Reindeer Can’t Drive

Posted by Santa Claus on December 18th, 2011

I am sure you know elves are silly.  You might even know that my reindeer love doing silly things too.   But do you know who the silliest reindeer are?

Well, of all my reindeer, Dasher and Vixen do the silliest things.

Last night they hid pointy pinecones in Rudolph’s bed.  He was so angry his nose glowed for an hour!

Then poor Dasher found his comfy straw bed outside.   It was a block of ice by bedtime!

But today was the worst.  Vixen snuck two remote control cars out of the workshop.  She dared Dasher to race her.  It was a disaster!

Both reindeer wanted to win.  Of course, it is very hard to use a remote control with hooves!  The cars went every which way!

Vixen’s jeep smashed into Clumsy the Elf.  Clumsy fell into a rack of china dolls.  Those beautiful dolls broke into a zillion pieces.  Then the rack of dolls knocked over three other shelves of toys!

Dasher did not do any better.   His truck knocked over the puzzle table.  Pieces from 100 different puzzles lay in a mixed up jumble on the floor.

The cars finally crashed to a stop by the train table.  Vixen and Dasher knew they were in BIG trouble.   No one made a peep.  They all just stared at all the ruined toys.

Yes, the reindeer’s fun ended quickly.  They had caused a bunch of extra work for the already busy elves.  And it is only a few days until Christmas!

Clumsy’s team went right to work.  They have to fix all of the broken toys.  I think they will almost be done by Christmas.

Well, Vixen and Dasher said they were sorry but I had to put them onto the Naughty List!  They promised to stay out of trouble.  Well, at least until after Christmas.

(By the way, I am sorry if anyone gets a puzzle missing a piece or two!)

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S.  What do you think I should do about Vixen and Dasher’s trouble making?  Have you ever caused trouble when you were just trying to have fun?   You can click here to tell me or scroll down to see what other people have written!


141 Responses to “Reindeer Can’t Drive”

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  1. 141
    My friend Drew said:

    My xbox game quit working. Can I take it back to GameStop and get a new one?

  2. 140
    My friend Madeleine said:

    I think you should ground them for about a week! I would forgive them though too because they were just trying to have some fun and didnt mean to jingle up such a mess and commotion! Me and my sister do it all the time where we are just messing around and having fun and we break something or one of us gets hurt! its okay! it happens to everyone!

  3. 139
    My friend Hayley said:

    Make them fly around the workshop 10 times then they have to help the elves remake the toys for at least 5 days.They also need to clean up the mess they made to!

  4. 138
    My friend Abby said:

    I think you should ground dasher and vixen for 3 days and not let them fly until christmas eve.also make them apologize to clumsy’s team and all of the elves because they worked hard and dasher and vixen ruined everything!

  5. 137
    My friend Csepke said:

    I think you should put pinecones into their beds and make them clean up the barn:)

  6. 136
    My friend avcchu said:

    that’s not really my name i havent actually read this yet :0 but anyway merry christmas santa

  7. 135
    My friend donnna said:

    mybe they neeed red noses too
    fly around the north pole they will
    bump in to other if look where they
    are flying in sky up inthe north pole

  8. 134
    My friend Kaitlyn said:

    Just like you said…… Put them on the naughty list!!! How are the other reindeer doing!?

  9. 133
    My friend Vixenia said:

    My name is like Vixen’s! Maybe I was named after her! I think they’re just being silly, I mean, I play netball outside, even in the freezing cold! I bet they wouldn’t DARE do anything outdoors! Challenge them!

  10. 132
    My friend caitlin said:

    You should make them make the toys that they broke.


  12. 131
    My friend amy said:

    well santa you know them silly silly!

  13. 130
    My friend Mia said:

    Please can u get me a chocolate lolly maker please and then after that I dont mind what u get me at all love mia thank you all of u I have a suprise for u Santa and raindeires is well by got to stop now sorry uther wise my mums going to go nuts by by best to be off by by xxxx xxxx

  14. 129
    My friend Ashley said:

    Santa,you should make them sit in your office for one hole week and make them think what they had done and the second thing you should do is make them say sorry to EVERYBODY at the North Pole expecialy the Elves

  15. 128
    My friend angelica said:

    dear santa right now im in your santa claus christmas blog I heard about the two reindeers that they made a mess u should not put them in the naughty list they didnt meen to I think they just want to have some fun.

  16. 127
    My friend raegen said:

    hi santa i dont know but all i want for chirstmas is a leopard gecko if tht is ok pleases i will do anything i will look after the reindeer if u like thank u with alll my hear raegen x

  17. 126
    My friend vaughn weber said:

    stuffed animals

  18. 125
    My friend bailey said:

    why dont you tell them you will take away there toys 4 a little bit

  19. 124
    My friend bailey said:

    give them a warning 1

  20. 123
    My friend Eliza said:

    You could put them in there rooms for an hour or so, then let them out.

  21. 122
    My friend madison said:

    knock knock who`s there pink pink who knock knock who`s there are you glad i did not say pink madison

  22. 121
    My friend madison said:

    did you get letter

  23. 120
    My friend bailey said:

    take them off thier just being silly reindeer i have a pet goat and ilove the reindeer and goat the same so should you

  24. 119
    My friend taylor baxter said:

    silly rindeers

  25. 118
    My friend kaila,sam,brandan,cloe,mr.pp.austin said:

    hi santa have you splited your clothes?

  26. 117
    My friend Hallie said:

    You need to not let them drive the sleigh!

  27. 116
    My friend Haley said:

    What you can do is give them a little time out.. or just dont reward them by giving them treats. Well, its most likely everyone causes trouble when they get carried away. It’s just a fact!

  28. 115
    My friend Lauren said:

    I think they should clean it up

  29. 114
    My friend Samantha said:

    Put them in time out

  30. 113
    My friend sandy the boy said:


  31. 112
    My friend gissel said:

    i will forgive him put i will tell them to clean everything up

  32. 111
    My friend perri said:

    dasher and vixen are naughty but plz give them one chance.


  33. 110
    My friend kaylee said:

    yes i have got into trouble wen i was just trying to have fun and dont put dasher and vixen on the noty list

  34. 109
    My friend Kaitlyn said:

    Onto the naughty list? But they need a chance! I mean, they apologized, right? But of course, no one can defy the great Santa Claus, so I suppose if this is the final word, then I will just have to deal with it. Ah, but I root for the reindeer on this one!

  35. 108
    My friend adrianna said:

    tell Mrs.clause to give them the worst punishment ever!! she make the worst punishment possible without taking their jobs away.

  36. 107
    My friend paxton said:

    first i think you should give them five minutes each in timeout if they cause trouble and double it if they are REAL BIG TROUBLe.second you should make them tally sheets and tally them every time they are bad give them a tally and give them a * if they are good.

  37. 106
    My friend Haley said:

    Hahahahahahah……. Reindeer cant drive but they can fly….

  38. 105
    My friend Aidan said:

    I think they should get grounded.

  39. 104
    My friend peyton said:

    yaul ELF’S relly make TOYS fast.

  40. 103
    My friend Leah said:

    No offense, but Santa shouldn’t put them on the naughty list! Dasher and Vixen should never be put on the naughty list. They pull the sleigh every year, and they are not naughty then, are they? However they did cause trouble. I think maybe no carrots for a day. Sound good?

  41. 102
    My friend katie said:

    Iwould make them clean upthe mess.

  42. 101
    My friend Drew said:

    I’d make them build me a new room!

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