North Pole Newsflash 2011: Santa Fit To Fly!


North Pole — (Dec. 21, 2011) – Santa Claus’ personal doctor, Dr. Alf Doctor, today told the press that Santa Claus and the reindeer are fit to fly Christmas Eve.

“It is true”, said Dr. Doctor.  “Santa Claus and the reindeer had their annual doctor visit today”.

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Santa’s Socks

Santa's Sock
Santa’s Sock

Today at the North Pole I made a new snow slide for the elves.  Clumsy went right thru the reindeer barn!

When we came in, Mrs. Claus had nice hot cocoa ready for us.  Of course, I had to take off my boots first.

My socks were very wet, stinky and holey!  It reminded me of last Christmas.


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Santa’s Little Helpers

Santa's little helpers and the dollhouse
Santa’s little helpers and the dollhouse

I’m sure you’ve heard about my elves.  They really are “Santa’s little helpers”!

Would you like to hear a “short” story about “Santa’s little helpers”?  (Oh, that was funny!  My little helpers always laugh at those jokes!)

Maybe you think that I can do anything.  I am Santa Claus after all!

But, just like you, I do need a helping hand sometimes.  I learned a good lesson today about asking for help.
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