Merry Christmas, 2013!

Posted by Santa Claus on December 25th, 2013

Christmas Day 2013 - One very tired Santa!

One very tired Santa!

Ho! Ho! Ho! and Merry Christmas!

Well, the reindeer and I are very tired!

It was a very long night.  But it was a very fun night!

I hope you had fun this morning too!

There are many people I have to thank for helping me.

I want to thank the elves and reindeer.  They are such good helpers.  Hurray for the elves and reindeer!

I should thank the grown-ups too.  Sometimes I wonder what I would do without them.  Hurray for all the grown-ups!  (I hope you thank the grown-ups too!)

Of course, I have to thank Mrs. Claus!  Hurray for Mrs. Claus!

But most of all, I want to thank all the children!  I want to thank you for the nice drinks and treats for me and apples, carrots and other goodies for the reindeer.  Thank you for the great letters and emails too!  Hurray for you! And “Thank you!” for watching me on the new Santa Snooper!  I hope you liked it.

I hope everyone enjoys the presents that I brought.  The elves worked very hard making them just for you!

I know there are many children I could not bring any presents to this year.  Or, I had to bring them a present different from what they wanted.

I am very sorry if I could not bring you what you wanted.  I know you really wanted it.  I am sad I could not bring it.  I know you are sad about it too.

But, I want you to always remember something.  Santa Claus and everyone at the North Pole love you very much.  It does not matter what I bring you.  I still love you — almost as much as your grown-ups do!

The most important gifts are the ones that I cannot bring.  After all, Christmas does not come in boxes and bags.  It does not come from a sleigh or a store!  If you have people that love you and a warm, safe place to live then Christmas, perhaps, means a little bit more!

Merry Christmas Day!

Santa Claus

P.S. Did you like the presents ?  Did you like the Santa Snooper?  You can leave a message for me. Or, scroll down to see what others have written!


83 Responses to “Merry Christmas, 2013!”

  1. 83
    My friend Luis said:

    I want for Chrismas is a real live for kids with a real live engine and I even quant a phone and a basket ball filled

  2. 82
    My friend Luis said:

    Santa is the coolest man ever in the world

  3. 81
    My friend Georgie said:

    I loved Santa snooper

  4. 80
    My friend caroline said:

    i can’t wait 364 days more!!!!!!!!!! thanks for the gifts sant nick

  5. 79
    My friend robert said:

    I want a ps2

  6. 78
    My friend chandler said:

    I want ps3 now

  7. 77
    My friend trent said:

    I want ps4 ps2 games , ps3 controller

  8. 76
    My friend ruby said:

    I want xbox one and ps1 games

  9. 75
    My friend qwinn said:

    I want wii u

  10. 74
    My friend brent said:

    I want a wii and books


  12. 73
    My friend iris said:

    I want a xbox 360 books and dvds

  13. 72
    My friend robert said:

    Thanks miss you

  14. 71
    My friend robert said:

    I ment xbox games

  15. 70
    My friend robert said:

    Leave me 3 xbox one for my birthday

  16. 69
    My friend robert said:

    Leave me 1 music cd on christmas eve

  17. 68
    My friend robert said:

    Thank you for the gifts yesterday

  18. 67
    My friend Charla said:

    Thank you for replying my email.

  19. 66
    My friend jessica said:

    to santa why don’t you like children to see you on Christmas eve whern u r delivering their presents to them will u come if I sleep up on the couch this Christmas eve

  20. 65
    My friend brisongreen said:

    I want a yellow Can Am four wheeler

  21. 64
    My friend alayia said:

    I love you santa and one question what is your phone numberb

  22. 63
    My friend Marina said:

    Christmas is awesome I wish it was every 6 months

  23. 62
    My friend joselyn said:

    I love you

  24. 61
    My friend Nia said:

    you are amazing u bring most things I ask u I will always belive in u xxxxxx love Nia xx P.S.i love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  25. 60
    My friend alejandro martin said:

    santa claus te amiro mucho eres mi pefredido mis padres me regalaron un pijama de tu ropa y todos los dias por la tarde me lo pongo y pienso que eres tu

  26. 59
    My friend Sarah said:

    Thank you

  27. 58
    My friend tamika said:

    you are epic and I loooooooove yooooooooooou

  28. 57
    My friend ryan said:

    I love you and I like you

  29. 56
    My friend libby said:

    I enjoyed last Christmas it was amasing.Ithink I heard the raindeers on the roof.Iam excited for next Christmas only 7 months to go.

  30. 55
    My friend Grace said:

    Christmas was Amazing thank you for stopping by! and I LOVE the Santa snooper its really cool once again thank you for the awesome gifts!! :D
    Love, Grace

  31. 54
    My friend bryan said:

    thank you for the Junie b. jones and the stupid smelly bus

    I love santa

    from bryan
    to santa

  32. 53
    My friend nazeefah said:

    i love u have lots of faith in u hpe i get smthng this year xoxoxo love u frm ZIVA

  33. 52
    My friend aidan said:

    thank you so so so so mutch for my drums I love you you are awesome see you an my camra this year

  34. 51
    My friend sarah said:

    it looks like you are sleepy then because you have to keep an eye on your Elfs

  35. 50
    My friend Drew said:

    So what are u up to now and me and my family say thanks for all the gifts,Love You See u next year

  36. 49
    My friend Lauren S. said:

    Thanks for the legos but i really wanted a phone.

  37. 48
    My friend Fabian said:

    can not wait for Christmas this year

  38. 47
    My friend Sofia said:

    Show details

    I hope you do get this email I know Im writing it early because then I will forget I have been really good at doing my chores So for Christmas I would really Like Iphone5s – White and Ipod touch 5Gen-White Santa Claus I hope you understand I know I will never get this I really want it bad I dont celebrate Christmas but I love it I hang up Decorations and Buy gifts Santa Claus I believe in you more than.anyone else and Im 13 Who cares if im too big I love Santa Claus and I hope you Make my wish come true Hopefully I will see Evidence of You on Christmas and Hopefully presents Please do come Santa Claus I know im not christian but I will still believe in You Bye for now xx Merry Jolly Christmasxxx

    Sofia 13,London/England

  39. 46
    My friend elianah said:

    i can’t believe you said a present dosent come from bags,boxes,and stores.That is the most crazy thing i have ever herd.Who dosent shop these days?Well exsept for you,you make toys by hand.My mom is calling me to go shopping,i’ve got to go.COMMING MOM!

  40. 45
    My friend ava said:

    you know santa people at my old school don’t believe in you but its up to them I will allways believe in you I don’t care what they say your awesome I
    know if your real because I am nice sometimes and I think your awesome sincerely ava jayde younkman

  41. 44
    My friend bradley said:

    santa I am a I am a little late to say it but I love you and thank you for the presents but I know it is not about the presents it is about family and JESUS!!!

  42. 43
    My friend Miah said:

    I love the presents u got me in 2013.:):):):):):):)

  43. 42
    My friend cailey said:


  44. 41
    My friend Ritvik said:

    I want a 3ds next year.

  45. 40
    My friend Annie said:

    I loved the unicorn you gave me! Her name’s Lavender :) , after Lavender Brown in the Harry Potter series! ;) (*wink*)

  46. 39
    My friend Muskaan said:

    I liked the Santa Snooper. I know that the elves work hard making toys so I will use all my heart to love the toys they make.

  47. 38
    My friend Derek said:

    I loved all the gifts and I’m looking forward to it in 2014

  48. 37
    My friend bobby said:

    well done all of the reideer

  49. 36
    My friend Austin said:

    I. Want. You. To. Send. Me. A. Boy. Plush. In. Summer

  50. 35
    My friend Aarathy said:

    Dear santa I really wish to have a secret elf with me always … Can you please give me an secret elf As a gift

  51. 34
    My friend emma said:

    hi santa

  52. 33
    My friend Kushalimoodley said:

    Dear santa and the elves I want an elf magic and how do I get one from you

  53. 32
    My friend Alivia said:

    I loved all the presents


  54. 31
    My friend Eimear said:


  55. 30
    My friend Eimear said:

    Hi Santa I Love My New Bike And Camera Thanks Again. Eimear

  56. 29
    My friend Joshua said:

    Hi. Satna. How. Are. You going. Today

  57. 28
    My friend Anonymous said:

    Thank you for putting this blog on here it’s really cool and merry Christmas to you and every one at the north pole did you get my card and did you like it

  58. 27
    My friend desirae said:

    i hope the elves get enough sleep for next year

  59. 26
    My friend Alex said:

    Fankyou for all my. Toys I love them xxxxxxxxxxz

  60. 25
    My friend Jack said:

    hi Santa can you please come to my house for your early Holiday IF we be GOOD please please please and we will keep it a seceret. :)

  61. 24
    My friend rachel said:

    Hey think you I am happy want you brong me I am happy santa

  62. 23
    My friend mia souter said:

    I enjoyed the santa snooper and all my preasants I got this year im very proud of you to santa you worked really hard ps; did you like the sausage rolls and chocolate buttons we gave you ?

  63. 22
    My friend Elli said:


    I just want to say thanks for the chocoalate, hair boble ana hairband and my new wii game, i absolutly love it, it’s great.

    I’m happy with what i got from you, so thanks again.

  64. 21
    My friend Alan said:

    I like hunting and fishing and archery just thought y’all might want to no

  65. 20
    My friend Leanne said:

    Thanks Santa so much for all the cool presents I got from you this year.My dogs and cat want to thank you too for the presents you gave them.Hope you liked the chocolate bars and biscuits and milk for you and I hope reindeer liked the juicy carrot.Lots of love like jelly tots from Leanne.

  66. 19
    My friend lyndsay said:

    santa come to my house for summer

  67. 18
    My friend Zeenat said:

    You know the pakinstan me sobia are tired shopping yesterday

  68. 17
    My friend bailey said:

    hey santa next time you come I will put coal in the cookies I wil put a match by them

  69. 16
    My friend campbelle said:

    merry christmas happy new year thanks for the pfesents you gave me anyway bye

  70. 15
    My friend Kelsi said:

    I like it!!!!!!!

  71. 14
    My friend Mikayla said:

    I really like the presents you got me Thank you!!

  72. 13
    My friend jessica said:

    hi santa 1st comment I like xmas thx for the marker maker

  73. 12
    My friend Malia said:

    you have a awesome blog!

  74. 11
    My friend Julian Cruz said:

    Thank you Santa for all of my presents I loved them so much

  75. 10
    My friend Macy said:

    Thank you for my tablet

  76. 9
    My friend Ms gaga said:

    thank you for lady gaga cup and her perfume. when i opened it i got excited

  77. 8
    My friend Jack said:

    I loved the Xbox Santa
    love jack

  78. 7
    My friend maryam said:

    dear santa do you give toys on christmas eve plzzzzzzzzzzzz i want the toy i wanted i also sended a letter to mrs claus plzzzzzzzzz reply

  79. 6
    My friend Zoë said:

    Merry Christmas Santa! I want to say thank you.

  80. 5
    My friend Zoë said:

    I love this website and I want to show it to my kids when I get older. Thank you for making this website. I will show it to my family. They would love it! Thank you Santa for being such a big help and getting me all I wanted. I want to give Santa credit.

  81. 4
    My friend Tej said:

    Thank You for all the presents santa and the elves

  82. 3
    My friend Alan said:

    I even think I saw Rudolph last night oh his nose is so bright!!!!

  83. 2
    My friend Alan said:

    Santa thank you for all my presents especially the new animal trap!!!!!I love Christmas and I’m sad it’s almost over. :( But it’s okay at least I got something some kids didn’t get what they wanted but I did I wish everyone could have and thank you for the weight set!!!!see you next year

  84. 1
    My friend Lyndon said:

    Thank you for my radio for my pickup along with my books and gift card. It is all so awesome. Chance loves his Guitar and Unicycle. Sheldon has already set up his iPod. Thank you so much Santa Clause. MERRY CHRISTMAS

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