What is Santa Claus’ address & phone number?

Posted by Santa Claus - December 17th, 2010

It is getting very close to Christmas now!  Quite a few kids are asking me “Santa Claus, what is your email address?”

Some friends want to phone me.  They ask the elves, “What is Santa Claus’ phone number?”

Others want to mail a letter to the North Pole.   They ask Mrs. Claus “What is Santa’s address?”

Would you like to know the best way to “talk to Santa” right now?

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Santa Claus’ Halloween Safety Tips

Posted by Santa Claus - October 29th, 2008

Halloween is lots of fun.  Why, its almost as much fun as Christmas!  But even when you are having fun you have to be careful.  After all, at Halloween, you have to watch out for low-flying brooms (instead of reindeer! Ho! Ho! Ho!) Click here to read all about “Santa Claus’ Halloween Safety Tips”»



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