Is Santa Claus Real?

Posted by Santa Claus on December 18th, 2008

Is Santa real?  Just email him & ask him!

Of course I’m real!

There is one question I get asked a lot.  I do not know why people keep asking me, but they do!

Do you know what that question is?

People ask the question in many ways, but it really is the same question.  Well, here is the question:


“Is Santa Real?”


Whew!  I get asked it so many times that sometimes even I wonder if I am real!  But that is just being silly.  Ho! Ho! Ho!

Of course I am real!  I exist just as surely as love and the spirit of childhood do!

It is just that, sometimes when kids and adults get older, they lose their spirit of childhood.  They even start to think I do not exist!  Can you believe it?!

But I have been around for a very, very long time because people of all ages have kept me in their hearts.

Even if the way you think of me changes over time, I hope you will always keep my spirit with you.  And even if I cannot bring you presents, you must always remember that I love you very much!

But, there are always some people who still are not sure.  So, I tell them, “You should send me an email and ask me!”  Just write ‘Santa are you real?’ in the comments section of your letter and I will answer!

It is also ok if others do not believe in me.  It is a little sad, but, it does not bother me.  Everyone can have their own opinion after all (even if it does not happen to be right!  :)

If talking to friends or other kids about Santa ever makes you upset, then it might be best not to talk to them about it.  You are your own person.  You do not have to believe or do something just because your friends say so!

And, as long as you keep the spirit of Santa and Christmas in your heart, that is what is most important!

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S.  Why do you think people stop believing in Santa?
(You can leave a message for me.  Or, scroll down to see what others have written!)


635 Responses to “Is Santa Claus Real?”

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  1. 635
    My friend Dan said:

    dear santa i want a treehouse, remote control car, typewriter, treehouse, cell phone.

  2. 634
    My friend Brandon said:

    I know that you’re real, Santa! You’re as real as can be!

  3. 633
    My friend Brandon said:

    My friends say that you’re just a guy in a costume, but I don’t care what they say, I will always believe in you Santa!

  4. 632
    My friend Brett said:

    Santa, I love you very much. Some of my friends say your not real, but I know you are!

    Your the best!

  5. 631
    My friend logan said:

    hi santa

  6. 630
    My friend Holly said:

    I have been a relly good girl .what I want carilne abite for crismas but I also want a laptop a real one.will you and your elfs be ok with making both I also what a one derction consort tickets for next summer. Some for my friends.give the tickets to my friends that like one d and family that likes one d.I believe that you are real

    Your little friend

  7. 629
    My friend Aniston said:

    Hi Santa I have a question I really want I phone and a I pad and more 3d ds games I’m 10 years old and I want to know what you will send me for christmas and my birthday I right by Christmas and I forgot to tell you I get two christmases cause my mom and dad are not married so I get two christmas

  8. 628
    My friend Katy said:

    Santa you are real! other wise how would we be comunicating with you now!!!! Look to all the people doubting him out there, he is real, hes as real as your heart as Jesus as much as you want. hes there for you. if you stop beliving in him its ok. he will be there for your even if you stop, hes there for your kids. remember you are you! just because your friends say hes not, dosnt mean you should think the same, it can lead to caos, as you get older you realize that you should follow your own road, because your friends road dosnt always lead to your dream!
    Santa is magic so think about this and dream on! love katy!!! xxxxx

  9. 627
    My friend jordan said:

    ho ho ho santa im 13 and i belave you exsist only 144 days to days till the big day:)xxx

  10. 626
    My friend valerie said:

    Last year I went on another Santa site. I was very good but he didn’t bring me anything. I beleve you are real.


  12. 625
    My friend savannah said:

    you are true i beleive in you:)

  13. 624
    My friend Bianca Neustroski said:

    hey santa are you real are you sure that your real bye for now.

  14. 623
    My friend Sara Hickis said:

    Will me , lily , GINA AND jackie win the meet Cody Simpson thing tomorrow at the concert?

  15. 622
    My friend Hannah said:

    well i just wanted to say hi to you i think i been a very naughty list this year u may not give me a gift but i will love if you please send me a letter Santa i wanna save it in my memories box but if i was good this year then i would love a paint set it would be a pleasure to see you give me that its then will be the best of all gift ever not i am saying that my mom or dad and sister is not a better gift but i will love all gifts thank you Santa Claus

  16. 621
    My friend Olivia said:

    hi santa I will always beleive in you!!!!!!!!!

  17. 620
    My friend Jayde said:

    HI Santa how are u say hi to everyone and the reindeer’s for me I would love a horse,ipad and an iphone4
    if you can do that for me I will be pleased

  18. 619
    My friend Karl said:

    Dear Santa,
    can I please have a king Charles Spaniel which is a dog. I would really appreciate it if you could get it.

    From Karl

  19. 618
    My friend Katie said:

    Santa is deffinetly real.
    When I was 10 I heard a noise on the roof

  20. 617
    My friend keira said:

    santa are you really real please dont say your not real

  21. 616
    My friend Gianna said:

    Santa I will leave some Oreos on the table for you and please let me go to chicago this year!

  22. 615
    My friend Isabelle said:

    I am so good I wone The turner prize once!

  23. 614
    My friend courtney said:

    she is beinging good so she is lising

  24. 613
    My friend Ben said:

    santa does exsised i know it i have seen him i swear

  25. 612
    My friend Tahli said:

    i think Santa is real and i love him to bits just like i love my mum and and dad to bits

  26. 611
    My friend olivia said:

    santa i belive in you

  27. 610
    My friend Yesenia said:

    Santa i hpe i get a phone

  28. 609
    My friend jayjay said:

    why do so many people dress like you and pretend they are you

  29. 608
    My friend jessica said:

    becouse they look at other sited it said if u flyed here on christmas eve u would be dead i did not beleave in that tho

  30. 607
    My friend haley haley said:


  31. 606
    My friend Tim said:

    hi santa how are you this year please may I have smackdown vs raw 2011 and suprises Love Tim

  32. 605
    My friend Anonymous said:


  33. 604
    My friend quishana said:

    hi santa claus i love you

  34. 603
    My friend harry said:

    I think people have stopped bleving you beacuse grown-upps and Teenegers have just sort of grown out of bleving you

  35. 602
    My friend Destiny said:

    Its becaus there parents telll them your not real….an they think there 2 old 2 believe in Santa Clause thats why…but i dont know why santa r u real?

  36. 601
    My friend erin said:


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