How many days until Christmas?

Posted by Santa Claus on October 9th, 2013

Santa is counting how many days are left until Christmas!

I’m counting the days!

Merry Christmas friend!

The elves keep asking me “how many days to Christmas, Santa?” Well, as I’m typing this on October 9th, there are just 75 more days to go!  Jumping Jingle Bells!

No wonder everyone here is so busy!
No wonder everyone is so excited!
It’s just 75 more sleeps…
To the big Christmas Nighted!

(Well, it ALMOST rhymed! HHHOL!)

Can I tell you a secret?

If you ever want to know how many months, weeks, days, hours or even seconds it is until Christmas, you can check out my countdown clock.


Santa Claus

P.S. Do you think the elves are getting excited a little too soon?  After all, it isn’t even Halloween yet!  You can leave a message for me. Or, scroll down to see what others have written!


371 Responses to “How many days until Christmas?”

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  1. 371
    My friend Lola said:

    Almost Christmas

  2. 370
    My friend Colt said:

    Hi Santa it is 2014 November 2 today I am happy that crismis is almost here!

  3. 369
    My friend Olivia said:

    Hi how are u can u get me a orange iPhone please
    And candy and pencil grips

  4. 368
    My friend Jessica said:

    I want a pomsky!’

  5. 367
    My friend JOSE said:


  6. 366
    My friend kaleb said:

    I love u

  7. 365
    My friend Aaliyah said:

    For Christmas I would

  8. 364
    My friend Grace said:

    could i please have my own ipad thank you and love you by

  9. 363
    My friend brandon said:

    I’ve been wanting an Xbox for Christmas can u by any chance get me it for Christmas this year please please

  10. 362
    My friend jenelle said:

    hello i am jenelle and i am 11 years old and i have an a A in math and an A+ in perojacs
    thank you love you all love jenelle


  12. 361
    My friend kelsey said:

    im 8 years old and i love chrismas becuse i get towake up and open presontts from santa and my failey

  13. 360
    My friend Payton said:

    Hi Santa! I have been asking and asking for a puppy for 3 years now and I was hopeing that you might be able to get me one, I want a small dog a Yorkie and all the supplies and clothes for her yes I want a girl! Thank you so much and I hope my wish will come true! Have funn delivering the presents!
    Ps I’m eleven!

  14. 359
    My friend eve said:


  15. 358
    My friend Madisyn said:

    Dear Santa I love christmas so much because it is fun and I hope u and ur elves have the best christmas ever

  16. 357
    My friend Carly said:

    Dear Santa Clause for Christmas I want a furbie,rubber bands,and you!I hope I am not on the noty list this year.P.S hope you like your milk and cookies reply soon.I forgot to ask you how do you become an elf?

  17. 356
    My friend Hannah said:


  18. 355
    My friend janaia said:

    I love you santa

  19. 354
    My friend hallie said:

    I love Christmas! I can not wait!

  20. 353
    My friend hallie hansen said:

    I can not wait for Christmas! It is my favorite holiday!

  21. 352
    My friend Tessa said:


  22. 351
    My friend Josie said:

    I am so exited for Christmas! Only 10 more sleeps to go!!!!!<3

  23. 350
    My friend briley said:

    have i been very good or not santa

  24. 349
    My friend tara jayne diana said:

    I thinks elve is getting really happy becasue it only 10 day till christmas I hope u get something nice for my 2 little nefhew and my son he is 5 year old and he name is james and my little girl she only 2 year old and little boy on his way I only 32 weeks

  25. 348
    My friend Senthea said:

    There is 11 more sleeps until Christmas

  26. 347
    My friend Senthea said:

    Today is the 14 and everyone is thinking it is the fifteenth but that means that there is 11 days till Christmas since today is the 14 right??

  27. 346
    My friend christina said:

    I can’t wait for christmas to see you on the fire truck.I am excited.there are only 11 days left.hi elfs stop being excited its almoSt time.i love all of yous so much.tell santa claus I have been so good this are the reindeers doing.I have to tell you something sister is having a baby today.I have some else to tell you I have a boyfriends at school and at shop rite and planet fittness. All I want for christmas is a teddy bear.

  28. 345
    My friend christina said:

    I can’t wait for christmas to see you on the fire truck.I am excited.there are only 11 days left.hi elfs stop being excited its almoSt time.i love all of yous so much.tell santa claus I have been so good this are the reindeers doing.

  29. 344
    My friend Samantha said:

    Dear Santa Claus, I have been really have a good girl this year and for Christmas this year, I would like the following items: 1. A I pod Nano, 2.a Northface Sweatshirt, 3. a new Boston red Soxs Hat and Matching Mittens, 4.a new pairs of slippers no crocs please 5. a new pair of christmas Earrings, 6. a cell phone, 7. a new pairs of Jordans size seven and half. 8. A few CDs:Lady Ga Ga, Austin and Ally, and a another One Driection CD and Teen Beach CD. 9. a Leather Jacket and Cowgirl Boots. 10. Teen Beach Poster, 11. a Austin Moon Necklace and Austin Moon Earrings and couple Shirts; A Austin Moon long Sleeved Shirt and a Justin Bieber Long Sleeved Shirt.and also a One Direction Long Sleeved Shirt and Few Cds: Justin Bieber Believe CD and a Justin Bieber Misteltoe CD and a Selona Gromez CD and a Backsheet Boys CD

  30. 343
    My friend KEILA said:

    Hi santa I’m just cheing in

  31. 342
    My friend I don't want to reveal my name said:

    SANTA!?!?!?!?!?? Is it really you talking!!!!! For xmas I want to know if I’m on the nice or naughty list I hope I’m on the nice list

  32. 341
    My friend portia said:

    omg I am so excited it is only 12 days to go and we haven’t even started shopping it has gone past so quickly happy Christmas and a happy new year .

  33. 340
    My friend portia said:

    please could I have a computer to thanks see you Christmas eve.

  34. 339
    My friend portia said:

    Hi Santa for Christmas please may I have a furby not a boom a puppy shepherd dog or cocker and please may I have a I pad not a mini thank you happy Christmas PS pleas could I have a furby boom festive sweater thanks see you Christmas eave

  35. 338
    My friend chereen said:

    I would like a I pad

  36. 337
    My friend hi brittany said:

    i want a pink couch in my room

  37. 336
    My friend jade said:

    dear santa can you check your becase I would likey you to check Iam on your good or bad list

  38. 335
    My friend Matt said:

    I want ps4

  39. 334
    My friend daquon said:

    pleace give me a bike for christmas

  40. 333
    My friend Alyssa said:


  41. 332
    My friend Meredith said:

    Hi Santa how is every thing doing up north? My elf on the shelf does not seme to want to go in my rom. Could you please tell him to go in my room.

  42. 331
    My friend camille said:

    Hope you have a awesome Chrismas. i love you so much. I would love to have a makeup set. goodbye …!!!*$

  43. 330
    My friend Hailey said:

    I think your letter is funny! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)


  44. 329
    My friend AALIYAH said:

    i am writing on the 8th of december and i can’t wait till christmas, the christmas tree is up and already there are loads of presents wonder how many there will be after santa comes

    P.S i am 11 and i still believe in santa no matter what people say

    P.P.S i think i have been good this year

  45. 328
    My friend Nick said:

    Hey Santa get me one of everything that starts with a “i”!

  46. 327
    My friend KEILA said:

    Hi santa I really want a iphone and a wii u and a puppy and I want to name him sparkel please be real I belive.

  47. 326
    My friend wanda said:

    Hi santa hmmm weel your the best and I belive in you please be true

  48. 325
    My friend Kandyce said:

    Santa claus I realy want a white iphone45 and a laptop also I want to think everything you’ve gave me every Christmas MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYBODY HO!HO!HO! LOVE U SANTA

  49. 324
    My friend Julia said:

    Dear Santa Claus,

    I know you get a bunch of i wants and i would like, but i would like something for my brother instead of me. So please if you could get my brother a wwe ring set that would be awesome.I thank you for this.


  50. 323
    My friend Caitlin said:

    Hi Santa so glad to have Christmas,but Christmas isn’t about presents it is about stele rating Jesus birth

  51. 322
    My friend rory said:

    dear santa,
    i would like a girl nerf gun,i pod,one f youre elfs came to my class room he moved stuff auround in are clssroom when we were eating lunch we heard a little noise saying santa is watching you when you sleeping and when youre awake
    love your freind rory

  52. 321
    My friend george said:

    roxy came to my shool mrs.crawford opend the cabint and then roxy was in there.roxy has a note that said santa is watching.i would like angery bird star wars toy,the black flags,wiiu game pad,super mario wii u,a boy nerf gun.
    love your fiend george

  53. 320
    My friend Ekay said:

    Dear Santa,For this Christmas I would like a chemistry set a telescope so I can go look at the stars for constellations and the moon,I would also like more cellphone cases

  54. 319
    My friend Chaz said:

    Santa how are u doing

  55. 318
    My friend Tyra said:

    Santa I know that there are 18 more sleeps until Christmas. I hope you can bring me ice skates,nail polish,and a american girl doll! I love you!

  56. 317
    My friend Hannah said:

    I believe in you can one of elves have a webcam

  57. 316
    My friend mark said:


  58. 315
    My friend Karolina said:

    Dear Santa,
    I really want a puppy. It can be any kind, as long as it fits for an apartment. I also want a iPhone 4S that is white. PLEASEEEEEE!

    I LOVE YOU SANTA!!!!!!!!


  59. 314
    My friend Corbin said:

    I want, if within your power, Xbox one to be gone that thing is messed up

  60. 313
    My friend Tripp said:

    Be sure stop bye my house first

  61. 312
    My friend chica liasd said:

    this year I hope it will be a fun Christmas

  62. 311
    My friend dshanta said:

    I would love to have world peace and and iphone5s and a pomsky puppy!!!santa I know ur real but plz I dont care plz try ur best to get me 9ne ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

  63. 310
    My friend shelly said:

    Im 31 yrs old i only want a radeo

  64. 309
    My friend kaitie said:

    Hi santie claws I know I spelled ur name wrong… so ya sowwy about that….Anywho I would like to inform you that I sent you a letter in the mail.. it was a while back.. before Thanksgiving if I recall. Just making sure that ya got it!!!! Please read it carefully so you know exactly what I want.. okedoke artichoke that pretty much wraps every thing up!! Hope the reindeer and elf are good bown there in the north pole.


  65. 308
    My friend lexi said:

    I want a touch phone and laptop

  66. 307
    My friend jasmine Simpson said:

    Thank you Santa you are the best ever by love you.merry Christmas

  67. 306
    My friend jade said:

    I need a real puppy for Xmas please!!!!


  68. 305
    My friend katy said:

    well just looking at blog now there is 21 sleeps

  69. 304
    My friend Abigail said:

    I have to go

  70. 303
    My friend Abigail said:

    22 MORE DAYS

  71. 302
    My friend Abigail said:

    Thank you for the presents you got me last year

  72. 301
    My friend Abigail said:

    I got a laptop well me and my sister Emma share it

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