After Christmas at the North Pole

Posted by Santa Claus on December 27th, 2011

Life is crazy at the North Pole.  Before Christmas the race to finish the toys.  The are busy training.  Toys are piled up to the ceiling.

But after Christmas things are a little different!After Christmas the elves have just a bit more work to do.  Some of them clean up the empty workshops.

Others pop in to the stables with fresh hay.  They like to make sure the reindeer are comfy.  It’s the elves way of saying “Thank You” for the hard work.

Then the work is FINALLY done.  The elves, reindeer and I all get to relax.

These days are some of my favourite of the whole year.  The Pole is quiet and calm.  The reindeer usually sleep a lot and take it easy.  The trip around the world is hard work!  It takes them a few days to get their energy back.

The elves know they will start on next year’s toys soon enough.  They sure enjoy this vacation!  They play board games and go for walks.  They build snowmen and catch up with friends they’ve been too busy to see.  And they eat yummy treats by the fire.

and I get to sit around in our pajamas, drink hot chocolate and share our stories of the season.  I love the hustle and bustle of Christmas.  But I also look forward to some quiet time with my North Pole family once the gifts are delivered.

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S.  What do you like to do after Christmas?  You can click here to tell me or, scroll down to see what other people have written!


71 Responses to “After Christmas at the North Pole”

  1. Hannah

    I go snowboarding after Christmas


  3. taylor

    dare santa I going to be 17 Next week
    oh by the why how is the miss doing
    thank you my pc

    ps taylor lee white

  4. lily

    i go in my pool

  5. Emily

    I like to write a bout all i did and go shopping and eat Subway and rolerskate and play with my knew toys and sleep in after Chriasmas

  6. Lucille

    love for Christmas please

  7. taylor baxter

    i like to ski at loon mountin

  8. keifer

    i like what i got for christmas. i got a lot:)

  9. Angel

    I like to try out my new stuff.

    P.S. Thank you Santa for all of my wonderful gifts!

  10. kailyn

    i like santa claus is he working right now santa claus if you are sorry about that santa claus i love you hope i get stuff next year ok santa claus hope i like it i want a never mind with the ipod touch

  11. Leah

    I like to spend time with all my family and play with my lovely toys from you! xxxx

  12. Ana

    I like my gifts even my wodden doll house and I love the socer ball love everthing


  14. Lola

    dear santa I hope you had a good christmas. I hope none of your raindeer are not sick. I hope Buddy did not make any mistacks.

    Love Lola

    Merry Christmas!

  15. Katie

    What I do for Christmas is, I play with my new stuff, relax,and enjoy my winter vacation for a whole week! Hope you had a good Christmas, Love Katie.

  16. Brianna

    Santa your blogs are wonderful I really love you Santa you are the best person in the world.

  17. belle

    Dear santa i hope you had a great christmas. i hope your raindeer are not sick. how aree:dasher, dancer, prancer, and vixen, comet, and cuppid and donner and blitzen and of course you too rudolph.


  18. ret

    santa i wanna be a fairy because i belive in them

  19. ret

    santa use magic

  20. miranda


  21. Chloe


  22. Kelly

    Dear Santa,After Christmas I like to play with my new toys I got.It is fun!I love you Santa!I really do


  23. bailey

    playing whth my toys

  24. dan dan

    I always love waking up and seeing presents

    you are the best person in the world never retire

    love, mattress man


    i love you.

  26. Kelly

    Dear santa, after Christmas I like to play with my new toys that you got me.How is Rudy doing?Tell him i said hi.If you ever want to email me here is my email adress {email address deleted by the elves. Read Santa’s Internet Safety Tip below!}.Santa there is bullys all around my school I need to tell you about. I guss I’ll see you next Christmas.Love,Kelly

  27. katie speerstra

    Dear Santa that is my friend mackenzie uphold I LOVE you Santa my number one Santa my best friend forever Santa love you lots like jelly tots lots of love katie

  28. katie speerstra

    My Christmas was great we had cinnamon rolls for breakfast my friend called and said merry CHRISTMAS to me merry CHRISTMAS SANTA i LOVE you

  29. katie speerstra

    Dear Santa do you have an elf named benard tell him I said hi my name is Katie thanks best friends forever love you lots like jelly tots lots of love Katie

  30. bailey

    play whit my new awsome toys

  31. Emma

    I like playing with my new toys after Christmas!

  32. clara

    My christmas was awesome!
    My friend came over to my house and we had lots of fun.
    Thanks for the present you gave me.
    Say hello to rudoh and his friends for me and Mrs.Claus and all the elves.

  33. colleen

    santa and all the elves i really love you. i had a wonderful christmas to and cant wait to see cocoa and crispie again

  34. Veronica

    I really love you santa claus! I wish for the greatest christmas day ever

  35. chloe

    after xmas i had a realy crazy family but i was still exited because every day i would play with my jls dolls you gave me for xmas i realy love you santa…

  36. BAILEY

    i like to play with my new toy thank you elves and santa

  37. courtney

    I love santa I think santa is cool because he just is

  38. Madeleine

    Santa I love you! It’s a good thing you and the elves relax, because tour around the world must be super duper hard!!!!! The elves must work hard to because they take care of them selves, the reindeer, the children around the world, and you! After Christmas, me and my sister play with our toys and that we were grateful to get them. Thank you Santa Claus!!!!!!!!!! You’re awesome!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Maddie

    Thank you for all the gifts and presents!

  40. Caitlin

    I play with all my wonderfull toya and I have a special meal after christmas for new year and christmas mixed togather
    I like how you always say HO HO HO! It really gives me a christmsy feeling! I absolutly think you are a special person and i think you are so lucky to have magic in your life!

  41. mary

    can emily bring me a laptop tonight please please please.

  42. Andy

    im sad when Christmas is over. it was such a fun time openning presents and playing with them and watching The Polar Express, spending time, it was such a fun time.

  43. jenna

    i like to hang out with my friends and cousin and my family.

  44. cole


  45. Gus

    On Christmas we open all the presents you gave us and one thing we always do is leave on our pj all day thank you times one million for give me toys for Christmas

  46. Frances

    I Like To Play With A Animal That I Got From You Or Presents

    I Really Want A Puppy So Bad


  47. Levi

    Hi santa , today in my calss my friend wrote a letter to andy burnham : Leigh’s MP and she said that there was no raindiers in Leigh and he said She can come with you on the sleigh this year,Is this True

  48. amy

    but it all in a year work i wish it snows all the time near my local area but no!

    so does my Mum she loves christmas

    after chrismas i open and play with my toys but then i have to wait till i open my presents again :-)

  49. lucie

    I like to sit and relax. Sometimes I will go to the park with my friends or they will come over and play board game with me.

  50. ALFIE


  51. Alicia

    Santa do you think that the elves are good at making jokes more than toys.Anyway i think that at is a very good website for kids but your still the best

  52. Dannielle

    After Christmas I go into my lounge and search in my present bags and under the sofas and in old crackers to see if I can find anything !
    Hatsune Miku 4 Eva!!!!!!!!

  53. Rosie


  54. cameron

    Hi santa this is cameron davies i won’t be at my house I will be at my tiads house thank you

  55. holly

    i woud like a ds for christmas
    from holly

  56. holly

    what are you doing now
    from holly

  57. holly

    after christmas what do you do
    from holly

  58. Danielle

    After Christmas my family goes to my grandparents house

  59. Rebecca

    after Christmas Mum and Dad are tied so Mum and Dad jump in to the bed but me and Jessica (my sister) play with all our stuff and eat all our lollies and after that both of us are sick because we ate to much lollies and we lie down like mum and dad and then the phone rings and every one has to get out of bed then we all go and watch TV and there is a Christmas movie on and we all watch it and it turns out great
    By Rebecca

  60. brooke

    i like to play with my toys

  61. brooke


  62. Aryn

    After Christmas I usually go play with the stuff I got at Christmas. I also hang out with friends and family.

  63. sydney

    I get ready for new years eve.

  64. Csepke

    I like to play with my toys I got!I like to eat all the goodies I got!That is what i do after christmas!

  65. Devon

    I play with all my gifts and say thank yiu santa mom dad bro sis avo bubba pappa everyone

  66. walter

    what I do after Christmas is I use my gifts and show my friends and tell them about it.

  67. dru

    dru dru lovr

  68. toni

    hey santa i cant beleive its only 23 more days till you vist me! i cant wait!

  69. virginia

    hey santa my baby siter said she saw you surfing in the bahamas before

  70. jacie

    after christmas i like to play with my new toys like last year after christmas me and my sister and my dad rode on our new bikes but my mom did not have a bike and every year after we open our presents we have hot choclate

  71. Kylie

    i play with my toys and usuually i play with my american girl stuff.

    Thank you Santa!!!!

  72. Jack

    I give my Grandma and Grandpa a big hug. Then I show them my toys and play with them.

  73. Kyle

    I give my Mum and Dad and Aunty a big hug. I give a special kiss to my sister. I show them my presents after I open them. Christmas is my favourite time of year!


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