Christmas Elves’ XMAS game

Posted by Santa Claus on November 28th, 2008

The elves started doing something fun at the North Pole.  They call it “X.M.A.S.”.  “X.M.A.S.” is not the same as “Xmas”.  That is something else.

The fun thing the elves do is all about the Christmas Spirit. It is about the joy of giving.

Would you like to learn about the elves’ game?

The elves play a Christmas game they call “X.M.A.S.”.  The elves say “X.M.A.S.” is short for “eXchange Merriment And Spirit”.  Such silly elves!

Here is how they play “X.M.A.S.”.  One of the elves will make up a basket.  It will have all kinds of yummy things in it.  It might have candy canes.  It might have Christmas music.  It might have Christmas crackers.  It might have cocoa.  It might even have those fancy imported marshmallows!

They have lots of fun making the basket.

Then the elf will put a fancy bow on the basket.  When no one is looking she will sneak to the elf house next door.  She will put the basket down at the door.  Then, she will ring the doorbell fast and hide!  The elf that lives at the house will open the door.  And, there will be a basket full of yummy treats for them!

The elf that gets the basket then makes a new basket of treats for another elf! 

If you get a basket you put a special paper tree in your window.  When the elves are done, every single house on the block has a special paper tree in its window!  What a great sight to see!  It reminds me of how great the spirit of giving really is.

Clumsy the Elf makes the best baskets.  He always thinks of the best things!  He tries to think of something new and fun every year.  Of course, I will never forget the year he left me a basket of girl’s undies by mistake!  Mrs. Claus thought it was so funny! :)

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S. What things would you put in a Christmas basket to surprise your neighbours? (You can leave a message for me. Or, scroll down to see what others have written!)


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  1. 142
    My friend keaun said:

    I can’t wait into Christmas

  2. 141
    My friend suanlee said:


  3. 140
    My friend tanner said:

    awsome game

  4. 139
    My friend allie said:

    elves, please tell santa i heart him. thank you.

  5. 138
    My friend sarah said:

    i would put a big bok of egg nog fudge!!

  6. 137
    My friend lacey cole said:

    hi santa i beliveing you so so so much please can i have a bike for xmas please your my best friend ever tell rouldohp i said hi tell him about me thanks

  7. 136
    My friend pjnnn said:

    Ha ha ha I think it would be funny with girls undies in them it is just so funny I would laughing like Mrs. Claus to so Clumsy gave it to one of the elves if he did was it at least a girl or a boy it would funnier with a boy well kind of because then they will think who brought it to them and then it will just be so funny and it will make them think who brought it to them and maybe have a wierd look on there face to that would that would be funny for me seeing weird look on there face and thinking who brought it to them too.

  8. 135
    My friend Hannah said:

    wow your blog is so cool Santa , i hope you and the reindeer get to my house safe and have no troubles , i will leave the most best cookies ever .

    love hannah : ) xox

  9. 134
    My friend Daniel said:

    Dear santa I think the xmas game was very good because it gives everyone the message that christmas is a good time of year. And I’d give someone a pound and some biscuits.

  10. 133
    My friend bryan said:

    thank you santa


  12. 132
    My friend Susana said:

    Hey santa i think this is a really cool should come and visit me some time.heheheh.we really should have a get-to-gether some day

    please write back

  13. 131
    My friend Elizabeth said:

    Dear santa I was just wondering if you have a scond to read this santa
    rose are red vilote are blue christmas is awesome and so are you

  14. 130
    My friend Avery said:

    Hi Santa i think that X.M.A.S game sounds so cool and this is the coolest site i go to it every day.This year i want a cell phone for Christmas but if you cant get it then just buy presents for my brothers

    Love u Santa your pal,Avery :) p.s please write back

  15. 129
    My friend nicole said:

    santa please can i be on the nice list.

  16. 128
    My friend emily said:

    never eat to much cookies but if its mrs claus healfy cookies go right ahead thank you for working with emily

  17. 127
    My friend christian said:

    I want you to give me an easy origamy animal book and a bodle of apple sider with it

  18. 126
    My friend annie said:

    dear santa i am really exited for chritmas

  19. 125
    My friend marcus said:

    I realy want to play this game.

  20. 124
    My friend marcus said:

    I wonder how this game works?

  21. 123
    My friend Elizabeth said:

    i would love to play the game it is also being really kind to one another and having fun

  22. 122
    My friend Tyler said:

    hi santa i love you to bits have a wonderful christmas lots of love and hugs Tyler xxxooo

  23. 121
    My friend tony hua said:

    how old are you?how fat are you

    xoxoxoxxo … xoxoxoxoxo

  24. 120
    My friend jessica said:

    it was okay if i could find where to play

  25. 119
    My friend jim said:

    where do you go to play

  26. 118
    My friend jim said:

    how do you play

  27. 117
    My friend mackenzie said:

    vats da funnist gam eva

  28. 116
    My friend Ronnie said:

    Just got to say that i belive in you

  29. 115
    My friend ericka said:

    that sounds really fun do they put wii games in the baskets sometimes!!! i wish i lived with the elves they always have so much fun

  30. 114
    My friend Kalara said:

    you can macke some games up

  31. 113
    My friend jasmine said:


  32. 112
    My friend abigail said:

    i love you santa you are so cool and you must be rich with all the prensta and hope everyone they today is ok

  33. 111
    My friend Kristal L. Rosebrook said:

    Great Site

  34. 110
    My friend brett said:

    santa is so cool im so glad he sent me a letter on here.<:-}!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. 109
    My friend Manisha said:



  36. 108
    My friend amhlaoibh said:

    i hope i was a good boy this year ’cause i’ve been try ‘in hard

  37. 107
    My friend Phoebe said:

    you are the best.

  38. 106
    My friend Phoebe said:

    why are you fat.

  39. 105
    My friend Vittoria said:

    Hi Santa,
    I love reading your blog every morning I just get out of bed and run to the compuetr.How is the presents going this year? Oh and I heard you got a new sleigh this year cool.Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
    From Vittoria.
    P.S.Say hi to Mrs.Clause and all the others for me.

  40. 104
    My friend Andrew said:

    I care about Santa Clause. I care about his toy making elves, cookie making elves, & candy making elves and the reindeer!

  41. 103
    My friend annabelle said:

    hi santa!
    i love to get a basket of treats

  42. 102
    My friend kezzia said:

    i have not done it before but it sounds good i might try it myself!

  43. 101
    My friend Luke said:

    Ive done it before i left a pack of xmas crackers chocolate and some toys it was so fun!

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