Lest We Forget – A very special day

Posted by Santa Claus on November 10th, 2012

Lest We Forget - poppies

Lest We Forget

November 11th is a very special day.  It is not a day about trick or treating.  That is Halloween.  It is not a day about gifts from me, Santa Claus.  That is Christmas.   It is a day about a very different kind of gift.

Yes, November 11th is a very special day.  Some of my friends call November 11th Remembrance Day.  Some call it Armistice Day.  Some call it Veteran’s Day.

This special day is about the gift of freedom.  It is about the men and women who gave us that gift.  Today we remember what they did for us.

They fought, and are still fighting, in wars.  They fought so we could have freedom.  Many of them died.  Many more of them were hurt.  We must always remember what they did so we could have freedom.

Do you want to know what I do after I bring toys on Christmas Eve?  I like to do it very much.  It means a lot to me.

Lots of kids send letters to ask for things for moms and dads who are soldiers.  These troops are gone from loved ones.  Most are far, far from home.

They give up fun things at Christmas time.  The troops work hard to make sure we are free.  They take care of others and keep them safe.

Boys and girls miss their moms and dads who are troops.  Their moms and dads miss them just as much.  The letters ask me if I can do something nice for them this time of year.

So early Christmas day when I have brought all the gifts, I drop bags from my sleigh.    The care bags hold small things to remind the troops of home.

Treats like candy canes, fruit, nuts, cards, and letters from home.  These things let them know we think about them at Christmas.  They are still in our hearts when they are not here.

Lest We Forget

Santa Claus

P.S.  Do you know someone who is away from home?  Can you think of one thing you can do to let them know you still think about them?  Do you have a great idea to help out the troops?  You can click here to tell me or scroll down to see what other people have written!


24 Responses to “Lest We Forget – A very special day”

  1. Brooke

    we had a service at school


  3. Lydia

    How do you fly one day and get so many children. I love you❤.

  4. Leah, 11 from Scotland

    My friends big brother is only 18 and is away fighting in afghanistan for freedom<3 Lest We Forget

  5. Ashley

    yes we shall

  6. Ashley

    yes santa

  7. Jonah

    Happy Veteran’s day, Santa. We will all remember what these brave men and women have done.

  8. Jayden

    Hello Santa. It’s me Jayden.

  9. Bull

    You know solider are not the only ones to miss out on Christmas. I have to miss out on seeing my kids on Christmas too, because I work. Hope next year I get Christmas Eve and Christmas day off. But I better not hold my breath. lol

  10. kayla

    I do not have a friend our family fighting but i think on christmas eve you shoul send the children with them picthures of there moms and dads and give them a pic of there kids

  11. sarah

    santa we did are reambers day monday at school but it was sunday one that day we think of brave man who went war

  12. Casey

    My dad used to be in the army. If you have someone you could send them a letter and video chat with them


  14. Hayley

    One of my brothers was in the army.I’m glad he is home with his wife and daughter.

  15. Julia

    My moms friend is in the military he has to move all over the USA. Santa I think that you are so kind for doing that for our troops over seas. Merry christmas! ~*Julia*~

  16. Katy

    i would like to help the end of war so would many war a little things that stand in our way of freedome i know that everyone dreams of peace so y dont we axsepte that and stop the conflict us children will be adults and mabey we can turn things around! Thankyou for those who have died and suffer for us we now have the freedome we want but what about them?

  17. Thomas

    We remember them

  18. Hailey

    My father was in the Army before he met my mother. He was asked to go back but he said he had to spend time to us. I feel bad for all of you guys that have relatives in the military. PLease dont cry

  19. Kaitlyn

    Love it…..Merry Christmas

  20. mikayla

    never forget what they have done for us.they rock

  21. Aryn

    My great grandpa Carl was in the military. So was my grandpa Robert. He is still alive but my great grandpa died because he got to old. :(

  22. !!!

    Love it!!merry christmas,i went to show my respect on poppy day in my local town!
    I was in the march on poppy day xx

  23. caarolanne

    hey are you doing today i want lots of prenats and justin biber for christmas for real and jason aldean for real and big time rush for real and jesse mccartney for real i want prents everywhere aound the house

  24. kathleen

    my parents are veterns

  25. erica

    do you belive santa

  26. byana

    hi santa i think you are cool. thank you for all the gifts.


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