Scunner the Elf

Posted by Santa Claus on December 17th, 2011

We have a new elf up here in the North Pole.  His name is Scunner.  He is a Scottish elf.  Do you know where Scotland is?

It turns out that Scunner is a rather grumpy elf!

Anyway, Scunner was in such a bad mood today.  I caught him knocking the stuffing out of a teddy bear.  I asked him what was wrong and he told me that he hated Christmas!

GASP!  I did not know what to say!  This was such a surprise.  I did not know that ANYONE could hate Christmas!

I asked him why and he just pulled a face.

“It isn’t much fun for the elves now is it?” he grumbled.   “We make all the Christmas presents.  Then we get a few days off.  Then we start all over again!”  Scunner stopped for a second.   “Well, maybe ’ cookies are ok.”  Then he marched away, stomping his feet.

I did not know what to say!   No one at the North Pole sees making Christmas presents as work.   It is too much fun to be work!

Later on, I saw him again.   He was looking out of the window at the stars.  He looked so sad!   I wished I could cheer him up.

I asked if she knew why Scunner was so sad.  She told me that he really misses Scotland.  “He actually quite likes Christmas” she said.  “But he prefers New Year’s Eve.  In Scotland, they call it Hogmanay.”

Well I have an idea that might cheer Scunner up.  It is a surprise though!  You will have to wait and see what it is.

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S. How would you cheer up ?  You can click here to tell me or scroll down to see what other people have written!


263 Responses to “Scunner the Elf”

  1. emily





  4. Ethan

    Give him a present on Christmas day

  5. bailey

    i be gnice & good not naught

  6. deasia

    i hope that scunner gets less grumpier b 4 christmas or he might just b on the naughty list

  7. jade

    hi santa! are you ok? there is one realy special thing i would like for christmas is a bag of magic dust!

    p.s.please say hi to everyone at the north pole for me.(even scunner) Thanks.


  8. jack

    I would let him go back to Scotland for Hogmanay and then after Hogmanay he can go back to the North Pole.

  9. TEA

    i would have a Hogmanay party for him and since im scottish i know how he feels

  10. emma

    i am soo sorry that you miss scotland

  11. Natalie

    i think you should tell scunner to call and write a letter to his parents

  12. Natalie

    i think you should tell scunner to write and call his parents


  14. Mansi

    I think it is great that now you have an extra help in making present.

  15. maggie

    poor Scunner. I would cheer him up by celebrating Hogmanay after christmas. I would even tell him he could make toys for children in Scotland for christmas if he wanted

  16. shayla

    i love all the elves i hope i can meet srunner some day

  17. mikayla from sprindale NL

    wow,well I really hope that “Scunner the elf” feels better. Whenever I feel sad I sing. Maybe “Scunner the elf” could sing some Christmas carols to help him feel better!!! :)

  18. Leah, 11 from Scotland

    I’d give him a ticket to come back to Scotland for Chirstmas and when he got back I’d give him a big hug because I’m Scottish! x

  19. Kaitlin

    I would make the North Pole look like Scotland.

  20. audrey

    kick scunner out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. audrey

    I love all elves!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. audrey

    I love santa

  23. Ella

    Let Scunner visit Scotland.

  24. maggie


  25. Jasmin

    He sounds funny!!!:)

  26. Beth

    Well it depends, what does Scunner like a lot? If you work that out then you’ll have a cheerful elf in no time! x

  27. Nicole

    I think you should invite his family to the north pole from scott land so he wont be sad.

  28. Ben

    santa maby if you said hey scunner do u want to watch a movie with me.and maby u could watch the elf.santa bring him on your trip and leave him at my house and then i could take care of him for the next whole year and then next christmas u could take him back

  29. lucas

    hi santa claus I just sent you a christmas list I think it is realy nice that you give kids presants.So I am going to give you and your rain deer a little something. ps, how is mrs claus is cooking Love your dear friend Lucas

  30. that girl

    kick him out, give his a couple of mes.clause’s cookies and give him a free ride back to scottland ,DAH!!!!

  31. madison

    You should let him visit Scottland for Christmas, and then have him come back.

  32. Raymundo

    I would get to know Scunner and then make him a present that will make that froune turn upside down!

  33. Autumn

    I would do a silly dance that would make him laugh.

  34. alex

    every body is grumpy

  35. Nicole

    You can give him a ticket to go on an airplane to go to scotland next summer.

  36. LIZZY


  37. Regynne

    Tell Scunner that christmas is the best holiday ever! But you have to believe it!

  38. Courtney

    give Scunner cookies and milk i bet he would like those hope u like the Scunner

  39. grace

    well i would make him fake christmas in scottland

  40. logan

    let him go visit scotland

  41. catie

    is he mean to the others

  42. larissa

    Ithink you should take him with you when you come on Christmas Eve, and drop him off at Scottland when you get there.

  43. Fiona

    you could play bagpipes in Scotland they play bagpipes. Or you could have Scottish shortbread. he might just be homesick for Scotland

  44. Dina:)

    How could anyone hate Christmas?!?!!?

  45. christa

    Dear Santa Claus,
    I feel so sorry for you that you have to put up with Scunner.He sounds like he is meanier than the Grinch.If i was your elf i would be a happy one LOL!i love you!

  46. Sam

    You can cheer him up by giving him a lot of love, giving him some cookies and milk and a few more days off. Let him visit Scotland for New Years.

  47. matthew

    maybe you can tell scunner the elf more about christmas

  48. Srinidhi

    Mabey you should make dessert from scotland and that might cheer him up.
    I hope it works!
    Merry Christmas!

  49. Emma

    If he likes mrs. claus cookies, that should be his christmas give. Santa?

  50. Brennan

    I’m so shocked that he hates Christmas! You should cheer him up by making a party that looks like he is back in Scotland.

  51. Makayla & Makenzie

    We would make some homemade cookies to cheer him up. Or we could throw a party to cheer him up. :)

  52. Brennan from Denver, CO

    Scunner is grumpy, like Grumpy Smurf

  53. alarya

    maybe you find out what he likes suprise him on christmas and make him feel like he is in scotland and he will not turn out as a grumpy elf anymore and if that does not work thro a party all for him and tell mrs.claus to make the goodest cookies of all :)
    welcome filled with lots of love be good scunner

  54. alarya

    well if Scunner has his own room knock on his door and sing some christmas carols maybe in scottland :)
    and make him feel happy

  55. eliana

    i think you should bring scoutland to him you know like make him feel at home

  56. Karina

    hi santa how is scunner the elf doing now fine or naughty

  57. makena

    mabe you should cheer him up buy reminding him buy decreating the nroth pole to scottland

  58. Jasmine

    I think you should make the North Pole look like Scottland! It`ll be perfect for him~ I`m sure he`ll love it. Be very nice and try to be respectful to Scunner. He will get angery. Trust me I know!

  59. kristoffer

    make scunner a scottish christmas like say hogmanay and ake him feel like he is in scottland

  60. Austin

    I would cheer up Scunner by giving him cookies and taking him back to Scotland to visit.

  61. hamisi

    hi santa can i have my presents plz on sunday

  62. Carmen

    He might need some Christmas magic. Sing songs, give him some cocoa, and let him start a snowball fight. He needs to feel “that Christmas feeling”. He’s definitely not in the Christmas spirit.

  63. Leila

    I think when he has a few days off he should go to scotland

  64. Leila

    I think he should go to scotland that would cheer him up!

  65. chelsea

    he looks like he will be a cheeky reindeer and a bit naughty!!! :)

  66. Mojo

    I would get him into the christmas spirt with a big feast,games and snowball fights. Then take him to scotland on new years eve and let him see his family. I am sure it will cheer him up!!!!!!

  67. connie

    take scunner on your slay and drop him of in scotland on christmas eve

  68. lucie

    He can go and see my grandma and gramdpa because they live in scotland.

  69. Amy

    What a naughty elf he should learn to like christmas

  70. Noel

    Give him a set of bagpipes. That will make him happy.

  71. Rosie

    I think scunner sounds like skummer. Cant he have a better name??? I really like that you can find elf’s in scottland. I think scunner sounds cool. I like scottish people. My granny is scottish. I bet she will know scunner!!!! Bye xoxox

  72. Elle

    I would give him lots of cookies and treats x

  73. eleanor

    wow he is lucky he can come and vist me when ever he wants i live down in the uk

  74. Molly

    I would and you should give him a ride in your sleigh and bring him back to Scotland for a day or two. Or you could give him a Scottish christmas party to make him feel at home.

  75. antonio

    i am scottish

  76. Ethan

    I would let him decorate the workshop up with things from his home that he loves, give him a big hug & let him plan a special party to celebrate his holiday the way he usually does & he can tell guys new friends about it. Oh & he needs to fix the stuffing in the teddy bear.

  77. laoise (leesha)

    hi Santa ! I am from Ireland so I live quite near to Scotland ! maybe you could invite some of Scunner’s friend’s and family over to the North Pole but tell them to bring there coat’s ! or you could desine the North Pole so it looks like it would i Scotland on Hogmanay

    hope it helps from Laoise

  78. Sophie

    I think you should let scunner fit in a bit, then if he is still grumpy you can maybe celebrate christmas like scunner did in Scotland. if he is still very grumpy and rude have a little chat with him.

  79. Rianna

    He must be a bit nice like a nice elf and very handsome I say. Merry Christmas Santa! I hope you have a nice time!

  80. Hannah

    Scunner might feel lonely because he is Scottish. Try spreading the Christmas Cheer to him.

  81. sydney

    to cheer up scunner do some scottish traditions at the north pole, maby that would help?

  82. Harrison

    Maybe you should bring the Scotland traditions to The North Pole. Hope you’re enjoying this La Nina season.

  83. Chlosey Pegs (my face book name)

    I think you should invite all of his friends from Scotland, and have a ‘Hogmanay’ party!!! That will surely cheer him up!! You can have plenty of Scottish food, and invite the whole of the North Pole to the ‘Hogmanay’ Party, so they can have a new experience, and Scunner can be happy!!! That is what I would do!!

  84. Megan

    Help scunner by giving him some food and show him around the north pole that might cheer him up. Let him feed the reindeer.

  85. Sarah

    How about on New Year’s Eve you throw Scunner a surprise party and invite all the elves and maybe even some of his Scottish friends!

  86. olivia

    I say try to let him have rides and play around with the reindeer.
    Hopes it help.

  87. mckenna

    hi santa i love you do u love me the most i think u do

  88. Lauren

    Maybe get a funny elf to make scunner laugh?;)

  89. Katie

    Santa, I know all about Scotland and Hogamany because I had to do a Christmas project on Scotland! You should make a party with bonfires,beer,and bagpipes to cheer Scunner up!

  90. Savannah from NC

    I WAS thinking that you could either give him a Hogmanay holiday at the north pole. or let im go down to scotland for Hogmanay.

  91. ieronhenehtha(avery)

    i think you should decorate the north pole as a scotland theme!or just celebrate the scotland way!

  92. Brooke

    poor teddy
    why dont you restuff the teddy and make it into a puppet
    then do a performance of the play macbeth
    ( it is set in scotland )
    shakespere was english but his play macbeth is about scotland

  93. Madison

    give him some of your tasty hot coco

  94. liberty

    Get some of his friends to come over (or)
    Say he doesn’t have to be an elf(but it would help)(or)give him a scotts party ei!

  95. Livvy

    AWWW poor Scummer if i were u i would…try and give him more cookies! <3 LOL , ROFL

  96. Livvy

    * Scunner sorry! :(

  97. Amanda

    I have an island named after my ancestors right beside Scotland!! That is SO cool

  98. Jasmine

    What you need is a scottich girl elf:]

  99. lauren

    you shoukd try to highland dance for him

  100. Annika

    celebrate his newyears celebrations in the north pole

  101. Grace


  102. Ava

    Who could hate Christmas? You should cheer him up by celebrating the Scottish holidays like Hogmanay. Introduce him to other elves from different places. Maybe he will connect with him, and they will make him feel at home.

  103. Aidan

    To give him lots of candy canes. Ps.iam part scottish

  104. Aidan

    Iam part scottish just like scunner the new elf

  105. John Paul

    Hi I am from Australia. Maybe you should tell him the meaning of Christmas. What I know about the meaning of Christmas is you should always celebrate Christmas with family and friends evenif you are different from the others. Another suggestion is you should decorate the North Pole as Scotland so Scunner could feel at home again and also be in the Christmas Spirit

  106. Karen

    Dear Scunner,

    Sometimes I have a bad day too! It’s okay to be honenst about your feelings. Kissy the elf told us you really really like Christmas, I’m sorry you miss Scotland. I bet Santa would send you back for a vacation! I hape you have a very HAPPY day tomorrow!
    I love all you eleves!

    I love SANTA best!


  107. matthew

    maybe you can tell him more about christmas

  108. Summer

    Well maybe scunner was having a bad day and he is scottish

  109. Miguel

    I would cheer up Scunner by letting him play with the toys.

  110. hayden

    i would make the north pole look like scotland and do scotland terdtions

  111. lauren

    invite his friends up to the north pole for christmas

  112. Tucker

    Hmm… maybe you can send him back to scottland for new years with all the fireworks and mardi gras beads. (I dont even know if they do that in scottland) but do that and see if it will work
    P.S. if it doesnt work dont blame it on me!

  113. Kay-lee

    Hi Santa! :) I Hope Scunner fixes the teddy bear. I think me and my mom know what to do. Get him a puching bag so he can punch out his anger without destroying any toys. Then you can make a little Scottish village for him so he can have it to make him feel at home. You can also take him on the sleigh on Christmas and let him deliver the presents to the Scottish children and to his friends.

  114. sarah

    scunner might be a little grumpy but there has to be a way to cheer him up!

  115. Clayton

    dear santa you should proubly make a day when everything gets to be and look like scottland just 1 day maybe

  116. ALEXA


  117. Maddison

    you should make up a day to celebrate all the elves hard work like a party or a disco you could show off your dance moves you could even give the elves presents you think he is homesick

    P.P.S do you celebrate there birthdays

  118. lillianne

    you should let him come on your sled this christmas

  119. Chloe

    Hello Scunner the Elf, you can’t be a grumpy elf I just don’t believe it. My dad is from scotland and I am half scottish “oh aye” haha. Maybe ask Santa more about christmas. At christmas all the elves start to work and make toys then on christmas eve 24th of December the sleigh is packed on presents and when all of us children are asleep, santa delivers all the presents in ONE night! Amazing. You should embrace being an elf I’d love to be one haha. Well Merry christmas scunner :)

  120. Rebecca

    You could do a Scot Pole Christmas+New Years! You could do some of your traditions, and some Scottish traditions for Christmas and New Years, this way everyone’s happy and maybe Scunner will begin to understand why you love Christmas so much!

  121. Brooklyn

    Yoo can bring some of his friends down or make it look like scotland

  122. brandi

    he must be a grumpy elf alright

  123. Cal

    Make funny faces to cheer him up!!
    He can take deep breaths to calm him down!!

  124. Taryn


  125. kaitlyn

    You could make your New Years eve like the ones in Scotland ALL for Scunner the elf!!!!

  126. vinny

    I know a way to cheer scunner up I have a plain that he can go in so he can go back to Scotland.

  127. jack

    omg i cant wait till xmas

  128. emma

    You should give him some of Mrs. Claus’s cookies and tell him a story.

  129. Brooke

    Oh dear! I hope you help him but I have an idea. you can take him on Christmas Eve to scottland and pick him up on the way home!

  130. Lacey

    maybe throw him a party like new year’s eve on nye just like it is in scotland!!!

  131. Tracy

    You can bring him on your sleigh, all around the world, drop him off at Scotland for a while, bring him back to the North Pole, and EAT COOKIES. Send me some, okay?

  132. Jaylin

    Just try to cheer him up.Ask him what he likes and try to work something out.You’ll find a way to not make him grumpy. Your good friend,Jaylin

  133. Kaely

    hello Santa,im srry that scunner hurt your feelings.when you go to scotland on x-mas night,let him come with u.
    and BTW i would like to see him sign one of my x-mas presents,that will make him feel better.
    P.S.pls take him one of the cookies i leave out!
    P.P.S.dont wrry,me and my ma cook good!

  134. megan

    um you shod tack him to scolid on your slay when you are dlifring toys

  135. Melissa

    you should thy to give Scunner cupcakes.

  136. Kaylee

    you should let him come with you and help deliver toys. I think that would cheer him up. If it doesn’t then take him back to Scotland and let him see his family.

  137. Jesse

    I would show Scunner how to wrap a Christmas gift. He will not miss Scottland any more!!!!

  138. Ryan

    Hi Santa :) Im trying to write on all of your Uh Blogs? I think i dont know, Anyway Poor Scunner i feel bad Maybe Could you please give him one of my cookies to you and make him sigh one of my presents And Make him go on your Sleigh on Christmas Eve That might make him happy and I thought Scunner Just HATED Christmas But Thanks To Kissy The Elf For Telling Us That He Likes Christmas But He Prefers New years Eve

  139. Hannah

    All go visit Scotland or bring Scotland New Year’s to him.

  140. Hannah

    Make sure he has fun and tell him someone likes him and I know what it’s like!

  141. william a bird

    hi santa how are you

  142. Jamiekori

    26 kori Jamiekori
    happy birthday
    Floewers26 box roses red

  143. Roisin

    Why don’t u give him some of Clumsy special hot chocolate
    Merry Christmas

  144. Brittany B.

    Although I don’t know what elves like, you could cheer Scunner up by letting him take a few extra days off to get settled in the North Pole and introduce him to some elves he might become friends with.
    Brittany B.
    age 12

  145. owen

    give him some cookies

  146. Rachel

    Scunner, do you miss scotland? Clumsy’s hot chocolate might cheer you up a little.

  147. conor

    santa i enjoyed your blog very much and i”m the conor that wrote to you a few minuts ago so elfs yous should just not read this letter just give it to santa claus

  148. Annaleigh

    You have a lot of elves why don’t you let him go back to Scotland or make his house a lot like Scotland

  149. Alexandra

    well mabye you could tell Scunner about the true meaning of Christmas and how Jesus loves us soo much!!! Mabye that would cheer him up.

  150. Shelby and Logan

    What? Don`t all elves love Christmas? He needs to learn the meaning of Christmas!We think he will love Christmas after that! Merry Christmas!:D

  151. kaylee

    dear santa well first what i want to say is that you are the greatest person ever i think what you can do is maby have a party for him and make it look like scotland or you can bring him with you when you go to see scotland.

  152. fernando

    maybe to cheer him up is to try how christmas all about

  153. Rab fae Ayrshire

    Lock hjm oot in the snaw in the burky fur twa hoors. Then when you let him back in he’ll be glad he’s oot o the cauld so he’ll be mare cheery

  154. jorge

    dont be sad scunner youn always are going to miss saomething but you will always get over it

  155. sofiya

    i would make a new years eve for him but like i scotland.
    P.S if you dont know santa then check at it will always help

  156. sidney steinocher

    maybe just give him some milk and cookies and everything will be fine

  157. Katelyn

    I lov you.and I love your blog.

  158. Jessie

    He is funny and cind is he cind to you reply back santa please.

    Love jessie

  159. Marni

    Hello ,Can I please some rainbowmagic books.

    I love you.

    Love From Marni

  160. brielle

    i cant believe scunner hates christmas its my favorite holiday hopefully scunner cheers up and loves christmas please write back as soon as posible

  161. Chloe

    I think that you should give him a lovely presant and let him go to scottland for a little days.

  162. thallys

    santa please make scunner happy and because he is a elf he has to be happy. santa tell scunner that i said scunner i know you feel bad but i will all will know that you have a happy place.

  163. thallys

    dont feel bad i know you have a happy place in you. let me tell you something when i feel bad i do is watch tv. so when you are feeling bad on you day off watch tv or play with friends.

  164. hailee

    i world help you so much with your work that you have to do

  165. hunter

    maybe give him some of mrs claus’s cookies

  166. anna

    do you know my elf

  167. anna

    you the elfs are super nice!

  168. aubrey

    i know your real.did you get my last letter.

  169. alexis

    Dear santa you should keeep a eye on
    eric breadon weatherbee he is being really rude

  170. ceanne

    santa u shoud keep en eye on anthony isek

  171. ceanne

    tell him that u love him

  172. arielle

    i think that you should give scunner a surprise party for is surprise oh i almost forgot about this would you please put tell one of the elves to keep an eye and ear on my sister she keeps playing tricks on me and talking back to my mother but she got alot of presents last year and so i just want to see how she’ll be this year

  173. Shyanne

    I love you.Can i have 3 wishes now please.

  174. elijah

    scunner you should not hate chistmas it is jesuses birth day

  175. Amanda

    Dear Santa,

    i luv surprises. tell Scunner the Elf I said “Hi,” O.K..

    Amanda :) :D


  176. Xanthe and Isabelle

    take him back to scottland

  177. abigail

    stephanie is being very bad

  178. sophie

    you so mean

  179. sophie

    that last comment was from my friend lauren…but it is ok because she was just playing around!!!:)THANKS!!!Sophie Stein

  180. smash-hammer246

    yoooo i am jeremy golden (not really, my name is james and i like cheese)i think scunner should say bye to santa and go back to scotland or yorkshire or wherever he was from. byyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyye!

  181. Francesca

    Guess what Scunner? This week I’m reading a book in school ans it’s called: How my family lives in America and it talkes about people who lives in Africa and they moved to America but they stiil miss Africa. And at the father daughter dance I saw a man dressed up in Irish clothes beacause he was probably from Ireland or scotland just like you! Anyways Happy New Year!!! :) :)

  182. daphne

    you can send him to me! I will give him ANYTHING HE WANTS!!!!!!!

  183. elizabeth

    make it look like chistmas in Scottland.

  184. abby

    he sounds funny!!!!!:):):)!!!!!

  185. katie

    tell scunner i said hi tell me what he said ask him if he likes the color blue say i do tell him i want to be his freind and let scunner rite me back

  186. Caitlin

    Hi I love christmas i know how to cheer scunner up because the elfs do so much for us you could give him a chance to do the next dilavary with you while hes is waiting to do the dilarvys you could let him make a present for scootland the place he loves and enjoys being there and ask scootland to send a letter to Scunner and maybe a present because I always love to recive presents Thanks

  187. cadee

    he can be the elf you give me for christmas!!! but you should bake cookies and play music really loud get a disco ball and have a party till 12:00 then all sleep on the floors!!

  188. madeline

    he sounds mean what are you going to do santa

  189. KATIE

    where is buddy the elf what are the elfs doing tell scunner hi ok and buddy too the best way to spread christmas joy is sining loud for ALL T O HEAR THATS WHAT BUDDY SAYS I LOVE CHRISTMAS


  190. Ayden

    Has Scunner ever played golf? If he has and he really likes it get a game of golf going!

  191. Kammy

    I would make him the ABSOLUTE best cookies ever. And some super sweet milk to go with them.

  192. Janelle

    I think you should let him have a trip to Scotland. he should get a happy souvineer.

  193. LAURA


  194. LAURA

    tell scunner the elf how are you and tell him are you haviing fun because i want to hear good things of scunner the elf and my full name is LAURA SARAH {last name deleted by the elves. Read Santa’s Internet Safety Tip below!}and what does Scunner the Elf eat anyway and I know this clue because santa told me it there are 269 more sleeps till christmas I told my sister about that She thought it was 270 but yesterdaywas 270 more sleeps till christmas and santa can you tell Scunner the elf have you been playing nicely with your friends at school well I know Elfs don`t go to school xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  195. Marissa

    Dear Santa,
    That’s cool that you got a new elf that’s great I have so much to ask about him like what’s his favorite color? Oh and how is Rudy doing? See I have so much to ask. Oh can I help you out with some things like I can be your helper like my sister Kelly so that if someone’s bad I can tell you too. Like someone on the bus or at school and at home. If you what to email me ever if you need anything it’s {email address deleted by the elves. Read Santa’s Internet Safety Tip below!}Thanks Santa for everything and if you need help just email me ok thanks.
    Love, Marissa
    P.S Give Rudy a hug for me
    P.P.S Tell the new elf I said hi.

  196. kelliann

    hello santa love you more than jelly tots

  197. frankie

    when its his birthday trought a surprise birthday party to cheer him up and i love the north pole too :) :) :) :) :) :) :):):):):):):P)):):):):)

  198. Penpitcha

    You could cheer him up by making a New Year Party like in scotland for him and surprise him by baking him Ms. Cluas’s cookies!

  199. italy

    i love your blog this much 100/100.tell miss claus and the elves i said hi and have a great christmas.

  200. italy

    i loved reading your awesome blog tell miss claus,rudoulf and the elves i said hi and have a wonderful christmas ha ha ha.

  201. jo

    maybe he needs a cuddle

  202. ABBY


  203. melissa

    drop him off in scotland.

  204. LeeAnne

    I cant wait until christmas hahah so exciting

  205. Payton

    I think you should give him something from his home in Scottland and on New Year’s Eve throw him a big party.

  206. Anonymous

    why not throw him a surprise party

  207. BAILEY


  208. Laura Davis

    hello scunner the elf tomorrow if it is sunny i am going on my bike and today for dinner i had pork and my granddad has died when i was in my mum`s tummy and i haven`t seen him for ages and ages ago Santa gave my sister and email on her laptop and he said Laura please be kind to your mum when i have also loads of people gave you loads of messages haven`t you

  209. Avery

    Bake him alot of Cookies and let him ride in the slay this Christmas! I will sure like to meet him!

  210. sidney steinocher

    well maybe you should make dessert for him on christmas night or maybe one of your other elfs can make dessert for him… here are some ideas to make

    2.trtuffle cake
    hope you take my idea

  211. ethan

    playing with him

  212. caroline norris

    maybe ask him what kind of presents he wants tell the elfs that they should make him a preasent

  213. caroline norris

    may be he should be with smurfette have a girlfriend

  214. kalista

    how old are you ?

  215. josslynn

    what a cool blog

  216. eLisabeth

    Hey Santaaa.:-)
    How are you?:D My name is Elisabeth..:)
    Before I wrote this comment I sent you an email for my presents..
    Thank you for your email
    I know that I am too big but in Christmas Eve I will leave out a glass of milk and of course cookies for you:D
    I believe at you!
    sorry for my mistakes in spelling but im not from America or England:\
    BTW love you Santaaaa:D

  217. katy

    Hi santa,
    im older now but i still belive!your the magic of christmas,the one i look up to!
    I’v never herd of any one not liking christmas, well, except scrooge and that green guy (soz forgot his name) we’ll mabey you should: well instead of him being sad you should bring scottland to him! Or you could ask him for his christmas tradition and do that!

    P.s say Merry Christmas to the elve, reindeer, mrs clause

    pps.i wrote a poem about you!


  218. ellie

    give him kisses miss class cookies

  219. Bethany


    think he should work all year then
    christmas he should have a holoday at Scotland to celebrate Hogmanay

  220. Lily

    I dont know that! How could he hate christmas! Maybe you could just
    Make him some presents and give them to him

  221. keelan

    from santa this week i want a blue lightsaber toy and all the lego city sets in the hole world

  222. BAILEY


  223. Caitlin

    I would adop him to my house and i’l teach him to like Christmas again

  224. Caitlin

    I’ll adop him I have an idea I’ll teach him how Christmas is fun he will be my elf on the shelf

  225. Caitlin

    He can be my elf I’ll teach him to like Christmas again

  226. mickayla


  227. connor

    can you please vist my house this year

  228. Magnus

    I want Scunner as my elf

  229. garrison

    i would like to say that i really am glad that u guys make my presents and i was also gonna say that i could chher up scunner by giving him a cookie. tell scunner htat i said he is a good guy and tell him to use the front door because we have no fire place in our house and if we did my dad would have a fire going and i dont want santa to burn his butt because i love him. please let me have ruldoplh. my sister told i cant because then u guys wouldnt beable to see when flying to our houses.

  230. bethany

    i would give him a kiss and say I would be his friend i wouldnt adopt him even though i want to. I would leave him there coz he will get homesick even more. I live near scotland so maybe we can give him a holiday there every year. he said that every year they get couple of days of then maybe he can have a week off every year instead and go to scotland for a holiday and then he will not be homesick any more so he can get used to being an elf. at christmas with santa

  231. Anonymous

    he should have a nice welcome from a present from you

  232. emma

    i think yuo could take him to scott land for a little bite and that will help i hope

  233. Ashley

    If I were you, I would, just let him go into you’r office get some hot chocolate, and have a little nice talk with him

  234. sophie

    be happy scunner!
    christmas is about joy! be happy!
    i love you scunner!

  235. caitlin

    maybe you can make a party for him and make sure he comes to my house first

  236. Kiera

    Hi ya

    how r u

    is the north pole really reallly really cold

  237. keahaun

    Funny you I. Shan’t to speak. To Mrs cluse

  238. Owen

    Did you get everthing that scotland and made a scotsh festival

  239. bella

    hi elfs how are you going
    with the toys

  240. bella

    santa how is
    scunner the going

  241. bella

    how are you

  242. hannah z

    you could give him a party or be extra kind to him so he will be kind back

  243. eve

    dear sunner i like you

  244. Alexa

    If I were you I would tell him,”Hey there what is wrong?” Then let him answer .


  245. caitlin

    I would say “cheer up sunner and i’ll ask mrs claus to make some cookies for you
    love caitlin xxxxxx

  246. Brieanna

    santa this is not about scunner the elf it is about how much i loooove christmas !!!! i hope thats ok with u and scunner santa i just love Christmas i love on christmas eve and Christmas day on Christmas eve i love leaveing you out treats and goodies the best is Christmas day when me and my family wake up and see all the presents you leave it is brillant putting up decotions about 2weeks before xx

  247. alfredo

    santa you are so nice to me because you made me on the nice list.

  248. amy

    it cant be christmas everyone likes christmas.You should get you and the elfs to show him what happens at christmas then he will prob get into the chrismas soirit i <3 chrismas :-)

  249. Cooper

    Tell santa to email me at {email address deleted by the elves. Read Santa’s Internet Safety Tip below!}
    i love you so so so so so so so so so so sos os so so so so much

  250. leah

    santa your elves well some off them are really naughty
    leah aged 8

  251. Gretchen

    Just smile!You’ll like it.:)

  252. Lillie

    maybe give him a hug and a warm bath then read him a story :)

  253. Mollie

    I would..
    Bring him back too scotland for new years eve.

  254. ALI


  255. orna

    do you have a red nose

  256. Emi

    It’s sad to here that Scunner hates Christmas. But I’m sure deep down inside he loves Christmas as much as you do,Santa.You should send him to Scotland for New Year’s Eve to be with his family. He would then be truly happy. Maybe you should ask him to video tape it so, next time hes grumpy show him the video tape. or send him here and I’ll make him Super,Deduper Happy. And Maybe you can create some scenes from his holiday in Scotland. He surely would appreciate it. I bet he would love it if you could create a play Scotland play. Well… good luck!! Use my advice!!!!!!!

  257. Jamiekori

    Jamiekori Jamiekori Jamiekori Jamiekori
    Marry Christmas birhday Flowers roses red
    Jamiekori Leo

  258. cassie

    It is so sad little Scunner misses his home and this is what I think you should do about it. Get his family to visit him or throw him a party to get his mind off of things.

  259. faith

    give him some haggis kneap and tattys
    hope this help and scunner is really chuffed.
    ps hello scunner

  260. Brooke Worsley

    Is there a visor of me right now?

  261. Anonymous


  262. riley

    scunner please smile if you don’t xmas is going to suck!

  263. jeannie

    hi mabie you should give a party and see if he will cheer up or make him a thing or two
    (hi scunner )

  264. jeannie

    you could send him to scotland to see his family

  265. reni

    I love my elf and the eamails you sent me at school and and at home you can send emails to santa at love reni


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