Reindeer Can’t Drive

Posted by Santa Claus on December 18th, 2011

I am sure you know elves are silly.  You might even know that my reindeer love doing silly things too.   But do you know who the silliest are?

Well, of all my reindeer, Dasher and Vixen do the silliest things.

Last night they hid pointy pinecones in ’s bed.  He was so angry his nose glowed for an hour!

Then poor Dasher found his comfy straw bed outside.   It was a block of ice by bedtime!

But today was the worst.  Vixen snuck two remote control cars out of the workshop.  She dared Dasher to race her.  It was a disaster!

Both reindeer wanted to win.  Of course, it is very hard to use a remote control with hooves!  The cars went every which way!

Vixen’s jeep smashed into .  Clumsy fell into a rack of china dolls.  Those beautiful dolls broke into a zillion pieces.  Then the rack of dolls knocked over three other shelves of toys!

Dasher did not do any better.   His truck knocked over the puzzle table.  Pieces from 100 different puzzles lay in a mixed up jumble on the floor.

The cars finally crashed to a stop by the train table.  Vixen and Dasher knew they were in BIG trouble.   No one made a peep.  They all just stared at all the ruined toys.

Yes, the reindeer’s fun ended quickly.  They had caused a bunch of extra work for the already busy elves.  And it is only a few days until Christmas!

Clumsy’s team went right to work.  They have to fix all of the broken toys.  I think they will almost be done by Christmas.

Well, Vixen and Dasher said they were sorry but I had to put them onto the !  They promised to stay out of trouble.  Well, at least until after Christmas.

(By the way, I am sorry if anyone gets a puzzle missing a piece or two!)

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S.  What do you think I should do about Vixen and Dasher’s trouble making?  Have you ever caused trouble when you were just trying to have fun?   You can click here to tell me or scroll down to see what other people have written!


141 Responses to “Reindeer Can’t Drive”

  1. Katie

    I think you should not let them be voted to lead the sleigh and should help clean up the mess


  3. Grace and Rose

    I think you should forgive them. It was an accident and they didn’t mean it. Everyone deserves a second chance. They mean well. Forgiveness is the way to go in any scenario. They just want to have fun. Oh! Reindeer just want to have fun! CHRISTMAS!!!!

  4. Eva

    heyy santa,
    Eva papp here i just sent you a letter. lots of girls abd boys dont beleive in you now but i meet you in Lapland (finland) you visted a park i was at. ia m so glad you think i am good i just want to saythank you. for the whole of December i have been dreaming of you so thank you for writting back to me!! Merry Christmas sir and a Happy New Year!!
    from eva
    p.s. if you want to email me here is my email

  5. Taylor and Paige

    You should put them into timeout and make sure they stay out of trouble when they enter the toy making rooms until after Christmas. But give them trust because a lot of the time people and kids rise to the occasion when you give them trust.Stay Ho HO HO jolly!
    Long time fans,
    Paige and Taylor!

    P.s we will write letters to you on your email!

  6. Savannah

    hi i think you should tell them that they should be more careful and if they will stop messing around they will be able to get back on the nice list

  7. kyleigh

    i know the sillest elvs are blitzen and rudalf and dancer

  8. Daisy

    can rudolph drive sannta claus

  9. Kaitlin

    I think that you should ground them for no flying and not bring them any presents.

  10. lauren

    i know reinder cant drive they ran over gramma but least it wasnt their fault it was that naughty lady i hope everyone has a great christmas and god bless u all

  11. Brooke

    toy cars + reindeers = trouble
    what a big mistake !!!!
    ho ho ha ha

  12. Gumi Megpoid

    Gave them carrots :|
    Cuz I love carrots!


  14. abigail

    this is exallent

  15. shane

    nice one

  16. Zoey

    Santa I have made a mess before when i was just trying to have fun,like when me and my brother was playing with my Barbie house and my brother and me started to drive them around on my dad’s car and did i mention that the dolls were really muddy!!!!

  17. Taylor

    I think instead of puting them on the naughty list you should tell them they can’t play reindeer games for a week!
    Please don’t put them on a naughty list Santa

  18. delaney

    vixten you are crazy

  19. Sophie

    Dear big guy,
    Please let me see the Naty and Nice list.
    Let me know where you are every after noon.
    I will be nice and not at like a baby. How are
    Every body at the North Pole? P.S.
    I will never tell eny body about the list.

  20. kayleigh godden

    the can no drive because the fly

  21. Rosie

    I know neither can dogs or cat ans or birds or any other animals except for monkeys i suppose!

  22. k


  23. meme

    love that it is 2 cute

  24. Grace


  25. Megan

    Hi santa, can’t beleive its only 7 sleeps untill christmas when you bring me everything i want! Can’t wait!
    loveyouuu, Byeee xx

    Lots of love, Megan<3

  26. Kady

    Please don’t put them on the naughty list. they promised to be good.

  27. Ally

    Tell the elve I said hi and I love this website. I love to talk to you and I think it is cool that you can see if the children are being naughty or nice. Sorry if I talk to you to much, but I like to.

  28. John Paul

    Don’t punish them Santa because you need all your reindeer when you go around the world putting presents under the Christmas Tree on Christmas Eve. You need them because it’s tradition and it is going to be hard for the other reindeer to pull the sleigh with 2 reindeer missing

  29. Melissa

    You should punish them and put at the back of the sleigh by you so they can’t guide the sleigh like RUDOLOPH

  30. Fuijanna


  31. sophie

    hi u are so cool santa claus

  32. hayden

    you should give them nothing for cristmas!

  33. Riley

    You should tell them that every 3 hours they are good they get a stick of celery our a carot.

  34. james101

    rudolph is the reindeer is very clumsy

  35. Gracie

    No who is the silliest reindeer

  36. ALEXA


  37. meghan

    hi santa i love it :) :D

  38. sarah

    I love your blog and I still have my christmas spirit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  39. sarah

    I love your blog it is woderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. Clayton

    You should make them run 15 miles at top speed with no brakes.I figured 15 miles would do because are p.e. coach usually makes us run 3 quarters of a mile at top speed and by that time we are already tired and already have got all the energy and back talk out of us.So i figured that reindeer travel for a long time that,that would do.

    p.s. with no reindeer magic.

  41. Mackenzie

    I love this blog Santa!! Hope you write more to the internet!! (*wink*) (*HOHOHO*)
    Your the best Santa CLaus!Q How is Mrs.Claus?!

  42. Maddison

    yes I have gotten into trouble when I was just having fun.What you should do is make them proof to you that they are sorry but if they do it once more give them a punishment like not be able to be in the compition to guide the sleigh on the 24th

  43. Heather

    You should tell them that they should have known better than that.

  44. harriet

    I have done quite a few bad things but never have I been told off after you have done it you get butterflys and really are sorry and it want matter because th elves are so clever but peaple or reindeer get a bit carried away

  45. Brooklyn

    I think you should get them coal for doing that•

  46. kyndell

    merry christmas santa,how many reindeer do u have and i should give them something for them for christmas

  47. clarice

    dont get mad at them, santa. its so close to christmas! there probly just realy excited. tell them to be carefuller, though. tell them that if there not carfull, they might be on the naughty list to! tell them that if there not carefull, someone couldget hurt, or even worse, very nice children might not get there presents this year! but don’t be to hard on them, cause they might run away.
    i don’t know.
    i just hope they have learned there lesson!

  48. charlotte

    silly billys!

  49. clarice

    sorry, i ment to write,

    “tell them that if there not carefull, they might be on the naughty list next year, to!”

  50. sadie

    silly reindeer ps dasher and vixin take a driving leson!

  51. amirah

    I think that they should be in a time out just for a little while then have them not eat goodies for a day or an hour

  52. Mia (m-e-a)

    I think you should keep them on the nice list but not let them go on the
    sleigh with you this year because
    that is sort of a treat don’t you think so that is what I think.

  53. Traci

    (Sigh) Naughty reindeer. I’ll send Rudolph a letter from my dog and add in it to tell Dasher and Vixen that I’ll help them get back on the Nice List! ☺


  54. faye

    hi santa i just want to say this a great great i mean really great blog. so it is good you do one every day how are the eleves+you (most of all because you are the best)+mrs clause+and the raindeers. how are you doing with the prents?
    and what i said about the blog is true i am going read it every day because it rockes

  55. alexandra

    i reckon you should make them help the elves and put everythink back in to place ecspcially the puzzles

  56. faye

    why are elevs so silly? and yes i do think that.did the elevs teach those to
    to be silly?.
    was it funny what happend to ruldolf?.
    was it very cold on him?.
    did they stop at all?.
    did they fight abou who was going to win?.
    did they all break in to millens of peaces?.
    can i just say thos two are probally in so much truble
    love from faye

    xxxxxx xxxxxx

  57. Jamie

    hi santa it is me jamie who as just sent you a letter on email

  58. Anonymous

    no reindeer games for them!!!!!!!!!

  59. Jamie

    i like the story of Reindeer can’t drive. My mate wanted a puzzle but i don’t think that one.

  60. iwan

    i was haveing fun with my ds but i fell over and a puzzle went all over the flor mum was so angrey i went to my room

  61. kaley

    o santa i beleve in you… i know that you can do all of your hard work. but if you could just leve my mom and dad 1 present that1 present that would be grate.

  62. natasha

    he santa hope your ok hope to email you soon your friend natasha monk and would you please put my comment on your tweets thank you

  63. Grace

    we were plaing with are dog and I bumped into are stockings and knock 1 down

  64. natasha

    santa its your bff here you ok where abouts are you

  65. Brennan from Denver, CO

    Give Vixen and Dasher a timeout!

  66. Brooke

    When I get in trouble Or brake somthing I help fix it or pay money for it and then Im sent to my room

  67. audriana

    elves yes reindeer yes they are both silly at times but they are delivering are toys and dolls are what you want so i think dasher and vixen should be told that the may fun but be careful why they have fun and true not to break toys elves have a hard enough tome with toys !!!!!

  68. Hunter

    I have seen the answer on a movie. it is comet and dancer

  69. Emily

    Dasher and Vixen are so nice and probably didn’t want to cause any trouble so please forgive them!

  70. Candace

    iloveyou santa please bring me lots of presents. anway i think they should go to bed early every night

  71. haley

    well of course they can’t drive! and if they could, they would need hands, not hooves!!!

  72. I'm not saying my name.

    santa….that was stupid to leave your deer alone, man

  73. Rylen

    I think when they have been Naughty they should be put on the naughty mat and not get any dinner.

  74. megan

    well my broler qwill be supper sad if he had a puzzle pese missing but he did not ask for one!

  75. natasha

    i think that reindeers cant fly it is only santas job to fly across the sky at night

  76. qetsia

    awww my sister wanted china dolls . You should put them in their bedroom for 5 mins or an hour like my mum

  77. Hannah McLain

    I love reindeer

  78. Hannah

    I want to ride a reindeer

  79. Ryan

    Hi Santa :) Is Donner And Vixen Are On They Naughty List, They should have to sleep outside on a straw bed :( That should happen :(

  80. Angel

    well you should not put them on the naughty list because they were just trying to have fun they did not mean to break all of those toys i say you should take them off of the naughty list right now please they are like me i play and sometimes it does not turn out right tell them they are off the naughty list merry christmas

  81. Starpuff2467

    I think those rain deer are very very naughty! But they do deserve a second chance. Also, since they pull the sleigh they should be put back on the nice list.I hope you understand what I’m saying and consiter putting them back on the nice list.

  82. alexis

    MY broler has been a bad boy!

  83. Jesse

    I think that Vixen and Dasher should go on the naughty list two times!!!!!

  84. lacey

    dear santa claus you are sooo nice and sweet can’t wait t’il christmas your the best. merry christmas love santa


    yes i have gotten in truoblded alot acully just for trying to have fun…and acully i am a little confused ok so if you lie to your parent you get in troubled well parents always tell you it is a good thing to tell the truth but wehn you tell the truth you get in troble! so maybe that is why a lot of kids lie santa because probly in thier brain now they might not think this right away but they are probly confussed to lie or tell the trut so if you write me back and tell me what the answer lie or tell the truth

  86. Ariana


  87. Amelia

    Vixen and Dasher are proberly all sooo sorry but keep them on the naughty list because maybe they might be good for the days before christmas because they know they have been bad so they are trying to be good but if you dont put them on the naughty list they will be bad again which wont be good just before christmas especially if they do what they did before again some children might not get any presents then.
    Anyway its your choice.

  88. someone

    they shouldn’t be on the naughty list, they should just be locked in their pens for a day, and feed the other reindeer treats.

  89. aideen

    if one of them wins the sleigh compition do not let them guide it let the person who came second lead it

  90. Anonymous

    Tell them they wont get any carrots on christmas eve if they dont behave themselves!

  91. Tina

    The silliest reindeer has to be Rudolph because his nose is soooooo red!

  92. Jane

    Dear Santa, I think you should give Dasher and Vixen a timeout!! And then take them off the naughty list:)

  93. ellamay

    you should give the other raindeers treats but not dasher and vixen they should go on the naughty ist until they are good agian :)xx

  94. Georgia

    I wolud ground them and send them to bed

  95. Katherine

    WOIW! santa you must be very upset. i hope they can rebuid the toys intime for christmas! <3 love, katherine your angel *smiles*

  96. joshua

    yes i accidentily broke my sisters toy

  97. Lachlan

    I was playing with my wooden truck & i was standing on it & my sister was pushing me so i accidently pushed it back and hurt her

  98. kendra

    Tell them how that was wrong and they should say sorry to the elfs

  99. niyah

    Ok,so if any reindeer is pulling pranks on elves just say they can’t pull the slay on christmas eve.Then, they will learn their lesson.

  100. Ebony

    DO you think reindeer will be able to go around the worlg in 100 years i bet he will be tied xx

  101. Mayson

    Santa clause controll your reindeer before it’s time to deliver presents or they will skip houses and every one will not get presents

  102. Savannah

    You should let them take an elf’s job for a day to fix all the broken toys and see how they like it (even though they have hooves, not hands)! It’s hard work to fix that many toys! I hope they’ll be good again to be on the nice list! :D

  103. Drew

    I’d make them build me a new room!

  104. katie

    Iwould make them clean upthe mess.

  105. Leah

    No offense, but Santa shouldn’t put them on the naughty list! Dasher and Vixen should never be put on the naughty list. They pull the sleigh every year, and they are not naughty then, are they? However they did cause trouble. I think maybe no carrots for a day. Sound good?

  106. peyton

    yaul ELF’S relly make TOYS fast.

  107. Aidan

    I think they should get grounded.

  108. Haley

    Hahahahahahah……. Reindeer cant drive but they can fly….

  109. paxton

    first i think you should give them five minutes each in timeout if they cause trouble and double it if they are REAL BIG TROUBLe.second you should make them tally sheets and tally them every time they are bad give them a tally and give them a * if they are good.

  110. adrianna

    tell Mrs.clause to give them the worst punishment ever!! she make the worst punishment possible without taking their jobs away.

  111. Kaitlyn

    Onto the naughty list? But they need a chance! I mean, they apologized, right? But of course, no one can defy the great Santa Claus, so I suppose if this is the final word, then I will just have to deal with it. Ah, but I root for the reindeer on this one!

  112. kaylee

    yes i have got into trouble wen i was just trying to have fun and dont put dasher and vixen on the noty list

  113. perri

    dasher and vixen are naughty but plz give them one chance.


  114. gissel

    i will forgive him put i will tell them to clean everything up

  115. sandy the boy


  116. Samantha

    Put them in time out

  117. Lauren

    I think they should clean it up

  118. Haley

    What you can do is give them a little time out.. or just dont reward them by giving them treats. Well, its most likely everyone causes trouble when they get carried away. It’s just a fact!

  119. Hallie

    You need to not let them drive the sleigh!

  120. kaila,sam,brandan,cloe,mr.pp.austin

    hi santa have you splited your clothes?

  121. taylor baxter

    silly rindeers

  122. bailey

    take them off thier just being silly reindeer i have a pet goat and ilove the reindeer and goat the same so should you

  123. madison

    did you get letter

  124. madison

    knock knock who`s there pink pink who knock knock who`s there are you glad i did not say pink madison

  125. Eliza

    You could put them in there rooms for an hour or so, then let them out.

  126. bailey

    give them a warning 1

  127. bailey

    why dont you tell them you will take away there toys 4 a little bit

  128. vaughn weber

    stuffed animals

  129. raegen

    hi santa i dont know but all i want for chirstmas is a leopard gecko if tht is ok pleases i will do anything i will look after the reindeer if u like thank u with alll my hear raegen x

  130. angelica

    dear santa right now im in your santa claus christmas blog I heard about the two reindeers that they made a mess u should not put them in the naughty list they didnt meen to I think they just want to have some fun.

  131. Ashley

    Santa,you should make them sit in your office for one hole week and make them think what they had done and the second thing you should do is make them say sorry to EVERYBODY at the North Pole expecialy the Elves

  132. Mia

    Please can u get me a chocolate lolly maker please and then after that I dont mind what u get me at all love mia thank you all of u I have a suprise for u Santa and raindeires is well by got to stop now sorry uther wise my mums going to go nuts by by best to be off by by xxxx xxxx

  133. amy

    well santa you know them silly silly!

  134. caitlin

    You should make them make the toys that they broke.

  135. Vixenia

    My name is like Vixen’s! Maybe I was named after her! I think they’re just being silly, I mean, I play netball outside, even in the freezing cold! I bet they wouldn’t DARE do anything outdoors! Challenge them!

  136. Kaitlyn

    Just like you said…… Put them on the naughty list!!! How are the other reindeer doing!?

  137. donnna

    mybe they neeed red noses too
    fly around the north pole they will
    bump in to other if look where they
    are flying in sky up inthe north pole

  138. avcchu

    that’s not really my name i havent actually read this yet :0 but anyway merry christmas santa

  139. Csepke

    I think you should put pinecones into their beds and make them clean up the barn:)

  140. Abby

    I think you should ground dasher and vixen for 3 days and not let them fly until christmas eve.also make them apologize to clumsy’s team and all of the elves because they worked hard and dasher and vixen ruined everything!

  141. Hayley

    Make them fly around the workshop 10 times then they have to help the elves remake the toys for at least 5 days.They also need to clean up the mess they made to!

  142. Madeleine

    I think you should ground them for about a week! I would forgive them though too because they were just trying to have some fun and didnt mean to jingle up such a mess and commotion! Me and my sister do it all the time where we are just messing around and having fun and we break something or one of us gets hurt! its okay! it happens to everyone!

  143. Drew

    My xbox game quit working. Can I take it back to GameStop and get a new one?


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