Christmas Bonnet Contest

Posted by Santa Claus on December 15th, 2011

Have you ever heard of an Easter bonnet contest?  The hats I like best have Easter eggs on them!  Mmmm! Yummy chocolate eggs!

The elves had a fun idea today.  They decided to have a Christmas bonnet contest!  But the bonnets were not hats.  They were reindeer antlers!

Mouse the Littlest Elf paired up with Vixen.  As you know, Mouse the Littlest Elf is very good at knitting.

Kissy the Elf paired up with Blitzen.  Kissy is very good at stitching.

Clumsy the Elf paired up with Rudolph.  Do you know what Clumsy the Elf is very good at?  Yes!  Being clumsy!

Mouse the Littlest Elf thought knitted baubles would be good.  She knitted two golden baubles.  Then two silver baubles.  Then two red baubles.  She hung them on Vixen’s antlers.  “That looks bauble-tastic!” she said.

Kissy the Elf thought a paper chain would be good.  She stitched a fabric chain.  The fabric was shiny and sparkly.  Kissy the Elf hung the chain all over Blitzen’s antlers.  “That looks chain-tastic!” she said.

Clumsy and Rudolph thought tinsel would be good.  But they could not find any!

Rudolph put his head all the way into a big bag.  “Only cobwebs in here,” he said.

Clumsy the Elf tried another bag.  “Only glitter in this bag,” he said.

“A-CHOO!”  The glitter made Clumsy the Elf sneeze.  A big shower of glitter went all over Clumsy and Rudolph.

“Oh dear” said Clumsy the Elf.  “We have no tinsel for your antlers and it’s time for the contest!”

Mrs Claus was the Christmas bonnet judge.  She looked at Vixen.  Then she looked at Blitzen.  The reindeer held their antlers high with pride.

Then Mrs Claus looked at Rudolph.  Rudolph looked at the floor.  He knew his antlers were not decorated like the others.

“The winners are Rudolph and Clumsy the Elf,” said Mrs Claus.  “For the most glittery Christmas cobweb bonnet!”

Everybody laughed.  Rudolph’s antlers were covered with cobwebs.  And the cobwebs were sparkling with glitter.

All the elves cheered.  “Hooray for Clumsy the Elf!”

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S.  What would you use to make a Christmas bonnet?  You can click here to tell me or, scroll down to see what other people have written!





41 Responses to “Christmas Bonnet Contest”

  1. 41
    My friend caitlin said:

    If i could make a bonnet i would make it all glittery like rudolphds and then have the knitted baobals like vixen.

  2. 40
    My friend helena said:


  3. 39
    My friend bailey said:

    way to go rudolph and clumsy the elf nice job

  4. 38
    My friend ellie jackson said:

    plice can i have a blackberry for christmas

  5. 37
    My friend united states said:

    I love Santa’s fatness

  6. 36
    My friend Brittney Martin said:

    If I could make a Christmas Bonnet I would probley make it rainbow with sparkles!

  7. 35
    My friend ella said:

    I am so happy for clumsy

  8. 34
    My friend morgan said:

    about santa

  9. 33
    My friend khalid said:

    hi Santa i have been good this chrismas

  10. 32
    My friend sophie said:

    hello santa and elfs i am so so extied about christmas its even christmas eve tommorow“can`t wait ” i hope your all right at the north pol i heard its very cold yor the best santa


  12. 31
    My friend megan said:

    Hello! I love santa! I’m even leaving you a card!

    Santa do you like my poem?

    Santa is great
    He’s my mate

    Santa is kind
    And is always on my mind

  13. 30
    My friend emc said:

    yo yo yo yo yo yo is christmas

  14. 29
    My friend Georgia said:

    i will use 2 angels on top and glitter on and tinsel all around

  15. 28
    My friend Anonymous said:


  16. 27
    My friend Ariana said:


  17. 26
    My friend ALMA ROSA said:


  18. 25
    My friend Ryan said:

    Hi Santa What Is A Bonnet? Then I would know FOR SURE!! :)

  19. 24
    My friend ALEXA said:


  20. 23
    My friend Alyssa said:

    Can u please fill my stocking
    With candy

  21. 22
    My friend hanna said:

    i loved that!!

  22. 21
    My friend libbany said:

    i learnt allot about that bonnet contest

  23. 20
    My friend larissa said:

    I would use lights, and snow flakes for a Christmas bonnet.

  24. 19
    My friend Landaja said:

    Sorry my sister did that

  25. 18
    My friend Landaja said:

    I love you stanken

  26. 17
    My friend melka said:

    Are you the best dancer in North Pole?
    Because if you are have a dance at chrismas and tell every one that you can dance better then they are.

  27. 16
    My friend Anonymous said:


  28. 15
    My friend ciara said:

    i cant wait till christmas

  29. 14
    My friend tuesday said:

    ha used ice cream oe 2make a christmas bonnet !

  30. 13
    My friend qetsia said:

    im great at stiching too say hi to Kissy and conggrats to ruldoph and clumsy hurray

  31. 12
    My friend chasity said:

    i like to see you some time

  32. 11
    My friend Libby said:

    I would get some fabric and with it make a toy penguin. With the rest of the fabric I would make a big hat. Of course, the hat would have antler holes in! And with the hat I would stich on the toy penguin and then VOILA! The perfect hat would be finished!

  33. 10
    My friend faith said:

    hello santa i hope you are ok and how are the rudolfs and mrs clause i hope i wil get my pressents please make it come true

  34. 9
    My friend Morgen said:

    I would use snow and some sparkles
    rudolph is braver than me everytime i see a web i squeal!! LOL

  35. 8
    My friend jasmine said:

    i would use wrapping paper!!!!!!!!!! .it is unusaul but i guarrentee this will be the perfect bonnet.however do also use sequenes or tinsel too make your bonnet stand out from the rest……

  36. 7
    My friend kate juliet smith said:

    hey Santa great great blog i will email on Christmas eve hope it snows.

  37. 6
    My friend maegan said:

    i love santa i want to marry you santa because you are cute and hot so can you marry me
    thanks you are the best in the world thats because i want to marry you

  38. 5
    My friend Livvy said:

    CUTE I bet and funny!!! :D lol

  39. 4
    My friend Holden said:

    I would cut paper to look like a train

  40. 3
    My friend Kailey said:

    Hello elves i think clumsy the elf is pretty funny and try to clean the reindeer befor chistmas

  41. 2
    My friend Ameka said:

    That sounds fun Santa. I wish could be up there in the North Pole no matter how could it is.

    Merry Christmas,
    Ameka from Tarboro

  42. 1
    My friend Alyssa said:

    wow santa! great blog! i am glad rudolf and clumsy won, because i thought clumsy would loose! but he did not! congradulate rudolf and clumsy for me, and give a pat on the back to the others. Bye!

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