A Very Scunner New Year!

Posted by Santa Claus on January 1st, 2012

Happy New Year!

Oh, let me tell you about last night.  We had all decided to give Scunner the grumpy Scottish elf a lovely big surprise.  A few weeks ago, Kissy told me that he was homesick and that this was making him grumpy.

Would you like to find out what how we surprised Scunner the Grumpy Elf?

Well, I do not know if you knew this but in Scotland they celebrate New Year’s Eve with a party they call Hogmanay.  Well, we all decided to have a Hogmanay party to celebrate the New Year.

When we showed Scunner what we had done, he actually smiled!

We had special food.  A lovely cake called Black Bun and shortbread.  There was whisky.  A lot of whisky.

Scunner brought some bagpipes.  When he started to play, it was wonderful.  He played a fast tune at first and it got us all dancing.  I saw Clumsy spinning round and round and thought he was going to fall over!

Then Scunner played some lovely slow songs.  One made us all feel sad but happy at the same time.  Scunner told me later that it was called Highland Cathedral.

Anyway, we had lots of Scottish music and Scunner taught us all some Scottish Country Dances.  It was difficult at first but once we learned the dances it was great fun.

Then, it was midnight and Scunner was nowhere in sight.  ‘He missed New Year!’  Kissy said sadly.

Then there was a knock at the door.  It was Scunner standing outside!  In his hand was a lump of coal.

“It’s bad luck not to have a first foot Santa,” he told me.

That is what they call the first visitor of a new year in Scotland: a first foot.  And they always bring a piece of coal to bring you luck.

We all stood together and sang a famous song called ‘Auld Lang Syne’.

After he gave me the coal, we stayed up dancing and singing for hours.  It was fun to celebrate my first Hogmanay!  (And Scunner is a lot happier now too!)

Happy New Year!

Santa Claus/Father Christmas

P.S.  How did you celebrate New Year’s Eve?  You can click here to tell me or scroll down to see what other people have written!

P.P.S.  Well, that is the end of the “Santa Claus Christmas Blog”  for this Christmas Season.  See everyone in a few months!



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  1. 274
    My friend высокий профессионализм физической охраны said:

    Very nice post. I simply stumbled upon your weblog and wished to mention that I have truly loved browsing your blog posts. After all I’ll be subscribing to your rss feed and I am hoping you write again soon!

  2. 273
    My friend rhiannon said:

    i don’t usually do anything for new year. once i got pajamas and pop tarts though! best new year EVER! P.S If Scunner is homesick why doesn’t he just go home?

  3. 272
    My friend lizzy said:

    i love the idea of a relay for the raindeer.i want to see a picture of comet i ove him hes my favorite raindeer

  4. 271
    My friend Matthew said:

    I didn’t even know you had a blog! xD Pretty cool if you ask me!

  5. 270
    My friend elizabeth said:

    happy new year scunner

  6. 269
    My friend elizabeth said:

    i hope scunner is okay because there is only 23 more days until christmas. i hope every on is okay in the north pole. the north pole is really cold.

  7. 268
    My friend Fred said:

    Well, I’ve been a really naughty child this year :(

  8. 267
    My friend erin said:

    christmas is great

  9. 266
    My friend devon said:

    hay santa is the boy close to me named Andrew?

  10. 265
    My friend Aryn said:

    I was at my grandma and grandpas house. My mom was in Butte and I dont know were my dad was at. I wanted to go to Butte with my mom but she said no. It was a long night. I still at least got to see my grandma and grandpa.


  12. 264
    My friend Vixenia said:

    I did it the Spanish way! (eating a grape on every clock chime!) I choked on one so maybe my year will be unlucky instead, oh well, no matter!

  13. 263
    My friend Darren said:

    i did it by getting party poppers on new years day.

  14. 262
    My friend josh said:

    i rerly hope Scuncer is happy now im sure you gave him an amazing suprize

    p.s i wish everyone at the north pole a
    very mery christmas

  15. 261
    My friend jorja said:

    santa you dont know how much i love you your my star thanks for replying to my email

    love jorja xoxoxox oxoxoxo xoxoxoxo xoxoxoxoxox

  16. 260
    My friend Kylie said:

    Wonderful to know everyone had a grand New Years Eve!
    I wish you and everyone a wonderful year though there only being 2 months left. Anyways best wishes and Happy Halloween, then Thanksgiving, and then Merry Christmas!

  17. 259
    My friend carly said:

    hi i just sent u an email and theres this one kid (by the way im carly the nine year old and im in fourth grade) and well they are mostly 15 boys in the fourth grade and they always swear at us and say the f word to us and its not very nice so sometimes i get a little mad at them and think of bad things about them so i think this year ive been an angel with a kinda crooked halo this year but i dont think thats bad compered to some kids…

  18. 258
    My friend Caitlin said:

    Hello santa
    You are right some people do say that you atre not real but i know you are and my sisters and mummy do aswell!!!! You are my role model and Thank you for my email! My alo is a bit crooked but not that much! Thank you for reading this!

  19. 257
    My friend AnnaGrace said:

    That sounds like fun!

  20. 256
    My friend Ben said:

    I like saying ho ho ho , GO CHRISTMAS : ), GO PRESENTS Woo

  21. 255
    My friend lia said:

    hi santa just to say thank you for my lovely email you sent me yes its true a bully at my school says things about you but i back you up
    by saying ” what if you were santa and i said that about you ”
    i’ve been an angel with a bit of a wonky halo this year
    love from lia
    xoxoxoxo xoxoxoxo xoxoxoxo xoxxoxo

  22. 254
    My friend teresa said:

    hey santa im 9 yrs and im in the 4th grade i hope u get me good presents xox teresa dejesus esparza:)

  23. 253
    My friend liam said:

    I spend my newyears like this. Every year we go to
    a party. at the very second

  24. 252
    My friend india said:

    had a big party at my auntys dressed up

  25. 251
    My friend Tori said:

    Dear santa
    i just want to tell you that i cant wait untill it i christmas and ive always wanted you to give me an autograph on one of your pictchers so can i have one this year please
    love from
    tori xoxo xoxo xxooxo xooxo xoxo oxoxoxo xoxoxo

  26. 250
    My friend Phoebe said:

    Wow I cant wait till Christmas but I’m in year 6 and 10 love santa and his Elfs

  27. 249
    My friend Kate said:

    I threw confeti and watched TV.

  28. 248
    My friend JOSH said:


  29. 247
    My friend JOSH said:


  30. 246
    My friend Courtney said:

    love u santa from coutney xxxxx

  31. 245
    My friend Courtney said:

    hi im likeing it at school because i am in year 4 all reddy and i am oong a dance in a copple off months i also love u Els and santa and also evrey one at the north pole. night everyone santa i want to say tat i am leavn a gift aand a biskit and a carrot say hello to rudolph for me pleast lots ff hugs and lots of kisss coutney xxxxx

  32. 244
    My friend hayden said:


  33. 243
    My friend cool said:

    wat about the contest

  34. 242
    My friend Frances said:



  35. 241
    My friend Joe said:

    I wold like a grit scooter .2.) ODI grips

  36. 240
    My friend dorian said:

    i want nerf gear up raider too

  37. 239
    My friend dorian said:

    i want a nerf longshot cs-6 yellow

  38. 238
    My friend kayleigh said:

    santa ive been a little bit nauty im really sorry i shouldent get any presants at all im so nauty and im really sorry too can you forgive me love from kayleigh xxxxxx xxxxx

  39. 237
    My friend caitlin said:

    i celabrate it by having a hogmaney because i live in scotland

  40. 236
    My friend Ben said:

    I love you Santa

  41. 235
    My friend jamie romano said:

    what r u getting my sister

  42. 234
    My friend Neve said:

    Love you Santa x x x

  43. 233
    My friend virginia said:

    hi santa its me virginia

  44. 232
    My friend Kaleb said:

    Santa do you care about me i care for al of you. my brother brendan schultz loves you alot.

  45. 231
    My friend rachel said:

    santa it isnt new year but im going to tell you what i want new year to be like . I want it to be a big party like what we normally do :) well santa i need to go ut i need to ask a question can i have a picture of all of use ? x

  46. 230
    My friend Laura Davis said:

    to santa you always make presents for chritmas

  47. 229
    My friend eleanor said:

    hi i love celebrating christmas because it is time to give or recieve a token of someones freindship and give a token of friend ship its amazing santa gives the best prezents thogh he is the best 79 days til christmas oh yes oh yes oh yes i am so exited and i cant deni it i know i know i realy like wow i will try and stop talking before i inbariss my self even more it is so strange i inbarris my self a lot i will try and stop ta
    lking know make me stop talking know help i have verbal diaryer about sant coming i have no idea why i am talking so mch mayb
    e i shold stop or shjould i carry on talk what do i do i will stop now cas tea is ready asnd i want to get 79 day over with quick 11 weeks qick how do i do that it will be hard i should just sleep \all day and night and get up at christmas that wouldnt be fun cas i am good with morning i am typing qick with ot checcking so it gets done god i must of done 100 hundred words all ready and by i will see you closer at christmas bye bye

  48. 228
    My friend Lillie said:

    i had a great time i stayed up late and danced all night

  49. 227
    My friend ella said:

    i celabrte new year by having a big dinner with all my family and i meen evry single one of the branniffs and after me and my sister show are new things to our family

  50. 226
    My friend will said:

    Hi santa
    i am going to have a great day today because i am going to the dentist then to get a slush puppy and at 5:00 my grandma is going to ring us so i can go to her house for a sleepover and that is all.
    from will

  51. 225
    My friend poppy said:

    santa is cool

  52. 224
    My friend poppy said:

    i love santa so much

  53. 223
    My friend anna kuhn said:

    hi santa i celebruted the new year at home with my family we stayed up all night to see the new year in we had a new year eve party it was so much fun doing it i hope you are ok today can you tell the elfs that Anna kuhn send her love to you all at the noth pole merry chritmas love from anns

  54. 222
    My friend Kayla said:

    I bleeven you

  55. 221
    My friend Levi said:

    I want you to come visit me today. Bring me a skido and a monster drink helmet!!!!!

  56. 220
    My friend Ashton said:

    Me and my family watch a countdown on the TV.When it gets to 0 me or my mom blows a loud air horn.I start peeking outside and looking at the fireworks.

  57. 219
    My friend Katelyn said:

    I’m happy that Scunner is a little Happy! Tell him I LOVE HIM

  58. 218
    My friend MORGAN said:


  59. 217
    My friend Hannah said:

    thank you for typeing me back some things i really loved love Hannah

  60. 216
    My friend Ros said:

    Well guess what santa! My family went to Hawaaii to spend the new years. It was fun. My dad has a private island there without valcanos. It was fun. My aunt, uncle, and baby cousin live there. They have their own island too.

    Bye then,


  61. 215
    My friend Brieanna said:

    hi santa thank you for all the letters you sent me i think some of them are really funny hahahahahahahah xoxox

  62. 214
    My friend bethany said:

    i hpe u had a great new year

  63. 213
    My friend isabella said:

    i spened new years with my family i am 18 years old this year amazed huh im a adult and well ia m in high school senior life skills kinda cool right it is sorry butit is nice.

  64. 212
    My friend Delaney said:

    This isn’t exactly about the story, but I just wanted to say that SANTA IS REAL! I may be ten but I still believe with all my heart.

  65. 211
    My friend abbie said:

    it was verry fun opening presents

  66. 210
    My friend madysen said:

    i love u santa. when are ur elves going to check there mail box?

  67. 209
    My friend Taylor said:

    Hey elves, Santa and everyone else oh and elsely polar bear

  68. 208
    My friend Kavya said:

    are the best person in the world bye

  69. 207
    My friend baylee said:

    Hi thank you for the letter i really liked. It because some firnds at school dont really like me i don’t’ know why so it made feel good when someone acules answers me baylee

  70. 206
    My friend Leilha said:

    That is very nice of you. I did not know alot of stuff in there like what they called the new years party in scottland

  71. 205
    My friend tom powell said:

    by listenig to slade it’s christmas
    and other music like the beatles.

  72. 204
    My friend catherine said:

    hi santa thank you for my letter i enjoyed reading it i will leave you some achole and some food for you and all the raindeer
    thanks a lot

  73. 203
    My friend noah said:

    i love u do u think i am nice or mean because my mom says i am really nice

  74. 202
    My friend kyle said:

    i hate u very bad

  75. 201
    My friend Meaghan said:

    do youre elves REALLY spy on me!

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