We put the sleigh away today.  And just in time!  A huge snow storm blew into the North Pole.  The snow piled high on the roof.  It even blocked half the windows.  We could barely open the doors through the drifts of snow!

Would you like to hear more about the snowstorm?

It looked like we’d be staying inside.  The were not happy about that news!  They had finished working on the toys for the year.  They wanted to have fun before starting on next year’s toys in January.  The little were done with school for a few weeks, too.  They really wanted to get out and play!

By noon the elves were as GRUMPY as !  They were angry about being cooped up inside.  They argued with each other over everything!

and I decided to do something.  The fighting had to stop!  We set up a scavenger hunt.  We created clues about places and things inside.  The clues led each team of elves around the workshops, sleeping quarters, and even my house.  As they solved one clue they found another clue to follow.

In no time the North Pole was filled with laughing.  The elves worked together to solve the riddles and clues.  Then the final clue led them to a giant plate of Christmas cookies and mugs of hot chocolate and marshmallows.  The elves snacked and chatted about the game.  They forgot all about being stuck inside.

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S.  What do you like to do when you can’t go outside to play?  You can click here to tell me or scroll down to see what other people have written!



56 messages to Santa about “Snowstorm!”

  1. I like to read a book or watch television or play with my little sister or play with my games or do art or go on the computer or sing songs or play drama!

  2. I like to invite my friends over ahead of time when I know there would be a storm coming in. So my friend and I would hang out inside while the storm is going on outside.

  3. dear santa i wish for lego table and bean bag chair
    i wish for christmas beanie babie and christmas
    legos i wish for harry potter legos and with train set
    i wish for walmart gift card and more disney christmas books i wish for christmas kit kats candy

  4. wow!!!!!!!!!!! the snowstorm must of made it loud!!!!! nice idea santa you rock

  5. i just send emails to you the easter bunny and my family
    and play on my ipad (wich im sending this to you now with)

  6. hi x wow what is snowstorm means ? okk lets see how much elf in north pole lets me gest…….. 5000 ? okk happy holiday !

  7. Hi,it is me again,well I hope the milk and cookies were delicous.Santa claus that might have looked fun,well I just wish I was a part of the game.

  8. I think the game was great I am starting to picture in my mind the game and the clues might have been tricky too.p.s. elves don’t be always bored just play fun games when there are snowstorms.

  9. hi santa when i sent u that letter i will be sending u a nother one soon well befor chirmas you are awsome

  10. Dear Santa i would love u to send me some money thank u i love u xxxxxooooo

  11. I like to watch tv or a movie or play on electronics also playing barbies and coloring is fun too!

  12. Dear Santa,
    I know what you are going through! We just had an awful snowstorm were I live! But yet nothing slows you down! You always are on top of things and you do such a great job every year! Love you Santa Claus! And have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!! I will always believe!!!!


  13. Please tell your secret elves to come and pick up a message i wrote for you at night on my front porch. Because i’m not aloud to send it in the mail.

  14. sorry santa i read the tidel wrong i like to wach tvand play on the comperter

  15. well fist i wonder how scared the elves were when they the snow storm and second of all nice timing santa.

  16. When it’s rainy outsaide I like to color,play the wii and go shopping. I almost forgot! I like to play with my sister too on rainy days!

  17. Hi. santa you are awsomest purson in the world that gives presents to every kid that is good

  18. dear santa

    my name is lyndsay milligan i am 11 years
    love lyndsay

  19. I like to play on my ipod, compute and phone and eat snacks and hot chocolate! x

  20. I like playing online on neopets and coming on here to read your blog wish you did this year round. Who else agrees with me?

  21. If I were to be there I would scoop it all up in just 1 day!Did you know I actually did that before!What if it snowed like that at McMinnville, OR?Besides is it?And if it did I would be so happy!And are you guys worm there? Your friend,Rachel

  22. When I can’t go outside,I like to read,play my d.s.,have competitions,or cook/bake.

  23. Well Mr.Claus I would Read a book,
    Play with my brother and sister ,
    Play games and wacth TV.


  24. Are,you and the elves and Mrs.Claus ok?

    If so thank goodness you are all right

    Have a happy new year ” get a good rest


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