North Pole Christmas Parades: Elves Go Boing

Posted by Santa Claus on November 28th, 2009

Every weekend before Christmas, the elves put on a big parade.  Did you know that?  We have a lot of fun.  After all, everyone at the North Pole loves a parade!  Do you?

Tonight, the Sporting Elves put on their big parade.   These elves make the sports things kids’ ask for at Christmas.   Would you like to hear more?

Well, the Sporting Elves Parade always starts the same.  It starts with elves riding snow sleds pulled by – - – dogs!

That is right, Kelly!  It is the North Pole Precision Dog Sled Team!  Each Santa Buddy pulling a snow sled wears a hat with reindeer antlers.  They all wear red reindeer nose warmers too!  It is quite funny.

Then there are elves on figure skates in pretty dresses.  They are really good at skating.

There are also elves playing hockey.

Then the hockey elves put on the pretty dresses and the figure skaters play with the hockey sticks.  Those elves are so silly!

There is a big ski jump float too.  The elves put on skis.  They go down a big hill.  They jump right into a big tub of – - -  marshmallows!  Everyone cheers!

There are elves on bikes.  And, there are elves on scooters.  They like to ring their bells.

There are elves on skateboards and snowboards!   There are even elves driving around in little – - – boats!

Of course, all the elves wear their helmets.  They put fancy Christmas things on their helmets.  Some have candy canes.   Some have reindeer antlers.   Some have flashing Christmas lights!

Another float has elves doing yoga.   I do not know how they get themselves all twisted up like that.  Clumsy the Elf teaches them how I guess?!

A really fun float has all the little elves playing “Duck, Duck, Goose” on it.  Mrs. Claus loves that float.

I always think the float where the elves are curling with fruitcakes is funny.

The next float has a trampoline on it.  You should see the elves jump and bounce!   They do fancy tricks.  Some even bounce in their – - – snowshoes!  Boing!

There used to be a basketball float.  But, the elves are all too short.  No one ever scored a basket!

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S.  Do you like to play sports?  What sports do you play?   (You can leave a message for me.  Or, scroll down to see what others have written!)


90 Responses to “North Pole Christmas Parades: Elves Go Boing”

  1. 90
    My friend alexis said:

    i do the most awesome fun one i think its ice skateing it fun i know alot to

  2. 89
    My friend megan said:

    i love you did you no that i love you

  3. 88
    My friend Bethany said:

    i do swimming and cheerleadig! Only 20 days untill christmas eve YAAAAAY!

    Merry christmas all!

    Bethany | :) |

  4. 87
    My friend larry said:


  5. 86
    My friend bailey said:

    I love the blog i play scorrer

  6. 85
    My friend Emerson said:

    One of my favorite sports is Cross Country (Running trails in a race)its a lot of fun to do and I train very hard (not as fun as the race but OK) so the closest I’ve gotten is 2nd place

  7. 84
    My friend Bridgid said:

    That must be fun!!!

  8. 83
    My friend jake said:

    i have a elf called grumpy buy the way i
    really really really really want to be a elf

  9. 82
    My friend sara said:

    i do swimming and soccer

  10. 81
    My friend Alison Jackson said:

    What is the flout on? P.S PLEASE WRITE BACK


  12. 80
    My friend chance said:

    hi santa how are you

  13. 79
    My friend sarah said:

    you and the raindeer are awsome.

  14. 78
    My friend andrea said:

    i play softball all the time it is so fun someties one time i got a home run

  15. 77
    My friend Zeina said:

    hey santa
    the sport i like to play is tennis and swimming how about you santa?(well i guess you do not have time to play some sports?!)

  16. 76
    My friend leah. said:

    i love my sports and what i do is

    gymnastics, dancing,football,hurling.

  17. 75
    My friend andrew said:

    i really want a wii or a bike

    have a nice day

    andrew misek

  18. 74
    My friend Evan said:

    I have an elf and he goes nuts. The first day he put my socks and undies on the Christmas tree.

  19. 73
    My friend caro 123 said:

    i have 3 words 4 u here they come!!!!!!

    U R osome

  20. 72
    My friend gortie said:

    hi santa!!!

  21. 71
    My friend georgia said:

    it must be frezzing at the north pole!!!

  22. 70
    My friend hannah said:

    cross country

  23. 69
    My friend eirinn said:

    have a good xmas

  24. 68
    My friend joey c said:

    i can’t wait till christmas are you coming to leamington ontario canada

  25. 67
    My friend star said:

    i hope it be very fun there and i wish i can go to the north pole to and i hope you have and have a merry christmas.

  26. 66
    My friend Carter said:

    Santa i love to play sport. My favourite is football. I barrack for Sturt who my dad coaches.
    I am so excited about christmas and cant believe I can send you letters. Can you try and take a picture of the elves please… I would love to see them. I also cant wait to tell my sister Tommi about this. SHe is staying at BaBa’s tonight and my mummy is having a baby next week.
    From Carter

  27. 65
    My friend gianna said:

    am i on the nice list merry xmas

  28. 64
    My friend ellie said:

    i`m the number one fan i love you

  29. 63
    My friend Samantha said:

    Dear santa,Mrs.Claus and elves.

    Elves it sounds like you really pulled that parade off.
    I’m sure everyone liked the parade the people who were there.

    I’m sure many people in other states and country’s would love to go there!!!’

    From samantha

  30. 62
    My friend Nicole said:

    I am excited for Christmas this year! i can’t wait to celebrate jesus and family time! and i can’t wait till you come to my house!

  31. 61
    My friend jalyn said:

    how do raindeer fly?

  32. 60
    My friend Dylan said:

    I like to see Christmas parades.

  33. 59
    My friend Kameron said:

    Maybe you can get a shorter net so that the elves can play basketball.

  34. 58
    My friend G Dubb said:

    I wish i could do that

  35. 57
    My friend jamesha said:

    i love chrismas and danceing and singing

  36. 56
    My friend Hannah said:

    if I where an elf i wood like to be a sporting elf! cuzz i’m so sporty! I love soccer

  37. 55
    My friend allison said:

    hi santa this is allison

  38. 54
    My friend Sean said:

    I love that blog. Its funny and it seems like the elves enjoy it. Do you and Mrs Claus get envolved.

  39. 53
    My friend Elizabeth said:

    Hi Santa

    I love playing volley ball and more outside

  40. 52
    My friend Jackson said:

    Hey Santa! I love parades, too. And, REINDEER!!!

  41. 51
    My friend lauren said:

    i cant wait for christmas only 26 days

  42. 50
    My friend lauren hughes said:

    there must be a big stable there for the raindeer

  43. 49
    My friend Kira said:

    I hope there are very big snowflakes falling on Chritmas Eve to help you on your journey. My mums birthday is only 9 days before Christmas. Will leave you and your reindeer some goodies. Love Kira xx

  44. 48
    My friend Kara said:

    I can’t wait till Christmas, Santa. It must be so much fun living in the North Pole! I’ll see you at my house delivering my presents!
    P.S Have a wonderful Christmas HO HO HO

  45. 47
    My friend brittany said:

    when i was born did mum and dad get a card saying your number and your details

  46. 46
    My friend Bhupinder said:

    I love Christmas! It’s is full of happyness and spirt

  47. 45
    My friend Erin said:

    I LOVE christmas! And not just for the gifts, for the excitment too! I love hanging the tree up, baking cookies, and spending time with my family!

  48. 44
    My friend cole said:

    Well I did’t remember that you cant put your email.

  49. 43
    My friend cole said:

    My favorite sport is soccer!!!!!!!!!!!!! I did not know that you can’t put you emai. sorry

  50. 42
    My friend Hazel said:

    I like to play Soccer, ride my bike, jump rope, swim, swing, and play basketball.

  51. 41
    My friend shawna said:

    I love to play a whole bunch of sports like: softball, football, soccer, swimming and (handball)-I don’t know if that is a sport?My two favorite sports are football and softball.I hope you like my sports too!

  52. 40
    My friend shawna said:

    The north pole parade sounds really cool!If I was a elf i would totally come to the parade. To bad I’m a human and its SUPER cold at the north pole.Besides my mom and dad wouldn’t let me.Trust me I asked!

  53. 39
    My friend Kayla said:

    I dance and do gymnastics ! Some say that dancing and being a gymnast isn’t a “sport” . Is it a sport , Santa?

    Reply from Santa:

    Of course! Anything that gets you active is a sport!

    Merry Christmas!


  54. 38
    My friend Anna said:

    I love sports. My favorite sports are golf, basketball, volleyball, soccer, and football.

  55. 37
    My friend Leslie said:

    LoL,Santa! I love this article!!! I can’t wait until christmas Eve where me and my family make u delicious cookies! Good Luck delievering the gifts on christmas eve!

  56. 36
    My friend Sarah said:

    I am a big fan of your website, Santa
    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love parades-but in nice weather if possible!

    Merry Christmas( sorry I’ve been bad!)

  57. 35
    My friend Aysha said:

    I think it’s fun that the elves do that. I bet you enjoy watching all the floats go by! I hope Butter Ball isn’t eating all the goodies the elves are making for the kids. That would be bad especially if he ate all of them and we got no treats.
    I’m going to be on a float for my dance studio – a time to dance- isn’t that exciting.

  58. 34
    My friend caitlin said:

    what do you do after cristmas is over

  59. 33
    My friend Melany said:

    I like to play tennis. Do you Santa and Mrs. Claus play or is it too cold to play?

  60. 32
    My friend Miqaela said:

    I like to play soccer. Do the elves like to play soccer

  61. 31
    My friend Gwenna said:

    i bet santa is ready to go to peoples houses cause im ready for him since yesterday ive been on santa sites

  62. 30
    My friend Christa said:

    woopee christmas is almost here woopee if anyone aggrees say woopee

  63. 29
    My friend nicola said:

    i wish i could go to north pole and see you love youxxxx

  64. 28
    My friend Beth said:

    Hi! Merry christmas!

  65. 27
    My friend Mady said:

    I’m going to be in a Christmas parade this year. I’ll be dancing!

  66. 26
    My friend armanda muntean said:

    dear santa,how are you,you are my frend?

  67. 25
    My friend Holly said:

    I love latin and ballroom dancing and just did really well in my exams. I look so pretty in my dresses and sparkly shoes. I hope you are having a good time getting ready for Christmas, me and my brother Benjamin are thinking about how you go so fast in one night. WOW! Good luck getting ready and have a safe journey. Thank you so much Santa, I love you xxx

  68. 24
    My friend David said:

    I do school sports and its lots of fun.

  69. 23
    My friend David said:

    the sport parade is really really wicked I wish I was there

  70. 22
    My friend Samantha said:

    the Parade sounds really fun I wish I could be there, I hope the elves enjoy it too

  71. 21
    My friend Trevor said:

    That sounds so cool! I play baseball and football!
    Merry Christmas!

  72. 20
    My friend Kourtney said:

    I love sports! They are like my life!

  73. 19
    My friend lilli said:

    i think the parade sounds really good!!!!
    im sooo excited about christmas only 26 days to go. x

  74. 18
    My friend Marc said:

    I like sports my favorite is football

  75. 17
    My friend sonny babbiee i loveee you said:

    loveee you sooo much lol ur the best santa plese bring me a laptop with the internet for xmas loveee you x

  76. 16
    My friend madiso said:

    is it fun having reindeer

  77. 15
    My friend leanne said:

    hi santa,leanne here give me your phone number.

  78. 14
    My friend chloe said:

    the parades sound really good I bet the elves love the parades and you and mrs claus!!!

  79. 13
    My friend conor said:

    hi santa ur realy cool merry christmas

  80. 12
    My friend Nicholas said:

    can you pleas give my frind James T lego
    He lovs lego & could you all so give him & harry U & agus a relly good Chrismas
    thank for that magic letter.
    thank elvs for makeing the toys and you relly cool
    love from Nicholas

  81. 11
    My friend Kenton said:

    I play hockey. This weekend I am in a tournament. So far I have scored 13 goals. Tomorrow my team is playing fro 1st place.I love hockey, its’s a great sport. I am very good at it.

  82. 10
    My friend Eden said:

    I’m not really good at playing sports. It’s not one of my talents I guess. People used to make fun of me for it, but I didn’t really let them bother me.

  83. 9
    My friend Hannah said:

    its me agian i forgot to ask you how can raindeers fly

  84. 8
    My friend Tristan said:

    I cant believe that its only 3 weeks until Christmas ALREADY! I’m soooooo excited!

  85. 7
    My friend Caroline said:

    I love to play sports especially Soccer… it is one of the best games ever!

  86. 6
    My friend Diana said:

    floats are very cool!

  87. 5
    My friend natalie said:

    i think the parade sounds kewl…..
    here are some other ideas’ a fasion parade, a game parade, and a toy parade

  88. 4
    My friend lauren said:

    the north pole must be really cold because it is snowing for really most of the time. lucky for santa because he has a really warm suit.

  89. 3
    My friend Kolby said:

    How cold is it up there.

  90. 2
    My friend Kolby said:

    I am really excited about Christmas too.

  91. 1
    My friend emily said:

    how old r u? how old r the reindeer too?

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