PJ Party!

Yesterday there was a big snowstorm at the North Pole.  The worked hard all year to get the gifts ready.   Now we are all stuck inside.  So decided we should have some fun.

Would you like to hear Mrs. Claus’ idea?

Mrs. Claus decided to host a pajama party!  The elves loved the idea!

Right before dinner, the elves rushed to their rooms.   They put on their cosiest flannel pajamas.  Some had patterns of penguins and cupcakes.  Others had the feet built right in.  Some even had bum flaps!

Mouse the Littlest Elf brought the stuffy she likes the most: her giraffe, Jeffrey!

Clumsy the Elf tried to wear his new bunny slippers too.  He kept tripping over the floppy ears!  He decided he had better take them off.   He would slip them back on when he sat down.

Mrs. Claus made us blueberry pancakes for dinner.  Yummy!  We love breakfast for dinner!

After we ate, I built a nice, warm fire.  Then we curled up in our sleeping bags.  We watched some Christmas movies we really like.  We snacked on popcorn and candy canes, too.

One by one, the elves fell asleep.  Mrs. Claus and I made sure each elf was comfy and warm.  We whispered “Sweet Dreams” to our little friends.  Then we settled into bed for a long winter’s nap.

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S.  Have you ever had a pajama party or a sleepover?  You can click here to tell me or scroll down to see what other people have written!


100 messages to Santa about “PJ Party!”

  1. yes atualy santa i had one on the 16th of december it was awsome i stayed at my boyfreinds

  2. Dear dude,
    I hope you have a merry Christmas!I am going to stay up to meet you!So be ready to see a girl waiting up for you!

  3. Hey Santa just wondering if you could
    check your mail tomorrow and see if you
    got my sister’s and my christmas wish list!

  4. I have had lots of sleepovers with my friends and family THEY ARE LOTS OF FUN !!!

  5. i had a pj party at school it was very fun we watch movie played games i love it!!

  6. I had one at school but it was not really a pj party you got to where your pj to school!!!!

  7. I have had lots of sleepovers with my friends. I usually have them during birthday parties. I have them a lot during the summer away from school.

  8. I have been a sleepover at my friend’s house and we watched movies, we played games, and we stayed up all night.It was really fun!

  9. Just the other night, me and my sister decided it would be fun if we got sleeping bags and had a sleep over! We watched a really funny movie and ate popcorn. Then before we went to bed, we did makeovers and we did our nails.

  10. yes i had one in school we got lots of compliamnts so we brang in are pj’s

  11. I love pajama parties! Me and my BFF Diana had one. Did you know her WHOLE family believes in you? It was a lot of fun, with scary moves, chocolate, and popcorn! And i really want to cuddle Clumsy the Elf! bye Santa!

  12. one i had a pj party with all my friends and we stayed up untill 2 in the morning,i bet you would fall asleep by then and clumsy is a little cheeky elf isnt he .well i better be going,goodbye Xx

  13. that sounds lots of fun me and my friend have been waiting for my mum to arrange a pj party,i can just imagine all the elf having a pj party!

  14. That is a very good story. your other stories are good to but i have only read a few of them!! :-)

  15. I have had many fun sleepovers with my cousins and friends. I just had one last night!!

  16. wow i would like to do that it looks fun and i like candycanes and popcorn

  17. I loved it it was cute and funny. Love u and Rudolph and everyone else

  18. I have slumber parties a lot with all of my different friends. When I have it with my friend Ella we stay up really late and sometimes we stay up all night. (at least we try) Well got to go!

  19. at cristinas house we played a lot we played makover, barbie makover we wached movies and then we got another gest then we ate alot played fashion show then more movies dinner dolls we ate ice cream and a movie then dolls then popcorn then cold towel then dolls then hit the shack but we stayed up ALL night .the next day we went to the bant then the park then ice cream then we went home

  20. wow!!!! that sounds like so much fun. ya’ll are so lucky

  21. santa i love u and i know u know me beacause i send u letters all the time

  22. One time my firend and I had a sleepover with a few other girls and we told scary storys and we had a stuffed animal fight! It was alot of fun!

  23. i went to sleepovers a million times. their fun and camps are just like sleepovers.did you have fun at your sleepover?

  24. hey santa i just want to say that u have always been there for me and my parents etc.

  25. I wish I could have a pj party> Aren’t you a little old for pj party’s though?

  26. no,i have never had it!hope you had fun love nidhi.

  27. Hey Santa Hope you can make all of thoes presents in time!

  28. Hey Santa! My Sister keeps asking me if you are alive i keep saying yes but she does not know if you will die how is george doing? tell him if he has time to send me and my sister a cristmas e-mail or letter!

  29. one time i had a sleepover for my niece my mom put rollers in our hair

  30. One time when I was at a sleepover with a friend we watched Santa Paws!

  31. Im going to a slumper pary to night! Itis on St. Patrick’s Day!!!

  32. hi santa, how was that p.j party that mrs.clause decided on doing and was it fun.

  33. I llove PJ patys there so fun:) and you can stay up all night and watch movies and play games:D :) :) 😀

  34. iv been to a sleep over and had a sleep over in my girl scout trup we had a pj party

  35. we dance and song watch a movie and then we fell a sleep
    p.s steet dreams

  36. thank you for all the presents my best one was my beagle puppy and my ipod!

  37. really?a sleepover pj party. but don’t you all live at the north pole?

  38. i have had a pajama party. i stayed up to 4;00 pm whacking santa buddies and santa paws.

  39. I had a sleepover for my birthday. It was the weekend of guy fawkes night( bonfire night) and we went to the bonfire and fireowkrs display near by then done nails and talked and played the xbox and watched movies. I love sleepovers. xxx

  40. Hey Santa I’ve Had A Pjama Party Before It Was t School It Was So Much Fun

  41. i have had lots of sleep overs & pagama partys!!! by the way i wanted to ask you what santas pgs looked like?

  42. i went to my friends house on here birthday we went to monckye joes and ate cakethe next day we ate micdonalds and went to the city park

  43. hey santa and readers on my birthday my two bestfriends came over we had so much fun we made videos and wrestled (no one was hurt) my mom put a mattras right on the floor!(my room was cleaned out) we jumped on the bed flips and all we had SO much fun!

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