Is this the end of Scunner?

Posted by Santa Claus on November 17th, 2012

Do you remember how happy Scunner was over Halloween?

Well, he has gone back to his usual grumpy self and I was worried about him.  I asked him into my office today.

I felt so sad when I saw his unhappy little face.

“What’s wrong Scunner?”  I asked him.

“Santa, I don’t mean to be so grumpy.  It’s just I don’t…  I don’t… like Christmas!”  Then he started to cry.

I gave him a big spotted handkerchief and he blew his nose.  He blew it so loud that it frightened poor old Rudolph in the stable across the yard!

“But Scunner,” I asked him.  “Why don’t you like Christmas?  It is such a happy and joyful time.”

“Santa, tinsel makes me sneeze.  Holly gives me a rash. Christmas pudding gives me a sore belly.  Cuddly toys make me itchy and Christmas paper makes my eyes water.”

“Jumping Jingle Bells!” I thought.  “Maybe Scunner is allergic to Christmas!”

Well, I had never heard of such a thing before!  But if he was allergic to Christmas then he couldn’t stay at the North Pole.

After a long time (and quite a few cookies!), I started thinking.  The workshops are full of the things that make Scunner unhappy.

He is such a good worker though and even when he is grumpy all the other elves like him a lot.  It would be very sad to see him go.

So, I have been trying to think of other jobs that he can do.  Do you have any ideas?

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S.  Do you think Scunner should stay or should he go?  Do you have any ideas of other jobs for him?  You can click here to tell me or, scroll down to see what other people have written!


134 Responses to “Is this the end of Scunner?”

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  1. 134
    My friend Curtis said:

    Hi santa please send back from my email just wanted to say am i on the nice list?

  2. 133
    My friend Natasha said:

    Maybe you could let scunner sit with you at the desk or put him in the kitchen with mrs claus so he could bake some things for the christmas dinner

  3. 132
    My friend Hailey said:


  4. 131
    My friend Hailey said:

    santa rocks!

  5. 130
    My friend Hailey said:

    thomas is not nice to me at all.

  6. 129
    My friend ese said:

    he could be the elves pets

  7. 128
    My friend ese said:

    he could be the wacther if sombody come to the north pole.

  8. 127
    My friend fiona said:

    scunner shold stay!!!!!!

  9. 126
    My friend alexa said:

    i think he should stay because he sounds like a good working elf.He should chek the naughty and nice list twice. P.s. tell every one i said hi to the and hello to you mr.santa

  10. 125
    My friend Anonymous said:

    santa clause your awesome


  12. 124
    My friend shayla said:

    santa clause your awesome

  13. 123
    My friend Jarron said:

    hi santa. i read about scunner and i say. it must be sad to hear. i think he should stay but… if he wants to go, you should than. i know its hard to see some one go. but i have something that can help. if the toys makes him not happy then you should ask him what is he good at, what did he really want to do in your work shop. like, giveing cookies out. or some drinks. watch the rain deers. or he could be second elf boss, he could check if the elfs are doing things right! and he could make it easy! or he could be your helper with the sleigh! take him on a ride with your rain deers! i would like that! p.s tell every one i said hi again. and thank you again for makeing everyone happy!

  14. 122
    My friend Rose said:

    Maybe he could work in the stables with the reindeers and help you fly your sleigh on Christmas

  15. 121
    My friend jenni said:

    i think scunner should stay, maybe someone could train him to be a doctor, that way he can work in the hospital.

  16. 120
    My friend Emily said:

    I think Scunner should stay and work to keep the reindeer’s happy and healthy.

  17. 119
    My friend RubyAnn said:

    I hope you find a cure for poor Scunner

  18. 118
    My friend maddie said:


  19. 117
    My friend ADDISON said:


  20. 116
    My friend alyssa said:

    ask him what he likes and don`t give him money to make him feel better make it come from your heart

  21. 115
    My friend gracie ayscue said:

    i do not think scunner should go i just think u should ask him what he maybe likes about christmas and give him that it might help if he likes nothing about christmas just ask him what well anything he likes maybe that will work merry christmas scunner with huggs and kisses love gracie ayscue

  22. 114
    My friend Tara said:

    Let him help in the kitchen! Or ask him what he’s interested in at the moment and ask if he ever had a dream job!

  23. 113
    My friend Presley said:

    i think he should help feed the reindeer he would be good at it or work with Mrs.Claus or help with you Santa Claus i am so sorry Scunner your awesome like the other evles

  24. 112
    My friend Faith said:

    you should let him help with feeding the reindeer.

  25. 111
    My friend KACIE said:


  26. 110
    My friend taylor said:

    Maybe Scunner can work with the witches if he wasnt sad around halloween Maybe Christmas isnt his best holiday

  27. 109
    My friend Arianna said:

    He could work with the reindeer

  28. 108
    My friend Samantha said:

    you can make a scunner day where he does what he wants (not naughty)

  29. 107
    My friend Samantha said:

    please dont let scunner go away he just needs cheering up

  30. 106
    My friend Jo said:

    Dear Santa,
    I think that you should have Scunner be an elf who whatches, and checks up on the naughty and nice kids. Maybe you could have him help answer emails from the kids and people who email you!!!

  31. 105
    My friend iveta said:

    dear santa you could give scunner the job to ride in your sleigh and give out presents. or you could give scunner the job to chech on the elfs how they are working.

  32. 104
    My friend Natalia said:

    Dear Santa,

    I think that you could have one of the elfs make Scunner a bubble that will help him or allergie medicine!

    Call me whenever you need help,Natalia

  33. 103
    My friend Csepke said:

    Well, I think Scunner should be the elf who makes Hot choclate for santa.That would be a great job for him because it doesen’t have tinsel, it doesen’t have holly,it doesen’t have christmas pudding,it doesen’t have cuddley toys and it doesen’t have christmas wrapping paper!

  34. 102
    My friend Clodagh said:

    no Santa let him stay

  35. 101
    My friend machala said:

    i think he should stay but have his own little house away from the things he dont

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