How many days until Christmas?

Posted by Santa Claus on October 9th, 2013

Santa is counting how many days are left until Christmas!

I’m counting the days!

Merry Christmas friend!

The elves keep asking me “how many days to Christmas, Santa?” Well, as I’m typing this on October 9th, there are just 75 more days to go!  Jumping Jingle Bells!

No wonder everyone here is so busy!
No wonder everyone is so excited!
It’s just 75 more sleeps…
To the big Christmas Nighted!

(Well, it ALMOST rhymed! HHHOL!)

Can I tell you a secret?

If you ever want to know how many months, weeks, days, hours or even seconds it is until Christmas, you can check out my countdown clock.


Santa Claus

P.S. Do you think the elves are getting excited a little too soon?  After all, it isn’t even yet!  You can leave a message for me. Or, scroll down to see what others have written!


371 Responses to “How many days until Christmas?”

  1. Angel

    I think that they are getting way to excited for Christmas that they are forgetting that its going to be Halloween real soon and Thanksgiving also that means turkey.


  3. Anonymous

    Good website design michael

  4. Bull

    Nope I’m exited too.

  5. lilly

    can you wait for christmas

  6. audreunna

    hey,bye have to go

  7. sophie

    74 more days till chrismas from sophiexx

  8. donnna

    do you have hallween at the north
    pole too bad you can make tell your wife to make coal cookie for hi m self s0he wont get your cookie
    better yet make sour cookie for your mean green friend the grinch

  9. audreunna

    who cant wait for Christmas I getting everything

  10. Make - sence

    I can’t believe Christmas is just around the courner

  11. noooo

    hiiii 7777777 … 44444444

  12. Aaron

    Can’t wait Father Christmas…I love Christmas!


  14. cerys

    i cant wait until christmas

  15. Anonymous

    72 days!

  16. charity

    I love chirstmas and i know u do too because u get to go on a ttour around the world.

  17. Jun

    sorry to be rude,but Y U NO POST OTHER EVENTS OF 2013!!

  18. Raphael

    I love Christmas Santa is the best

  19. Alice

    I love Christmas it’s the best holiday o the year. You better watch out Santana coming to town xxxx

  20. Ritvik

    71 more days!

  21. Amelia

    I cant wait til christmas i cleaned my room and brushed my teeth more often like you said ill keep being good and p.s tell the elfs they are adorable and yes the do get to hyper i bet (HOLL)and I can smell mrs clauses cookies already!

  22. kermit

    even though Roberto has been a bad boy this year could u please bring him some lemon flavored snood? I think he will like it it is my favorite. I have been a very lovely boy this year. I love u santa. love, Kermit.

  23. Kady

    68 days :)

  24. Luke

    No, the elves are not getting excited to early. I listen to Christmas music all year long! :)

  25. Amanda

    well i emailed santa and at the end of the letter it said only 67 more days in till christmas eve

  26. Amanda

    At least my floor i can see sometimes on my bedroom

  27. Amanda

    and if any of u live in mount pleasant santas tracker said the elfs were coming to see whos being naughty or nice be careful tho because Santa claus is coming to twosn and hes watching so be good… if u dare… DUN Dun dun

  28. Amanda


  29. Amanda

    ok, i usally be hyper and jump all over the walls and my mom is doing it now and shes sick!

  30. Sarah

    75 more sleep”s in tell Christmas and days!

  31. neve


  32. darrell

    I was jumping off the walls

  33. amands

    I can’t believe it only 67 days till Christmas

  34. sarah

    75 more to sleeps in tell Christmas and days

  35. Finlay

    I am really looking forward to Christmas this year because I really want some monster university things such as:a watch scooter and the bed covers and they all must be monster university please
    P.S I really like the things you bring me every year xx

  36. isabel

    ahhhh 63 days!!!!!

  37. Paige

    I can’t wait till Christmas Santa thank you for my letter I hope the elves and reindeers are ok and of course you soon the big night will be hear

  38. Ritvik

    Only 62 days until Chrismas!

  39. Randy

    66 days santa

  40. tobyn

    I only think it’s to soon to get excited for Christmas when it’s not my birthday let. its in the fist week of November. but it is hard to hold in all that excitement for what seems to be so long!!!!!!!!

  41. Ritvik

    Only 59 days now!

  42. tobyn

    please post more Santa,p.s do you like being called st.Nickolaus or Chris crinkle?

  43. Ally

    58 days till christmas santa. Thank you for all the great gifts you give me at christmas xxxx

  44. jay

    hey santa,are you real?

  45. Ritvik

    57 days woot

  46. lanora

    dear santa the elfs mrsclaus and everone at the northpole I really neeed your guys help … please help me is their some advice you guys can give me if this doenst stop then i gota have santa see me on Christmas eve or something i cant let this happen to me really

  47. felix

    am nice or noty

  48. ella

    how many more days till Christmas and is
    Rodolfo okay to fly in the snowy sky because i will all ways look after him no
    mater what.

  49. alyshia

    I,m doing a story for u santa its called leave it to me roordoth

  50. crystal

    do you love being santa

  51. Megan

    Its my birthday soon so what if you give me a present I already have!?

  52. alexis

    hi santa!!!! i cannot wait until christmas. there are 52 days left…..right???????? anyways i am really looking foward to you delivering the presents.


  53. Beth

    OMG! I CAN’T WAIT FOR YOU TO COME! But please help! Im getting bullied at my school its a Christian school anyway. HALP!

    :3 :(

  54. Bella

    I want an Americn girl doll im from Canada my parents sya there a repoff help

  55. Ritvik

    Only 52 days now

  56. Brianna

    Dear, santa i love you so much im so happy your real all my friends say your just fake but i dont think so i beleive in you santa i cant wait to see you at the mall sometime:)

  57. Owen

    I can’t belive there’s only 52 sleeps to go! I’m so excited for Thanksgiving! The store start of Christmas! I love the beautiful Christmas displays! I can’t wait to see the Rockafella Christmas Tree Lighting! I love the holidays.

  58. laura

    53 more sleeps left until Christmas woot i am very excited for Christmas because my mum and dad are giving me an ipad mini but i told them it`s a surprise for me but then they told me what it was but they never told me about the other things.

  59. bridget

    I am so excited for christmas! i love all the treats and goodies but most of all the presents! i love christmas because is is a happy time. 51 more sleeps and then CHRISTMAS!!!!

  60. Summer

    I cant wait til my cat lets you in the door! (thats right, i have no chimney) Only 52 more days! Jumping jingle bells!

  61. bevan


  62. Maisie

    Hello santa i am maisie woods and i wanted to tell you that i really want you to come to my house


    Vixen 12,667
    Comet 9,284
    Blitzen 8,395
    Donner 7,803
    Prancer 7,405
    Cupid 6,963
    Dasher 5,512
    Rudolph 5,475
    Olive 5,186
    Dancer 4,306

    These are all of the votes for who should ride you sleigh

  63. Chloe

    Yay I can’t wait I am so excited because next mounth is christmas!

  64. Mya-Rae

    How many day till Santa comes

  65. rachael

    hi i love christmas very much and i love to eat cookies and drink eggnog on christmas i also like to make cookies for you!!

  66. Santa Claus

    Merry Christmas Beth!

    I’m Santa’s Head Elf (I take care of his email accounts and his cookie supply).
    I am so glad you told me you are being bullied. Remember, it is not your fault. You do not deserve to be bullied.
    I want you to tell an adult about this right away, just like you told me! Getting help to stop a bully is not being a tattle-tale.
    Find an adult you trust, like a teacher or a Mom or Dad. Tell them what is happening to you. You can even show them what you wrote here if it is easier.
    Sometimes bullies stop as soon as an adult finds out. They know what they are doing is wrong and they are afraid they will get in trouble.
    You can also call some people who can help you. They are really good at helping to stop the bullies.
    I am very proud of you for being so brave and for speaking up for yourself.

    Merry Christmas!

    Santa’s Head Elf

  67. Santa Claus

    Merry Christmas Lanora!

    I’m Santa’s Head Elf (I take care of his email accounts and his cookie supply). Thank you for writing!
    Everyone at the North Pole was very sad to hear about all that has been going on. But it’s good to talk to people about these things because it helps you. That’s why I’m so glad you wrote me.
    Santa answered your question on his blog page some time ago (he gets asked it a lot!)
    If you’re still not sure what to do then I *REALLY* want you to pick up the phone and call the great people at one of the phone numbers on the Santa’s Help Hotlines page (make sure to choose the phone number for your country!). Just tell them that Santa told you to call. (We like to think of them as “elves in training”!)

    All the very best this Christmas!

    Santa’s Head Elf

  68. grace

    I thought it was 49 more days?

  69. Nicole

    How many seconds till Christmas?

  70. Gracey

    There is 49 more days!sooo…oooo existed!Good luck everyone and jolly hope you have a great day every day!Thanks!xox Gracey

  71. Gracey


  72. Louise Brown

    hello santa

    i would really like a puppy for christmas and chocholate and a little sister also can you please please please bring me a unicorn

  73. kayla

    Santa your the best I WISH Christmas WILL GO ON FOREVER

  74. Tom

    How do you get around all of Austraila fyi I love you from Tom

  75. Taja

    hi santa i am so excited for christmas ps hope you like the milk,cookies and carrots merry christmas.

  76. Taja

    i love you

  77. Ritvik

    Only 47 days now

  78. Jacob

    Christmas can’t wait I love you santa

  79. destiny

    im 10 years old

  80. ana

    santa i want a galaxy s4 withe with a case for it from verizon

  81. victoria

    I love Christmas so much can’t wait:D:D:D

  82. .ariana

    Dear Santa I wish I will get something I really want for Christmas

  83. stacey

    there os only 44 day unil christmas

  84. Emma

    I just can not wait for Christmas! It is my favorite time of year! My favorite thing about Christmas is all of the awesome gifts and Santa Claus!

  85. Samantha

    Hi Santa and Elves can u ask santa if I can have a girl elf as well my boy elf and when would my elfs come!!!!!!

  86. jordan

    there is only 44 days now until Christmas day cant wait im going to see all of my family at that time
    its going to feel good

  87. Austin

    Now it’s just 44 days

  88. Zeb

    It’s so close! Stay awesome Santa! Ps. We are donating to a less fountain ate family this year! That is the true meaning of Christmas!

  89. michael

    I am very ecited about Christmas this year and last year I saw rudolphs glowing red nose outside my window.merry Christmas and a happy new michael

  90. Daniel

    Santa are you real do you really live in northpole

  91. Sine

    Please may I have for Christmas a HTC 8s on contract, a stunt scooter, pj, shoes and clothes ( track suits) please

    Love sine

  92. keun

    Nowits 44dans

  93. Dillan

    I am so excited. I already want to put up the tree!

  94. Angel

    Dear Santa.
    I love it when you hug us when you come and go.I was wondering if you could give me a note how to make a boy like me?If you can’t I understand because you are too bissy.:(
    but I was just wondering.Merry Christmes.:)

  95. Angel

    Dear Santa
    I was wondering if you can tell me how many day’s intil Christmess?

  96. Angel

    it’s so close i can’t wait to see you!:)

  97. Angel

    i was wondering if you can make my hole family like me better?:(:)

  98. Emily

    there are 44 days to Christmas on Novemder 10,2013 everyone should belive! And be kind to others.

  99. Caroline

    im excited about christmas eve.

  100. Ritvik

    And now it’s just 43 days!

  101. ashley :*(

    I am so super excited thet chritmas is only 43 sleeps away, but it would be a lot happier for me if I could somehow work up enough courage to talk to the guy that I have a huge crush on! I just get so nervous around him and when I try to talk to him, the words get traped and tangled and I end up chickining out! I really want him to know that I like him but I don’t know how to talk to him without getting all flustered! I tried takking to my best friends about it they said that they are not really sure about what I should do. They say that maybe I should wait before I start liking guys and alk that.but I’m already 13 and in the 8th grade! I try to stop my fellings for him but when he is around me I get all nervous! If my friends won’t support me and help me then you are the only one to talk to really. Sure I’ve talked to my parents a couple of times about it but they don’t really care much about the topic since they don’t even know him. I’m just looking for som advice to try and give him the message that I like him without you know creeping him out and everything.

  102. ESLYN


  103. ESLYN


  104. Annalisa

    Have a wonderful day Santa! Thanks for all the Emails you wrote me today. I am being very good Santa. Bye!

  105. Amelia

    Can’t Wait to see you!
    And for people asking today it is 44days til Christmas Hope i helped! :D

  106. kayleigh

    Can you please help my friends believe in you? I am the only person of all my friends that believes in you.

  107. Abigail

    I love Christmas is the best time of year

  108. izabella

    hi santa! I sent you an email yesterday,and today it snowed while i was in school!sadly it’s not even a inch deep, so I can’t play in it :( but i’m really happy because when i went home,it was a winter wonderland of snow-covered trees!and,to make my day,I think i saw either a reindeer or a deer-i’m not sure.i’m already listening to x-mas music! I’M SO EXITED!!! also, i have a list of stuff i want for christmas on my computer!it’s on file,open recent,x-mas list!

  109. Emily

    You are the best!I believe in you!

  110. shamia

    I want a doll

  111. Cheyenne

    Now only 44 more days. I count it down on my fridge!!

  112. Lindsey

    Hi santa you were verry nice in the letter there are 40 days intill chritmas im saying this on november 11 bye

  113. Emily

    Dear Santa, I can’t wait till Christmas and tell your elves to be excited and Merry Christmas.

  114. Tierney

    Dear santa I would like a puppy if u can get me one that would be awesome because I ❤ christmas and u

  115. Cassie

    I can’t wait Santa! I already have my mini Christmas tree set up in my room i cant wait till December!

  116. alisha

    i cant stop looking where santa it is amzing xxx…xxxx

  117. Ritvik

    Only 42 days now

  118. Megan

    I do not think they are starting to early, because their eleves they love Christmas!! just like me:)

  119. Rozalia

    santa i always wanted to see you so if i sleep please can you wake me up so i can see you im starting to cry now because i wrote it

  120. kieran

    would you be able to leave me a slurry tanker beside my bed tonight please

  121. Elle

    I love you santa please can you get me a little puppy for Christmas I believe in you but my friends don’t and they said you fat but I don’t because I love uou

  122. Jeremy

    Dear santa
    hi everyone thankyou the year is going by fast

  123. logan

    I have been a very good boy this year… I would like a dog for Christmas. I would also like an ipad. I am very excited about Christmas this year.

  124. Lila

    Dear Santa,
    I am so excited about Christmas this year! I would love it if you would also give children not as wealthy and fortune as I to get Christmas presents this year? They are the ones that need it most not the people who are very wealthy. My only wish is that others not as fortunate will have a wonderful Christmas, this time round. Thank you so much, Santa, and of course you know best! I am just giving a suggestion.
    Also this year I really want what Logan wants. A puppy and an iPad. Mainly because I would love a little puppy friend and I actually need an iPad for school surprisingly. Also I need it for work. But mainly I would LOVE a puppy and a little fur from the reindeer perhaps? I know it is quite odd but that is what I would most adore. Or maybe a bit of your beard? It is very unusual, yes, but that is what I would love.
    Also all you reindeer I hope you are fit and well for Christmas so that you may fly around the world! And make sure your nose is polished, Rudolph! So that you can lead the rest of your fellow reindeer friends and the big man, Santa Claus!
    And elves I hope you are working hard! But not too hard. We wouldn’t want you to get tired! It is 41 days until Christmas but there is still lot’s to do!
    Also Mrs. Claus I hope you are well and cooking some lovely cakes and treats for Santa and the elves. Keep well! And I hope to see you all soon!
    Love you all,
    Lila xxx
    PS. Santa keep well and get lots of support.
    PPS. Everyone take care and I wish you the best of luck for the next 40 days!
    13/11/2013 7:48 PM Eastern Day Light Savings Time

  125. jaylen

    Santa can you peek dowen at my grandma and see my presents and just tell me one present she got me

  126. sierra

    all I want 4 Christmas is a new iphone and a new lap top

  127. Abigail

    I can’t wait!!!!

  128. Robbie

    Leave a letter on Christmas !

  129. Anonymous

    I can,t wait till Christmas can I have lego mincraft the village

  130. Georgia

    Hello Santa! I know you can’t write back, but for Christmas, I would love a ‘How to Train your dragon’ DVD! I know, It’s been three years, and I still haven’t brought it (as stupid as putting cheese on cookies! Sorry for my language!) and I’ve kinda got an addiction to it now! So I’d LOVE it if you could bring it for me! It’s not much of a deal if you don’t bring it but, thanks! Bye!

    -Georgia xxx

  131. brendan

    hi im so Exited love you my friends go to the rong website I tell them to go to love you xox…oxo

  132. brendan

    hi im sad today because amy hit me in school today

  133. sarunas

    i want a ps3

  134. Emily

    I absolutly love Christmas other than when it comes to the stocking.
    Last year my stocking was at the end of my bed and then when I was getting rid of some of the toys I didnt want any more I found half of my sweets under my bed!!! So please can you fill my stocking then place it on my dressing table this year. THANK YOU

  135. Emily

    Ive got two messages on this blog now the other one was about the stocking disaster!

    I love Christmas so guess what I’ve already prepared…
    Cowntdown calender,
    Christmas list and me and my Gran are making a Christmas Cake

    P.S it will stay fresh, I hope.

    Christmas is the best!!!

  136. Elle

    Hi Santa I love you I would like for christmas laptop and a bike xx

  137. martina

    tell me how menay more sleeps

  138. Aubrey

    Hi Santa I would like American girl doll stuff and a Swarovski crystal charm bracelet with charms too THANKS SANTA!!!!!!!!!!!

  139. Aubrey

    Hi Santa I would like a Kindle fire THANKS SANTA!!!!!!!!

  140. nicole

    hiyya how many days till Christmas

  141. Harvey

    Man U kit

  142. adrianna

    Hi santa
    I was wondering if u have any christmas song ideas for me to sing as a solo for chorus. If anything comes to you please let me know!:) while we are in the music category what is it favorite Christmas song?

  143. Megan

    dear Santa i love you so much thank you sooo much for the wonderful presents!!!!:) thank you too elves i wish i had a little buddy as cool as you to hang with PS thanks again love,Megan

  144. Jeremy

    Hi Santa
    Nov already wow love Jeremy

  145. Tierney

    I love u and I hope u are having a nice night or day whatever thing it is I hope u are going to have a nice day/night bye

  146. Amanda

    40 days

  147. faridat abiodun

    I love santa and I promise I keep the Christmas spirit up. And please santa can I have xbox game the Kinect sports. THANK YOU LOVE FROM FARIDAT


  148. haleigh

    merry chrismas

  149. kayla donoghue

    dear santa for christmas i want a iphone or a ipad or a big bunch of pool toys

  150. gabriella

    37 days now! Santa hasn’t got long to rap up my rock tumbler and joke book! look out Santa!

  151. Summer

    Hello santa and eleves i may have been good this year however my school report was good daddy said and mrs bowey.
    I want
    .moshi monster bed cover
    .better freinds form the street (exspeckt amber livingston)

  152. vickie


  153. molly

    Hi santa, please can u send me an email, thanks xx





  156. caitlin and lily-mae

    We are auntie and niece can you get lily-mae a charm from you and for me any thing can you tell me what your getting my friend best friend amelia moss

  157. Angharad

    Heeey, i was just wondering if every one is ok? And hope you’ve done my present ready!!!xx

  158. Ciara

    Hi Santa and Elves I cant wait until Christmas. I hope I am on the nice list.

  159. emma

    cant wait til christmas 37 days to go

  160. jordan

    silly billys it is close

  161. branden micah :) :)

    branden micah :) :)
    santa 12:00
    dad:) ro:(

  162. Caitlin

    Hi Santa I was just reading your tweets but it lost signal but I think you were talking about me I live in Runcorn bye

  163. Jolie

    Dear, Santa
    I would like a painting set for Christmas and maybe aTV in my room too would be great

  164. tierney

    hi santa I just wanted to tell u that I love my ipod touch and the rest of the stuff that i cant remember so yeah se u in 4 weeks

  165. Chloe

    I have been A vey good girl this year and I love you!:)

  166. Anjalie

    there are 42 days till christmas.

  167. Sophie

    Is it to early to decorate in November??

  168. Karis

    To be a popular like some people!

  169. Karis

    How days till christmas

  170. asia

    Dear Santa, I want a I pod for Christmas.Merry Christmas form Asia to Santa,.

  171. georgia & anna

    dear santa we would like a unicorn named amelia and rose. and a ferrari a purple one and pink.

  172. Jillian

    Dear Santa,
    I now I don’t have perfect behavior with siblings but I want you to know that I have been a really good girl this year.

  173. Emma

    there is only 38 more days until Christmas

  174. Paige

    The elves get excited to early before Christmas is even here. I can’t even wait till Christmas is here this year.

  175. Juanita

    I just want to know how many day to go for Christmas

  176. Grace

    Santa I love you .Lots and lots.

  177. Jack

    This is my second Christmas. Thank you for the presents for last year

    from Jack

  178. shruti

    your the best i will miss you for now but lets wait till christmas

  179. ryan

    im so excited about crithmas ar you

  180. casey

    dear santa i have being realy good this year love you lots from casey xxxx…xxx

  181. Amartya

    Oh, I am sooooooo exited till christmas. I wosh i had a time travelling machine

  182. taylor

    it is 37 days until Christmas

  183. sunni

    36 More Rite?????

  184. Ritvik

    And now its only 34 days until christmas

  185. sunni

    Can Clumsy Sed A hug

  186. sunni


    1 month

  187. kristyna

    hi can you tell me how many day till christmas?

  188. COURT


  189. Sara

    Hi santa it is sara elizabeth babcock how are you and the elfs doing . I love christmas and I was wondering what you do whill we are being good and bad follks

  190. Lily

    Dear Santa,
    Hi! I am 13… I know most kids my age want a new ipod, ipad, or iphone. But, I want something different. I want to be happy. I want everyone to be happy. Please help the kids and adults in the Philippines and anywhere else with big troubles like them. I know this is sort of early but, please! Please help the kids that get bullied, hurt, or have no home or no money. Please make everyone’s life better this Christmas!
    Lily from PA

  191. Samantha

    It’s not 75 more sleeps its 34 days and I don’t no how many sleeps

  192. Robbie

    Hi Santa I saw you at my house once

  193. Ashley

    Dear Santa I really want for is a furpy and a lock for Christmas and a. The colour is pink and my blue

  194. Connor

    DEAR Santa,please help me stop getting bullied I get bullied everyday and I really need help because I cry a lot when I get bullied and that’s like every day how can you help me and please help anyone else who gets bullied it would mean a lot to me because I do not want Colten getting bullied because I do not want Colten going through what I do please respond

    Merry Christmas Connor!

    I’m Santa’s Head Elf (I take care of his email accounts and his cookie supply).

    I am so glad you told me you are being bullied. Remember, it is not your fault. You do not deserve to be bullied.

    I want you to tell an adult about this right away, just like you told me! Getting help to stop a bully is not being a tattle-tale.

    Find an adult you trust, like a teacher or a Mom or Dad. Tell them what is happening to you. You can even show them what you wrote here if it is easier.

    Sometimes bullies stop as soon as an adult finds out. They know what they are doing is wrong and they are afraid they will get in trouble.

    You can also call some people who can help you. They are really good at helping to stop the bullies.

    I am very proud of you for being so brave and for speaking up for yourself and Colten.

    Merry Christmas!

    Santa’s Head Elf

  195. Lily

    Hi! Ummmm…….. I love u and totally believe in you!!!!!!!!! You send me the best presents in the whole world every year!!!!!

  196. Katie

    I can’t wait for Christmas!!! Christmas is my favorite holiday. I love you Santa!

  197. rhys

    hi could you please tell my cousins that they need to behave there self

  198. sarah

    thir are less days then that

  199. byronLYCH13

    byronLynch13 santanrthpoLeLove snowwihdrogheda

  200. Brielle

    Have I been good with my brothers? Please respond

  201. Brielle

    Have I been good?

  202. lorna

    hi santa i love christmas it is the best time of the year!

  203. samantha

    whatb is like for christmas

  204. aileeney

    I love you guys

  205. Emily

    I mite be an elf for Christmas Day because I have a elf top.I think they are amazing because they make peasants

  206. Emily

    I might be a little helper this year.they are amazing because they make presents

  207. chereen

    hi santa

  208. Olivia

    Merry Christmas and thank you for letting every good little boy and girl have a merry Christmas . Lots Of Love Olivia

  209. Brandon

    I want a dirt bike

  210. sasha

    Every day I wonder how long it is until Christmas and I am hopping I wont have a cold like last year so I’m hopping if I didn’t get a cold like last year

  211. MEGAN


  212. Kaylynn

    I truly believe in you, Santa! I want a special blanket for Christ mas

  213. chelsey

    Hi santa my name is chelsey williams im hoping to a video camera so i can record my self singing and making vido for youtube giving addvice to the little kids

  214. chelsey

    Im also getting bullied ats my by one of my follow class mate he keeps calling me a name that i dont like and also the boy is in 9th grade and im in 10th grade im also getting bullied by 10th graders who know sence last year and there a new boy in my class his name is montrel p. he is nice half of the time when friends are not in school and theres an 8th grader who is related to a 10th grader in my last two period class his name is rj but his real name is ronfredrick b. he had kissed me on the lips and his brother tavon told everyone that in our grade that i kissed his younger brother on everyone in the class is going crazy and his cuznit keeps trying to talk to me his name is christoper m. what can i do about all of the bullying

    Merry Christmas!

    I’m Santa’s Head Elf (I take care of his email accounts and his cookie supply).

    I am so glad you told me you are being bullied. Remember, it is not your fault. You do not deserve to be bullied.

    I want you to tell an adult about this right away, just like you told me! Getting help to stop a bully is not being a tattle-tale.

    Find an adult you trust, like a teacher or a Mom or Dad. Tell them what is happening to you. You can even show them what you wrote here if it is easier.

    Sometimes bullies stop as soon as an adult finds out. They know what they are doing is wrong and they are afraid they will get in trouble.

    You can also call some people who can help you at They are really good at helping to stop the bullies.

    I am very proud of you for being so brave and for speaking up for yourself.

    Merry Christmas!

    Santa’s Head Elf

  215. portia

    Hi santa I love you thank you for all the presents you gave me last year and if you give me them for Christmas hi to mrs claws the elves and the raindeers I will leave you cockies and milk and carrots for the raindeer if I don’t get a puppy for my birthday then could I pleas have one for Christmas a cocker spanil please if I have one please may I have a build a bear. thanks ps sorry if I spelt a bit wrong thanks agin make sure the raindeer are heathly love you bey.

  216. kayla

    am i on the naghty list or nice

  217. kayla

    i love christmas day

  218. kayla

    for christmas i wold like my famiy to be happy

  219. Hayden

    Dear Santa,
    What do I want for Christmas. I would like a brand new Kendal for me and my brother and sister. I would also like a new xbox game called grand theft atou game and also a new ds game.

    Your, friend

  220. emma

    Hi santa! Love emma.

  221. lewis

    30 days to christmas

  222. Delaney

    I want Christmas to be tomorrow

  223. pip


  224. emily

    only 28 days until christmas,or is it 29?santa i would like to let you know something i left out about the mlp eg costume in my letter to you,the shoes,i want them to look like they are from the actual movie,you know like hooves.
    thank you,love

  225. Jamie

    Hi santa are you going to today

  226. Jennifer Robles

    Can you get me a puppy

  227. molly

    I LOVE CHRISTMAS also Santa I am getting baptized on February 14, 2014

  228. Saben

    Dear santa can you get me call of duty ghost and grand theft auto 5

  229. katie

    hi Santa!Toda it was November 26,2013
    Happy ThanksGiving!

  230. Skyler

    Dear Santa,

    I hope you get me and my sister what we want for Christmas. Your the best person in the world. Everyone looks up to you. me and my sister always want Christmas speared going around the world every day even not near Christmas time!
    Love you!

  231. haylee

    i whant christmas to be tomarrow

  232. Abbey

    Dear Santa,I want lots of lps this year am I on the nice list? I want a puppy too a baby German friend Joseph dosen’t believe in you or god does Rudolph talk? Tell Rudolph I love him and likes the color red. Love: Abbey

  233. Asijah

    I have been really bad this year I wonder if you can give me three more chances to get rid of my behavior and I also wonder if you can help my mom change her mind about not getting nothing for Christmas Love asijah

  234. Asijah

    Santa my behavior this year is not so good please give me three more chances to get rid of my behavior please help my mom change her mind about me not getting nothing for Christmas your friend asijah.

  235. Faith

    U r awesome santa

  236. chloe

    I love how you work every year.:):)You leave on the night of the Christmas every year!!!!!!!
    my sister and I has a Christmas in a our room.

    have a great New Year

  237. Hannah

    Today is Thanksgiving and we are going to my uncles house at 4:00 P.M to have diner. Last year Snt. Nicoles brought us an elf on the shelf will seth come back? I am in gymnastics still, last year you gave me a sertiferkit and a leotard and now in gymnastics people are telling me that I am super flexable. My mom and dad keep saying that I can’t get a trampaline but I still want it if it was the only thing under the christmas tree I would be very happy and plese don’t let it be small I just need to practice my flips. I got my back handspring on the trampaline:)
    I had a sleep over:) thank you! Hannah

  238. Rebecca

    I dont know if i should belive in santa anymore but i want to i mean im ten years old

  239. Andrew

    My dad and mom are dead so i dont get any christmas presents but i still find a way to be happy

  240. portia

    sorry I didn’t finish my list it was a puppy cocker the hole boo collection and the biggest cuddly dog tog you can make merry Christmas love Portia oh and now it is only 26 days bye I love Christmas see you on Christmas eave.

  241. Sheela

    I love snow and I want a Barbie doll.

  242. Sheela

    eat some pie

  243. Jeremy

    Dear santa
    hi everyone thankyou the year is going by fast. I WANT A REMOTE CONTROL CAR AND HEICOPTER AND JEANS LEGO

  244. Kendall

    I am so happy christmas is almost here. Thank you for all you have done for me. Love, Kendall and I hope the Elfs you and mrs.claus are doing good.oh and yes I am a child. Lol

  245. Kristina

    Dear Santa,Can you help stop the bullying going on at school because Iain and I are getting bullied at school?Are you gonna be at the mall so you can see the little kids? I am on the naughty list!!! Kristina

  246. Julie

    Christmas is my favorite holiday I love you Santa clause your the best

  247. Jessica

    I wish Christmas was right now.

  248. loren


  249. Alexa newman


  250. Ebony

    Santa everyone thinks u are not real and i think u r and i love u sooooooooo much bring me some toys please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  251. Zaniya

    I. Love. You. Santa. Because. You. Have. Rainderrs

  252. ella

    hi santa, there is only 25 more days till Christmas!!!!!

  253. hannah

    i wnt pokemon x and y and an ipod or phone ( net 10 wireless)( whichever comes 1st) and a bike and some pkmn cards

  254. Madie

    Dear Santa,
    Christmas is only 24 days away!!!!!!! I am soooo excited! I will leave you some delicious cookies!

  255. Jay

    I hope i get a iPad ps you are the best

  256. Tyler

    You are the best! I wish I could pet one of your reindeer.

  257. Vincent

    How are you doing?? Everyone in the North Pole is AWESOME!!

  258. gurleen

    hey santa your awesome!

  259. Alexandra

    Dear Santa,
    I can’t believe that I am talking to you!
    I hope you will get me present[s]. can you tell me if I am on the nice list or naughty list. If I am on the nice list could you please get me a furby boom and a blue 3DS.

    Thank You!!!!!!

  260. malorie

    I want an ipad or an orbeas spa or a science kit or wii u or something neon or a puppy that is white with black spots all over or a baby brother or a box that only opens to your voice or a flash light friend or my vary own computeror a tablet or a leather jacket or a good car for my mom please.

  261. justice

    Dear santa
    My mom said she wanted a.puppy from her work and it was cute and I want it to please santa can you get it for us please your friend justice

  262. Ella

    Hi Santa

    I am coming to see you tomrwwo hi

  263. elle

    to santa
    I love book
    lovr elle

  264. Jozlyn

    Hey Santa what are u doing at this time you are probably very busy with all the presents and stuff but I just want to say thank you for sending my elf on the shelf the my house last night she hides very good.

  265. Camden r

    Hey Santa can u bring a mini rev to me please please and thank u

  266. Abigail

    Hello, I want a zoomed puppy, panda pjs , golf cart,doodle dome,and some magic I would also like it if my mom let me by her a gift she wants these shoes and a sweet shirt on amazon but I don’t have amazon and I don’t want her a stupid yo at the,secret wants shop at my school because I might not get her a gift do you think that you could get it for her and just put my name and if I have to I will give up a lot of my presents.i will do that becouse my friend is so nice and is a beat all the time and I want to do some thing special for her but,I might not have the money or my mom won’t let me get her one and I just want her to have a super nice Christmas and thousands were some thing she might want so please write back to me as soon as possible

  267. saphire

    hi santa i have been good for christmas

  268. Abbie

    Hi I am exited but i have been good

  269. Jakiya

    Dear santa, please bring me a iPhone or an galaxy phone.

  270. anahi

    hey i want a 3ds for christmas with the games animal crossing new leaf and pokemon x or y please thank you

  271. katy perry

    Dear Santa I would like a tropical fish named katniss. Love you guys, Katy Perry

  272. Jada

    Hello mr.santa claus I am jada I am 10 and I am really excited for Christmas right now it is only 24 days until Christmas everyone had not yet put up their Christmas tree I am gonna do mine today one thing I really want from you is another rainbow loom kit and an iPod if you can’t then it is alright don’t worry about it you probably know me because your checking to see who is naughty or nice so right back soon:)

  273. jillian

    i want a furby boom for christmas but christmas is to celebrate jesus being born. hope ur eleves are being good

  274. jillian

    also can i have a password journal please ill make a a big cookie!

  275. Lindsey

    I love you Santa and i totally believe in you. every year you come to my house and then when i wake up i open your presents first and then i go into the kitchen and you have eaten the cookies and carrots i love you Santa

  276. lindsey

    hey Santa you are really cool and awesome and many other thing I w ant every thing at justice :) (I really mean everything)

  277. Kolten

    Just sent my email to you tonight. Thank you for responding so quickly. I can hardly wait until Christmas, remember we will be at Disney World so please find me there!

  278. Anna & Eddie

    Eddie & I just wanted to leave a message for you to tell you that we can’t wait till Christmas! If you’re wondering who Eddie is, he’s my elf on the shelf.

  279. Anna & Eddie

    Thanks for sending my elf on the shelf, Eddie back! We are having fun! :D

  280. Hannah G.

    Dear Santa,
    I hope u eat alot of yummy cookies but all I want for Chirstmas is a
    Walmart/ITunes/ Claire’s gift card 20.00 dollars please and a
    Movie called Polor Express and Teen Beach Movie

    Hannah G.
    P.S. I put G.just so u could know which hannah it is

  281. Jay

    I love you Santa Claus

  282. sanaiya

    please santa i want a kindle fire hd and a 3ds

  283. leila

    I love you and your elves vary vary vary much. I am vary good this year my so are my sister and my brother.I hope you read this.

  284. lewis

    santa claus please will you get me a ps4 this year and a new pair of boots p.s the cake will me and carrot ,milk will be alarge this year.

    from lewis

  285. adriana

    dear Santa I want a tablet,phone,nail salon,

  286. natalie

    oh so exited cant wait till Christmas opening presents but it is not all about Christmas its about a speshel dat

  287. tristen

    im 9 yrs old but im thinking about having a galaxy 4 phone for christmas and a lime green or hot pink case maybe mixed together i also want mrs claus to make me a suit like your but with pink and white it could be magic but i dont want to copy u i also want howleen wolf from monsterhigh and duce please love ya and thanks

  288. Hannah G.

    Hey Santa it’s me hannah the other things what I want for chirstmas is a bike and a basketball goal.
    Have a lovely Chirstmas

  289. nya

    Hi santa I hope I can get everything I wanted for Christmas love you and please tell my mom I want more Jordan’s and addidas gym shoes for Christmas love nya to santa

  290. Nya

    Am I on the naughty list I hope I’m on the nice list

  291. melissa

    Hi santa for Christmas I want surprises

  292. Lindsey

    Dear Santa,
    You are really special to a lot of kids so as you know you are very awsome

  293. Breasia

    Tell me if I am on the noote list

  294. Nina

    Happy Christmas!!!!!
    I Hope you have a good one!!!

  295. Nina

    i hope i can get a Ipod touch for Christmas. it’s fine if i don’t. i also really want an american girl doll and furniture. i hope you have an awesome Christmas!!! love, Nina

  296. john

    Hi Santa how are u

  297. Mahoganie

    I think the elves are getting a little too excited because like you said it’s not Halloween yet! Also, I think they are getting SUPER DUPER excited because there are more children that are being good this year more then last year and maybe the elves are excited to make toys and electronics for them! At least that’s what I think. I think that because, I’ve been more good then last year and I think about all my classroom friends have been good too! ;) :0 ;0 :0 :)

  298. Callie

    Dear Santa I want a kavo rope bag

  299. SAUNDRA


  300. Emma

    Joy+Happy that’s what i am

  301. Abigail

    Hi Santa Whats up I just got finished doing my Homework

  302. Abigail


  303. Abigail

    I got a laptop well me and my sister Emma share it

  304. Abigail

    Thank you for the presents you got me last year

  305. Abigail

    22 MORE DAYS

  306. Abigail

    I have to go

  307. katy

    well just looking at blog now there is 21 sleeps

  308. jade

    I need a real puppy for Xmas please!!!!


  309. jasmine Simpson

    Thank you Santa you are the best ever by love you.merry Christmas

  310. lexi

    I want a touch phone and laptop

  311. kaitie

    Hi santie claws I know I spelled ur name wrong… so ya sowwy about that….Anywho I would like to inform you that I sent you a letter in the mail.. it was a while back.. before Thanksgiving if I recall. Just making sure that ya got it!!!! Please read it carefully so you know exactly what I want.. okedoke artichoke that pretty much wraps every thing up!! Hope the reindeer and elf are good bown there in the north pole.


  312. shelly

    Im 31 yrs old i only want a radeo

  313. dshanta

    I would love to have world peace and and iphone5s and a pomsky puppy!!!santa I know ur real but plz I dont care plz try ur best to get me 9ne ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

  314. chica liasd

    this year I hope it will be a fun Christmas

  315. Tripp

    Be sure stop bye my house first

  316. Corbin

    I want, if within your power, Xbox one to be gone that thing is messed up

  317. Karolina

    Dear Santa,
    I really want a puppy. It can be any kind, as long as it fits for an apartment. I also want a iPhone 4S that is white. PLEASEEEEEE!

    I LOVE YOU SANTA!!!!!!!!


  318. mark


  319. Hannah

    I believe in you can one of elves have a webcam

  320. Tyra

    Santa I know that there are 18 more sleeps until Christmas. I hope you can bring me ice skates,nail polish,and a american girl doll! I love you!

  321. Chaz

    Santa how are u doing

  322. Ekay

    Dear Santa,For this Christmas I would like a chemistry set a telescope so I can go look at the stars for constellations and the moon,I would also like more cellphone cases

  323. george

    roxy came to my shool mrs.crawford opend the cabint and then roxy was in there.roxy has a note that said santa is watching.i would like angery bird star wars toy,the black flags,wiiu game pad,super mario wii u,a boy nerf gun.
    love your fiend george

  324. rory

    dear santa,
    i would like a girl nerf gun,i pod,one f youre elfs came to my class room he moved stuff auround in are clssroom when we were eating lunch we heard a little noise saying santa is watching you when you sleeping and when youre awake
    love your freind rory

  325. Caitlin

    Hi Santa so glad to have Christmas,but Christmas isn’t about presents it is about stele rating Jesus birth

  326. Julia

    Dear Santa Claus,

    I know you get a bunch of i wants and i would like, but i would like something for my brother instead of me. So please if you could get my brother a wwe ring set that would be awesome.I thank you for this.


  327. Kandyce

    Santa claus I realy want a white iphone45 and a laptop also I want to think everything you’ve gave me every Christmas MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYBODY HO!HO!HO! LOVE U SANTA

  328. wanda

    Hi santa hmmm weel your the best and I belive in you please be true

  329. KEILA

    Hi santa I really want a iphone and a wii u and a puppy and I want to name him sparkel please be real I belive.

  330. Nick

    Hey Santa get me one of everything that starts with a “i”!

  331. AALIYAH

    i am writing on the 8th of december and i can’t wait till christmas, the christmas tree is up and already there are loads of presents wonder how many there will be after santa comes

    P.S i am 11 and i still believe in santa no matter what people say

    P.P.S i think i have been good this year

  332. Hailey

    I think your letter is funny! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)


  333. camille

    Hope you have a awesome Chrismas. i love you so much. I would love to have a makeup set. goodbye …!!!*$

  334. Meredith

    Hi Santa how is every thing doing up north? My elf on the shelf does not seme to want to go in my rom. Could you please tell him to go in my room.

  335. Alyssa


  336. daquon

    pleace give me a bike for christmas

  337. Matt

    I want ps4

  338. jade

    dear santa can you check your becase I would likey you to check Iam on your good or bad list

  339. hi brittany

    i want a pink couch in my room

  340. chereen

    I would like a I pad

  341. portia

    Hi Santa for Christmas please may I have a furby not a boom a puppy shepherd dog or cocker and please may I have a I pad not a mini thank you happy Christmas PS pleas could I have a furby boom festive sweater thanks see you Christmas eave

  342. portia

    please could I have a computer to thanks see you Christmas eve.

  343. portia

    omg I am so excited it is only 12 days to go and we haven’t even started shopping it has gone past so quickly happy Christmas and a happy new year .

  344. I don't want to reveal my name

    SANTA!?!?!?!?!?? Is it really you talking!!!!! For xmas I want to know if I’m on the nice or naughty list I hope I’m on the nice list

  345. KEILA

    Hi santa I’m just cheing in

  346. Samantha

    Dear Santa Claus, I have been really have a good girl this year and for Christmas this year, I would like the following items: 1. A I pod Nano, 2.a Northface Sweatshirt, 3. a new Boston red Soxs Hat and Matching Mittens, 4.a new pairs of slippers no crocs please 5. a new pair of christmas Earrings, 6. a cell phone, 7. a new pairs of Jordans size seven and half. 8. A few CDs:Lady Ga Ga, Austin and Ally, and a another One Driection CD and Teen Beach CD. 9. a Leather Jacket and Cowgirl Boots. 10. Teen Beach Poster, 11. a Austin Moon Necklace and Austin Moon Earrings and couple Shirts; A Austin Moon long Sleeved Shirt and a Justin Bieber Long Sleeved Shirt.and also a One Direction Long Sleeved Shirt and Few Cds: Justin Bieber Believe CD and a Justin Bieber Misteltoe CD and a Selona Gromez CD and a Backsheet Boys CD

  347. christina

    I can’t wait for christmas to see you on the fire truck.I am excited.there are only 11 days left.hi elfs stop being excited its almoSt time.i love all of yous so much.tell santa claus I have been so good this are the reindeers doing.

  348. christina

    I can’t wait for christmas to see you on the fire truck.I am excited.there are only 11 days left.hi elfs stop being excited its almoSt time.i love all of yous so much.tell santa claus I have been so good this are the reindeers doing.I have to tell you something sister is having a baby today.I have some else to tell you I have a boyfriends at school and at shop rite and planet fittness. All I want for christmas is a teddy bear.

  349. Senthea

    Today is the 14 and everyone is thinking it is the fifteenth but that means that there is 11 days till Christmas since today is the 14 right??

  350. Senthea

    There is 11 more sleeps until Christmas

  351. tara jayne diana

    I thinks elve is getting really happy becasue it only 10 day till christmas I hope u get something nice for my 2 little nefhew and my son he is 5 year old and he name is james and my little girl she only 2 year old and little boy on his way I only 32 weeks

  352. briley

    have i been very good or not santa

  353. Josie

    I am so exited for Christmas! Only 10 more sleeps to go!!!!!<3

  354. Tessa


  355. hallie hansen

    I can not wait for Christmas! It is my favorite holiday!

  356. hallie

    I love Christmas! I can not wait!

  357. janaia

    I love you santa

  358. Hannah


  359. Carly

    Dear Santa Clause for Christmas I want a furbie,rubber bands,and you!I hope I am not on the noty list this year.P.S hope you like your milk and cookies reply soon.I forgot to ask you how do you become an elf?

  360. Madisyn

    Dear Santa I love christmas so much because it is fun and I hope u and ur elves have the best christmas ever

  361. eve


  362. Payton

    Hi Santa! I have been asking and asking for a puppy for 3 years now and I was hopeing that you might be able to get me one, I want a small dog a Yorkie and all the supplies and clothes for her yes I want a girl! Thank you so much and I hope my wish will come true! Have funn delivering the presents!
    Ps I’m eleven!

  363. kelsey

    im 8 years old and i love chrismas becuse i get towake up and open presontts from santa and my failey

  364. jenelle

    hello i am jenelle and i am 11 years old and i have an a A in math and an A+ in perojacs
    thank you love you all love jenelle

  365. brandon

    I’ve been wanting an Xbox for Christmas can u by any chance get me it for Christmas this year please please

  366. Grace

    could i please have my own ipad thank you and love you by

  367. Aaliyah

    For Christmas I would

  368. kaleb

    I love u

  369. JOSE


  370. Jessica

    I want a pomsky!’

  371. Olivia

    Hi how are u can u get me a orange iPhone please
    And candy and pencil grips

  372. Colt

    Hi Santa it is 2014 November 2 today I am happy that crismis is almost here!

  373. Lola

    Almost Christmas


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