friend colleen said:

    dear santa,
    i love you so much!!i hope you, the elves, the reindeer, and mrs claus have a wonderful christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(:

  42. 35
    My friend tyty said:

    dear santa i love you you are the best thank you for coming to my house last year hope you come this year love santa

  43. 34
    My friend McKenna said:

    Today, 2 hours ago I was in the towns 5-12 grade band concert. I’m in 6th grade and last year I played the violin, but this year I play percussion!:) I love it!!:) My sister plays the flute. we both plan to play in High School!:)

  44. 33
    My friend madeline said:

    Dear Santa,
    I hope u have a wonderful Merry Chirstmas and very Happy New Year.p.s.My sister and i will leave your favorite cookies,milk,and soda and food for the reindeer. sinerly,

  45. 32
    My friend maddie said:

    yes i do think clumsy looks silly in a tuba and yes i like to sin chirstmas songs. I HOP U HAVE A MERRY CHIRSTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

  46. 31
    My friend melody said:

    clumse is so funny from geting his head stuck in a tuba(laugh). why does clumse pick a tuba he can barly lift it up.:)

  47. 30
    My friend Logan said:

    clumsy looks silley in a tubu. are the parades fun.

  48. 29
    My friend juan said:

    I will leave my camera in a table beside the tree so please wake me up ok and leave my present in my closet please ok

  49. 28
    My friend juan said:

    ooooooooooooooh he shoud be so silly there inside a tuba

  50. 27
    My friend Zoee said:

    Dear Santa,
    Ha ha ha!or should i say ho ho ho!I cant wait for Christmas day!thank you for everything you do!
    P.S.Do you have any Christmas traditions that you do every year?

  51. 26
    My friend Isabella said:

    I wish I could go to a parade I’m not to sure if I’ve been to a parade. Anyway merry christmas to all.

  52. 25
    My friend Anthony said:

    hey santa claus I love you and I think everything is wonderful ,beautiful and magic and very very funny always (anthony)

  53. 24
    My friend Anthony gomez said:

    hey santa claus I love you and I think all is wonderful,beautiful and really funny (always anthony)

  54. 23
    My friend Katherine said:

    Santa I Love You XD XS XO

  55. 22
    My friend Ashley said:

    Dear Santa,
    I love to sing, so I ecspecially love sining Christmas carols. I am actually singing a solo in a Christmas Concert for school! I bet Clumsy looked pretty silly but, it sounded like it worked out!

  56. 21
    My friend Anonymous said:

    ih elfs and raindeers and santa and misses claws u gies are cool

  57. 20
    My friend Samantha said:

    great blog!

  58. 19
    My friend Kate said:

    Go Santa Parade

  59. 18
    My friend Olivia said:

    Santa wish everyone a Merry Christmas cause they deserve it. I am definitely trying to put out a lot of Christmas Spirit! Love you soooo much!

  60. 17
    My friend fabiola said:

    hi i love u !! <3

  61. 16
    My friend martha said:

    I love christmas songs they bring happiness and joy to the world.And clumssy did look a bit silly.

  62. 15
    My friend Jaden said:

    Hey Santa Clause or those cookies building up? I know the true meaning of Christmas, its not about the Presents, its about love and caring and holiday fun. I hope you write back to me. Your Friend Jaden

  63. 14
    My friend jasmin said:

    i think he would look really funny !

  64. 13
    My friend shriky said:

    clumsie is so clumsie!!!!!!!!!!! and i never new he can play the tuba.

  65. 12
    My friend Cailey said:

    I hope you enjoy the parade!

  66. 11
    My friend anna said:

    SANTA you are good person can you come one christmas eve and bring a camera wake me up and take a picture of us please love you

  67. 10
    My friend nicole said:

    i love your idea of a music parade and i wish i could come

  68. 9
    My friend nicole said:

    ive got a wobbly tooth and im worried about it

  69. 8
    My friend Debbie said:

    Awesome Santa. I just wanna know, in the christmas parade they have food? what kind of food?

  70. 7
    My friend emily said:

    yes the elfs would look silly .

  71. 6
    My friend THERESA said:



  72. 5
    My friend lauren said:

    did Clumsy get his head stuck in his tuba?Santa keep writing those blogs i love them and they are very funny c ya at Christmas bye!

  73. 4
    My friend Dina said:

    I play the clarinet at school. (=

  74. 3
    My friend misty said:

    cumlumsy elf

  75. 2
    My friend Ellie said:

    Hi santa how are u what are you doing right now??

  76. 1
    My friend Bethany said:

    Only 20 days untill christmas im so excited! and you should get clumsy maybe a flute :) . And santa, i wanna thank you for writing this blog, it is what makes me less hyper while i wait for christmas! :)

    Merry Christmas

    -Bethany| :) |

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