Christmas Olympics – Day 2 – Triple Trouble

Posted by Santa Claus on November 30th, 2012

Today was a big day in the Olympic Games.  It was the final of the triple jump event.  Only Donner, Dancer, and Dasher were left.  Who would win the gold medal?

Donner was first to go.

He took a deep breath and galloped down the track.  He hopped.  He skipped.  He jumped … WHOOSH!  Donner sailed through the air and landed in… the  snow pit!  There is no sand at the North Pole!   The elves marked his hoof prints.

Dancer went next.

He took a huge breath and galloped down the track even faster.  He hopped.  He skipped.  He did a twirl in the air and landed on his toes in the snow pit.  The elves marked his hoof prints.  It was a very close contest.

Dasher was last to go.

He looked very serious. He snorted.  He blew.  And he charged down the track at top speed.  He hopped.  He skipped.  He jumped HIGH into the air.  The crowd gasped.  This was going to be a VERY BIG jump.  Dasher landed – THUMP – on his bottom!  His cheeks were red.   He was blushing.  After all, reindeer ARE supposed to land on their hooves!   The elves giggled and marked his bottom print.

Well, would you believe it?  Dasher was the winner by the length of… a reindeer’s tail.  HIP HIP HOORAY for Dasher!

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S.  Do you think my reindeer should land on their hooves or their bottoms?  Would you mind reindeer bum prints on your roof?  You can click here to tell me about it or, scroll down to see what other people have written!


39 Responses to “Christmas Olympics – Day 2 – Triple Trouble”

  1. Sebastian

    Was rudalph in the olpyic games with all the Ohter raindeer


  3. erica

    does a trainer help train the raindeers do all the races

  4. geri

    Im Geri i love you santa claus e im from spain 23 kiss for you

  5. geri

    i love you Santa Claus you a are the best biutifol Santa i love you kiss for you.

  6. ella

    oh well done dasher! Yes I think reindeer should land on their hooves because landing on your bottom is really sore ! I think dasher should lead the sleigh on Christmas eve! do you think so too ?

  7. bradley

    reindeers should land on their bums was rudolph in it

  8. Samantha

    I have a chimny but its a heater. So maybe you want to use your magic to poof yourself into the house.

  9. brooke


  10. christopher

    I think hooves or bottoms.

  11. Ailsa

    I wouldnt like reindeer bottom prints on my roof so I think its best if they land on their hooves Merry Christmas!!

  12. Jason

    I think they should land on thier hooves so they dont hurt themselfs


  14. Dannii

    Donner I think

  15. Dannii

    But good luck to the others

  16. machala

    I think that the reindeer should land on there hoofs other wise they will fall of the roof or they will wake every one up

  17. Roisin

    I <3 Dasher!!! :P
    HO HO HO!!!

  18. piper

    I want the reindeer to land on their bottoms because that means instead of making hoove prints they get to bounce on my roof!

  19. Anonymous

    I think they should land on there hooves.

  20. Bridgid

    Good for Dasher! For his victory, Iwill vote for him to guide Santa’s sleigh.

  21. adriana

    i dont mind if there is reindeer foot footprints on my roof

  22. Isabella

    Idont really care about what they land on because they are riendeer.

  23. Bethany

    All my family think reindeers should land on their bottems it mayu thud on the room but it will be ever so funny for you santa xx

  24. madison

    good job dasher!!

  25. olivia

    i love dasher

  26. christopher

    Actually I think my parents would not like butt prints on the roof so I think hooves are the best

  27. Sian

    I think reindeer’s should land on there hoves or on there bottom because everyone is different.Well done Dasher for winning and well done Dancer and Donner for trying.
    What other reindeer Olympics are there?
    On Tuesday I am doing my first confession
    so I am going to say to God to make up for the things I have done wrong. I have just sent you a letter and I really liked your reply. I believe in you but some of my friends don’t. Everyone in my family believe’s in you. Will I ever get to meet
    you? Do you own all the reindeer or are they shared between all the elves Mrs. Claus and you. All my best friends are excited for Christmas and they would like some lovely presents. there names are Emily,Charlize,Charlotte,Holly and Saucha. I really like your suit and you are really really kind because you give up your time to deliver toys. I love all the reindeer and I really love Rudolf. Lots of love Sian Elizabeth Chapman

  28. Leah

    They can land on their bums anywhere apart from my roof! I like my sleep!

  29. Emily

    Good job to all the raindeer excpecially are winner.

  30. Hayley

    I think any of them either on the feet or hooves.Do it on my roof!I don’t care.Well maybe my parents will.If I hear a bang on the roof I know it’s the reindeer.I will worn my family. :)

  31. adelaide

    yes they should it might be fun

  32. adelaide

    good luck santa clause and the reindeers

  33. Emily

    All the reindeer are good in there own way. Well done to Dasher though!

  34. Katie

    They should land witch ever way they want

  35. Gabby

    Reindeers should land on their hooves :)

    P.s:I dont have a roof

  36. Katelyn

    HII santa how are you doing?

  37. Nathan Smith

    I like Donnar’s and Dash’s Dance that they did at the North Pole and what are you bringing for christmas this year.And is christmas on a Wednesday next year and I hope you have a merry christmas too. And you are fun to watch on my birthday is coming up soon. And New’s year’s Day is also on a tuesday this year.
    And I will keep emailing you all year long.
    And could you show me where the north pole is on the map.

  38. aubrey

    well you think they have more balance on their hooves but the do have more on two legs so I think the hooves

  39. saige

    woah go DASHER!!! Ibet all of the other reindeer did a great job too!!!!!!

  40. Gabbi

    Reindeers should land on both. :o I mean it it’s there decision on what they want to do.:) :) :) :) :) :) :) If you put your mind to something you can do anything. I’m 9 years old and that is good advice. :o everyone should take it :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) o<):) That last one was my attempt to make Santa and his hat :):):):):)

  41. caroline

    i think they should land on their bottom. they should land on their bottoms so they have more of a chance to win.


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