Mouse the Littlest Elf is a bit afraid

Posted by Santa Claus on December 19th, 2012

The actor elves are excited about this year’s Christmas show.  They have been working on their lines and costumes for weeks.  I am sure the show will be a huge hit!

But there was a “little” problem…

This year is a first for Mouse the Littlest Elf.  She has a speaking part in the show.  She has been so excited.

Now that the show is getting closer, she is feeling a bit nervous.  The thought of getting up in front of the entire North Pole has her wanting to crawl back into bed.  What if she forgets her lines?  What if she messes up?  What if people laugh at her?

She was so afraid of not doing well that she thought she might quit the show.  Someone else could play her part.  She would help with lighting again this year instead.

The other actor elves would not let her quit.  They insisted that she stick with it.  She has a fun part and they know she can do a great job.

Well, Mouse decided she would keep trying.  She was NOT going to quit.  She practiced and practiced her lines.

Today, when rehearsals started, she performed perfectly!   There was no reason to be afraid about making mistakes any more.  She knows her lines by heart.  No more nerves!

Now she is just really excited and thankful she hadn’t quit. She can’t wait until show time so she can be part of the big night!

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S.  Have you ever been nervous when you are in front of a crowd?  What did you do to get over your fears?  You can click here to tell me about it or, scroll down to see what other people have written!


42 Responses to “Mouse the Littlest Elf is a bit afraid”

  1. 42
    My friend Autumn Bender said:

    dear santclaus peopel do not bleve in you but I do

  2. 41
    My friend angela said:

    hi santa what are you doing

  3. 40
    My friend lux said:

    well mouse i live down here in miami and i go to a greek school and i always get picked to answer teacher only lets us speek in greek.sometimes when i do i cant i look into my memory and i can answer it. here is what you should do…take a deep breath look into your memory and say your lines. remember to hold your head up high.good luck ;]

  4. 39
    My friend Macy said:

    In matter of infact it was today! In my 5th grade class we had to do a report on a story and I had to do all the work! We had to represent or projects and guess who had to do it.. Me so my group I was working in was laughing cause I was nerveos it made me very upset

  5. 38
    My friend ESLYN said:

    dear santa good day i cant wait till nov.30 so i can tell you what i want for christmas

  6. 37
    My friend Eleanor said:

    I had a school play and I was really nervous so I closed my eyes and opened them when I needed to but I done it(eventually)

  7. 36
    My friend Mary-Jo N. said:

    ive been in front of a very large crowd before and yes I was really scared. so please let mouse know that she is not alone. tell her that if she needs to talk/vent then she can ask santa for my address and she can write me a letter and I will always write back.

  8. 35
    My friend darrell said:

    You should get your rest

  9. 34
    My friend Gabbi said:

    i just breathe and say in my head it’s okay

  10. 33
    My friend christian said:

    i want a toy railroad crossing


  12. 32
    My friend Salma said:

    Poor Mouse! I have been on stage a few times, and before it I was literally sweating but on the actual day I felt fabulous.

  13. 31
    My friend sierra said:

    I just look down so I don’t see the people

  14. 30
    My friend virginia said:

    When I did a ballet recital I was a little nervus, but when I got on stage I felt great.

  15. 29
    My friend kensie said:

    what happened santa

  16. 28
    My friend Tiana said:

    I’m scared sometimes too.

  17. 27
    My friend john and evan said:

    Santa we left you a bunch of cookies and a candy cane hope you enjoy. Have a wonderful Christmas.

  18. 26
    My friend Georgia said:

    Oh poor Mouse! :( Well we were doing a big year five Easter production and I was singing a solo in part of the song. I felt very comfident but about a day before I was literatly sweating. But I closed my eyes and wispered to myself:
    ‘Don’t loose it just prove it,
    It’s like talking/singing to some toys
    Don’t loose it’

  19. 25
    My friend ryenne (girl) said:

    ho, ho, ho ,ho how are you today it chirstmas eve is the grinch stealing are christmas this year ?

  20. 24
    My friend Bull said:

    I am nervous when I wrestle I have learned to say to myself this quote.

    Sleep I don’t get it.
    Beef I don’t sweat it.
    Fear *curse word* Fear.

    It helps.

  21. 23
    My friend lindsey said:

    hey Santa how are u doin please give me a sleigh ride please have a merry christmas just please santa come in my back yard but knock on the couputer window

  22. 22
    My friend Alyssa said:

    He must be very afraoid i have a good girl this year

  23. 21
    My friend Hayley said:


  24. 20
    My friend Hayley said:

    Santa,before I had to make a report and read it to the class and my teacher said”pretend everyone is gone or in there unders.” Well,Bye!

  25. 19
    My friend a.p said:

    This is a very good story for if you’re ever in a situation like this one in the story that I just read.I am glad Mouse got up the courage to go on with the North Pole play that thier going to do up there in the mits.I think she did the right thing too, because that means if she ever does any other play she already knows that she can do it and she won’t mess up if she keeps on practicing over and over to do a good job in the play that she would be doing.

  26. 18
    My friend Janessa said:

    Santa they will do great i belive in them remember that i emailed you and told the elves hi but good luck elves you guys will do fantastic

  27. 17
    My friend Sassy said:

    it sure is good that mouse didn’t give up! I am a super-star actor at my school and I know how awesome it feels the first time u r on stage!

  28. 16
    My friend carley said:

    hi there how is the north pole doing

  29. 15
    My friend carley said:

    im greatful for all the stuff ubring me i no u will bring me some good stuff this coming christmas love carley i will leave u out some milk and cookies for u love carley

  30. 14
    My friend carley said:

    dear santa thanku for all the good stuff u rought to me last year this christmas is going to be great hope to see u soon love carley

  31. 13
    My friend Megan said:

    Yes one time it was the school talent show in first grade and i was so scared on opening night i ended up going a little behind my friend and when one of the moms took a video you couldn’t see me!

  32. 12
    My friend Ja'Niya said:

    Santa I know you will do good I am not just saying that because I am nine because I love you and I believe the elvs can do it

  33. 11
    My friend Ja'Niya said:

    Santa I have been a good girl because I just emailed you rember. I am 9 years old so tell the elvs it dose not matter if you mess up everybody will know the you did awesome. Love Ja’Niya

  34. 10
    My friend caleb said:

    there not going to see him on stage You better have a backup

  35. 9
    My friend Sam said:

    I like the sound of that it sounds quite good

  36. 8
    My friend dylan said:

    i want a 3rd generation ipod.

  37. 7
    My friend Jenna said:

    Two days ago I had butterflies in my stomach because I was about to perform in front of my whole church! [That came to a party anyway.] But I stuck with my band and did really well! We will get to do that again and this time I won’t be afraid of coming to perform in front of a crowd ’cause it was alot of fun. But just because you’re scared doesn’t mean you should give up because you might end up liking it!

  38. 6
    My friend Grace said:

    It sounds like the elf was afraid but i takech a time to get over fears. I think santa you need to calm him down next time and just love on him. watch a viedo how to cure a nightmare then just use it on the poor little elf have fun taking care of the porr thing……………..Love Grace

  39. 5
    My friend Chloe said:

    Hi santa what is the problem with the elves. Are they behind on making toys? If they are i can help them make the toys if you will just come pick me up and i can make the elf not afraid of anything. I am only 7 but i am small and get picked on at school but im never afraid u little elf so man up……………. Love Chloe

  40. 4
    My friend jane said:

    do not be afraid believe little mouse!

  41. 3
    My friend Ashlyn said:

    i usually practice in front of my family

  42. 2
    My friend jayden said:

    i think the show will still be great dont worry

  43. 1
    My friend skye said:

    santa mouse wont be laughed at it disnt matter if she messis up the pepole in the north pole will cheer even if she messis up x

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