Halloween Fun and Mr. PumpkinHead

We do lots of fun things at “Ho! Ho! ” at the North Pole.  We play games.  We do fun crafts.

The love to paint and colour things.  They paint bats and cats and witches hats!  They colour tombs and brooms and funny costumes!  They use stickers to make crafts and have lots of laughs!

Then we carve some pumpkins.  We carve really silly faces on the pumpkins.  A pumpkin with a face is called a jack-o’-lantern.  But did you know something?  We call a pumpkin with a silly Santa Claus face a “Santa-lantern”?  Ho! Ho! Ho!

always carves the silliest pumpkin faces.  But he always makes a really big mess.  He has so much pumpkin on him he is orange!  So, we have to get the hose.  We hose him down to clean all the pumpkin guts off of him!

Clumsy the Elf likes to surprise the other elves too.  After we carve a silly face on a pumpkin, he likes to wear it on his head!  Later, he will sneak up on an elf and go “Boo!”.  It just is not Halloween until Clumsy pretends to be Mr. PumpkinHead!

Happy Ho! Ho! Halloween!

Santa Claus

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15 messages to Santa about “Halloween Fun and Mr. PumpkinHead”

  1. Hi santa claus I did you for my pumpkin project and all of my friends liked it today i might be doing it.What I want for Christmas is a new doll set,dolls,a purse with dimands,high heel wedges,high tops,dresses with dimands,a crown,make-up,magic bubbles

  2. i really miss 2008 because i misss being younger and getting more presents.

  3. hi! santa.I’m back.
    Icame on you and Mrs.Claus and the Elves blog.
    I like it so far.
    I can’t wait until 48 days.



  4. carving pumpkins is a lot of fun, and seeing them glow after carving them. i love hallooween.

  5. I carved a pumpkin with a cat on it, and it said ‘boo!’ under it. I won second prize for it! xx

  6. everybody loves you i love you you love me weeeeeeeeeee who wouldent love you

  7. hey i love you a lot santa and i really belive in you but sometime i want some advice and you the one i think of oh and my parents. your the one that i think of the most though. santa my friends think that your fake and our moms or dads just put your name on it but i try to tell them that is not true and try to tell them that your real but sometimes i wonder if there right or wrong and then we get in a fight if your real or not please tell me that you are true….

    from needs advice from santa

  8. hi santa i believe in you and i can’t wait till christmas eve and christmas day

  9. i love you and the people that say you arn`t reall make me mad ………

  10. hi am kaitlyn glover and in your letter you said you couldent wail until you saw what i wrote so here it is i tottly love what you do for halloween and tell clumsy i said be carefull withthat pumpkin on his head!!!

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