Christmas Olympics – Day 4 – Slam Dunk Mouse!

Posted by Santa Claus on December 2nd, 2012

Have you ever seen playing basketball? It is not easy when you are so small.  The basket is very high.  But never give up, you know!

Mouse the Littlest Elf wanted to be an Olympic star.  A basketball star!

She got four of her elf friends to make a team.  They practiced every day.  They got really good at dribbling.  They got really good at passing. They got really fast around the court.  But they could not shoot the ball through the hoop.  The basket was just too high.

Mouse wanted to be like Michael Jordan.  She wanted to slam dunk the ball!

Did you know that Michael Jordan is six feet six inches tall?  Mouse is just a wee bit shorter than that (ok, she’s a LOT shorter than that!).  She tried very hard to jump high. Every day she got a little bit higher. But she was a long way from the hoop. Then she had an idea.

Mouse had a friend called Buddy the Elf.  Buddy was a very tall elf.  Mouse got on his shoulders to take a shot.  She got higher but not high enough.  “I need more elves,” said Mouse.  Three more elves got on to Buddy’s shoulders. Mouse climbed to the very top.

It was very wobbly!  But SLAM DUNK!  Mouse did it!  She jumped for joy.

Uh-oh!  It was not a good idea to jump.  Buddy wobbled.  The other elves wobbled.  Mouse wobbled.  Ho! Ho! Ho!  Another slam dunk … Mouse went head first into the basket, laughing all the way!

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S.  Did you like how Mouse the Littlest Elf never gave up?  What do you do when you have to do something really hard?  What would you do if you were taller than you are now?  You can click here to tell me about it or, scroll down to see what other people have written!




25 Responses to “Christmas Olympics – Day 4 – Slam Dunk Mouse!”

  1. Aidan

    I hope Scuner Wins


  3. Amanda and bff Emma

    Emmas = when i was little my puppy that is now 5 scared me when i tried to teach her how to sit.But know i am not thanks to my sister= Mayu who now does not give me hugs last time she stuck her elbow in my head.But i forgave her 2 weeks later.

    Amandas = when i was learning how to snowboard. i kept on falling down but with help from the lessons i am now pretty good at it.

  4. Brandon

    Go Mouse!

  5. Maria

    Wow Santa I can not believe that Mouse could do shut a thing but I Guse she can with a little help she can

  6. chelsea

    hi santa i saw the entry about black peter and how he steals back gifts. i have been seeing signs that he has been here, is that normal. please reply thank you.

  7. Chloe

    I never hear of Chirstmas Olympics

  8. Chloe

    Santa,some kids don’t belive you at this age but I do

  9. Jillian

    I play basketball,i am short but i dont let that stop me!

  10. krystal

    hey santa

  11. Nevaeh

    Santa I really really want a puppy I’ll take care
    of it I promise! ;)

  12. Augustu

    I had to complete math homework. It was hard, and I’d try five or six times if I didn’t get it. If I didn’t get it after that I would ask my teacher the next day for help.


  14. Riley

    When I have something very hard to do like my gymnastics bar routine I always keep trying until I reach my goal I set for myself or maybe I am doing a hard part of my floor routine I set a little practice time each day until I can do it perfectly.

  15. taylor

    hi sante who are you doing

  16. sarah

    hi santa itis sarah i love you am i on the good list are the bad list

  17. sarah

    good list are the bad list

  18. sarah

    hi santa

  19. madison

    i think this is teaching you a lesson because just because your small does not mean you do not have to give up your dreams!

  20. Bull

    Way to go Mouse I comend thee for never giving up and for asking for help when needed. It is always important to ask for help when needed. I also try never to give up and ask for help when needed. We should all take a lesson from your play book Mouse.

  21. Thomas

    People in sport never give up!

  22. Hayley

    Hey Santa!At karate we make goals.If we need help we ask.Good job Mouse!

  23. SINEAD


  24. Buster

    Hi I’m Buster the dog. And I am having a problam so that is why I’m writing to you Santa. When my master Noah goes to sleep at 9:00 I can’t jump up into the bed with him when I haven’t seen him all day because he has school. So I have to sleep on the ground witch isn’t so bad after a little while, you should try it

  25. Wilson

    Hello I’m Wilson the cat. This is my first Christmas! I can’t wait to meet Rodolph and Santa! Anyway, my master leaves evey day to go somewhere. Where does she go?

  26. raymond

    that tired and that funny or that good or bad.

  27. raymond



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