Scunner the Elf

Posted by Santa Claus on December 17th, 2011

We have a new elf up here in the North Pole.  His name is Scunner.  He is a Scottish elf.  Do you know where Scotland is?

It turns out that Scunner is a rather grumpy elf!

Anyway, Scunner was in such a bad mood today.  I caught him knocking the stuffing out of a teddy bear.  I asked him what was wrong and he told me that he hated Christmas!

GASP!  I did not know what to say!  This was such a surprise.  I did not know that ANYONE could hate Christmas!

I asked him why and he just pulled a face.

“It isn’t much fun for the elves now is it?” he grumbled.   “We make all the Christmas presents.  Then we get a few days off.  Then we start all over again!”  Scunner stopped for a second.   “Well, maybe Mrs. Claus’ cookies are ok.”  Then he marched away, stomping his feet.

I did not know what to say!   No one at the North Pole sees making Christmas presents as work.   It is too much fun to be work!

Later on, I saw him again.   He was looking out of the window at the stars.  He looked so sad!   I wished I could cheer him up.

I asked Kissy the Elf if she knew why Scunner was so sad.  She told me that he really misses Scotland.  “He actually quite likes Christmas” she said.  “But he prefers New Year’s Eve.  In Scotland, they call it Hogmanay.”

Well I have an idea that might cheer Scunner up.  It is a surprise though!  You will have to wait and see what it is.

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S. How would you cheer up Scunner the Grumpy Elf?  You can click here to tell me or scroll down to see what other people have written!


263 Responses to “Scunner the Elf”

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  1. 100
    My friend Ava said:

    Who could hate Christmas? You should cheer him up by celebrating the Scottish holidays like Hogmanay. Introduce him to other elves from different places. Maybe he will connect with him, and they will make him feel at home.

  2. 99
    My friend Grace said:


  3. 98
    My friend Annika said:

    celebrate his newyears celebrations in the north pole

  4. 97
    My friend lauren said:

    you shoukd try to highland dance for him

  5. 96
    My friend Jasmine said:

    What you need is a scottich girl elf:]

  6. 95
    My friend Amanda said:

    I have an island named after my ancestors right beside Scotland!! That is SO cool

  7. 94
    My friend Livvy said:

    * Scunner sorry! :(

  8. 93
    My friend Livvy said:

    AWWW poor Scummer if i were u i would…try and give him more cookies! <3 LOL , ROFL

  9. 92
    My friend liberty said:

    Get some of his friends to come over (or)
    Say he doesn’t have to be an elf(but it would help)(or)give him a scotts party ei!

  10. 91
    My friend Madison said:

    give him some of your tasty hot coco


  12. 90
    My friend Brooke said:

    poor teddy
    why dont you restuff the teddy and make it into a puppet
    then do a performance of the play macbeth
    ( it is set in scotland )
    shakespere was english but his play macbeth is about scotland

  13. 89
    My friend ieronhenehtha(avery) said:

    i think you should decorate the north pole as a scotland theme!or just celebrate the scotland way!

  14. 88
    My friend Savannah from NC said:

    I WAS thinking that you could either give him a Hogmanay holiday at the north pole. or let im go down to scotland for Hogmanay.

  15. 87
    My friend Katie said:

    Santa, I know all about Scotland and Hogamany because I had to do a Christmas project on Scotland! You should make a party with bonfires,beer,and bagpipes to cheer Scunner up!

  16. 86
    My friend Lauren said:

    Maybe get a funny elf to make scunner laugh?;)

  17. 85
    My friend mckenna said:

    hi santa i love you do u love me the most i think u do

  18. 84
    My friend olivia said:

    I say try to let him have rides and play around with the reindeer.
    Hopes it help.

  19. 83
    My friend Sarah said:

    How about on New Year’s Eve you throw Scunner a surprise party and invite all the elves and maybe even some of his Scottish friends!

  20. 82
    My friend Megan said:

    Help scunner by giving him some food and show him around the north pole that might cheer him up. Let him feed the reindeer.

  21. 81
    My friend Chlosey Pegs (my face book name) said:

    I think you should invite all of his friends from Scotland, and have a ‘Hogmanay’ party!!! That will surely cheer him up!! You can have plenty of Scottish food, and invite the whole of the North Pole to the ‘Hogmanay’ Party, so they can have a new experience, and Scunner can be happy!!! That is what I would do!!

  22. 80
    My friend Harrison said:

    Maybe you should bring the Scotland traditions to The North Pole. Hope you’re enjoying this La Nina season.

  23. 79
    My friend sydney said:

    to cheer up scunner do some scottish traditions at the north pole, maby that would help?

  24. 78
    My friend Hannah said:

    Scunner might feel lonely because he is Scottish. Try spreading the Christmas Cheer to him.

  25. 77
    My friend Rianna said:

    He must be a bit nice like a nice elf and very handsome I say. Merry Christmas Santa! I hope you have a nice time!

  26. 76
    My friend Sophie said:

    I think you should let scunner fit in a bit, then if he is still grumpy you can maybe celebrate christmas like scunner did in Scotland. if he is still very grumpy and rude have a little chat with him.

  27. 75
    My friend laoise (leesha) said:

    hi Santa ! I am from Ireland so I live quite near to Scotland ! maybe you could invite some of Scunner’s friend’s and family over to the North Pole but tell them to bring there coat’s ! or you could desine the North Pole so it looks like it would i Scotland on Hogmanay

    hope it helps from Laoise

  28. 74
    My friend Ethan said:

    I would let him decorate the workshop up with things from his home that he loves, give him a big hug & let him plan a special party to celebrate his holiday the way he usually does & he can tell guys new friends about it. Oh & he needs to fix the stuffing in the teddy bear.

  29. 73
    My friend antonio said:

    i am scottish

  30. 72
    My friend Molly said:

    I would and you should give him a ride in your sleigh and bring him back to Scotland for a day or two. Or you could give him a Scottish christmas party to make him feel at home.

  31. 71
    My friend eleanor said:

    wow he is lucky he can come and vist me when ever he wants i live down in the uk

  32. 70
    My friend Elle said:

    I would give him lots of cookies and treats x

  33. 69
    My friend Rosie said:

    I think scunner sounds like skummer. Cant he have a better name??? I really like that you can find elf’s in scottland. I think scunner sounds cool. I like scottish people. My granny is scottish. I bet she will know scunner!!!! Bye xoxox

  34. 68
    My friend Noel said:

    Give him a set of bagpipes. That will make him happy.

  35. 67
    My friend Amy said:

    What a naughty elf he should learn to like christmas

  36. 66
    My friend lucie said:

    He can go and see my grandma and gramdpa because they live in scotland.

  37. 65
    My friend connie said:

    take scunner on your slay and drop him of in scotland on christmas eve

  38. 64
    My friend Mojo said:

    I would get him into the christmas spirt with a big feast,games and snowball fights. Then take him to scotland on new years eve and let him see his family. I am sure it will cheer him up!!!!!!

  39. 63
    My friend chelsea said:

    he looks like he will be a cheeky reindeer and a bit naughty!!! :)

  40. 62
    My friend Leila said:

    I think he should go to scotland that would cheer him up!

  41. 61
    My friend Leila said:

    I think when he has a few days off he should go to scotland

  42. 60
    My friend Carmen said:

    He might need some Christmas magic. Sing songs, give him some cocoa, and let him start a snowball fight. He needs to feel “that Christmas feeling”. He’s definitely not in the Christmas spirit.

  43. 59
    My friend hamisi said:

    hi santa can i have my presents plz on sunday

  44. 58
    My friend Austin said:

    I would cheer up Scunner by giving him cookies and taking him back to Scotland to visit.

  45. 57
    My friend kristoffer said:

    make scunner a scottish christmas like say hogmanay and ake him feel like he is in scottland

  46. 56
    My friend Jasmine said:

    I think you should make the North Pole look like Scottland! It`ll be perfect for him~ I`m sure he`ll love it. Be very nice and try to be respectful to Scunner. He will get angery. Trust me I know!

  47. 55
    My friend makena said:

    mabe you should cheer him up buy reminding him buy decreating the nroth pole to scottland

  48. 54
    My friend Karina said:

    hi santa how is scunner the elf doing now fine or naughty

  49. 53
    My friend eliana said:

    i think you should bring scoutland to him you know like make him feel at home

  50. 52
    My friend alarya said:

    well if Scunner has his own room knock on his door and sing some christmas carols maybe in scottland :)
    and make him feel happy

  51. 51
    My friend alarya said:

    maybe you find out what he likes suprise him on christmas and make him feel like he is in scotland and he will not turn out as a grumpy elf anymore and if that does not work thro a party all for him and tell mrs.claus to make the goodest cookies of all :)
    welcome filled with lots of love be good scunner

  52. 50
    My friend Brennan from Denver, CO said:

    Scunner is grumpy, like Grumpy Smurf

  53. 49
    My friend Makayla & Makenzie said:

    We would make some homemade cookies to cheer him up. Or we could throw a party to cheer him up. :)

  54. 48
    My friend Brennan said:

    I’m so shocked that he hates Christmas! You should cheer him up by making a party that looks like he is back in Scotland.

  55. 47
    My friend Emma said:

    If he likes mrs. claus cookies, that should be his christmas give. Santa?

  56. 46
    My friend Srinidhi said:

    Mabey you should make dessert from scotland and that might cheer him up.
    I hope it works!
    Merry Christmas!

  57. 45
    My friend matthew said:

    maybe you can tell scunner the elf more about christmas

  58. 44
    My friend Sam said:

    You can cheer him up by giving him a lot of love, giving him some cookies and milk and a few more days off. Let him visit Scotland for New Years.

  59. 43
    My friend christa said:

    Dear Santa Claus,
    I feel so sorry for you that you have to put up with Scunner.He sounds like he is meanier than the Grinch.If i was your elf i would be a happy one LOL!i love you!

  60. 42
    My friend Dina:) said:

    How could anyone hate Christmas?!?!!?

  61. 41
    My friend Fiona said:

    you could play bagpipes in Scotland they play bagpipes. Or you could have Scottish shortbread. he might just be homesick for Scotland

  62. 40
    My friend larissa said:

    Ithink you should take him with you when you come on Christmas Eve, and drop him off at Scottland when you get there.

  63. 39
    My friend catie said:

    is he mean to the others

  64. 38
    My friend logan said:

    let him go visit scotland

  65. 37
    My friend grace said:

    well i would make him fake christmas in scottland

  66. 36
    My friend Courtney said:

    give Scunner cookies and milk i bet he would like those hope u like the Scunner

  67. 35
    My friend Regynne said:

    Tell Scunner that christmas is the best holiday ever! But you have to believe it!

  68. 34
    My friend LIZZY said:


  69. 33
    My friend Nicole said:

    You can give him a ticket to go on an airplane to go to scotland next summer.

  70. 32
    My friend alex said:

    every body is grumpy

  71. 31
    My friend Autumn said:

    I would do a silly dance that would make him laugh.

  72. 30
    My friend Raymundo said:

    I would get to know Scunner and then make him a present that will make that froune turn upside down!

  73. 29
    My friend madison said:

    You should let him visit Scottland for Christmas, and then have him come back.

  74. 28
    My friend that girl said:

    kick him out, give his a couple of mes.clause’s cookies and give him a free ride back to scottland ,DAH!!!!

  75. 27
    My friend lucas said:

    hi santa claus I just sent you a christmas list I think it is realy nice that you give kids presants.So I am going to give you and your rain deer a little something. ps, how is mrs claus is cooking Love your dear friend Lucas

  76. 26
    My friend Ben said:

    santa maby if you said hey scunner do u want to watch a movie with me.and maby u could watch the elf.santa bring him on your trip and leave him at my house and then i could take care of him for the next whole year and then next christmas u could take him back

  77. 25
    My friend Nicole said:

    I think you should invite his family to the north pole from scott land so he wont be sad.

  78. 24
    My friend Beth said:

    Well it depends, what does Scunner like a lot? If you work that out then you’ll have a cheerful elf in no time! x

  79. 23
    My friend Jasmin said:

    He sounds funny!!!:)

  80. 22
    My friend maggie said:


  81. 21
    My friend Ella said:

    Let Scunner visit Scotland.

  82. 20
    My friend audrey said:

    I love santa

  83. 19
    My friend audrey said:

    I love all elves!!!!!!!!!!!

  84. 18
    My friend audrey said:

    kick scunner out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  85. 17
    My friend Kaitlin said:

    I would make the North Pole look like Scotland.

  86. 16
    My friend Leah, 11 from Scotland said:

    I’d give him a ticket to come back to Scotland for Chirstmas and when he got back I’d give him a big hug because I’m Scottish! x

  87. 15
    My friend mikayla from sprindale NL said:

    wow,well I really hope that “Scunner the elf” feels better. Whenever I feel sad I sing. Maybe “Scunner the elf” could sing some Christmas carols to help him feel better!!! :)

  88. 14
    My friend shayla said:

    i love all the elves i hope i can meet srunner some day

  89. 13
    My friend maggie said:

    poor Scunner. I would cheer him up by celebrating Hogmanay after christmas. I would even tell him he could make toys for children in Scotland for christmas if he wanted

  90. 12
    My friend Mansi said:

    I think it is great that now you have an extra help in making present.

  91. 11
    My friend Natalie said:

    i think you should tell scunner to write and call his parents

  92. 10
    My friend Natalie said:

    i think you should tell scunner to call and write a letter to his parents

  93. 9
    My friend emma said:

    i am soo sorry that you miss scotland

  94. 8
    My friend TEA said:

    i would have a Hogmanay party for him and since im scottish i know how he feels

  95. 7
    My friend jack said:

    I would let him go back to Scotland for Hogmanay and then after Hogmanay he can go back to the North Pole.

  96. 6
    My friend jade said:

    hi santa! are you ok? there is one realy special thing i would like for christmas is a bag of magic dust!

    p.s.please say hi to everyone at the north pole for me.(even scunner) Thanks.


  97. 5
    My friend deasia said:

    i hope that scunner gets less grumpier b 4 christmas or he might just b on the naughty list

  98. 4
    My friend bailey said:

    i be gnice & good not naught

  99. 3
    My friend Ethan said:

    Give him a present on Christmas day

  100. 2
    My friend JULIETTE said:


  101. 1
    My friend emily said:


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