Christmas Helpers

Posted by Santa Claus on December 13th, 2013

Pudding the Christmas cat loves to be a Christmas helper.  She thinks she is a wonderful Christmas helper!  Today she thought she would help my other Christmas helpers: the elves in the toy workshop.

The elves were being good little Christmas helpers and were very busy wrapping up presents.  There were piles of wrapping paper stacked high.  There were heaps of gift tags to be written.  And there were rolls of sticky tape lined up ready to be used.  It’s a lot of work being a Christmas helper!

Pudding sat on top of the wrapping paper pile.  She thought it was a good way to make sure it stayed nice and flat.  But the elves kept pulling pieces of wrapping paper out.  So, she moved.

“I know,” she thought to herself.  “I’ll get the sticky tape ready!”

Pudding pealed out the sticky tape from the roll.  Uh oh!  It was stuck to her paw.  She tried to bite it off with her teeth.  Oh no!  Now it was stuck to her nose.  She tried to scratch it off with a back paw.  Yikes!  Now it was stuck to her back paw and her nose AND her front paw!

So, she tried to roll herself free.  Ho! Ho! Ho!  Now she was a big Christmas pudding-shaped ball of tape.  Pudding was in a very sticky situation!

The elves were so busy being Christmas helpers they did not notice.  Pudding was picked up and wrapped up in Christmas wrapping paper!

“Meow!” she cried.  “Let me out!”

The elves all laughed.  “Look!” Clumsy the elf said.  “Pudding the Christmas cat is Pudding the Christmas present!”

Pudding decided she had been helpful enough for one day.  She thought she would leave the wrapping to the other Christmas helpers and “stick” to snoozing instead!  HHHOL!

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S.  Have you ever found a big surprise inside a present? What was it? (I hope it wasn’t Pudding! HHHOL!)  You can click here to tell me about it or, scroll down to see what other people have written!


39 Responses to “Christmas Helpers”

  1. 39
    My friend jonathan said:


  2. 38
    My friend Zoey Emrick said:

    When I got my Ipod touch I screamed I was so excited my neighbors got 1 a year before me and the one is going to 5th grade and the other one is going to 2nd grade when I am going to 4th grade and i was so happy i got it. This year I want an iPad mini and I hope I get it.

  3. 37
    My friend Marina said:

    hi santa thank you so much for everything even though I ate Melissa’s tootsie rolls!

  4. 36
    My friend zahra said: are you? i am realy sick are you happy that i am sick?

  5. 35
    My friend Caroline said:

    you come to my house tomorrow. It will be snowing here. We are in winter storm Pax

  6. 34
    My friend Caroline said:

    Thank you for the crazy loom kit. I hope it’s ok that I gave it to my sister because I got a rainbow loom kit for my birthday

  7. 33
    My friend Jacob said:

    Santa can you drop a late present at my house the polar express train

  8. 32
    My friend Jacob said:

    You speciall

  9. 31
    My friend Jacob said:

    Can you come to my house today

  10. 30
    My friend Emma said:

    I love you because you got everything I wanted so thanks again


  12. 29
    My friend Karma said:

    Thank you for my 3DS and ipad i love you im writing you on my wiiu. am i still on the nice list?

  13. 28
    My friend victoria said:

    i have not got my presents yet because i live in the united kingdom i dont think that you have been there victoria xxx

  14. 27
    My friend Avery said:

    I got this box for my birthday i thought it was just a toy but it was actully a bunny named HONEY



  15. 26
    My friend CAITLYN said:




  16. 25
    My friend DANIA said:

    SNOW DAY PLEAES!!!!!!!

  17. 24
    My friend DANIA said:

    SNOW DAY PLEAES!!!!!! … !!!!!!!!!

  18. 23
    My friend Kendall said:

    Merry Christmas everybody!!!

  19. 22
    My friend Ashlynn said:

    Hey Santa, I want an elf and Rudoph. He can be helpful when I lose power or need to go out side at night. It gets REALLY dark!

  20. 21
    My friend Jack said:

    Maybe if I be good can I be an elf for a year in 2015 pretty pretty PLEASE or if I can noty be an elf because I’m to tall can I look after the reindeer SANTA love you all from jack

  21. 20
    My friend Jack said:

    Santa my main Christmas pressie is an Xbox 360 with games:).

  22. 19
    My friend Anonymous said:


  23. 18
    My friend Sarah said:

    Ca n I have a dog not a pupy

  24. 17
    My friend Sarah said:

    I love you guys

  25. 16
    My friend Emily said:

    Dear santa this year i worldwide lime it to snow

  26. 15
    My friend Andrea said:

    Hello everybody

  27. 14
    My friend nadim said:

    I love tricka treating

  28. 13
    My friend jamekia said:

    hey all I want for a present is to know what my real granddad was and a picture of him and my grandma

  29. 12
    My friend Camryn said:

    I would definitely volunteer to help in the wink of an eye! You and your elves work so hard, Santa!

  30. 11
    My friend Leah said:

    i saw a mysterious present below my pink elephant and i saved best for last so i opened it and screamed it was a amercian girl doll. 2012

  31. 10
    My friend Logan said:

    Pudding must have wanted to be a present!

  32. 9
    My friend Tobyn said:

    tape can be a tangley mess and I should know!

  33. 8
    My friend miangel said:

    n and dear santa I love you if I see you I run and give you a hug. and pi the way what Is your phone number

  34. 7
    My friend Hailey said:

    What is your name.

  35. 6
    My friend jayde said:

    hi can I have him

  36. 5
    My friend lux said:

    pudding has probably been hanging with clumsy for to long

  37. 4
    My friend Felix said:


  38. 3
    My friend Sarah said:

    I bet the Chris’s elf is really cute

  39. 2
    My friend Trinity said:

    wow! funny!

  40. 1
    My friend Reese said:

    Your blog is sooo cool!

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