Scunner’s Tumshie

Posted by Santa Claus on October 28th, 2012

Well, I can hardly believe that we are nearly at the end of October already.  We have all been very busy getting everything ready.  We want Christmas to go smoothly after all!  Less than 60 sleeps to Christmas and Halloween is just around the corner!

We are all very excited here.  Even Scunner seems to be very happy at the moment.  I am not sure why.

Do you remember who Scunner is?  He is our grumpy Scottish elf .  He does not really like Christmas.

Last year we had a Hogmanay party for him.  That seemed to cheer him up.  It did not last for long though.  A few weeks later and he was his usual grumpy self again.

I do not know why he is so happy just now.  I heard him whistling two days ago and it was not a pretty sound.  He has been smiling and chuckling to himself too.  He even does it when he is working on cuddly toys!

Not that I am complaining.  It is nice to see him being happy.  I asked him if he was beginning to enjoy himself at the North Pole.

“Och, no, it’s still rubbish.  I hate Christmas and tinsel still makes me sneeze”.

That surprised me because of his good mood.  Then he asked me a question that confused me.

“Santa, can you get me a tumshie and a big, old sheet for guising?”, he asked in an excited voice.

I am a little bit confused as no-one here knows what a tumshie is or what guising means.

Maybe some of you do?  I’d love to hear your ideas about what these are.

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S.  What do you think a tumshie is?  Can you guess what guising means?  You can click here to tell me or scroll down to see what other people have written!


9 Responses to “Scunner’s Tumshie”

  1. 9
    My friend Olivia said:

    Can u make it December 20th with ur magic. Please I can’t wait till Christmas am I on the noddy list or the nice list

  2. 8
    My friend Aryn said:

    A tumshie is a turnip. A guising is trick or treating. I think I know why he is happy. Its because its Halloween.

  3. 7
    My friend april said:

    hi Santa how are u im doing good im getting A+ in every class :)

  4. 6
    My friend Connor said:

    is it possibol to be a superhero

  5. 5
    My friend Leah, 11 from Scotland said:

    A tumshie is a turnip but scottish and guising is trick or treating, I’m going guising tonight! From a Scottish person!

  6. 4
    My friend ALLY said:


  7. 3
    My friend Bull said:

    He probably wants to make a turnip lantern to celabrate Halloween with. In Scotland they use to make jack ‘o lanterns out of turnip instead of pumpkins. But a tumshie is also a stotticsh word for a fool. LOL

    Here is some research I did for you Santa happy reading and I hope Scunner has a fine going guising.

  8. 2
    My friend Danika said:

    You should ask Scunner what is making him so happy.

  9. 1
    My friend Jonah said:

    I wonder what it is that’s making him happy.. Oh, and Tumshie is scotish for turnip, i believe. And guising is scotish for trick or treating, pretty much. Have you asked him why he’s in such a good mood?

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