Christmas Olympics – Day 10 – Elf, Elf and Away!

Posted by Santa Claus on December 8th, 2012

It was another fun day at the North Pole Olympics!

We all know that my special reindeer can fly, don’t we?

But did you know that elves can fly too?  Ho! Ho! Ho!  Today was a BIG surprise for everyone!

Kissy the Elf thinks that the pole vault is the most exciting Olympic sport. It is her dream to be a pole vault champion.

So, she made two Christmas trees and some tinsel into a bar.  Then she made a pole from a candy cane!

Now all she had to do was vault over the bar.  Her first vault was just over two feet.

But Kissy wanted to vault much higher.  She wanted to be an Olympic star and vault over eighteen feet!  To do that, Kissy needed a longer pole.

The elves in the toy workshop made an extra-long candy cane for her.  It was eighteen feet long!

But there was a problem.  The “pole” was now too long for Kissy to carry!

She asked eight of her friends to help her.  Kissy held one end and another elf held the other end.  The other seven elves held the bit in the middle.

They all held the pole on their shoulder and started to run.

F a s t e r,   faster!,  faster!!!

Kissy got ready to vault.


Kissy was going up, up, up!  But uh-oh! All of the other elves were also going up, up, up … they forgot to let go of the pole!

All nine elves were now flying through the air.  Then down, down, down!

They all slid down the candy cane with a bump!

Kissy did not vault over the bar.  But she did become one of the first ever flying elves!

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S.  What would you like to be the first ever to do?  You can click here to tell me about it or, scroll down to see what other people have written!


42 Responses to “Christmas Olympics – Day 10 – Elf, Elf and Away!”

  1. 42
    My friend audreunna said:

    unjxnesx jasikajki sjwissj wjwwjsjs hsjwsjsbb mean: coooooooo … llllll ps:have fun at the next one

  2. 41
    My friend andrealyne said:

    hi santa you know that your always the best and i love you

  3. 40
    My friend shanya said:


  4. 39
    My friend Genesis said:

    i love you Santa clause i have a lot of stuff i want for Christmas 1. phone (touch screen)

  5. 38
    My friend liz said:

    cheer leadeer

  6. 37
    My friend Bull said:

    I first ever to be on the computer for 50 hours. lol

  7. 36
    My friend trey said:

    I love u

  8. 35
    My friend trey said:

    hello tell the elfs that I want flying powers tell them to send powers that I wichte now

  9. 34
    My friend lucy said:

    i would like to be the youngest olympic gymnast or swimmer in the world

  10. 33
    My friend Aradi said:

    can you come over to my house tonight please and can you leave me some early cristmas presents under my tree please please.


  12. 32
    My friend rhiannon said:

    tell kissy i said to keep trying! and if she gives up tell her i said to take up ribbon dancing! it’s so pretty! xoxoxoxoxoxo, rhi.

  13. 31
    My friend Kate said:

    I would like to be the first to be invisible.

  14. 30
    My friend Maurissa said:


  15. 29
    My friend PATSY said:



  16. 28
    My friend Madeleine said:

    I would want to be the first one to ever twist a double pike in gymnastics! But sadly its impossible to twist a pike let alone a double pike!

  17. 27
    My friend kylie said:

    i want to be the first ever gymnast and win 1,000 gold metals

  18. 26
    My friend kylie said:

    i love christmas hey santa am i on the nice list by the way elves bring me alot of presents look in my moms house christmas list somewhere

  19. 25
    My friend Hannah said:

    What is the Christmas Olympics actually about is it about the reindeers?

  20. 24
    My friend Jaden said:

    hohohoho … hohoohohoooho

  21. 23
    My friend Natalie said:

    Hi Santa the Meyers family loves you very much.
    We just wanted to thank you for spreading Christmas joy to the world we all love you.
    Your friends the Meyers family

  22. 22
    My friend Angelina O. said:

    I wish that I would be the first girl on earth to meet Santa.I also want to fly.

    -Angelina O.

  23. 21
    My friend Matthew said:

    I’d want to be the first human to be an elf!

  24. 20
    My friend Matthew said:

    Yea! Meeting Santa would be so super cool! When I emailed Santa on this website, I told him I had really pointy ears like an elf’s. Pointier than anyone else I know. And he said I might just be part elf! :)

  25. 19
    My friend Matthew said:

    Wow Santa! I didn’t know Elves could fly too! Does that mean you can fly too?

  26. 18
    My friend camden said:

    can you desribe about Mrs.Claus Rudolph and the elves

  27. 17
    My friend Morgan said:

    Hello Santa I want to tell you that one of my friends called Hannah has been really mean to me today and she’s been mean to my friend Olivia can you come to my house to see who’s beeing naughty or nice I live at {home address deleted by the elves. Read Santa’s Internet Safety Tip below!} lots of love Morgan Xxxxxxxxxx

  28. 16
    My friend Aidan said:

    I want to meet Santa Claus and deliver presents with Santa Claus also the elves and Santa is awesome.

  29. 15
    My friend Erynn said:

    Cool story i wish i could see Kissy fly hi wish to meet santa and his elves

  30. 14
    My friend Sophie said:

    That’s cool! That candy cane would’ve taken a LONG time to eat, I bet! :)
    I’d like to be the first person ever to write a Minecraft fan fiction and publish it. Writing is lots of fun to me. :D

  31. 13
    My friend tyler said:

    Awesome santa can you please email me my email is {email address deleted by the elves. Read Santa’s Internet Safety Tip below!} so we can stay in touch.

  32. 12
    My friend Amrita said:

    I would want to be the first kid to ever meet Santa Claus!

  33. 11
    My friend Amrita said:

    I wish I was there with Santa. After all,My christmas wish is to actually meet Santa himself!

  34. 10
    My friend Trina said:

    You know, i did not know that elfs can fly!
    Well, you know, I always wished to fly!

  35. 9
    My friend TAYLOR said:


  36. 8
    My friend Aubrey said:

    Haha I love this Website it is so funny and plus Santa told me to get on here so I did!!!!! Have a good one!!! :)

  37. 7
    My friend Hayley said:

    I want to fly! I did not know Elves can fly. Hee Hee!

  38. 6
    My friend joe said:

    i would like to be the first man on moon

  39. 5
    My friend melka said:

    hey santa i hope u got my letter and say hi to the elfs i know they are excited to be talking to be hi elfs i am excited to have chrismas on the way i hope i get alot of presents i ned to go now bye.
    ps: love u all and be good elfs.

    lots of love, Melka

  40. 4
    My friend sawyer said:

    iwoiuld like to be a elf

  41. 3
    My friend brennan said:

    elfs flyed.cooo … ooooool

  42. 2
    My friend Dina said:

    Hi Santa I hope you have fun with the Olympics!!!!!!!!!

  43. 1
    My friend Megan said:

    that really sounds fun and my dream is to fly

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