A new Christmas Game – Reindeer snowball shinty!

The reindeer invented and played a new reindeer Christmas game called “snowball shinty” today.  Blitzen had learned all about it in a book about Scottish sport.  It is a little bit like hockey played on grass.  The players have a stick and they hit a hard ball.

Blitzen thought he could create a brand new Christmas game using some things we have at the North Pole.  The reindeer could use big candy canes as hockey sticks and a Christmas tree bauble as a ball.  They tried using a snowball for a ball, but well, you can imagine how that turned out!  The first time one of the reindeer hit the snowball, it went SPLAT!  HHHOL! Continue reading A new Christmas Game – Reindeer snowball shinty!

Christmas Oranges & Funny Reindeer Faces

Christmas oranges can help you win reindeer games!  Who would have guessed!?

Well, today was “funny face” day in the Reindeer Games.  Comet had learned all about a strange sport in England called “gurning”.  People put their heads inside a horse collar and pull a face.  The person who makes the funniest face is the winner. Continue reading Christmas Oranges & Funny Reindeer Faces

Candy Cane Limbo Skating Reindeer

Have you ever heard of candy cane limbo skating reindeer before?  Well, neither had I, until today!

Today was limbo skating day in the Reindeer Games.  Cupid had learned all about this strange sport.  People try to roller skate under very low things.  The winners get REALLY low.  They do the splits on roller skates! Cupid thought the reindeer could try limbo skating on ice.  Reindeer do not need ice skates.  Reindeer hooves make great skates!

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Christmas chocolate belly flop!

Today was a jolly holly day at the Reindeer Games.  Ho! Ho! Ho!  I laughed so hard I nearly split my sides.  And my pants!

Vixen had learned all about a sport called the “mud pit belly flop”.  What a strange and funny sport.  It is part of the Redneck Games held every year in America.  People take turns at belly flopping into a huge puddle of mud.  The winner is the person who makes the biggest SPLASH!

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Christmas Pudding Reindeer Rolling!

Welcome friends for another year of the Santa Claus Christmas Blog!

Today was the first day of the Reindeer Games. The Games are going to be a little different this year. The reindeer have been learning about strange sports from around the world. Rudolph learned about a sport in England called ‘cheese rolling’. A big round cheese rolls down a steep hill and people chase after it. They try to catch the cheese but it rolls very fast. Most of the people fall over! In the Reindeer Games it is going to be ‘Christmas pudding rolling’.

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