Is this the end of Scunner?

Posted by Santa Claus on November 17th, 2012

Do you remember how happy Scunner was over Halloween?

Well, he has gone back to his usual grumpy self and I was worried about him.  I asked him into my office today.

I felt so sad when I saw his unhappy little face.

“What’s wrong Scunner?”  I asked him.

“Santa, I don’t mean to be so grumpy.  It’s just I don’t…  I don’t… like Christmas!”  Then he started to cry.

I gave him a big spotted handkerchief and he blew his nose.  He blew it so loud that it frightened poor old Rudolph in the stable across the yard!

“But Scunner,” I asked him.  “Why don’t you like Christmas?  It is such a happy and joyful time.”

“Santa, tinsel makes me sneeze.  Holly gives me a rash. Christmas pudding gives me a sore belly.  Cuddly toys make me itchy and Christmas paper makes my eyes water.”

“Jumping Jingle Bells!” I thought.  “Maybe Scunner is allergic to Christmas!”

Well, I had never heard of such a thing before!  But if he was allergic to Christmas then he couldn’t stay at the North Pole.

After a long time (and quite a few cookies!), I started thinking.  The workshops are full of the things that make Scunner unhappy.

He is such a good worker though and even when he is grumpy all the other elves like him a lot.  It would be very sad to see him go.

So, I have been trying to think of other jobs that he can do.  Do you have any ideas?

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S.  Do you think Scunner should stay or should he go?  Do you have any ideas of other jobs for him?  You can click here to tell me or, scroll down to see what other people have written!


134 Responses to “Is this the end of Scunner?”

  1. ella

    poor scunner! Well if he is allergic to Christmas why did he become an elf? Well a job scunner isn’t allergic to is to help the reindeer! Like train them and clean out their stables and all sorts! He isn’t allergic to reindeer is he ?! (wink)


  3. Emily

    wow i hope you will cheer him up:)

  4. gwen

    i think he should stay and look after all the reindeers! maybe he would like that.

  5. Reeve

    He’s not allergic to snow! Maybe he could start a snow removal business. That way he’d be his own boss, still live at the North Pole and still get to share a cup of hot chocolate with his buds at the Elf Pub.

  6. Kaitlin

    Its hard to say. I think he should stay and from what I see, all those things are in the workshop. Perhaps he can work with the reindeer.

  7. Amy

    Scunner should stay, maybe he can work with the reindeer, or shoveling snow paths. Or even a reindeer guide.
    Best wishes!

  8. Heather

    Poor scunner! I think he should help the reindear too, maybe.

  9. Jonah

    Maybe he could watch the reindeer. That could work. :)

  10. Thomas

    Hi Santa it’s Me!Thomas who lives in Sheffield in South Yorkshire!I’m 10.

  11. Thomas

    Maybe he could just get into that Christmas spirit or just tell him some of your best jokes,Santa and the elves!!!!

    Hope it helps
    From Thomas

  12. Katherine

    Poor Scunner!!! I think that he could many other jobs.

    - Reindeer keeper
    - Snow removal
    - Baking
    - Elf Pub staff
    - Santa’s Personal Assistant
    - The checker for the non-cudley toys (skateboards and toy cars)


  14. nantasha

    poor scunner he should defintly stay or shovle paths from the snow and help the reinders

  15. Bull

    I agree with the other boys and girls if he really does want to stay maybe he should work with the reindeer he doesn’t sound allergic to them and who knows maybe he’ll have a great time with them.

  16. Tobyn

    maybe you can tell scunner to try and see the bright side . I hope he feels better and good luck !!!!!!!!!!!:):)

  17. jane

    i think scunner should stay because santa could just tell him all the wonderful thinks about christmas.he should have these jobs:
    present wrapper
    rendeer helper
    santa’s helper

  18. cassie

    scunner should stay and help you watch over the little boys and boys

  19. Ellie

    Maybe he could help Mrs Claus bake cookies or sew you suits!

  20. Beariella

    He could shovel snow.

  21. Owen

    hi santa, i believe scunner should stay, let him try to check the christmas mail and letters, thanks

  22. Lilly

    I think Scunner should work in the raindeer barn maby that is what scunner should do because I dant think he is allergic to raindeer.

  23. Lilly

    Scunner should look at all the wonderful things about x mas.

  24. rebecca

    i belive that if you and Scunner searched hard enough he would find a job that does’t trigger his allergies ( or belly aches ) and will make him happier about Christmas time. Then he will be all jolly and feel all good inside. Hope you find that job

  25. julia

    i think he should stay and help write down who is bad and who is good

  26. summer

    i think he should help mrs.claus bake goodies and feed the raindeer

  27. crystal

    No he should not leave and he can make cookies he never said nothin about cookies p.s i still love you and I will always belife in youc

  28. alicia

    dear santa thankyou for you coment back jolly good and just to ask where do your rain deers sit when you come into my house love from alicia meryyy xmas santa

  29. brittany

    hey my mom needs some one to help her at her work maybe you can work their also my granddaddy owns it

  30. brittany

    mom has a job for you if you cannot find one

  31. Kaylen

    He should stay and feed the reindeer, clean the elf houses, shovel snow, paint and polish your sleigh and load your sleigh with toys. He could also bake goodies with Mrs. Claus, but he can’t help with the Christmas pudding.

  32. Parker

    I think Scunner should be an elf who comes up with contest and makes the prizes and more!

  33. Anonymous

    no, i think he should leave:(. if he is allergic to christmas why let him stay? let him leave if it means not getting sick and send him postcards. Merry Christmas!


  34. Madi

    hi i cannot believv its the end of scunner also how was he when he was happy??

  35. Hayley

    Santa,He should stay.He could work to help the feed them or take care of them.Help mrs.clause bake cookies or clean.He should stay! I would.

  36. LAUREN

    i think scanner should stay because you said he is a grate worker
    so maybe he can get a different job like Wapping the gifts or he

  37. Cameron

    Dear Santa,
    I think Scunner should stay because he is a really good worker


  38. Gracie

    I think you should let him decide what he wants to do. If he’s allergic to Christmas then maybe you could give him some references to other holiday workers? Or if you don’t want to see him go you could send him to my doctor. She’s really nice and maybe she can give Scunner some medicine to block the symptoms. Her name is Kat and she’s in Whitby, New Zealand. I hope it works out okay for you all.
    Love, Gracie

  39. Tyler

    i think he should stay and help the reindeer cause hez a good elf and he should stay cause i think he just should

  40. Caitlyn

    I think he should stay and just not do that let him do somthing like help mrs. claus with the cookies or what ever she does.

  41. lindsay

    i think he can stay he canwatch the reindeer

  42. Katie

    I think you should build or find a place where Scunner can stay. It could be a building that you don’t use anymore. Ask him of what he does like, and then fill it with that stuff like it would be his own home!

  43. ryan

    make him supervise and not work

  44. noa

    that is cool

  45. Sean

    I think he should go because he is allergic to Christmas.I also have a job if he stays he could watch to see if kids are naughty or nice

  46. Mitchell

    He should stay at the North Pole and protect the reindeer! And he should check over the naughty and nice list 3 times to help Santa.

  47. Ethan

    scunner can reread the letters to you from the kids and tell the other elves what toy to make.

  48. Mona


  49. William

    I don’t think Scunner should stay at the North Pole.

  50. Molly

    I think scunner should really have a vacation, or a break. Scunner was probably so happy on holloween because it is a holiday. Maybe someone should give scunner an early christmas present, or at least a hug. Maybe a treat will even turn his frown upsidown. Maybe Santa should give scunner the chance to help on Christmas eve. That would probably turn scunner’s frown upsidown. Maybe Santa should send him on an adventure like WOW (wonders of water). How about a party? How about brainstorming things he likes to do. Maybe U could turn on some Christmas music for him. Maybe U should give him a computer for Christmas this year and if it breaks down then you’ll have to get him a new one. Merry Christmas!!!!

  51. cece

    i think he could help delivery the gifts to the childern.

  52. cece

    hi santa its me i live in missississuga canada ontairo and he could help u delivery the gifts to the boys and girls on chirstmas eve

  53. Emily

    No, I don’t think Scunner should leave because he would be very sad and so would everybody else.
    Just make a house that is “Christmas – Free” for Scunner because then he can be happy until the end of Christmas.

    Thank you
    I love you Santa Elves Reindeer and of course Mrs.Claus. kiss kiss kiss xxx

  54. Lottie

    He could make Christmas cards,crackers and calendars.

  55. Molly

    Maybe scunner should be an elf on the shelf for someone who celebrates Hanukkah. He might be more jolly.

  56. keanna

    did you get my letter i sent you in the mail and i love your little story thing too psss….. my birth day is sunday turning 11 years old might be getting a kindle fire hd

  57. Legend

    maybe you can just let him help out with the reindeers p.s. tell scunner that i hope he feel better!tell the reindeers and mrs.claus and the elvs i said hi!!!!!!

  58. Yanetsi

    Wat happend to the elf.

  59. Joey

    Hope he feels better!

  60. Lexus

    I think That Scunner Should still stay an elf but maybe have a friend or two work with him at The candy Cane Factory Or work with the reindeer. For example he can walk the reindeer everyday!

  61. Emeline

    Santa you are a good man

  62. Yvonne

    Hi Santa
    Sorry that Scunner is not feeling to well, well grumpy anyway get him to come and stay at my house, for a while, he would only need 2 day with my husband who is very grumpy, after that Scunner would feel much much better and want to come back and enjoy Christmas with you all. Scunner I love anything to do with Christmas I watch films, do wrapping, cook cookie anything that is to do with christmas, wish i could come to the North Pole xxx

  63. jordan

    santa make him a coockie chief

  64. Adam

    I caught the Clash reference (should I stay or should I go?) though it might have been accidental

  65. Julia

    I might have an idea. Maybe scunner could be a tour guide for the north pole, or maybe help mrs claus with making cookies. Oh, maybe you could teach him how to care for your sleigh. Hope this helps.

  66. Autumn

    i really think he shoyuld stay have him do a job like take car of the reighdeer or read letters you never kow what he can do

  67. julia

    you should make him the official reindeer caretaker

  68. bryna

    i think you should teach him the true basic meaning of chrismas and the whole lesson

  69. Thom R.

    Dear Santa,

    Scunner should stay and work with stuff he likes, maybe he should help Mrs. Claus cook food.

  70. Autumn

    Dear Santa,
    I am very sad to hear that one of the elves is allergic to christmas so I thought of some jobs that an elf can do even if they are allergic to christmas.
    1. Make him an office that he works in with nothing that makes him sick in it and he can work on wooden toys with a conveyor belt running through his office?
    I hope this helps!!!!! Have a happy christmas love Autumn
    P.S. I do think that if he gets worse he should sadly (sigh) leave. :(

  71. anabel

    Scunner should without a doubt have the right to stay working at the North Pole, but maybe he would enjoy it more if he did christmas baking, taking care of the reindeers or something like that!!! I am sure he would enjoy it Santa especially the fact it isn’t all about tinsel, decorations and toys maybe he would feel better if he stayed around his friends
    Hope this helps
    <3 from Anabel xx

  72. richard

    he could clean your house or cook

  73. babyfloyd

    dear santa have him feed the randears
    or help miscluse

  74. Anonymous

    he could be someone who feeds the reindeer and grooms them :) please text back xxxxx

  75. Sarah

    I think that Scunner should be your lookout on Christmas Eve. Before you go down the chimney, Scunner will check to see if a person is there or if there is a fire. While you are in the house, Scunner will stay with the reindeer and keep them quiet. I hoped that my comment helped! :-)

  76. rachel

    dear santa have him feed the randears or help misclause

  77. rachel

    love you jdb!

  78. Stephanie

    I think he shouldnt leave he does such a great job plus he can work with you helping you check the naughty or nice list i am sure he ant allget to paper so he could do that,or if you like to do that alone you caan make him bake cookies for you with miss clues thats what i think he should do

  79. kadee

    no he shound’t go at all but he can work as a elf

  80. Gracie

    Scunner should stay! My brother is allergic to milk but he still lives here with the milk.. You should find a cure! or a riskier suggestion is to introduce him with all of the christmas stuff,and wait til the allergies finnaly clear out! (So he can become Immune)

  81. Holly

    Dear Santa
    mabe you should help scunner by….showing the things that make christmas special like mince pies and christmas trees! and turky and christmas dinner and the excitment of Christmas Eve!!!!!
    Hope that helped!
    Merry Chrismas!

  82. Hannah

    ho ho ho

  83. Makayla

    I think Scunner should feed the reindeers.



  85. jaxson

    when you come to our house will you take a picture of your self please do

  86. Julia

    i think scunner should feed the reindeers and help them. your awesome santa!!

  87. aeesha

    hello santa i will never stop believing in you love aeesha

  88. leah

    i think scunner should stay and test him on other christmas things to see if he is really allergic to christmas or not but if he is just give him a present or cookies and milk to make him feel better.thanks and merry christmas leah.

  89. rocky

    i love you santa

  90. rocky

    santa! please please please wake me up so i can give you a hug

  91. tyler bell

    i think scunner should stay to help santa

  92. McKenzie

    I think thatScunner should help reindeer. And if he gets allergic to the hay like i sordve do then he should make cookies with Mrs.Claus.

  93. kaylin

    you are cool and awesome santa this year i want a bike,a american girl doll,and a barbie collection doll.

  94. Rogan

    i think he should stay. His job should be to give kids the candy.

  95. Raylie

    i think that he should stay. he could find a job that he isnt allergic to. Maybe like helping with the reindeer.

  96. angelica

    i think scunner should feed the reindeers is he allergic to lettuce?

  97. Augustu

    I think Scunner should stay in the north Pole. He could take care of the reindeer. Scunner could also monitor who’s being naughty or nice.

  98. lucy

    i really love you santa and wish yoou could give me what i have asked for please try your best to get me those things as i will be very happy with you love you loads lucy

  99. lucy

    good and your so amazingggggg xxxxx

  100. Grace

    I know one.I think a job that is good for him is a Caption for a Boat.

  101. Aryn

    I think Scunner should stay. He could make candy for the children. He could helpwith the raindeer.

  102. megan

    uh oh! i am not to sure santa!

  103. machala

    i think he should stay but have his own little house away from the things he dont

  104. Clodagh

    no Santa let him stay

  105. Csepke

    Well, I think Scunner should be the elf who makes Hot choclate for santa.That would be a great job for him because it doesen’t have tinsel, it doesen’t have holly,it doesen’t have christmas pudding,it doesen’t have cuddley toys and it doesen’t have christmas wrapping paper!

  106. Natalia

    Dear Santa,

    I think that you could have one of the elfs make Scunner a bubble that will help him or allergie medicine!

    Call me whenever you need help,Natalia

  107. iveta

    dear santa you could give scunner the job to ride in your sleigh and give out presents. or you could give scunner the job to chech on the elfs how they are working.

  108. Jo

    Dear Santa,
    I think that you should have Scunner be an elf who whatches, and checks up on the naughty and nice kids. Maybe you could have him help answer emails from the kids and people who email you!!!

  109. Samantha

    please dont let scunner go away he just needs cheering up

  110. Samantha

    you can make a scunner day where he does what he wants (not naughty)

  111. Arianna

    He could work with the reindeer

  112. taylor

    Maybe Scunner can work with the witches if he wasnt sad around halloween Maybe Christmas isnt his best holiday

  113. KACIE


  114. Faith

    you should let him help with feeding the reindeer.

  115. Presley

    i think he should help feed the reindeer he would be good at it or work with Mrs.Claus or help with you Santa Claus i am so sorry Scunner your awesome like the other evles

  116. Tara

    Let him help in the kitchen! Or ask him what he’s interested in at the moment and ask if he ever had a dream job!

  117. gracie ayscue

    i do not think scunner should go i just think u should ask him what he maybe likes about christmas and give him that it might help if he likes nothing about christmas just ask him what well anything he likes maybe that will work merry christmas scunner with huggs and kisses love gracie ayscue

  118. alyssa

    ask him what he likes and don`t give him money to make him feel better make it come from your heart

  119. ADDISON


  120. maddie


  121. RubyAnn

    I hope you find a cure for poor Scunner

  122. Emily

    I think Scunner should stay and work to keep the reindeer’s happy and healthy.

  123. jenni

    i think scunner should stay, maybe someone could train him to be a doctor, that way he can work in the hospital.

  124. Rose

    Maybe he could work in the stables with the reindeers and help you fly your sleigh on Christmas

  125. Jarron

    hi santa. i read about scunner and i say. it must be sad to hear. i think he should stay but… if he wants to go, you should than. i know its hard to see some one go. but i have something that can help. if the toys makes him not happy then you should ask him what is he good at, what did he really want to do in your work shop. like, giveing cookies out. or some drinks. watch the rain deers. or he could be second elf boss, he could check if the elfs are doing things right! and he could make it easy! or he could be your helper with the sleigh! take him on a ride with your rain deers! i would like that! p.s tell every one i said hi again. and thank you again for makeing everyone happy!

  126. Anonymous

    santa clause your awesome

  127. shayla

    santa clause your awesome

  128. alexa

    i think he should stay because he sounds like a good working elf.He should chek the naughty and nice list twice. P.s. tell every one i said hi to the and hello to you mr.santa

  129. fiona

    scunner shold stay!!!!!!

  130. ese

    he could be the wacther if sombody come to the north pole.

  131. ese

    he could be the elves pets

  132. Hailey

    thomas is not nice to me at all.

  133. Hailey

    santa rocks!

  134. Hailey


  135. Natasha

    Maybe you could let scunner sit with you at the desk or put him in the kitchen with mrs claus so he could bake some things for the christmas dinner

  136. Curtis

    Hi santa please send back from my email just wanted to say am i on the nice list?


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