The Santa Claus Christmas Blog, 2012!

Posted by Santa Claus on October 26th, 2012

Santa Claus

Santa Claus Christmas Blog 2012!

Merry Christmas friend!  I am so glad you found my blog.  My name is Santa Claus.  Maybe you have heard of me?

I am a big, jolly guy.  I live in a magic place full of elves, reindeer, snowmen, and of course, the wonderful Mrs. Claus!

I have been on the Internet for a long time.  I have been reading your wonderful Christmas emails for a long time.  I have been watching webcams seeing who’s naughty or nice for a long time.   Ho! Ho! Ho!  I guess I have just been around for a long time!  But, then the elves told me I should sit down and do something new.  So, welcome to “The Santa Claus’ Christmas Blog!” for 2012!  This is my fifth Christmas doing this.  Wow!

I hope you have fun reading about me, Santa Claus, and all my friends and family at the North Pole.  I am looking forward to sharing some of my special stories with you.  I have lots of silly and funny stories to share.  After all, I have been around for a long time.

This year is extra special because of the Reindeer Olympics.  Did you watch any of the London Olympics this year?  Well, just wait until you hear what happens when elves and reindeer play some Olympic Games!

I’m really excited about something new on my website too.  The elves set up a webcam so YOU can watch ME now!  I hope you’ll check it out.

You could also say I know a bit about Christmas and the Christmas Spirit.  The Christmas Spirit is a wonderful thing.  More than anything, my hope and wish is that my blog will fill you with the magic, love and wonder of the Christmas Spirit.  That is one of the best presents I could ever deliver, even if it is only in a Yule blog!  Ho! Ho! Ho!

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S.  What would you like to see me write about in “Santa Claus’ Christmas Blog”?  You can leave a message and tell me below.


159 Responses to “The Santa Claus Christmas Blog, 2012!”

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  1. 159
    My friend destiny barrett said:

    dear santa, you are the most wonderful person i ever met , plus you never ever knew how do you get in my house because i dont have a chimney at my house

    Merry Christmas

  2. 158
    My friend jessica said:

    dear santa
    U and the reindeers and the elves plus mrs claus must be ,working very hard each year!
    But how do u get into houses that don’t have chimneys ?
    I hope u have a wonderful christmas with ur family and the elves merry christmas! love from jessica

  3. 157
    My friend Alex said:

    Your the best!

  4. 156
    My friend Anonymous said:

    ok wooooow

  5. 155
    My friend nicole said:


  6. 154
    My friend Taywana said:

    You ar the besst

  7. 153
    My friend Leslie said:

    Santa I LOVE your Christmas blog it sounds very good and nice and you are the best jolly friend .


  8. 152
    My friend zach said:

    im so glad you put this blog up now i can talk to santa when ever i want!!!!!!

  9. 151
    My friend nora beth said:

    please give mrs. bailey a great bday

  10. 150
    My friend nora beth said:

    Hey Santa!!!!Hope u have a great Xmas!!!!!!!!!!


  12. 149
    My friend mary scott said:

    i think You should talk about your raindeer

  13. 148
    My friend Anonymous said:

    ByronLynch12 SantanorthpoLe

  14. 147
    My friend luke said:

    i want a few games and a supricse please

  15. 146
    My friend luke said:

    i want madagascar 3 europes most wanted for xbox360 professor layton 5 for 3ds 3ds charger new super mario bros 2 and 3ds

  16. 145
    My friend KAYLEE said:

    I love you santa

  17. 144
    My friend destiny said:

    we are moving our elf, because he got stuck, so please do not send dad coal he has been good!!

  18. 143
    My friend Matthew said:

    i want a guitar strap an guitar amp i want Tawnie as my girlfriend please

  19. 142
    My friend Avery said:

    I love you

  20. 141
    My friend kadence said:

    Dear Santa all I want for chismas is everyone to be happy

  21. 140
    My friend mariah said:

    hi santa can i have a gift card to barnes and noble in my stocking please. i love to read!!!!! cool blog

  22. 139
    My friend Sydney said:

    I think your blog is great. The elves did a great job. Tell then that. OK?

  23. 138
    My friend Kari said:

    My little brother and David lee dottson said they are going to kell there self’s what should I do my brother is blameing me for it


    Merry Christmas Kari,

    I’m Santa’s Head Elf (I take care of his blog and his cookie supply). I’m really glad you wrote!

    I am glad you told me about your little brother and his friend. This is not something to say, even as a joke.

    The best thing the elves can do to help you is to suggest that you talk to your family and friends about this – seriously & RIGHT NOW!. Now I know sometimes you just can’t talk to family and friends about everything that’s going on in your life. If that ever happens to you, even if its right now, then I *REALLY* want you to pick up the phone and call the great people at one of the phone numbers on this page: Help hotlines.

    Another thing you can do is just show an adult this message.

    All the very best this Christmas,

    Santa’s Head Elf

  24. 137
    My friend Coolidge said:

    Hi Santa! Can I please have an i-pad for Christmas?I have never seen what its like to have an i-pad before!

  25. 136
    My friend aidan said:

    i hope you are doing well i want a bunch of nerf stuff

  26. 135
    My friend erynn said:

    i hope you are well i want a 3ds xl

  27. 134
    My friend Nora Beth said:

    Hey Santa!!Hope u r having a great day!!

  28. 133
    My friend Nathan said:

    Hi Santa!Can I please have a bb gun so me and my dad can go have fun.

  29. 132
    My friend Nora Beth said:

    Hey Santa!!!Hope u r doing great!!May I please have a $50 itunes gift card in my stocking??

  30. 131
    My friend Alicia said:

    Santa I would LOVE to hear about Mrs.Claus like what is her first name and why did you marry her and just all about her!!

  31. 130
    My friend harper said:

    i think u sould write about if we can have a elf

  32. 129
    My friend elizabeth said:


  33. 128
    My friend branden micah fleck sa 2:00 3 said:

    branden micah sa fleck 2:00 3
    beach ball 42
    santa 12:00

    dad:) ro:(

  34. 127
    My friend Zoe Mendonis said:

    I LOVE CHRISTMAS!! Because Jesus was born.

  35. 126
    My friend Zoe Mendonis said:

    I would like for Christmas is a itunes gift card for 75dollars. Love Zoe Mendonis

  36. 125
    My friend Zoe Mendonis said:

    Hi Santa,
    Its me Zoe THank you for the Elv on the self she is so cute.

  37. 124
    My friend molly said:

    i want a ipod with camera for christmas

  38. 123
    My friend molly said:

    how do you get around the world in 1 day

  39. 122
    My friend Kasey said:

    I would like a pink iPod touch for Christmas

  40. 121
    My friend gino said:

    saanta for christmas i want a tablet or a ipod,and a new bike,and a lot of friends and,fix my moms thing on her neck

  41. 120
    My friend Csepke said:

    Wich is your favourite christmas story?
    Wich is your favourite christmas song?
    how many countrys do you have to go to deleiver the presents?
    when do you get home after you have the big job?
    wich christmas cookie is your favourite?
    how many elfs work in your magical toy factory?
    Is ther any body who sits beside you and helps deliver all the presents?
    Thes are all the things I’d like to know!
    Thank you!

  42. 119
    My friend Juanita said:

    Hi Santa how are the elves

    I’m good and I’m really 22 years old my next birthday is in 2 months and I’m going to be 23 years old next year and I can’t wait for christmas this year next month Santa thank you. ^_^

  43. 118
    My friend Kennedy said:

    your elves are so funny!!

  44. 117
    My friend Kennedy said:

    I know this might be a little off topic but can you get me a white ipod for christmas?

  45. 116
    My friend Leslie said:

    I would love to heard about how much you love Christmas.

  46. 115
    My friend Maria said:

    What is your favorite Christmas song?

  47. 114
    My friend Aryn said:

    You should write about the Olympics. That would be cool to hear about.

  48. 113
    My friend madison said:

    dear santa there is only 32 more days until christmas!!!

  49. 112
    My friend barbara said:

    dear santa i been very good this year.

  50. 111
    My friend Csepke said:

    Deer Santa Clause I would like to ask you about are you going to be santa forever and that what age are you?Thank you so so much for everything Love Csepke!

  51. 110
    My friend Kaitlyn said:

    I would like to hear who’s next in line to be Santa too……

  52. 109
    My friend Kaitlyn said:

    Hi Santa
    I would like it if you talked about the reindeer the elves. Mrs.Claus. and you of course!!! And keep posting on your blog!:)

  53. 108
    My friend Kaylynn said:

    How are you Santa?You rock i hope you are doing good!
    Love ,Kaylynn

  54. 107
    My friend hannah said:

    hi santa i love so much write this hohoho im santa i will bring you toys all the time for christmas i love all the kids by by now

  55. 106
    My friend Katelyn said:

    i love you sooo much .you are the best in the whole wide world . i love your elves,reindeer and of course you and mrs clase

  56. 105
    My friend Kate said:

    Hi Santa!!!I really really really want to meet some of your elves and meet some of your reindeer like:Rudolph,Dasher,Dancer,Prancer and well, all the rest.The elf I really really wanna see is of corse my elf,Elfrey!


  57. 104
    My friend JENNA said:


  58. 103
    My friend Kaylen said:

    I want to see what the elves were doing.

  59. 102
    My friend madison said:

    dear santa,i hope im on the nice list im so exided for christmas


  60. 101
    My friend sarah said:

    tell me whats up

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