The Christmas Elves Skating Party

Elves love to go skating.  I think it is because they love the hot chocolate that Mrs. Claus always makes for them.  You know, the kind with the fancy imported marshmallows!  Yum!  It always smells and tastes so good after you play outside in the cold.

Would you like to hear about one of the first times the elves had a skating party?

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Christmas Knock Knock Jokes!

christmas knock knock jokes
Christmas knock knock jokes!

Thank you for all your comments about who is sillier: elves or reindeer!  It really got them going reading all the comments from the kids!

My elves and reindeer even decided to have a little North Pole contest to see who was sillier.  So, they started coming up with more funny Christmas knock knock jokes!

Would you like to hear the Christmas knock-knock jokes they made up?

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