Clumsy Cocoa

Posted by Santa Claus on December 16th, 2011

It sure is cold here in the North Pole!  I like to stay wrapped in my nice, warm red coat.  Even then, I get the shivers at times.  Would you like to hear a way I stay toasty warm?

Well, Mrs. Claus found a great way to fix my shivers!  Nothing warms me up like a nice hot cup of cocoa.  Yum!  Hot cocoa is a great way to get warm!

This Christmas, my hot cocoa is a little bit different though, thanks to Clumsy.

Yes, Clumsy the Elf invented a wonderful new kind of hot cocoa!

How did that happen?  Well, Clumsy the Elf came in for a visit one day.  He saw that Mrs. Claus was making me a big pot of hot cocoa.  He got very excited.

“Yum!  Hot Cocoa!” he said, jumping up and down.  Jump!  Jump!  Bump!  Oops! Splash!

Clumsy bumped a jar of peppermints that was sitting on the shelf.  The peppermints fell right into Mrs. Claus’s pot and melted!

“Oh no!”  I said.  I thought the hot cocoa was ruined.

Then I tasted it.

It was the best hot cocoa ever!  Who ever thought that melted mints would taste so good in my hot cocoa?

Nice work, Clumsy!

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S.  Do you you like hot cocoa?  Have you ever invented anything by accident?  You can click here to tell me or, scroll down to see what other people have written!



99 Responses to “Clumsy Cocoa”

  1. 99
    My friend ila said:

    I love hot cocoa

  2. 98
    My friend Peyton said:

    Show me a picture of Peyton’s elf Ella

  3. 97
    My friend Анжелика said:

    Блог С Рождеством !!:-)
    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  4. 96
    My friend Csepke said:

    I love hot choclate, did you hear me I LOVE HOT CHOCLATE!!!!

  5. 95
    My friend Kaya said:

    i luv putting ice cream and whipped cream in hot cocoa!!!

  6. 94
    My friend Haley said:

    I love to put a candy cane in my hot coco!

  7. 93
    My friend Augustu said:

    Hot coco is great! Just remember to wait a little bit after you finish making it. Use the spoon to try it first and if it’s too hot, continue to use the spoon until it’s cool enough to drink.

  8. 92
    My friend amy said:

    i love hot cocoa aspecially at a cold time nea
    near chrismas :-I

  9. 91
    My friend Sammyk said:

    Awsm I made black berry sage tea shampoo

  10. 90
    My friend Andy said:

    i once accidently invented a new cat toy wlhen my dad finished using a blue scotch tape roll


  12. 89
    My friend Tomi said:

    I hope that cocoa warms you up on Christmas day.

  13. 88
    My friend bailey said:

    nice job clumsy the elf i love hot cocoa but i like it plain myself way to go clumsy the elf that was awsome

  14. 87
    My friend hailey said:

    clumsey is my elf and he is clumsey.

  15. 86
    My friend alexis said:

    wow pepermints in hot coco who would have ever thought i have not done anything yet but i hope soon!!!

  16. 85
    My friend renee said:

    An pad is the best .

  17. 84
    My friend Brentley said:

    Great job Clumsy!! I am going to try that.I have never invented something by acident.
    Merry Christmas to everyone in the North Pole!!!!

  18. 83
    My friend Leah said:

    Mmmm…… mint hot chocolate! That sounds very good! Did Santa like it? I bet they would sell that stuff, up in the North Pole. Clumsy would be a hero!

  19. 82
    My friend cooper said:


  20. 81
    My friend Ariana said:


  21. 80
    My friend ALEXA said:

    I love drinking hot cocoa on CHRISTMAS EVE and CHRISTMAS DAY!

  22. 79
    My friend Amanda said:

    Hi Santa, it was a darn good idea for your clumsy elf to bump into those peppermints! I am so excited for christmas, oh my gosh! I just realized that I’m on the nice list! :) But I still have four more days to go! Yum! I’m thinking about seriously having some hot cocoa! You just gave me an idea! :D
    I’ll comment again soon! Bye! :)

  23. 78
    My friend Ryan said:

    Ha Ha Ha! Nice One Clumsy Yes I <3 Hot coco Its SO SO SO good! I love it with Marshmellows! Have You Tried It With Marshmellows?

    Love Ryan

  24. 77
    My friend naomi lancaster said:

    i love cocoa santa and i l;ove you to very much

  25. 76
    My friend Sophie said:

    Yum! That sounds so good! Nice work Clumsy!

  26. 75
    My friend olivia said:

    I like to put cinnamon sugar on PEARS instead of on apples because I am allergic to apples but I can have pears and they taste GOOOOD WITH PEARS with cinnamon.

  27. 74
    My friend emma said:

    yes. i have made a mistake. i let rick put eggnog in it.

  28. 73
    My friend sydney said:

    dear santa,
    i have tride the hot coco and i loved it
    but i still like the old one.

    xoxoxo,sydney maxey

    p.s.i love you santa

  29. 72
    My friend naomi lancaster said:

    i love cocoa and i hope the elves get better before christmas eve

  30. 71
    My friend John Paul said:

    I love cocoa,it warms you up on a very cold night. I did the same thing like Clumsy did, but I used instead gingerbread. I was about to eat it then a piece fell in the cocoa, I thought it was ruined but when I tasted it. The gingerbread made the taste much sweeter and delicious. Also it made much more Christmassy.

  31. 70
    My friend liberty said:

    I love hot cocoa(hot chocolate really)

  32. 69
    My friend Brooke said:

    while reading theis, my mum lit a scented candle
    the candles scent is …..
    pepermint cocoa

  33. 68
    My friend sarah r. said:

    you know thats just clumsey him self but i know what he dose all day.which is….playing around, not working, teaseing people. wel you the rest!

  34. 67
    My friend ella said:

    hi, i absolotley love cocoa!! Even when it’s not christmas and when it’s not cold, i still drink it! Also, please say hello to your lovely elfs for me- especially Clumsy- bye!! xx

  35. 66
    My friend poppy said:

    try coco it will worm u up and it tasts lovely

  36. 65
    My friend ella said:

    I like coco its so nice and it warms you up

  37. 64
    My friend Patrick said:

    How did that happen? Well, Clumsy the Elf came in for a visit one day. He saw that Mrs. Claus was making me a big pot of hot cocoa. He got very excited.Yes, Clumsy the Elf invented a wonderful new kind of hot cocoa From Patrick

  38. 63
    My friend Patrick said:

    i love clumbsy the elf now why do i get it wrong

  39. 62
    My friend Patrick said:

    clumbsy is a good elf

  40. 61
    My friend Patrick said:

    Santa??? How are you.

    Good moring.

  41. 60
    My friend Patrick said:

    dear santa patrick is a good boy.

  42. 59
    My friend Patrick said:

    Do you know elf on the shelf?

    I love Santa Cluas.

  43. 58
    My friend Amy said:

    Clumsy the elf might be your new genius finding different ways to mix and make things.

  44. 57
    My friend pinkygirl said:

    cant wait till xmas!!!!!!!!!! <3

  45. 56
    My friend millie said:

    ..ummmmmmm.. ha i need a horse for christmas an appolusa

  46. 55
    My friend sophie said:

    hello Santa my name is Sophie this is my 1st Christmas so i don’t really no what to expect i am 10 months , i am hoping to get musical toys and clothes

  47. 54
    My friend Brennan from Denver, CO said:

    Thank’s Clumsy for making Santa’s cocoa taste so good.

  48. 53
    My friend Srinidhi said:

    I love hot cocoa!They do taste good with peppermint and I seriously love it!One thing that i invented before is putting
    spearmint into the cocoa and when itasted it,the taste awsomely delisious.

  49. 52
    My friend Holli said:

    If i ever see clumsy i will tell him nice job. Also if i ever see you Santa claus you should give me a little lick of that special cocoa you have that sure would make me happy.

  50. 51
    My friend catherine said:

    I love hot cocoa!! my mom makes mine with mint to!!

  51. 50
    My friend myleeyah said:

    i like hot if that has peppermint i must like it too

  52. 49
    My friend Maia said:

    That would taste so gooooooooooood when clumsy put mints.

  53. 48
    My friend sammy said:


  54. 47
    My friend mikayla from sprindale NL said:

    I love hot cocoa on cold winter days!!!

  55. 46
    My friend Evie said:

    If you want to know a way to stay warm, buy a hand warmer.
    all you do is try to find the disk inside and squeeze the disk in the middle until it clicks and it will go really warm but after a while it will go cold but you put it in a bowl of warm water and you can activate them again

  56. 45
    My friend Mansi said:

    I love you so much. and guess what my friends ravneet tia and malika are so mean and rude that they boss me around

  57. 44
    My friend Natalie said:

    i was playing with my sister and i tripped over some sprinkles. the sprinkle jar was not closed so it fell in the hot coca it tasted awsome

  58. 43
    My friend Sydnie said:

    Its very good to drink hot coco with pepermint!!! Everyone should try it!! Of course not if you are algric!!!

  59. 42
    My friend kate said:

    hi clumsy cocoa elf

  60. 41
    My friend Emily said:

    I accidently put tomato ketchup on my porridge before! oops :)

  61. 40
    My friend shannon said:

    ok i love cocoa i accidently spilled choclate milk in the cocoa it tasted kinda good

  62. 39
    My friend Karen said:

    I accidently put bacon in spagetti

  63. 38
    My friend christopher said:

    Iam going to allwase beleve

  64. 37
    My friend jasmine said:

    i aceedentily added breadcrumbs to spagetee

  65. 36
    My friend shanassi said:

    thank you merry christmas….

  66. 35
    My friend marc said:

    i love u i love u i love u ho ho ho

  67. 34
    My friend Flora said:

    Hot choco
    Delight full
    So good !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’!!!!!!!!!!!!

  68. 33
    My friend viviana said:

    Dear Santa do you think I’ve been good because i Don’t think so and i love you as much i love god a Jesus HO! HO! HO! MERRY CHRISTMAS

  69. 32
    My friend Bethany said:

    YES !!!!!!!! warm as can be

  70. 31
    My friend Emma said:

    mmm! i love hot cocoa! sounds delicious! i think you use made me want to go downstairs and make some. YUMMY! kisses, Emma <3

  71. 30
    My friend Alexis said:

    One time i was making something and it fell on the counter

  72. 29
    My friend bianca said:

    clumsy wuss to excited but he did not see the jellybeans

  73. 28
    My friend Jenna said:

    Tell Clumsy that was a great idea

  74. 27
    My friend Deirbhile said:

    Hi santa deirbhile here. I put marshmallows in my coco and the marshmallows melted. It was the best hot coco ever.

  75. 26
    My friend kasandra said:

    i like hot! coco! santa! i wish i could drink it but i am lactose and tolerent so yay i hope u r staying warm santa since it has been cold and i hope u have the covers over u to to be nice and toasty!

  76. 25
    My friend kayla said:

    I love hot coca with mwarshmallows in it when it is so cold.

  77. 24
    My friend jess said:

    well i fell over ad a drink and felt better

  78. 23
    My friend Ahleyah said:

    Clumsy is very interesting because he made up a new way to make cocoa. I think I will try it!

  79. 22
    My friend Morgen said:

    I love Hot Coco.I like Cadbruys best.With mini mashmallows and some sprinkles its making my mouth water now.LOL

  80. 21
    My friend bradley said:

    i think you stay warm in your red coat

  81. 20
    My friend Alisa said:

    Well I have invented something by accident but that was with my mum:My mum and I were making muffins but I jumped up and uh oh I landed in a bowl of hot chocolate which landed in the mix for the muffins! But the muffins tasted even better!

  82. 19
    My friend April said:

    hey,cool you invented that.I wish I could have tasted that and I bet it would have tasted good to me with the peppermint mostly;]

  83. 18
    My friend Anonymous said:


  84. 17
    My friend angela said:

    i love the stoy it is funny

  85. 16
    My friend maggie said:

    i invented a drink before to make my medicine taste wasn’t to good but it tasted better than the medicine plain or with water.:)

  86. 15
    My friend Jessa said:

    I love hot cocoa!! I like it with marshmallowsn it. Have you ever tried that?

  87. 14
    My friend Alyssa said:

    hes sooo silly

  88. 13
    My friend MaKenzie said:

    I am very mad. I wish that you could make it snow. Christmas just won’t be the same without snow. But I can live with it. :)

  89. 12
    My friend tuesday said:

    coco is yumy santa

  90. 11
    My friend cayd said:

    can you leave some for me at my house on christmas eve

  91. 10
    My friend connor said:

    Hey,its connor agian when you write back can you please send a picture of your sled,raindeers,your city,and your elvs.

  92. 9
    My friend Anonymous said:

    Haha Please bring me what i wanted for christmas especially the first.:)

  93. 8
    My friend chloe said:

    hi santa how meany days til christmas

  94. 7
    My friend qetsia said:

    I am going to make some for you

  95. 6
    My friend Jesse said:

    I hope you give me some on Christmas eve when you come!

  96. 5
    My friend anabelle said:

    yes a song it was by accident but it sounds good!!!!!!!

  97. 4
    My friend Sierra said:

    I think my mom’s cocoa is better… it’s really good! :]

  98. 3
    My friend Jade said:

    I can’t believe Clumsy made a new kind of cocoa! I wish I could try it!

  99. 2
    My friend taylor said:

    i invented well, the same thing!! :)

  100. 1
    My friend Bailey said:

    I do like hot cocoa and no i have not every invented anything before!! It would be cool to invent something…What have you invented yourself as Santa Clause and not the elves!! i would love to hear back from you..

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